Keep your eyes peeled for the 8 oz. bags of Cracker Barrel Cubed Cheese at Walmart. I LOVE stocking up on FREE cheese!!

Cracker Barrel Cubes $1.00
$1.00/1 – Cracker Barrel Cubes – (
$1.00/2 Select Cracker Barrel Cheese from SS 1/23
Final Price: As low as FREE

Thanks, I Heart the Mart

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54 thoughts on “Free Cracker Barrel Cheese Cubes at Walmart”

Our WM in Wisconsin has them for $1.98. They are in the chest refrigerators, NOT hanging. I had a hard time finding them, so I wanted to share where they are.

1.98 in middle dairy bins:) (OKC) Yeah! .98 a bag:)) Thanks KCL!

I live in VA, but these are not sold in the supercenter here…at least not the one that I went to.

They carry them at the Super Walmart in Manassas. Its not with the sliced cheese, its with the string cheese. Other end of the same aisle as the slices.

For So Cal, according to Kraft’s website you can find this product at Albertson’s. I am unable to leave my house to verify this, but if anybody wants to try? (Sorry I am recovering from an accident) Goodluck.

They didn’t have the cheese at cookeville TN either i was so bummed. . . . . . i guess its because its a new product. Hoping it will be there soon.

My walmart in Houston, TX was $1.98 as well for the 8 oz cheese

Can you please tell me which Walmart in Houston? Thanks

kkl, i just wanted to say how much i appreciate your efforts on everyone’s behalf despite any negative comments. i am VERY new to all of this and realize that you obviously can’t cover the prices everywhere and the research is really up to each shopper.

ya I agree, if they could please post the location this great deal was seen in so I stop wasting my time going for deals when none of them exist here that would be great. i was so excited about the cheese but no walmarts here carry that cheese:-(. I have lots aoh coupons that printed though:-)

PS: Ashley: If you want to buy lots of an item you can buy coupons on ebay super cheap, and you can usually print 1 or 2 coupons per computer so if I like or want a few I grab a few from home, school, my brothers computer. Hope that helps.

How do you stock up on items if you aren’t able to copy the coupon?

my walmart didn’t have it either (east TN). the only thing i found was the aquafresh toothpaste. i went twice in the last 2 weeks pretty much for nothing. their prices are outrageous. now i remember why i stopped going there. prefer Target instead and their stores are cleaner too.

My Walmart finally marked these down to $1.98 (down from &3.53), but now my Q’s that I printed a few weeks ago are expired…

$3.89 at our Walmart in IN.

$1 at my store in CO….mmmm free cheese

HI! Which Walmart in Colorado??? :)

$1.98 for me in Indiana. Scary that I also purchased one bag that was moldy.

North Carolina Walmart carried the cheese, but only the larger bag for around $7.00 :(

My Super Walmart in Illinois does not carry this cheese. I was very bummed!

I also went looking for other deals mentioned, but my prices were a lot higher.

KKL- is it possible/hard to post what region you find the WalMart deals? The majority of deals from your site that I print out and try…our Walmarts don’t even carry the product. Like this cheese deal. I printed out the two coupons- checked both the cheese and deli sections, asked a few employees, and no luck. It’s happened with numerous adds. It would help me not waste so much time and probably others. Maybe say: In Sacramento, CA Walmart has this deal…and other people could chime in with where they found it.

Agreed. That is a great suggestion! I’ve wasted a lot of paper and time hauling 2 kids age 2 and under looking for products that are not carried in my area.

Ya, posting a location would be helpful, but since there’s no real way to know how widespread the deal is, it’s important for us to post back with feedback after we’ve all checked out our stores. Ultimately that’s the only way we’ll know if it’s in our area- if people post back their finds.

Our Iowa Wal-Mart Supercenter had these out in one of the middle aisle fridge bins for $1.98 each.

i have two printed coupons but can’t find a store in our Los Angeles area that carries them. so they are up for grabs if anyone wants them. just send me your email and i will email you to find out were to send them. so sad, cheese is always a great coupon.

Did not have them at the Walmart in Orange Park, Florida either … bummer … was looking forward to my first “free” food item!

Damn, I was not able to print these evidently. I printed these a couple weeks ago and they expired Feb.5…poo.

My Walmart in Dayton Ohio did not carry these Ugh

Be very careful when buying these. The first package I picked up had a huge spot of mold on one of the cubes. I put it back and walked away, I didn’t buy any.

In Fort Myers my Neighborhood Walmart store does not carry this cheese. At the super center Wal-mart they had them for $1.98.

My wal-mart had them for $1.98.(south Louisiana) 1/2 price is still a good deal!

Went to my local Walmart the Cheese was $1.98.

Yeah I love the Krazy Coupon Lady site… but the savings are usually a little embellished. I can say they’re $1.98 in Florida and Michigan… maybe it’s a West coast discount?

Well I’m West coast and they aren’t in my Walmart either,

Salem, Oregon didn’t have the cheese :(

Just went to our Super Walmart and no such luck! Anyone know where to get these in Salem, OR?

$3.53 in Woodstock, GA…bummer.

Free Chesse would be amazing! However cheap cheese would be good too!

you must be lucky with deals krazycouponlady with deals as these were not at my local walmart

but at a shop rite here 2 weeks ago it was 2.49 and i used the 1.00 coupon..

have one coupon left so hope i can get anothe package of it soon.

My walmart in Erwin, NC was $1.98 as well…went online and printed coupons with no problem…it let me print two before saying I reached my print limit. So I got two bags for $0.98 each which is still a great deal!!! Thanks KCL!!!!

Just printed these with no problem.

They were also 1.98 at my Walmart in Marietta, they were in the middle of the isle in the refrigerated section.

I LOVE Cheese…Our Wal-mart carries these for $1.98 and there 8oz… They would be 1/2 price with coupons. I was able to print 2 $1 off coupons and then reached my print limited. I didn’t see them in Smart Source.. But will have to look again. thanks for the information.

It was 1.99 at my walmart so I paid 99 cents with coupon, not free but still a pretty good deal! Thanks!

My kids love these in their lunches. Thanks!

This product is normally stocked in the middle of the aisle in the refrigerated section. My Walmart’s price was $3.53 so YMMV… other posts have been successful in getting this free.

Does anyone know if their regular Walmart carries these? I don’t have a super Walmart, but our regular one does still have a couple isles of frozen and refrigerated products. Just wondering. Thanks!

Are these at most Walmarts?

My local Walmart doesn’t carry the cubes! They only have the sticks. :(

My Walmart doesn’t sell these…what’s up with that?

Hi, I clicked on the link for the coupon but it only comes up with a picture and no way to print coupons. Do you know what might be wrong?

Dear KLC, Do you know the price of this cheese? My husband love cheese…

It should be $1 for this size, but price varies

My Walmart sells them for $3.53 a rip off! I don’t shop at Walmart.

My walmart had them for $1.98 per pkg so I got them, after coupon, for .98 cents….good but not free :0(