Propel Fitness Water is on sale!!!  This will be a great chance to stock up on your summer drink supply.

Propel Fitness Water $0.48
Buy 1 Propel Fitness Water Zero
Use: $1.00/2 Propel Fitness Water Zero SS 2/13
Final Price: $0.08 each

Or if you have a Winco:

Propel Fitness Water $0.48
Buy 2 Propel Fitness Water Zero
Use $1.00/2 Propel Finess Water Zero SS 2/13
Final Price: FREE

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49 thoughts on “$0.08 Propel Fitness Water at Walmart”

I’m new to this :) What does”$1.00/2 Propel Finess Water Zero SS 2/13″ mean?

to Kim: I would print out Winco’s coupon policy and take it with you to show them. That seems pretty ridiculous. About the Propel…I went to my Walmart too. They aren’t carrying the single propel water. Kmart has a coupon doubling event right now and Propels for $1.00 so you can double up to $2.00 each coupon. You could potentially get 8 for free b/c they have a lot of limitations on the doubling event. You can only use 4 of the same coupon and you may only double 5 coupons on one day. You also have to buy $25.00 worth of stuff to get the option to double the coupons. Just an FYI for people looking for FREE Propel waters!

I was just at the Winco on North Nevada in Spokane to buy the propel water. My first transaction went great. 48 cents and received the overage against my total. My second transaction was with another cashier, he opened one up and asked me to follow. Anyhow, he saw I had 12 propel waters and asked if I planned to use the $1 coupon. I said yes and he refused to take them. He spoke to the gal next to him cashiering and she said they were fraudulent and they would not take them, per corporate. I asked to speak to a manager and the cashier said that the gal is a manager. I told them to get their stories straight. Originally, they would not take the online printed coupons, but that corporate approved them taking original manufacturers coupons. Anyhow, it was awful and I had to walk out.

The Winco on North Nevada in Spokane refused to take my propel manufacturer coupons today. They said they were fraudulent. I asked to speak to a manager and the next cashier was a manager and she said, per corporate, we will not take the coupons. I had to walk out. It was awful.

My walmart in amherst NH only has the 16oz bottles on sale for $.50, the 20-24oz are $1.00

Does anyone know when this deal ends? Did some dumpster diving and found a ton of coupons!

Help!!!!!!! Maybee I am not understanding this correctly. So i have the $1/2 propel water coupon, but dont I have to buy 2 in order to get $1.00 off? and wouldent that make it .50 each? I am comfuced I am a newbee plese help :(

Ours in Wyoming has them for $1 each. They only had a small shelf of them too.. mostly they had the larger packs. I hope I can get them at Albies or somewhere soon!

Our Walmart does not even sell the single bottles. They only have them in packs. Maybe fry’s will have this deal or maybe price match.

On a different subject…
At Wal-Mart, they have the Pillsbury Valentine cookies on sale for $1.00 vs. the original $2.50. Use the online $1.00 off two coupons that were posted a while ago (not sure if they are still there), but they equal only 50 cents each!

question i know Walmart price matches so couldn’t someone that got them for 48 cents copy there receipt post it and people can print it bring it in for a price match????? if someone is willing to do that please let me know. or you can e mail it to me thanks in advanced my kids love the sports drinks!!!!!

Great idea Dena!! If that works, let me know :) Our walmart price isn’t the 48 cents either..I have 20 coupons and would sure love to use them!!

I stopped by my local Winco today and the shelf price was .83 cents. =( No Propel for me today.

I went to Wal-Mart today and talked to the Dept.Manager over the grocery area. He said that the “single” propels are traited as summer item in most Wal-Marts in my region. He said it could be 3-4 months before we start to see them coming to Colorado. I hope King Soopers has a sale before all these coupons I just bought expire 😉

There weren’t any coupons in my inserts, must’ve been regional.

Can somebody tell me how does it taste?

Got them at Winco for .48 cents!!! Thanks so much! My total (with other items) came to $8 and it came down to $2. he was looking at them and scraching his head. It was funny. Thanks!!

50 Cents at the Walmart in California, Maryland! FREE I need to find more of these coupons! Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the tip!

Hey April, I too use the California, MD Wal-mart and I could not find these anywhere. Can you tell me where they were located in the store please?

Those are 88 cents at my store :( And the Chex was 2.98…frustrating!

They are .88 each in Florence, Ky.

It would be a great deal If all the Wal-mart’s would carry most of the same merchandise but they don’t.. Ours in WI only caries the 6 pks…

I’m kind of annoyed. I called two WalMart’s in my area and neither carry Propel by the bottle. They carry it by six pack and eight pack. So I guess this won’t work for me. I just ordered coupons on ebay too!!! Dangit! :)

I did too…but they don’t expire for a few months so I am sure (especially come Spring) that we will see another great sale!

Same here! Hopefully another sale will come :)

Checked it out this Am (Dayton, Ohio) and they were .88 each. :(

Has anyone special ordered at walmart? I would like to get a lot of these but don’t want to clear the shelf but have never special ordered. Anyone know how or have tips/advice?

Walmart is $.58 per bottle BUT ARE ALL OUT at the Nampa 12th Ave store…I was just there last night!

I called my walmart before I went and they are $1.00 each.

I live in Worcester, MAss

I got the .04 overage at Winco with my coupon. And in case anyone hasn’t tried them yet, they’re pretty good. I’m not generally a fan of flavored water (most of them taste like watered-down juice to me) but I got a peach and a kiwi-strawberry and they were delicious. Couldn’t even tell they were zero calories!
I just ordered 20 coupons off ebay for 2.49 plus .99 to ship.

Another blog listed the deal as being $0.48 at Winco, but $0.58 at Walmart. That would account for the $0.08 difference.

Hi– Last time I went to WinCo (in Nampa, ID) the cashier said they don’t accept manufacturer’s coupons. She said they only take the coupons they send out in their ads periodically. (like once or twice a year) So I was surprised when you gave the coupon scenario for WinCo. Was the cashier just misinformed?

I’m sorry, but if that wasn’t a typo and you “found” enough peelies to get 219 for free…am I the only one that sees the issue here?

It was not a typo. Well every single bottle of propel had the $1/2 peelie on it, so I put 50 in my cart, peeled off 25 of the peelies to use on those 50 bottles. Then when I got home I took the rest of the 25 peelies off, then the next time I went to the store I put 50 more waters in my cart, used the 25 peelies from the previous purchase, and just kept repeating that process. I didn’t ‘steal’ any off of any that I wasn’t buying, and no I didn’t even clear the shelf as I only got 50 at a time at Kroger, and even price matched at Walmart so I didn’t deplete all of Kroger’s supplies (and the bottles at Walmart had the same peelies on them as well, which allowed me to continue to cycle). I eventually stopped at 219 because I looked at the expiration dates and calculated that that was just about all that my family could drink before that date.

Lol I was thinking the same thing. But also…219 bottles?!?!

Why does everyone have to defend themselves about how many they buy? If she thought 219 was appropriate to stock up for free then that is her business. I’m just getting tired of all the negativity about shelf clearing and judgements about stocking up.

I ran out to walmart to get this great deal and they were 1.00 each!! Is there a add I need to take with me when I go?

Remember to always look for peelies on the product..I did that a few weeks back when Fry’s (Kroger) had them for $ using the peelies I found I managed to get 219 for FREE!

I just hope they dont run out before I get off work tomorrow:)

Already gone at Walmart 12th Ave NAMPA

They are $1 each at walmart in Mountain Home ID

I just bought 20 coupons buy it now price of 2.49 on ebay. Worth giving that a try since the water will free and 20 coupons will get 40 waters for free.

I was looking on line to see the propel ad and cant find it. I have 75 $1 off two. Any way I can view the ad on line

oh, this sucks! my ss doesnt have that coupon.

I am bummed too!!! I didn’t get this in my paper. I live in Miami.. Oh well next time

whats a winco? i figured they were 2 for free also with the ss coupon.

How do you come up with $0.08 each for Walmart? If they are $0.48 each and you buy 2 and use the $1/2 wouldn’t you have $0.04 overage? Am I missing something?

Doesn’t that make it free at both stores?

bummer. My paper didn’t have the coupon :(

If you happen to go to Walmart, check them out anyway. Caldwell, ID walmart had peelies on them worth $1/2. =)