It didn’t take long, after I read one of this afternoon’s brags, for me to jump in the car to head to Target to verify this HOT price cut!  If you’ve got the $2.25 off Finish coupons, you’re in luck!  This is what I call a stock-up price!  (For those of you who don’t have the $2.25 off Finish coupons, there are very few auctions available on eBay.  Wish there were more!)

Finish Diswasher tablets OR gel, $2.50 (price cut through 3/12)
Use $2.25/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball/Gelpacs from SS 1/2
or $0.75/1 Finish Powerball or Gelpac, exp. 2-28-11 (SS 01/23/11)
Final Price: as low as $0.25

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160 thoughts on “Electrasol Finish Dishwasher Tabs only $0.25 at Target!”

I was very happy to use the last 5 qs I had before they expired last night. My target had plenty on the shelf. I think it’s because someone had removed the sale sign. also, I don’t really have any bad experiences using coupons there anymore. I’m there so much that I think they are used to me and my stack of qs lol.

This sale is good until next month and right now target has a $1.50 coupon on the finish!!!

Makes it FREE with manufacture Q $1/1 and the target $1.50/1

Is this sale still going on?

OMG!! I am soo mad at myself! I Had just used this coupon last week at Ingles and then this week I seen this and just said a mouthful!! BUT I did still get them at a good deal, just not @ .25!!!!!

I have to tell everyone today about my HORRIBLE TARGET EXPERIENCE!!! I went to Target today in Manalapan N.J. to purchase 10 of these because I had 10 of the coupons. I had my 8 year old daughter with me. I did not clear the shelves they were well stocked. I also took advantagew of the cat treats (Purina) that were on sale for .89 and I had a 1.00 off coupon for those. (I have 2 cats) When I got to the checkout counter the girl did not speak and just called over her manager. The Manager came over and removed 6 of them without saying a word. When I asked what the problem was she said we limit you to 4 offers. I then explained 4 offers (2 for 5) would then be 8 boxes and where the policy was stated I was told “At the Courtesy desk”. I went to the desk and read the policy which only stated “WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ON SALE ITEMS” It did not say to how many or on which. So since i was mad i went and found another sale item and purchased 15 of them @ full sale price (No coupons) without a problem.. i then got the same Manager and asked for the explanation and policy again and showed him my receipt. So disgusted I returned the other item I bought out of principal. i came home and contacted corporate. My feeling is this, A policy should be the same across the board. Or the limited quantity should be stated up front to avoid embarrassment!! But target states it is up to the individual store manager to basically make up the rules!!! I will be shopping at a different store from now on if I ever decide to return!!

My Target took the printable manufacturer and the printable Target for a total of FREE..they were for the Quantum variety, but it still worked

Hi, is ebay the only place to get the old coupons?? or is there a way to get on smartsourse or redplum from older months? thanks

bought the geltabs today. no sale sign on shelf but they rang up at 2.50. chicagoland area.

I was able to snag some of these when I went shopping on Sat night. I had to go back yesterday and the sale was over :-(. So you might not want to bid on the coupons anymore…

Just did this deal today. I bought 10 of the $2.25 coupons on eBay for $3.50, and I had one from my paper. Bought 7 of the Powerball Tabs at CVS, and 4 at Target. With my overage from ECBs on the Finish and other items, even taking into consideration what I paid for the coupons, I still made a profit today! Super excited.

Just wanted to let you know that CVS will special order things for you! As soon as I bought these coupons on eBay and got my raincheck at CVS, I called the manager and asked if he could order 7 boxes for me. I explained that I had a raincheck and didn’t want to clear out their shelves whenever they restocked. He was extremely polite and he ordered them for me with no problem! :)

Does the deal really last until 3/12? Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up on this. I was able to buy some coupons on ebay and grab some extra boxes. I didn’t do any shelf clearing, but I did stock up. :) Keep the great deals coming.

The Hot Coupon Database website has a coupon trading forum where people will post coupons they have or would like… one lady I contacted was only charging .08 a coupon and a postage stamp… where others were just looking to trade for other coupons.

FYI for everyone who had a CVS raincheck like me and has been waiting… and waiting… for more. At my CVS rainchecks never expire and they will honor the expired coupons along with them so check with yours to see what their policy is. I just got two Vitality electric tooth brushes from my rainchecks dated in September 2010 and the coupons expired in October 2010… better late than never… and I’m glad I didn’t throw them away!

It is really frustrating when you go through the planning process to try to save money only to find empty stock and wasted time/gas.

WOO HOO! I had 2 coupons with me for the $2.25 off! There are more in our ‘sharing’ bucket at my school! Just went across the street to Target and got 2 for now! Thanks KCL!

FYI…my Target advertised the price in the store as the tabs only…NOT the gel packs. I got bummed, but before I gave up I took the gel packs to the scanner and they too rang up on sale. So, even if the sign doesn’t include them…DOUBLE CHECK! I guess it worked out for me….because they weren’t sold out yet (whereas the tabs were)

And I totally get annoyed with CVS….I think they just quit stocking these until the coupons expire. I’ve made several trips to several different CVS’s and each time they were all out. COMPLETELY. I even went on the evening when they had their delivery come in. So, I was VERY excited when I saw this Target deal.

Wow! Seriously guys, after reading all these negative comments about someone that got a great deal at Target for this Finish product I came to a conclusion that there are more “coupon haters” out there than coupon ladies, seems like a lot of you are jealous about the fact that someone was faster than everybody else, got a great deal and even left a comment here sharing her experience with you. It’s not like the company is running out of business and you will never be able to get a deal again all because of one person that probably doesn’t even live around most of you that are talking bad. Relax, take a deep breath and just let it be… but like I said after reading all of these ridiculous comments blaming all the wrong things that go on on your shopping experiences on one person only, try being fast and clever and maybe you will get the same results. And for all of these coupon haters out there, every time I am between the opportunity to cleaning the shelves and being nice by buying just one or two and sharing any product with you guys (this is only for the haters ok) I WILL BUY IT ALL!!! (just like she probably did… u guys don’t even know if at the store she went to there were nothing left but u just keep on running your mouths anyway) Women man…!!!
And seriously if you want to buy just one… go ahead and pay the full price at any store! These great deals only really work for the ones that want to stock up. There is nothing illegal about using as many coupons as you wish if there are no restrictions on the coupon or by the stores.
Get a life and try spending your time looking for deals instead of wasting your time talking bad about other coupon queens on this web site. While you bitch they are right there at the stores buying everything and leaving nothing for you… and all u can do is run your mouths… seriously get a life!

Jo, just wanted to say thank you for the well thought out comments. My blood pressure started to come back down after reading your post. SOME of the ‘extreme couponer bashers’ have come over here from slickdeals & afullcup where they hate the ‘mommy blogs’ and enjoy bashing Joanie, Heather & Collin. And don’t forget there are some couponing guys out here too. My wife and I shop together. Sometimes 1 transaction, sometimes 2 or 3 each. Here’s to your continued good luck at shopping the deals,,, as long as I get there first.

“And for all of these coupon haters out there, every time I am between the opportunity to cleaning the shelves and being nice by buying just one or two and sharing any product with you guys (this is only for the haters ok) I WILL BUY IT ALL!!!”
That’s the spirit!!
Someday they will find you buried in 20 year old deodorant in your hoarder house of horrors!!
If I want to buy just one or two why do you think I should pay full price? “These great deals only really work for the ones that want to stock up.” REALLY??? If I can get a couple month supply for $1 vs. $5 you don’t think that would “work” to help me save some money and help me out a bit because it would. Times are tough…just trying to survive…not collect 100 tubes of toothpaste!
And by the way…I don’t hate ANYONE!

Went to my target yesterday and they told me they had a new policy: you could only bye two products with a certain type of coupon per day. So I was only able to get 2 boxes instead of the six I was trying to purchase. I was really bummed. So now I’ll have to make another trip today and tomorrow if their is any left. I guess they are doing this to help keep them in stock. Last week I was allowed to buy 4 boxes of cereal without any issues. I might call the store today and ask for the manager just to clarify for the future. I’m in Houston, Texas.

Vee, this has been going on for a long time now, that is, a cashier or manager CLAIMING there is a new policy. When I see it in writing, then I’ll believe it. Recently a Vons refused my coupons (from the manufacturer’s website) claiming they were photocopies (therefore accused me of fraud). After leaving Vons (never to return except to swipe some coupon books) we went to Target where they GLADLY accepted a 1/4″ stack of coupons ($164 worth). So, try a different Target for a couple of weeks and then go back to the first one and try again.

I’m in Houston, too. Which part of town are you? I’m on the far north side and didn’t have any problems.

I picked up 6 of them with 6 MQ which made each only $.25. Thanks for all the great deals on your website.

Got 5 of these for free just now – Folsom, CA. I had the TQ (1.5$) and MQ (1$) printed some time ago. Lots and lots of them still in the store. Thank you for heads up!

The US banned phosphates in dishwashing detergents effective July 1, 2010

I’m new to this since seeing the show and I found this site. It seemed like something I could do to help save some money. This is the first time I have posted here. I have ONE of these coupons but the shelves were cleared at Walgreens when the deal there appeared. So I saw this today. Stopped at Target on my way home from work with my one coupon…empty shelves. One box would last me months since I live alone and only run the dishwasher about once a week. My question is what is wrong with so many coupon users that they think it’s “normal” to have 100+ tubes of toothpaste on hand. Why can’t you just find a deal and think reasonably about how long it will last! Last week I had the BOGO(learning the lingo)Axe deodorant. It’s what I use and Walgeens had buy one get one for half price. I bought 2 and then went back 4 days later with another coupon a friend gave me and got 2 more. I’ve got 6+ months worth. If I saw it free for the next 4 months I wouldn’t get more because what’s the point? It will be on sale again! I want to see that guy in the show with a hundred years worth of deodorant use one of those 25 years from now. What I thought was something that made sense is now starting to look more like a sickness to me! Hope I don’t get it…actually I know I won’t…but some of you have a problem!!!

Does anyone know if the Boise Target has this price cut?

I used the Target printable and the Finish printable to get several of the 20ct power balls for free. I just paid 7 cents per box for tax!!

Does anyone know the regular price of the 20 ct Gel Pacs/Powerball Tabs at Rite Aid? They will be bogo next week so using 2 coupons toward the regular price of one might prove better than Target…? Plus it’s not as far for me to drive, which is especially helpful since winter doesn’t seem to want to let up here!

When I looked in utah afew weeks ago the finish was $6.19.

Thanks! I guess I’ll head to Target to see if I can get some there.

I bought one box at Rite Aid yesterday in So. CA. They have all of the Finish marked at $3.99 for the last week. So I bought a 20 ct. box and used the $2.25 MQ and the $1.00 VVQ to get it for $.74 plus tax but…at Rite Aid I pay with my +Up Rewards so in the transaction I paid pennies for my $95 in products. I would rather pay with Funy Muny than my real money. Also, if your Target is out of them, this is a good alternative.

I was able to get 4 of the quantum 10 ct. powerballs for free last night at Target, on milwaukee in boise. They are on sale for $2.50 and I used the target $1.50/1 12 ct. coupon and the $1/1 any finish quantum coupon. I know the target cpn says 12 ct but it scanned right thru for a 10 ct w/no issues at the register. Not sure if it will work for everyone but I just wanted to share. :)My store didn’t have the 12ct.

I’m pretty sure that is improper use of a coupon. While they may not have a 12ct available (mine doesn’t either) the coupon was worded the way it was for a reason. Sure it may have gone through but it’s still not right.

I actually used the Target coupon for 1.50/1 for 12ct. or higher and the quantum coupon that came out earlier in January. I used them on the 10ct. also because my Target doesn’t carry 12ct. therefore I got them for free. It’s not improper use of coupons if it scans.

I both disagree and agree – since this is a Target coupon, and they don’t carry the item, they should be honoring the coupon. It was actually posted in a prior post that this was an issue at almost every Target, so they had no issues accepting them at the store. However, if this was an MQ, that would be totally different, since the manufacturer is setting the coupon limits.

well then, justsayin, going by your logic, we cannot use a coupon that says $1 off on an item that is 98 cents, making it free, because the item specifically states $1. Meaning, the use is intended on an item that is $1 or more. IDK. Opinions people? Thoughts?

So when something is stockup price, I should drive to the store every few days, use my gas (which is running 3.27 a gallon here),and my time, just so I don’t inconvenience someone else? Buying everything on the shelf is not upsetting the store, they are getting more sales. And who set the rules on how many we can purchase and how many we must leave for others? If someone wants to buy 40 then let them. If they only want one 1 then get just 1, but we shouldn’t be dictating to people how many they can buy. We should also not be judgmental and insult them if they buy more than what we ‘think’ they should buy. I would never buy a 4 year supply of something,but if there was a 6 or 8 month supply left on the shelf I would have no problem buying it. What about family size? A family of 6 would use twice the amount of groceries mine does,so shouldn’t they be allowed to stockpile for their family too? If your store is out ask for a raincheck, ask the mgr to order you some, ask them to contact another store to see if they have any and do it kindly and respectfully. I find that when I treat the store clerks with kindness and respect they go out of their way to make sure my order is correct. Not one has gotten mad at me because I used too many coupons. They have cheered me on, laughed with me, congratulated me etc..They are also very willing to check and see if there is any more product in the back(yes they have pulled more product out for me when they have it) I don’t think it is the use of coupons that is giving couponers a bad rap, I think it might the attitude. As for being greedy — I feel sad for the people that are buying product they won’t use just because it is free. It is the begining of hoarding which is a form of mental illness. Getting angry with them won’t help.

In regards to driving to the store every couple of days and gas…how would you like it if you drove to the store every couple of days and Target never had any because the couponer ahead of you cleared the shelf!????? Now that is a real waste of money!

But that’s the thing- I would never travel back to the store just to see if they had something in stock. If they were out I would consider it a lost deal and move on, ask for a raincheck, check the next time I was in or call ahead to see of they got any more in. Looking at all the responses to this blog it seems to me it is not the shelf clearers that are causing shortages, it is the fact that great deals are being posted all over the coupon websites and thousands of people are in shopping for the item. Just look at how many people said they immediately went online to buy coupons just to get in on the deal. It is okay to lose out on a deal once in a while. Something else will come along. I really enjoy couponing and find it relaxing, yet challenging. There seems to be so much frustration out there that is making couponing an irritating experience for so many. I consider the deals I get wins and the ones I miss losses. My wins outweigh my losses and that makes me happy! If if you got in on a deal that I lost out on, then I am happy for you too!

I just wanted to say that I am fine if stores set limits. I think where I had an issue was that my store (because I was using a coupon), limited me to 6. If I had not been using any coupons, they would have let me buy whatever amount I wanted. My coupons were not internet printed coupons, they were out of the newspaper, so I don’t think they were concerned with fraud. I did not clear the shelves, they were plenty left for others. Since I have started couponing, I have noticed more and more double standards to what stores allow. If stores are going to set limits, it should be based on what you buy, regardless of whether you use a coupon or not.

Thank you for the heads up. I had 12 coupons left. I used them all (but there were still about 20 left)

you did not read what I said. I did not call everyone who stock piles greedy. I simply stated that the way some people act is greedy. I am not …I REPEAT not doggin stockpilers, I just said over AND over that having consideration for your fellow shoppers is something obviously being overlooked by many. You point out that your comment basically had to do with eletrosol. Well none of mine did. You are completely missing the point. I hope you continue to shop and stockpile to hearts content. As far as my comment about visiting the forums….You don’t have to wait very long for comments to fly about how someone got so much they couldn’t possibly use it in a life time or how they dont care if they’ll use it as long as it free and so on. Taking more than you will use or can use is greedy. I NEVER.. I repeat never called all stock pilers greedy. This must have hit a nerve with you because you are being defensive. All I said is you can stock pile without being greedy. I believe I referred to the lady that took all the tear pads when I was standing there waiting to get one ,that is greed. I don’t want anyones sympathy. I was just venting my frustrations about my shopping experiences…just like many do on here.


I know Kent….and he needs to go to work instead of sitting at home. You are right! Those individuals that can not share are the opposite of generous, they are greedy! Superbly greedy!

Just bought 6 coupons on ebay for $2.50. I figure 6 boxes is about 6 months supply for us. There is bound to be another good deal somewhere in the next 6 months!!!

The coupon clipping sites were all sold out of this coupon on pretty much day 1.

They’ve been selling like hotcakes on ebay, and are currently selling 17.99-$20 for a stack of 20. Insane. But,if people weren’t buying them at that price, they wouldn’t be charging that price either. No, it does not take them $20 worth of time to clip the coupons but regardless of if they charge $2.00 a stack or $20 a stack, they’re getting around the system by saying it is for their time – who is to constitute how much $ their time is worth?

So, let’s boycott ebay for a day or two until they lower the prices :) lol

Finish Quantum was ranked #1 by Consumer Reports for dishwasher detergents and the regular Finish powerball tabs were either #2 or #3 I believe. This is a good value! I still had 45 coupons! Yahoo!!

Geez how does anyone “still have 45 coupons”? You go girl! I have been looking everywhere online and ebay is CRAZY right now with these going for $1 a coupon or even more, I have a serious case of jealousy for your coupon binder :)

I don’t know where to put this, but this is great for anyone living in the DENVER area. A company is giving away free crates on Craigslist. They are great for couponers to organize their stockpiles. My husband and i hae an appt. on Thursday to pick up a trailer load of them. Here is the info from the ad:

We are moving and need to get rid of a lot of RPC crates. I have about 7,000-10,000 crates, so there is plenty!!! We would prefer to give them away by the truck load. They would be great for someone who’s moving or needs to organize their garage, etc… You can come get them at 3825 Lafayette Street Denver, CO 80205. Monday -Friday 7:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Please note this is a working warehouse I will do my best to get you in and out quickly without interrupting our operation too much.

You can get as many as you want!

Contact Amanda @ 303-412-6232

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had problems printing Target coupons? Everytime I try it says I have to download their coupon generator. After it says its complete and my coupons will print they never do. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks from a newbie. :)

The Target in Marietta on Cobb Pkwy had a ton left but they limit to 2 which I thought was a little crazy. I’m not trying to clear the shelves I like to leave plenty for others but 2.

at target do you have to buy 2 or can you buy 1 if it says 2 for 5. Reason being i only have 1 left of the 2.25 but have other deals i want to get at target

You’ll only have to purchase one of these to get the $2.50 price.

Thanks for the tip I had 5 coupons left from when Walgreens had them on sale and they ran out – have just sent dh out to get me some!! Also we just started going to the newspaper recycling bin at the end of our street and WOW we have found a gold mine – just last week got 18 brand new P&G inserts never touched along with others. I do not plan on buying tons of papers anymore! So many coupons that I have started a coupon exchange group here at work (more than 20 have joined so far)

Lucky! my did not have anything good.. I am going to keep checking

Does anyone know when the coupon originally came out and from where?

Joanie posted: Use $2.25/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball/Gelpacs from SS 1/2.

That is the Smartsource insert from the newspaper Sunday Jan. 2nd. However, I seem to remember this q was very regional and was in only 1 of the 2 papers we receive.


‘Angela’, please note that Stephanie asked a question. I answered it. Perhaps I’ll see you at Rite Aid on Friday. I’ll bring a truck and plenty of empty boxes.

I don’t clear shelves unless it is something I medically need a lot of, which never really happens. I bought some cake mix at rite aid. I got 1 cake and one frosting. There was a lady behind me and as I turned the corner I heard a crash. she slung the whole shelf in her cart. then preceded to take all the tear pad coupons off the isles. I never take more than 10. I have no problem sharing coupons and sales with others. That being said I can’t stand greediness. I tried to get those free planters online and couldn’t and when I saw someone brag they got 25!!! I was like that is just wrong. ANd when I posted I thought that was selfish….I got attacked with things like its your fault you have a lame computer. My computer isn’t lame . I own a brand new imac. It has everything to do with greed not my comp. They should limit free deals like that online just like they dont the print out coupons on by using their ip addresses. Sorry don’t mean to rant just get fed sometimes = )

Mindy, you are entitled to your opinion but now you are into name-calling (greedy). Joanie’s ‘opinion’ is that this deal is at a stock-up price. I agree. Stock-up to most people does not mean buy 1 or 2. Without the concern of an expiration date, stock-up means STOCK-UP! As far as your Rite Aid trip, if 1 cake mix & icing is fine for you then great. I’m not driving all the way to a store to pick up 1 or 2 of something. In MY opinion the cost of the wasted gas eats into the savings of items even if they are free when there are limits. As far as limits, the stores can, since I do not own them, set ANY limits they desire. However, they should always inform customers in ads of this so that we can choose whether or not to participate. For those shoppers that feel so strongly about limiting quantities, perhaps they should ONLY participate in those deals that have limits and then they will never find that they wasted a trip to see cleared shelves. I’ll close with exactly what you said above: Sorry don’t mean to rant just get fed sometimes = )

@Kent you are completely entitled to your opinion. Of course I didn’t go into to rite to buy 1 cake and 1 frosting. I am not against stocking piling things. But I do give considerations to my fellow shoppers. My point was that you can stock up without being greedy. I am not calling names. It is a fact. If you purchase something with an expiration date that limits its use or better yet you can’t use before it expires and you get it just to get it. That is greed. It is also a fact that most ppl not all but many do stock up on things they cant even use just because they are free. Visit forums and read what ppl have to say. There is so much to be said for saying first come first serve. But I think it is a little unfair if someone takes all of the tear pads coupons just because they can. Most say please take one not all of them. I am not even saying you can’t have 5 or 10 or 50 . But when someone is standing there waiting to get one and someone takes all of them that is GREED. Check the expiration date on most medications. usually are more than two years. I guess 100+ bottles of Excedrin that lady took all the tear pad coupons for will all get used in time. All I am saying is have some consideration for others. I don’t think that is a lot to ask = )

Mindy, I read your reply and it did not take long for you to again call stockpilers greedy. My comments in this thread had to do mainly with Electrasol at what KCL says is a stock-up price. The product does not have any expiration date that I am concerned about. As far as Rite Aid, the dozen or so Betty Crocker items I picked up will be used, shared, or donated. And I have picked up dozens and dozens of items (maybe not 100 Excedrin) I could not possibly use except for donations which the Salvation Army received. Now this is real important. I NEVER, I said NEVER got to a Rite Aid or any other store in the first hour of the first sale day. It’s just too bad that some can’t/won’t make it to the store by then. If I show up at 10am, 2pm, 8pm or the 2nd day of the sale, it’s all fair game. You said “Visit forums and read what ppl have to say.” I do, and you Slickdealers and Fullcuppers will get no sympathy from me for a missed deal.

Kent-again…go to work! You don’t get paid to sit all day at your computer!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice a change in couponing since the TLC show aired, but that’s fine; more people saving money & more people shopping again = better economy for everyone :)… right?

And yep…people certainly have varying opinions regarding the increased popularity of couponing… which is also fine.

What is NOT fine.. is people who sit on this blog all day, arguing with what people say, and attempting to get a rise out of people for NO reason. What ever happened to, the whole idea of “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Everyone just needs to CHILLLLL out. This is supposed to be FUN, and a commonplace for people who are looking to save money. This isn’t supposed to be a forum for people to take out all their inner-anger on people they DONT EVEN KNOW via the internet (real tough).

Take a breather and lower your blood pressure.

Oh and as a side note.. if you want to continue to be Holier Than Thou, claiming you “donate” so much to people, maybe you should wait untill the end of the week before you clear the shelves. Your antics are going to catch up with you (and everyone else) eventually and then not only will you not be able to purchase enough items at a “stock up price” to donate, but then im SURE everyone on this blog will have to listen to you complain that there are “limits’ when in fact, you inadvertently created them…

but you go get em tiger!

Where was the original 2.25 off coupon, what paper, website?

The $2.25 coupon is from the January 9th sunday paper, Smart Source insert. (coupons may vary town to town)

From the blog post here…
Use $2.25/1 Finish Quantum, Powerball/Gelpacs from SS 1/2

SS stands for Smart Source
1/2 is the date from the Sunday paper it was in


Not necessarily related to this specific post because I do have a Target, but I live on the East Coast in Northern Virginia about 20 miles outside of D.C. I love this website, but my closest grocery stores are Giant and Bloom. Can anyone point me in the direction of good websites that track these stores? I definitely will stick to this one for Target/Rite Aid. Love it!

I haven’t found a really good one either (I live near the ‘burg). Hot Coupon World tries, but they miss a ton. One thing I have learned though, the first day of every month – Bloom does a coupon double day (up to 1.99 instead of regular .99)! Of course, I figured that out on like the 2nd of this month, but looking forward to taking advantage of it next month!

There’s a website I heard about years ago but never got into it because it’s a paid site, and I had already been using coupons long before and shopping the sales ads at stores I was comfortable going to in the area I live.

Here’s the paid website
I just checked it out to see if it’s still there and noticed they are offering a 4 week free trial.
Maybe this would help, and hopefully nothing to lose from the 4 week free trial.

try they have Bloom on their list

Thanks so much for all of your replies! You have all been very helpful! :)

Thanks I have a couple of qs left that I didn’t use at cvs so this is perfect!!

I have access to 70 yes 70 computers…I could clear the shelves anytime!!! I have NEVER EVER printed more than 6 coupons for an item and I have never cleared any shelf…..Its so frustrating to see empty shelves! I also BUY 6 newspapers on Sunday to make sure I dont have to print very many coupons so there are enough “prints” available for others……

Does anyone see the Target coupon on their site? I have a few printed but am thinking they pulled the coupon.

I no longer see the coupon on, but I already printed 2 when it first came out, probably a couple weeks ago.

i’m new at this.. can you use more than one coupon per transaction or are these each separate transactions??thanks

If you are only using a manufacturer coupon, you can use more than one (one manufacturer coupon per item), but using many of the same coupon could be up to management.

If you are stacking, or just using a Target coupon, most of these are one identical coupon per transaction. This always depends on the cashier, but I usually don’t take chances and always use one identical Target coupon per transaction.

Hope this helps :)

I went to ebay to get me some coupons and I placed a bid but decided when I was outbid that I was not going into a bidding war. What I don’t understand is that the sellers on ebay say that the coupons are free that you are just paying for the clipping,time,etc… Why am I seeing a buy it now for $17? That is just for 20 coupons. To me that is ridiculous.

Ya, I was wondering the same thing. It seems like they definitely change the price depending on supply and demand. I didn’t think they were allowed to do this. Where do these people get all of these coupons that they are selling is what I don’t get?

FYI for everyone who had a CVS raincheck like me and has been waiting… and waiting… for more. At my CVS rainchecks never expire and they will honor the expired coupons along with them so check with yours to see what their policy is. I just got two Vitality electric tooth brushes from my rainchecks dated in September 2010 and the coupons expired in October 2010… better late than never… and I’m glad I didn’t throw them away!

It is really frustrating when you go through the planning process to try to save money only to find empty stock and wasted time/gas.

It seems like every time I see a good deal on here for Target I print out my coupons, go to the store, and if I’m lucky there will be like one or two of that particular item left on the shelf. :( It’s quite frustrating! I don’t know if my Target just doesn’t carry as many of the same item as some of the others on here. I’m not even looking to buy 50 of the same item…I would be happy with enough to last me a couple of months. Is there a way I can call ahead or does Target do rain checks on sale prices?

Target has done rain checks on sale items for me before. You just have to tell them how many you plan to purchase when they get them in and that is all you can buy at the sale price.

I only have one of the $2.25 off coupons, but I do have several $1.00 off coupons, is $1.50 each a good stock up price? I am still really new at this. Thanks in advance.

According to their book, she says a deal for dishwasher tablets is .10-.11 cents per tablet and if you are paying $1.50 for 20 that is 0.075 cents a tablet so I would say that is a good deal. I’m still new and learning so I could be wrong.

I don’t know what Target’s regular price is but Wal-Mart’s is $4.42. So when you are trying to decide if a price after coupon is a good deal, compare it to the regular price not the sale price. I said $1.50 vs $4.42 is still awesome!

I’m wondering if these people buying 20 for $17.00 or 10 for $15.00 on ebay is a good deal. Once you buy the coupons and pay for the product plus tax, I wonder if it’s better to just wait for another coupon/deal to come along. How often do you coupon ladies come across deals on these dishwasher tablets?

I just bought 20 for $17.00 shipped off eBay, I figured even with tax $1.23 a box( what it comes out to is an excellent price. Guess it depends on the person/family…

I bought 20 of the coupons off eBay shortly after they came out for $17.16 shipped. If you think about it, especially now with Target’s deal, I saved $45.00, when you add the coupons I bought, I still saved $25. Still sounds like a deal to me. :)

Thanks everyone, I thought it was a good deal compared to the regular price so I will definately stock up this week.

Guess I shouldn’t have been nice to all my friends..I have none of these left..My mom uses them so I sent them all to her..She did say she had one of the $2.25 off so she give it to me..oh well

Is ebay the only place you can buy these? I don’t have an ebay account. Can you just buy some from a coupon clipping place? If so, what are some coupon clipping websites. Sorry I am just SUPER new to this.


I dont know if they have any but has been good but a little slow.

Glad I bragged about this deal when I came home yesterday! I have to admit I felt a bit proud when the Krazy Coupon Lady rushed out because of my brag. :) Happy shopping all!

You caused the Krazy Coupon Lady to go krazy!!! LOL.

Ok, I am new to couponing and very confused. I was just reading the Target 101 and it says their is no print limits to Target coupons? and a site where you can get all the coupons you want? am I reading this right? Please help.

yes, you can print as mnay as you want, their website doesn’t limit the amount of coupons you can print.

Several times after I print just one coupon they are gone. Doesn’t that mean there is a limit? Please help.

When you say “their”, do you mean Target or this blog?
If it’s Target, there is a limit of 2 prints per coupon and it disappears, at least that’s the way it has been through my computer.
If there’s a way to print through this blog (eg. the link to older target coupons that I get an error when clicking through), I would be cautious when redeeming those and be prepared for them to be rejected. When had Target coupons available to print at an unlimited amount, the coupons printed significantly smaller than the ones and I was accused of fraud, etc, and was of course not able to use them. I was told they were having problems with websites where these coupons could be printed from other than, so needless to say I only print from

When I mean “their” I mean Target. This is the personal email I received from the KCL. But my computer limits 2 coupons. Doesn’t make sense.

You can print as many coupons as you want from, but you can only use 1 of the same coupon per transaction.

You need to go back into the link after it prints to print more.

Heather and Joanie

Just called my Target store – I asked if I could special order an in store item, so I wouldn’t be clearing the shelves. I was told ‘we don’t have site to store ordering like Walmart. You can come clear the shelves if you want.’ LOL!

Does Target let you special order? This would help with those of us who would like to stock up but don’t want to clear the shelves. :)

The limit is due to shelf clearing……please be kind folks and not clear shelves-you are creating these situations!

Well said. It’s frustrating to walk by someone who has 42 of the same item in their cart while there’s none left on the shelves and another shopper just wanted 1.

Joanie said: “This is what I call a stock-up price!”
All right, I’m gonna drive allllllll the way to Target and buy 2 instead of 1 so there will be plenty left for the Saturday shoppers. NOT!!!!!

Kent- go to work!

I really agree with you on this. I seem to end up being the one who doesn’t get the sale item. I am still waiting for the finish to come in at cvs so I can use my raincheck. I wish that all of you who wanna buy 30 or 40 or 50 at a time would buy some each week…why do you need to clear the shelves on a price cut that lasts til March 12th??? Leave some for the people who only want a few… really now…4 years worth of dishwasher detergent? I am stockpiling also but I always leave some of the items on the shelf unless I got the very last one.

Buying 4 years worth???? People who do this are the reason they are cracking down on couponers! Some of the stores in my area already limits us to 2 like coupons per transaction! You can save money and stockpile without going insane-person who bought 59 boxes!

I always wonder if you show up some where and the shelf is empty how do you know if 1 person took them or 5 people? At that point it doesnt matter you still wont get any…….

I live about 45 mins away and drive down 3 or 4 times a month to hit several Targets, because I need to get all the deals I can that day! Win some you lose some!

I’s a mom to five and my husband works 80+ hour weeks– thus shopping time is very limited and precious. I’ve got 30 coupons and I hope to get 30 boxes when I go– if not, I’ll get a raincheck, like anyone else can who finds them out of stock. Get real people– this coupon came once last Jan– and now it came again once this year. We go through 30 boxes in a year– and I don’t think its selfish at all to take advantage of a good deal in the time I have when I can.

If you have a bunch of coupons to use… Why don’t you just special order?! :) Then everyone wins!

Does anyone know if this includes Finish Quantum?

In Vegas, it did. I went last night and the 10 count were on sale for 2.50.

I’m thinking it’s where I live because so many things on sale my stores here dont have. None of the Targets here have the 12ct. They also dont have the Slow Cooker liners and these are Super Targets. The Walgreen don’t have the 8ct Excedrin or the Aquafresh thats on sale. It’s like a hit or miss down here in El Paso.

Yeah, here in Iowa the last time Target had them on sale, there were only the 10 ct or the higher ones…no 12 ct ones! Maybe they were just out, but the pricing didn’t reflect properly and my coupons wouldn’t work for the 10 ct.

Just a reminder to some of you Target shoppers. Not all Targets put up the same “temporary price cuts”. Be sure to check your store before hunting down TONS of these coupons.

this is sooooooo true. i made the mistake ( im new to this) of buying coupons off ebay last night. called my local target and they ARE NOT on sale. so now im calling around to all the stores i go by often. my last resort is to find a store near family that might have them on sale and mail them my coupons. bummer bu i learned a lesson

never mind i found a store 20 minutes from me that has them! my sadness turned to joy again! yay!

Did anyone notice the prices on the JetDry and Dishwasher cleaner?? I was already planning a trip just for them today. I already used my $2.25 coupons at CVS.

sounds like time to buy your first six, take them out to the car, then come back in for your second batch of six, with a new cashier!

I just came back from 2 different Target stores. Why? Well, the first Target limited me to 6. When I asked why, they said that they have had problems with coupons (and I’m guessing what he meant was people using coupons too!). When I asked if this was a new policy, because I had a copy of their coupon policy, he said “yes, our policy is always changing.”

I am SO frustrated with how each Target seems to do whatever they want and it really doesn’t matter what their policy actually states. It really makes me want to not shop there any more. I had another incident where they would not let me use 1 Target coupon + 1 manufacturer coupon (when price matching) to make something free. They have been the worst (next to Walgreens) for using coupons, well, at least in my experience.

was that 6 per transaction? if so i would have split up my orders! i just think sometimes these stores do not want to deal with the coupons because they see it as a hassle o they just make things up to try and detour you from using them.

No, he said 6 total! I even asked if I could split them into different transactions. Yes, I agree. I think they just make things up as they go. I used to shop at Target all the time. Now I only go when I see a great deal. I’ve had too many hassles with them not being “coupon friendly.”

This should NOT be happening because of coupons. Target can limit quantity bought if they think they are going to run out of the item, but it should have nothing to do with coupons. I know, because I work at Target and used to run the check lanes. I would call corporate to fill them in if I were you.

Awesome! I just checked my binder and I have 14 of them! Well worth the 40 minute drive! Now I just have to research the rest of the Target deals for this week. I usually don’t even look because I don’t have one local. If I’m going there anyway I might as well get more goodies! :-)

Hello everyone!! I would like to say I was one of the lucky ones to have a whole bunch of those coupons that I got on E-bay, bought 59 boxes of Finish today at Target for $.25 each. :-) I won’t have to buy that for at least 3 years Yey…
Good luck to you all!!

Hey! Thanks for leaving some for someone else! Do you really need 50 boxes all at once..

She didn’t need them all…another example of pure greed.

If it is something that she will use does it matter how many she gets. If one can pay .25 compared to 2.50 and will use the item then why does it matter? That is 2.25 that she will be able to spend on other things if she needs to.

Good for you….that is what I call stocking up!

I love comments like this. It makes no difference whether it was one person buying 50 or 50 people buying one. The stores stock the product because it sells and guess what folks, they will make more. It’s this little thing you may have heard of called supply-and-demand. I agree it’s not cool to clear a shelf, you should call ahead and order for the next shipment, however the poster made no comment as to whether she cleared the shelf or not. You assumed that is what she did. These types of comments really need to be kept to oneself. We’re supposed to be helping and supporting one another here.

I’ve bought 30 boxes over the last week. lol I think I’m good for a few years now. :)

Now my question is which is better tablet, or gel?

Joanie and I were just saying that we like the Gels because you don’t have to unwrap them! 😉

I was going to ask the same question! I’m normally a Cascade girl, but SO willing to make the change for this one! I have over a dozen of those suckers in my binder!

You don’t unwrap the tabs…the coating just isolves in the dishwasher.

My gels always get stuck together– I think it’s just too warm where I keep them– I also like that with the other ones there is a bit more protection if the baby gets her hands on it… :(

I thought the gels were great too, until we just had to take our dishwasher apart because it had really diminished in its cleaning ability. We found all kinds of little pieces of the plastic gel pacs clogging up the ports the water comes through as well as the drain areas. Have recently stocked up on the tabs instead and hope that we will have better luck with those.

I agree, we also had to have our dishwasher serviced because the gel ‘package’ hadn’t completely dissolved and clogged several drainage holes. We have used the Finish Quantum tabs with no problem, but we prefer the tabs that you have to unwrap because we know that the won’t break our dishwasher.

I like the gel too. I found that the tablets clog up my detergent container’s latch sometimes. This causes the little door to not open and when I go to empty the dishwasher the tablet is still in there all gooey!

Where can I order more of those coupons ($2.25)?

I just bout 20 off of Ebay.

me to i paid 7.46 and got 18 coupons. im really excited because my husband has been complaining about our terrible liquid detergent we have LOL.

Whoaa!! Thats A LOT of money for those coupons

AWESOME! I have several of the $2.25 coupons!

I can not get this do i print it .

This is not a printable coupon, it is from the SmartSource coupon insert from the January 2nd Sunday newspaper (SS 1/2). When we list a printable coupon on a post, we will link it to the page you can print it from.

Great find! I also have two Target print coupons for $1.50 off that I plan to combine with two $1 off manu coupons. I believe it should make them free (or tax only) for me.

Sounds like a stockpile price , use about a box a month , 50 boxes = 50 months , over 4 years ! My stockpiles gonna send me to DISNEYWORLD hahaha lol

How long is the sale for?

From the post, it looks like the price is good until 3/12
Finish Diswasher tablets OR gel, $2.50 (price cut through 3/12)

This could always vary from store to store, just like the price.


They are $2.49 regular price at the Commissary for all the military shoppers out there!

Ahhh I miss the commissary!!

Thank you!!!! I’m going to the commissary tomorrow!

My Target does not seel the tablets of dishwashing soap they are banned in the county I live in :(

I’ve never heard of this. Why?

They contain phosphates.

Really? The Finish gel packs specifically say they are phosphate-free.