Diet Coke Addicts Rejoice! :)

I am not sure that I have ever seen a legitimate Coke coupon! I know several people who will be doing a happy dance when they see this coupon!

$1.00/2 – Coca-Cola 20 oz Products, 1 must be Diet Coke – (

Thanks, Attention Deal Shoppers

Coupon prints at top of page. Print limit 2, expiration date 2/26/11.

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30 thoughts on “Rare $1.00 off Diet Coke Coupon!”

Thank you for making this Coke coupon available. I can’t wait until it becomes available again. There are more recent Coke coupons at

Great offer… one get two free.

Why aren’t people more concerned about the safety of the PRODUCT, rather than the coupon itself. Aspartame has been linked to several neurological disorders. Do your research, if not for you, for your friends and family.

That’s right. And you should only eat pine cones. It was good enough for Yul Gibbons. As an alternative to diet soda try Wild Turkey 101.

I am new to couponing and have a question.

So earlier today, my brother went to store and bought two boxes of cereal. He used 2 coupons. Each coupon said Save $1 off these 2 boxes. I told him he could only use 1 coupon per 2 boxes. And he said I was mistaken. You could use 2 of them. But I don’t understand, he only bought 2 boxes. Not 4. And the coupons worked.

So if I print 2 of these coupons, does that mean that I can buy 2 coke products and use 2 of these coupons in one transaction–saving me $2 off.

I just want to understand if what he did was a fluke or if this is correct and I have misunderstood $1 off 2 coupons my entire life.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can understand why people are concerned about the legitimacy of this coupon. However, I went to and put in the numbers on each of these coupons I printed, and all of them came back “VALID”. Everyone has to do what they think is best, and I’m no expert, but if veri-fi says it’s good, then I feel comfortable using it.

I bet this has to do with the new study that says “drinking diet soda leads to more cases of stroke”.

YAY! Thank goodness I have access to more than one computer. And the Target cashier didn’t even give me grief about doing multiple transactions.

Got the Nabisco 100 cal snacks with Q’s too plus saved 5% by using my Target Red Card!

I just love Krazycouponlady,Thanks for all the insight..Wish Coke posted more coupons.Also in need of dish washing coupon.Any suggestions??

You might want to check this out at target as well. I work there and noticed a display that had a bunch of coupon books for money off of diet coke and coke zero products. I actually found one for $1 off a 12oz bottle!

Thanks for the link to my Coke coupon post. As the question arises if this is a counterfeit coupon or not, I too just went to check on the CIC site.

There is a listing for a counterfeit Diet Coke but the barcode is totally different. When you click on the .pdf link to view what the coupon looks like it is also completely different.

Apologies to anyone who is upset by this. It certainly was not my intent to post anything that was less than legal. I don’t want ANYONE to use this unless you are certain. Personally, I am not certain.


You can print out a CVS coupon online to bogo on Diet Coke, combine that with the Coke coupon (1.00/2) and you’ll only have to pay maybe .50 for the two 20 oz Diet Cokes.

My local Big Y had hang tags and coupon pads of $1/3 coke 2L. I took a BUNCH. They also were hanging from the soda bottles in the store (LOL which I didn’t touch) I am going to wait and hope CVS has that awesome sale when you spent $20 on coke products and got $10 back in EC bucks. That made it .50/bottle- the coupon will make it .20/bottle.. Which is soo cheap!

My CVS also had a coupon booklet “join diet coke in support of women’s heart health programs” with $10 worth of coupons. (all the sodas were diet coke) but also had soup, canned chicken, prego sauce and popcorn.

Has to be diet coke for the $1.50 off tear pad

My CVS has $1.50 off one 12 pack tear pads next to their coke. Makes for a great deal this week if you buy three 12 packs for $10 earn 3 ecb and take off $4.50 for the tear pads.

My stores will not take a coupon that doesn’t have a mfr’s address to send in the coupon. Is there a way to tell if this is a legit coupon?

Hummm, I’m not sure if it IS legit, as it DOES NOT have any redemtion information on it for the retailer. I printed them, but don’t know if I will try to use them, they just don’t look right to me.

My printable coupons actually came in my Albertson’s email. I would think if Albertson’s is sending them out at least Albertson’s should take it.

i work at rite aid and just printed it off and its valid, we accept it. also we have some 24 oz Scope on clearance and i know theres some $1/1 coupons floating around so i got a bottle for 76 cents.

yay!! thank you thank you thank you! it’s my favorite. :) printing 2 right now!

It IS legitimate, right? It doesn’t have the fine print that most coupons do, telling the retailer where to send the coupon for redemption. It’s just mostly empty at the bottom. Makes me a little skeptical…?

It’s a Diet Coke coupon in support of women’s Heart Health, that’s what it says. It has Heart Health tips at the bottom. It’s a true legit Diet Coke/CVS mini-display with a tear pad w/coupon, expires 3/15/11. It was sitting on top of their Cokes. My store has their Cokes in 2 different places. In the beverage aisle and at an end cap. I found it on top of the Cokes at the end cap.

Rachel, my printed coupons do have the info for the retailer. They also have the ‘rules’ (limit one per deal, no doubling, etc..)

When I was shopping at CVS yesterday getting my 3/$10. Coke deal, on their display was a $1.50 off of Diet Coke coupon. I went to ask the CVS cashier/Mgr if I could use it and still get my EBs (I’m a newbie) and she let me even though I purchased 3 Cokes and not 1 Diet Coke pk. Yay! Made my Cokes come out to $1.84/ea!

Thank you! I just got a B1G1 CVS coupon yesterday. Stack these two coupons and I am going to an even bigger happy dance!


So I printed 2 of these coupon and I have 2 CVS coupon for Coca Cola B1G1 Free, Can I used those together to lower my price for both coke???Thanks for the response

Yes! I think the 20 oz are $1.59 at my CVS, so it’d be $.59 + tax (and CRV for me) for 2.

So I printed 2 of these coupon and I have 2 CVS coupon for Coca Cola B1G1 Free, Can I used those together to lower my price for both coke???Thanks for the response… Got posted as a reply sorry about that!