$1.00/1 – Purex Complete Crystals Softener – (coupons.com)
on pg. 2 in zip 60712, for me

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Are you saying that printing a coupon off the internet is different from coping same coupon on a color coping machine?

YES! it’s very different. each coupon has a unique number, and when you copy it, and use it at the store, the store will only be reimbursed once for each unique number. That’s why stores refuse IP coupons…

I live in a small city in Wisconsin. We have 2 local stores who used to accept the internet coupons but don’t anymore because they’ve been burnt by people passing off copy machine copies of coupons, so the store doesn’t get reimbursed. It’s a shame because both of these stores often have great sales where internet coupons would make the sales real “steals”.

What makes the difference between a coupon printed from the internet and reprinting in on a color copying machine?
They look the same don’t they.

IP coupons are legit…”Regular customers” what kind of store are you shopping at. I have had problems at walmart but when I show them walmart’s coupon policy have no problems,they even know me now and usually shocked by my savings.

has anyone had problems with stores not accepting computer printed coupons? I had a local store refuse them saying they only take them from their “regular” customers…These are legitimate, right? I just am looking for reassurance…Thanks…Just a newbie :-)

There appears to be a number of postings lately on various blogs with references to zip codes. I question if it’s ethical to use another zip code to access coupons that may not be available in your local zip code?

I was actually thinking somewhat of the same thing earlier today. Why else would they put them only under some zip codes and not others.


I’ve asked myself that question, and decided it’s the same as buying coupons from a clipping service that aren’t available in my area.

This product rocks. Love saving money too! Go Purex.

i cant find it on coupons.com

Enter the zip listed right below the picture of the coupon (60712). They print different coupons for different markets.