This deal just made my night- You all better be ordering your coupons on Sunday cause you know this coupon won’t be for sale for long!

Okay, I need to back up- in this Sunday’s paper there is going to be a HOT Gain coupon!
$3.00/1 – Gain Fabric Softener from RP 2/13

Use it at Walmart for this screamin’ deal:

Gain Fabric Softener, 80 ct Sheets $3.26
$3.00/1 Gain Fabric Softener RP 2/13
Final Price: $0.26

Or Rite Aid will have this deal:

Gain Fabric Softener $4.99
$3.00/1 Fabric Softener from RP 2/13
Final Price:  $1.99

Thanks, Coupon Connections

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176 thoughts on “Hot $3.00 Gain Coupon, Plus $0.26 at Walmart!”

Me and my family love all gain products

Hi everyone. Can anyone help me out?I really want to get this coupon, but I have no idea how to print it out? :/

I went to Walmart and used 3- SS $3.00 off Gain fabric softener sheets and 3- Albertsons doubler coupons. The original price for the 120 ct. gain sheets was $4.33. I ended up getting them for .33 a box. Thanks to whoever posted that Walmart accepts all store coupons! I also used my Safeway double coupons the next night! Yahoo!

I’m new at this. Can’t find this coupon online at RP. Also, How can I get RP or SS coupons online from previous weeks? Sometimes I see a deal where it says to use a coupon from 2 or 3 weeks ago but if I don’t have them from the sunday paper then does RP or SS still have them online? Can’t seem to find them from previous weeks. How does this work??? Thanks.

My DG would not let me use the coupon on the $2.75 box. The manager wasn’t there. The clerk was very nice, but she said her manager had told her specifically not to accept these coupons for anything under $3 because they couldn’t give cash back. I didn’t want to give the cashier a hard time. She was very sweet, so I’ll call.

Dear Mellissa,

Get off the pc and get a real job..

This is one of my first big coupon WOW’s! I’m new to this and I love the fact I only had to pay .12 per box at my local Walmart…this blew my mind.. Happy Shoping!

I went to Dollar General Tuesday afternoon with 11 of the coupons. Left with 13 boxes (2 different sizes) and .06 owed to me by the cashier! She even commented on how great a deal that was.

Meijer in Columbus Ohio is running a deal on the fabric softner – buy 2 or more (at 3.99) and get 3.00 off your next order – I made money, I wish I had more of this coupon!

Thank you so much for this info; I bought 4 Sunday papers last week and was able to buy 4 boxes of the 80ct dryer sheets at my Wal-mart (in Orlando (Casselberry), FL)today; and…they were priced at $3.12 so I got them for $0.12 a box!!!! That’s 320 sheets (640 if I cut them in half, which I might do since they smell SO wonderfully FRAGRANT) for just $0.48 oop!!! Enough to last me approx. 10-20 months cutting them in half, doing 1-2 loads of laundry per day or 5-10 months, leaving them whole, doing 1-2 loads of laundry per day – ALL FOR JUST $0.48 OOP!!! WOO-HOO!! Thank you SO much!! :)

I love this coupon so far i have got 2 but before the 31st i plan to get more coupons for coupondede and stock up. Love your site thanks for changing my shopping life

Live in Florida trying to find the best place to buy the Gain Liquid Softner??? I have enough stockpile on the dryer sheets already. Any suggestions?

I made my Gain run today! Went to Dollar General only because it was close and I crossed my fingers for a good deal. Total score!!!! A pretty hefty size bottle of Gain fabric softener (the liquid kind) was $3.50. With the $3 off 1 coupon, I paid $0.50 each. UNBELIEVEABLE!! They had other sizes of Gain and the prices were different (one was $3.75, a gigantic bottle was $6). The island fresh (which smells great) in the 64oz bottle, $3.50. I told the manager that I intended to buy quite a few (if they would allow) and she said no problem. She said to simply seperate the transactions- 4 bottles per transaction, like the coupon specifies. No big deal! So exciting!!! And that $3.50 price was not a special price or on sale. That was their everyday price. Anyway- try Dollar General is you’re looking where to use those great coupons!!!!!

My Wal-Mart was charging $3.86 for 80 sheets. Today at Safeway a 120 count box was $3.99. I opted to purchase at Safeway. Great buy!

I live close to 3 Walmart’s with in a 3 mile radius. 1st Walmart the Box is $3.12, The second $3.26, and the Walmart Supermarket it costs $3.52. I had 20 coupons and I bought 20 for $.12 each and that is less than $3.00. What a great deal. Thank You

I found GAIN dryer sheets for $1.87 at my local Wal Mart and when the cashier asked her manager how to redeem my five $3.00 coupons, the manager put each coupon in for $1.87 and I lost the remaining $1.13. Did I get robbed? I thought I would have a “moneymaker” to pay for my remaining items.

you never know what is gonna happen in that situation i would always try to get as much as possible for your coupon. you should never assume an overage is gonna happen, and i would never get mad if it didnt

My Family Dollar had the 120 ct. for $3.75! .75 cents for the 120 pack is great in my book.

Just hit Walmart, they had only 3 left of the 80 count @ $3.12 each…so i got those $0.12 each =) Then headed to Dollar General and they had only the 60 count for $2.75. Got 3 of those free and the cashier owed me $0.17 cents haha, it was a sweeeet deal !!!

I just went to wal-mart and they were sold out of the 80ct sheets. They are 3.12. I got raincheck for 12 boxes.

where do i get the coupon at help please new at this

Vanessa, you get the coupon from the Sunday newspaper (Feb. 13th) in the Red Plum insert.

I just went to Walmart and bought the Gain 80 ct dryer sheets for .01 cents….

For lolosmommy, check out the News Tribune. That’s where I found mine!

Our Walmart had the 40-count on sale for $1.87. (and they allow overages!) Bought 4, spent $7.48 + tax, saved 12. $4.58 moneymaker!!

No RP in the Seattle Times :(

My paper didn’t have a Red Plum insert…only Smart Source and another little one. Very disappointed, I love GAIN.

this is madness…. and how is anything over like 5 bucks a good deal for coupons?? I have not bought any coupons yet for anything but You cut them out its not an 8 dollar job

its a good deal because if you buy 20 fabric softer without coupons it will cost over $60.00

OMG I just did the gain at DG and mad .75 had to buy some candy for the kid but hey it was free I love this going out for more right now

Meijer this week: Buy any two Gain products and get $3.00 back in register rewards.

North Florida walmarts shave the 80 ct box for 2.98. bought three papers ( jax times union, gainesville sun,lake city reporter ) so walked out the door last night with 3 for free !

My newspapers didn’t have the redplum insert….:( i don’t think we ever get a redplum..hmm..sad to have missed this wonderful deal!

Soooo I go to dollar general to get gain dryer sheets with my coupons…20 of them lol and the lady says 3.65 please. I looked at her and said you owe me 3.65 she says huh I pointed to the register showed her where its says owed to cust 3.65 her look was priceless!!!! I love coupons!

so they are free at DG!!!

I went to BOTH target and dreadingly WALMART first , and I wish I knew how your Walmart is selling these soooo inexpensive our walmart had the most inexpensive for 5.98 NO DEAL !!! BUT I did use the $1.00 off to get 40 dry sheet’s for .98 needed a small win. Then off to target no WISK left to use 2.00 off and they also had no CHEAP GAIN ..BOO HOO Can someone please help me is CVS ,WaLGREENS OR RITE AID A good deal this week if my walmart isn’t priced like your’s ??? I am in PA if that helps

I went to Walmart to buy the softener sheets with my Gain coupons and KCL is right about Walmart sometimes. I bought two and had two coupons but the computer would only accept one coupon. She was coughing from the smell of the fabric softener sheets and there was a line. I did notwarn anyone because I had a small amount and did not think this would be an issue. I felt bad, cut my losses, then headed to costumer service where I was able to get the 3 dollars back.

Thanks for everyone who purchased coupons off We ran out within minutes but…. I saved a few Gain coupons for another day very near in the next couple of days.. ( maybe wednsday)

Hi there ladies,

My local walmart does not have the fabric softener for $3.26… it’s actually $4.18… still not that bad of a deal but not .26 cents as I was hoping ;o(

Now the dryer sheets are $3.12… so they come out to .12 cents 40 ct that’s a sweet deal!!!

That’s what I bought to, the dryer sheets for 3.12.

My Walmart had 80 ct for $3.52 so they cost me .52 cents. Even the cashier said “wow great deal”

I got 10 $3/1 Gain Q from Ebay for $4.50 then I got another 2 in my papers, I am gonna wait to see if the liquid goes on sale somewhere soon : ) Love Gain!!! I used the $1/1 Gain Detergent today at my albertsons it was on sale for $4.99 40 load got 2 for $3.99 each

I used the $3/1 coupon @ my Walmart and only had to pay 12 cents!!

I just got back from Wal-mart and they had the small boxes of Gain fabric Softener for 1.87 each and I got overage!!! yeah! The register did prompt the cashier- $3 value is correct? Great deal if you want overage!!

You can get a 40 ct. box for 1.87 so I can use the overage to go towards a second box. I can really stock up with that kind of price.

Ready for this? Got threatened to have the police called on me for doing this. Was told “We will only permit this one time”.

Bought a newspaper for $0.99.

Clipped the $3.00 coupon for Gain. Bought the 40 sheet for $1.87. We have 7% tax here….so….end state is $0.01 back to me.

It worked but the heavy handedness was OVER THE TOP!

I feared shopping there again. I guess I’m going to not do the right thing. Not my fault they put these deals together.

I’m a coupon virgin and I’ve been trying to figure out what a good stock up price for laundry detergent is? Any one help me with this? Also anyone know how to track down a newspaper dumpster to go diving in I’m in charlotte NC???

Depends on if you’re brand loyal. I used to only use Cheer and could never find a good deal. I was having skin allergy issues and found this was the only brand that wouldn’t make me itch. When I started couponing, I decided to start trying new detergents. Over the past year, I’ve realized that I can use MOST detergents!

If you can find $1/1 Qs for Tide, you can get free Tide in the travel section at Target. Most of the time, I’ll wait until either Target puts detergent on discount and then use a coupon or stock up when a Drug Store has a register reward and good deal that I can stack with a coupon.
I try to not pay over $1 per 32 load bottle if possible. I wait until I can find that price and then stock my laundry shelves as much as possible. My family does a lot of “shopping” off my stockpile, so I’m finding myself always trying to find a good laundry deal.
I do know that, if you have the $2/1 Wisk Q, Target is moving a lot of their small Wisk bottles to clearance. I wasn’t in the area that got this coupon, otherwise my shelves would be filled with Wisk!

Best of luck! Don’t get frustrated! Couponing is fun!

can someone please tell me if at family dollar you can use a store coupon stacked with a manu. coupon?

We never seem to get the RP inserts in our sunday paper… but we get it in a separate mail a few days later.. Hoping the coupons are better than last week. which we didn’t get any.. only some advertising to purchase CD’s .. That’s great to all of those who were able to get this deal…

Anyone ever ordered and received coupons from If so any issues? Sounds odd to me…

I would NEVER order from them because they advertise too much and Pat and Heather seem to be the same person or working together. There is such thing as too pushy and they are IT!

I totally agree with you, Melissa! Anyway, I would never order from an email address. Plus, I think Pat is Heather’s split personality.

Frist time for me to buy coupons.This is all New to me.As for your ugly comments,on Split Personality)I do not Know Heather,As for me I do not care what you think!! Your a Spiteful person,n I feel sorry for you,

I am appalled at the comments you make on here!!!

For those of you wondering about it is a TOTALLY legit coupon clipping service!! My sister-in-law Heather who lost her husband last year in a tragic accident is trying to raise her children on her own and in the attempt we (her family) have encouraged her to sell coupons. I will try to help her set up some kind of website, but I am not totally sure how to do that so a blog may have to suffice. Melissa, I hope you are proud of your RUDE comments!!! I thought the comments were here to talk about coupons, not harass each other so let’s try to bring this back to what it should be about… and saving $$$$$!!!

i ordered 40 gain coupons from heather….havent received anything if i do i will be sure to let u no :/

Conway AR no RP insert here either!! What’s up with that???
Bought 6 papers and not a single one. Sucks missing this deal.

I am in NW AR. I didn’t get one either. I ordered them on ebay though!

Picked up 5 boxes of Gain 80 count dryer sheets on my trip to Walmart today. Fantastic deal. There is a limit of 4 coupons per transaction so my husband and I checked out separately so we could get 5. Each box ended up being .12 cents plus tax. WOW. Love it.

Great deals aside, the Gain dryer sheets smell AMAZING

I didn’t get the RP insert in my paper either! :(

Went to Walmart, we got our papers at the store to make sure that the coupons were in them – and they were! We bought 4 papers and 4 softeners. The price in Kinston for an 80 pack of sheets is $3.12. So with the coupons that’s .12 cents a box! Grand total of .48 all together. And there are some other fabo coupons in the paper, making it totally worth the $1.00 each. =D Hope you all can take advantage of this deal!

I’m new to this so where do we look to see if we get the RP insert in our area? I didn’t get it in mine, and I don’t think I’ve got it in the past weeks… I just want to see if this was on purpose, I for some reason I keep getting papers that are just missing it lol

Thank you, pleased with your service.You are cheaper than E-bay.

Meijer is giving a $3.00 on your next visit Catalina when you purchase any 2 Gain softner or detergents. Does anyone know if this includes the sheets? This would be an AWESOME deal if they did!!!


I didn’t get the coupon in Salem Oregon. The cutting services I looked at were out of stock :(

The Statesman Journal had it. Maybe someone nabbed yours.

For all of you in the east that have a Meijer – they have sheets (120 ct) on sale this week for $3.99 and if you buy 2 – with your $3 off coupons of course – you get $3 off our next order! So they end up being free!

I’m fairly new to couponing – but I’m definitely hooked!

just purchased coupons from and ordered 25, will be sharing with sis in law..she is selling them like hotcakes and will ship on Monday

$1.87 for 40 ct at Walmart. I got $9 overage since I had 8 coupons. sweet.

I am the owner of and will tell you all the truth about the truth. If I receive the Gain coupon in my area you can rest assured that it will be on my site Sunday 7:30 am PST. and will be 10 cents for the clipping fee. There will be another deal aswell but thats a suprise for the morning.

No Coupons here at the Backdoor coupons. Couponsbydede has some!

FRED’S has them dryer sheets for $2.00(40ct), $3.25(80ct), and the liquid softner for $3.50……Just to let you know!

Just got mine at Walmart. 80 count reg price is $3.12. 4/3.00 coupons and paid a total of $0.52 oop! Thank you, KCL!!

Safeway in the Bay Area, CA has both the liquid softener and the sheets on sale for 3.99 … so, if you don’t have time to make two trips and can only get to the grocery store, you can still get it for .99 after coupon.

I ordered these on 3/7 on ebay… wonder it I got hosed.

I meant 2/7

Bought the Sunday paper today, and 3.00/1 was there:) Used it at WalMart= 3.12 for 80 count!! Thanks for all you do on this’s such a help!

This coupon says: “LIMIT OF 4 LIKE CUPONS in same shopping trip” so….would u go in different times? I have 10 if these coupons???

** sorry for the typos, I was clipping while typing 😛

You might need to do different transactions, I would just do it that way. Put a spacer in between every 4 boxes, and let the cashier know that you have more than one transaction.

Walmart: Gain Fabric Sheets (80 ct) – $3.26
$3/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.26/each

Dollar General: Gain Fabric Softener Sheets (50 ct) – $2.99
$3/1 coupon
Final Price: FREE

Family Dollar: Gain Fabric Softener Sheets (60 ct) – $3
$3/1 coupon
Final Price: FREE

Rite Aid: Gain Fabric Softener (24 loads) – $2.99
$3/1 coupon
Final Price: FREE

bought my local weekend paper NO inserts. PISSED!

One box of softner sheets will last me over a year, so I only need one. Got mine at Walmart today for .12 to avoid the rush.

oops! I meant 60 count at family dollar 😉

My walmart has the 80 count for $3.12. So I paid .12 a piece plus tax. Yipee! I did check family dollar and they have them for $3 for the 40 count. The coupon clippers had the coupons up wednesday and they went fast. With washing clothes for 6 people these will come in handy :)

Will this be available to print on the RP website?

LOL there is not going to be any gain fabric softner tomorrow morning after the first minute of opening…so many ppl clearing shelves..I will be there with a camcorder to film the craziness. 😀

I just bought my 20 on Ebay for $11. Not as good as the person who got them for $9 but that wasn’t available anymore. However at this moment there are 20 for $10 with free shipping..hmm maybe I should have waited to save the buck, but I did use Ebates to get cash back on my eBay purchase and I did earn eBay bucks. And, I do have one more ace in my pocket that most people don’t have…my mom and father in law both work at Wal-Mart so if I have them but these for me, I get 10% off too. I think that takes care of my 26 cents on each one. :o)

Jusdt went to my walmart and got mine. In Alexandria they were priced 3.52 for 80 which hey for 52 cents that is a good deal.

My Walmart had the 80 count for $3.12. Very excited but too bad they only had 7 left!

I just ordered 20 from ebay for $8.30 shipped so adding in the coupon price, I will be paying $0.67 each…Still a GREAT price!

I’ve never used a clipping service before, but 2 of the sites I have checked are showing up as “3/1 me again product” when I type in Gain. Are they not allowed to reveal the actual coupon because the paper isn’t out yet? Can I still order today? Please help this newbie out :) I’m about to have my first “krazy” stockup at Meijer this week. Thanks so much!


The ‘Me Again Product’ is not the same. It is coming up in the search because ‘gain’ is on the wording.

We’ll be able to get these free/cheap at many places but try to hold on to a few for a possible RR/ECB/+Up deal…these coupons are good through 3/31 which will give us plenty of time :-)

I have a lot of these coupons….I can send them today email me at 20 for $8 no shipping cost.

Thank you,20 for $8.00 is a fair price.Gain is a great coupon.Also no limit..Thanks for being there .

Good lord Heather and Pat. You guys are UNBELIEVABLE! Why has no one deleted these posts yet?

Okay, so I am going to stock up but have never used Gain. Any recommendations for preferred scent and would you go with liquid or sheets?

I like Island Fresh

Original is the way to go!

I picked up two of these at my local Family Dollar Store. The 60 ct. box was $3.25 each so I only paid, before tax, .25 cents each.

I was able to get coupons on ebay yesterday for this. This coupon also came in the coupon insert that gets mailed to the house this week.

my papers are only 50cent where i live so i bought 13 papers HAHA there is also a 50cent off colgate in the paper and they are all on sale at kroger for 98cent so it was free too so it makes it well worth my money to buy lots of papers here! cant wait to go get some gain today! oh and our papers come out on saturdays i’m just in coupon heaven here!!!

My Meijer will be having these on sale for $3.99 and for every two I buy I get a $3 OYNS coupon! They will be paying me $1.02 every two I buy to take these out of the store lol. I ordered my coupons a couple days ago when a little birdie told me of the sale and I will be stocking up for 1 year on liquid softener!

Great Deal… Our red plum here in Wisconsin does not come as an insert in the Sunday paper BUT we get it later in the week… I was disappointed in last weeks red plum.. all that was there was 2-3 pages of purchasing CD’s! I wonder who sends out red plum and if there is a phone number to contact them… It makes me think somebody is taking all the good stuff out and leaving us with nothing 😉

Shirl!!!I live in WI too.Was wondering,where do you get your paper from.Cause 2.50-3.00 is kinda expensive,when you buy even 3-4.Any ideas where I can get it for a little cheaper?

I only get the Sunday paper delivered and I subscribed when they had a really good deal.. It came out to be around .50 cents per paper… for 6 months.. don’t know what I’m going to do when that 6 months expires.. Hoping they have another great deal.. Call The Journal and ask if they are or will be running and speicals on the Sunday paper .. good Luck!


I completely agree with you thinking that someone takes all of the good coupons out of the red plum! I only receive them on Tuesday. They only have coupons for local las vegas services! I live 30 minutes outside of vegas and compared with family and friends of vegas. They get all of the red plum deals. I also have heard from locals here where I live that we get the “left over flyers'”. (Also the same with our sunday edition newspaper). Not fair! Wonder how to contact the distributor?

Just ordered my 10 from cost me $5.94… not too bad… totally worth it!! 😀

I ordred 20 for $8.00, Great Deal.Thanks

Yes we get it Pat. I am assuming you are also Heather. Chill out with the sales pitch.

This Melissa.You are to funny.The only reason I posted were I bought my Gain coupons,was because I was pleased with the price.You must be a very sad person to make such a false statement.I do not know any of the coupon clippers.I do not know This Heather, You have a problem..Maybe you are the one with a Split personility

Just ordered 10 from It cost me $5.94… so worth it!! :) Plus I plan on buy multiple papers tomorrow! WHOOT WHOOT!

The 60ct at he family dollar are $3…for those of you who suggested the $2 ones i woud only get those if they are out of the 60ct bc they will adust your coupon down…so you may as well get more free! I bought 55!

I know this might sound a little crazy but on Tuesday’s here we get a copy of Redplum in the mail. In most apartments there’s usually a trash bin for unwanted mail & last week I just so happened to look on wed and there were 4 sitting on top! Might be worth a look!

If you can’t get to walmart, family dollar is offering gain fabric softner for 3.75. Final price after coupon will be .75

They actually have small Gain fabric softeners at Rite Aid for 2.99. I got them for free the other day. I dont believe the coupon had a size restriction.

yeah there is definately a gain coupon. i live in new england and i already got the coupon in todays paper… strange to get it today i know but the rumor IS true

Already ordered my batch of 20 from ebay for $9.00 w/ free S/H!!

I just purchased and paid for 20 coupons through Ebay for $9.00, just did a buy it now. Hey, for 20 coupons I would need to buy at least 10 papers …. assuming I could “find” 10 others! 10 papers = $20.00, or a little less if I get some from the dollar store at $1.50. No effort, coupons shipped to my door… it! I will need to share these with someone for sure. I think we need a trade-coupons section in this log KCL!!!! P.S. Love your work and thanks for keeping me shopping 24-7!

Thank u Kari:-)

check your gas stations on Monday and ask for the inserts…if you are a regular they might…as well as Walgreens! I have notice they have newspapers from a couple weeks ago sitting there! Ask friends and relative to grab papers for you as well as check the hospitals they give all people staying there a complimentary paper…they just go into the trash!! And you can always hit recycle bins…nothing wrong with recycle bin diving:)

they already have these coupons for sale at $.50 each with a limit of 10

I do not see the gain coupon($3.00/1)for sale at

I think it is gone from there already. It was there this morning, but now looking again it is gone, maybe it already hit the limit for now?

Maggie, you can try ebay or sites like “the coupon clippers” I would check on Sunday for their availability. Thank goodness my town only has a weekend paper for 50cents. So tomorrow afternoon I can get a jump start on this sale.

hi I’m a newbie,,,How exactly do I order this cupons and where? when can I start to order?

Try . I did ordered some coupons from that site a few times recently so I got them in mail.. It took 2 to 3 days to arrived here at my house.

I just looked up the Gain coupons on coupondede and at the bottom of the list it said “Me Again Product” but it was the same $3.00/1 amount and expires 3/31/11. What does that mean? It was in the list with the Gain coupons when I typed that in the search.

I just checked that site and it doesn’t appear to be any coupons for Gain fabric softener sheets…am i looking in the wrong place? I typed “Gain” in the search box at the top right. Thanks.

you can order coupons from ebay, that is where i get mine. type in the coupon your looking for and it will take you to it. look for the one’s that have free shipping. you can start ordering on sunday morning after the papers have come out. hope this helps.

I have a bunch of these coupons…..$8 for 20 of them no shipping
if you would like some just email me at

Heather how is 20 coupons for $8 a good deal? I found a site that sells 20 coupons for $1. Maybe I am just not understanding… I am VERY new to this.


If you found 20 $3 Gain coupons for $1, you better buy them. And please do tell us all where. You can get 20 coupons for $1, but not when they are high value and make for free items at regular prices.

I bought 10 Gain coupons for a total of $1.95 which included shipping and handling! Now that was a deal and I am so happy! There is a promotion on the site now, buy $5 worth of coupons now and you will receive a coupon with your order that will give you a dollar off your next order of $3 or more. I am loving this site.

How many do you suggest buying to stock up for us newbies? We are a family of 4.. Would I stock up for 3 months, 6 months, or a year?

I personally am runnin low on liquid sidebar more than dryer shears but I have been heavily couponing for almost a year and haven’t seen this good of a coupon! If space permits I personally (family of 6) 1 year since the sales at most stores are never this good! I won’t run out and clea the shelves with all coupons right away because this price is normal everyday price wait for an ECB deal or RR deal as well but I had bought 6 downy 40 load liquid on a target clearance paid as low as 1.58 with 1.50 off coupon and have 3 1/2 bottles left bought in December. If you have 4 loads a week times 4 weeks is 16 loads a month…so base it on usage and def plan on getting at least 10 bottles of liquid softener since I have a 2 year supply of dryer sheets even if they are free. Once I fill my alloted shelf for this product all else will be donated! 10-12 of liquid and 8-10 boxes of sheets depending on loads per week and how much you usually use (more than 1 sheet per load or more than a 1/2 capful of liquid! Hopes this helps and the shelves will be bare of gain!! Hope those who don’t coupon grab what they need because finish tabs hit an all time couldn’t find so now gain it’s your turn…:)

Wow some people have it easy ha ha, 4 loads a week, I do almost 3 loads a day, I have 8 kids. I am always looking for good deals on soap and softner! Can’t wait to get this deal!

With this kind of deal, which only comes once in a blue moon stock up as much as you can!

Just running out and exactly what I use .. it is STOCK UP TIME

I think Dollar General is gonna have the gain for $3.00… which would make them free….Not 100 percent sure, check your Dollar General and see….

My Dollar General won’t accept coupons that make the product free. Is this across the board or is it just my store?

This is DG’s coupon policy. I would print this out and take it with you. Nowhere does it state that the item has to cost more than the coupon is worth in order to use the coupon. (Also, looks like there is no rule on overages, meaning if the store would end up owing you money, you should be able to use that overage to cover another item you are purchasing.)

I’m excited because being a newbie this is going to be the first time I buy coupons and stock up for a year!!!! whoo hoo. Now I just need some detegent.

Watch Walgreens for the detergent, I got a smokin deal two or three weeks ago, the Sun detergent was B1G1 @$2.99, then I found a dollar coupon… so I got 2 for $1.99.. I ended up getting 6, then went out of town and got 6 more… LOVED it!!

Hi, is there a way to get this coupon from a clipping service? I’ve never used one before but I’m intersted in trying it. Thanks!

I did ordered some coupons inserts from and I got coupons in mail. Its a coupon clipping service.. You all should try that site to order some.. I’m going to buy few newspapers and order some coupons for Gain> Its a great deal!!! Im already addicted to couponing!!

I love coupon clipping services! You only buy the coupons you use. I found a new website that is having a special on all their coupons this week for .05 cent each. I stocked up and they were mailed the same day. is the site.

When do they update the coupons like Gain that will be in the Sunday paper?

Which coupon clipping sites do you know of that update and allow you to purchase new coupons on Sunday? I know for whole inserts, I usually have to wait until Monday, but do most of them sell individual coupons the same Sunday they come out?

The has been updating their site on Sunday. That’s why I like the site. I don’t have to wait until Monday.

Check out
Less expensive than most other sites and no minimum order :)

I tryed this site, The only place they were in stock was limit,Great deal.

I have a bunch of the coupon…will send today….20 for $8
just e-mail me

Fair price, Cheaper than E-bay.Friendly service.

I got 20 on Ebay for $6 shipped!!!


I have a bunch of these coupons…..$8 for 20 (no shipping)
I can mail them today….
email me at

We get the point about the coupons Heather – but you’re too expensive. Sorry :)

Best price I found.Thank you

I didn’t think there were going to be any inserts this week…..LOVE Gain. Never can find good coupons. I will be ordering!!

How do you ordercoupons? I don’t know how to do this but would love to know since I use Gain also??


Hey…most of the Gain coupons left are only on ebay now. (at least in a nice quantity) Here’s a link ( for a Purex coupon (detergent or fabric softner) which is for $3 off as well–and it’s even on sale in my area for $2.99 at Marcs making it FREE! and buy 1 get 1 free at Giant Eagle for $5.98…essentially making them $3 each and FREE again! Expiration is 3-19-11 so only hurry is to beat the rush for what’s in stock. Happy Shopping! I just love this couponing stuff!

Just want people to know that I have the Gain $3/1 coupons and am willing to send today……lower than ebay.
20 for $8 (no shipping cost)
please e-mail me at

Heather, do you have any more? I emailed you but no response.

SWEET!!!!!!! There is NO way I can pass this deal up!! You ROCK!! Thank you so very much!!

I price checked today, the 34 ct are $2 at family dollar!

Sitting in bed…with my netbook on my lap…getting ready to watch a movie with the fam and I started doing the watuseee coupon dance…..then I realized this is for softener and not laundry detergent :(
But – it’s all good…I will stock up on softner – but I am down to 4 all from way over a year ago when we had the price match up big lots was doing – I think I got them for free or paid 50 cents a piece….down to 4….come on laundry soap deal!

Hi. Try the new Purex $3/1 coupon for detergent or fabric softener. It’s on ebay and a few of the clipping services mentioned in this topic as well. Good luck.

$2.75 for the 40ct. at Dollar Store

Thanks for sharing that, it’s nice to know we can get more cheap fabric softener, when Walmart is sold out.

Which Dollar Store? Dollar General?

Dollar General has the lavender scented Gain Fabric sheets (60ct) for $2.75. The $3.00 coupon produces $.25 overage…I threw in a $.34 pack of kleenex with my 4 Gain boxes for a total of $.25!

Did you find 4 coupons?

I actually bought 4 packs of Gain lavendar 60ct fabric softener for $2.75 each, used $3 coupons x 4 and they let me pay $0.10 OOP without having to include a filler item.