If you’ve been following The Krazy Coupon Lady for more than an hour, then you’ve heard us BEG you to print your store’s coupon policy to keep with you while checking out. PLEASE Print out your store Coupon Policies and have them in your binder. Often, checkers aren’t given the proper information (by their managers) and will be more than happy to follow the rules… when they know what the rules are. Don’t get confrontational, rather politely hand them the policy and explain how you thought you understood the policy to read. Then, if you need to ask for a manager; policy in hand!

Find Your Grocery Store Coupon Policy:

If you shop at a grocery store that’s not listed above, Read more about Requesting a Copy of your Store Policy!

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[…] This is very important, as many store cashiers do not know what their own coupon policy is.  The Krazy Coupon Lady offers a very good list of store policies and you can print the ones you need and keep them in your […]

[…] so you can keep your envelopes and shopping list in hand. It’s also recommended to have a store policy printout with you at all […]

[…] which coupons you’ll be using before you get to checkout. Always carry your store’s coupon policy with you every time you shop; those policies should do the talking for you when you run into […]

Are these updated?

This is a huge help, but how do you know whether the stores double or triple the coupons? Some of them don’t specify either way

thank you for the store policies. they are very helpful

This confuses me for Walmart’s policy..
Competitors’ coupons

A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
Have a valid expiration date
Are acceptable in black and white

Then it will state they do NOT accept

Competitors’ coupons
Dollars/cents off at a specific retailer
Percentage off
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons without a specified price
Double- or triple-value coupons
So, for example.. if I got one of the Fred Meyers coupons .. the tags that stick out to pull off.. It says Manufacturer’s on it.. but will have the fred meyer logo.. would I not be able to use that.. and what about the coupon ad sales from other stores.. as long as it states how much off the product?

I had a horrible experience with walmart the other day. I went and got a couple items that i would get an overage on and when i went to the register they told me that they dont give cash back. So i kindly told the cashier that she was incorrect and the walmart had changed their policy on march 4th(i forgot my walmart policy at home). So she called the manager he then told me very unkindly that i was incorrect that walmart had not changed their policy. So i asked him if i brought the policy in and showed it to him could i get the money back. He then asked how i could get the policy… i told him that i could print it online or call corporate and they would e-mail it to me. And then he very unkindly told me that i did not have that athority and that i was full of crap…

WOW How rude!!!!!!!

I went to Walgreens today–Had the worst experience. The 18 year old checker argued about every coupon, calling the manager at my urging several times. Finally, after TELLING me HOW TO COUPON and that I didn’t know what I was doing, we managed to finish the first transaction of 5. When I started the second transaction she said I was limited to one transaction. I was so SHOCKED. I have shopped at WAGS for 3 years and never been told that. I always go with perfect lists, sorted transactions in the carts, and sorted coupon stacks. I count all the coupons, items, and RR so I don’t have to worry about too many coupons. I asked to speak to the manager. She also was only 18 or 19 and was only an assistant manager. She stated that was WAGS policy. I told her it was not, that as long as I separated the transactions I could purchase multiple items as long as I was not clearing the shelves. It was my fault because I went to the WAGS close to my house and not the one I always go to. Finally, when I stated that I wanted to have a conference call with WAGS she stated that she would “allow” me to have my transactions because she was reading the ad wrong.
Can you believe that? She said it was a new corporate policy that would take effect within the next month. I told her if that was the case I would not shop at WAGS. she said that was fine….Nice, eh?
I called WAGS corporate…they said they had not heard of this. I asked for someone from senior marketing to call me back and let me know for sure. I am awaiting their call. Anyone else heard this?

Does anyone know if Kroger’s accepts their digital coupon plus a manufacturer coupon for the same item? Example: .25 cents off Tide Kroger digital coupon loaded on Plus card + .25 cents off Tide manufacturer coupon.

Also, will they double both coupons since they are under .50?

WEIS told me they will not accept printed coupons after the end of march.. anyone else having this problem?

If that is the case I will not be shopping there anymore. I have not seen any notices in the store’s about that though. Where did you get this from?

Wow I didn’t know that Walmart accepted all that they do! This changes my game a bit! Very exciting. Thank you KCL so much for posting these.

I live in NV and all of our Walgreens are being REALLY rude about the whole B1G1 rightguard. They will NOT special order, they say “we WILL limit you” and just have an attitude like im taking money from THEIR paychecks…I found 1 walgreens that will special order for me but they will only order 12 deoderants, when i have 20 coupons, and they are limiting me to 6 coupons per store…even if my husband goes in right after me they turn him away…..Ive spoken to all of the managers in the area including the district mgr…I just dont know what to do…Any Help would be GREAT!!!

I’m still looking for the PetSmart coupon policy. I can find nothing on their website.

Why does Albertsons only accept 3 double coupons, when it is not stated in their coupon policy?

Today I used my double coupons at Albertsons, the cashier would only accept 3 in one transaction. I asked where it was stated that is the policy, since it is not in their coupon policy. She only stated that is their policy. I was wondering if this is the policy and where is it stated.
Love your website!

For Commissaries coupon policy, when it says they accept something similar to doubling coupons and this is when they give patrons coupons. Are they talking about the military store coupons? Can you use a military store coupon and a manufacturing coupon on the same item? Thanks for any response.

THANK YOU!!! so happy to have this!

Just wanted to say thankyou for posting all the stores coupon policies!

so can someone please clarify if Fred Meyers will accept Walgreens RR? I have been sort of intimidated to even ask……thanks for your help

From what I understand (and have seen) is that they only take Catalinas that are specific to a certain product. For example, you make a purchase at Wags and two slips come out of the catalina machine: one of them is a blanket $3 off anything as thanks from Johnson&Johnson and one is for $2 off a Johnson&Johnson lotion or shampoo. Fred Meyer would take the second one if you purchased that specific product but they would not take the first one. Clear as mud? 😉

The ECB and RR rewards expire quickly in hopes that folks will not use them in time and also to limit their financial exposure as to possible pay outs.

The sad thing is even though I have them all printed out there is NO PROOF that I didn’t type it up myself. Some mangers will say I just made it up… THAT’S when you should have the companies phone number on hand! LOL!

WinCo’s link is not working, I get a message Page Not Found

Thanks for the head’s up! We updated it :)

Why is there a expiration on RR, ECB etc if we paid for it with my money?? It’s like a gift card it should be no expiration date or maybe a 1 year expiration date

Kroger in Jonesboro Arkansas has been presenting a problem for a lot of KCL shoppers as of late. To the point that one of my friends left a whole cart of groceries after she was told she could not use her Kroger card (without ecoupons on it) and printed coupons. When she asked for her coupons back they denied to give the back said that they were evidence that she was trying to steal from the store. All of that to say this. Spoke with the lady responsible for the coupon policy in the Delta stores and supposedly Kroger is working on a national policy. She was even shocked about the Walmart policy now paying overage according to my friend. So watch out Kroger shoppers.

It really amazes the crazy things that stores come up with to keep people from being able to use coupons without problems. Stores really need to educate their employees and even store managers to make sure they are familiar with how coupons work. What happened “the customer is always right?” Stores treat people like they are criminals, customers should not have to educate stores on their own policies, if anything the employees should be helping to educate the customers.

I agree! That’s why I do all my shopping on Sunday because chances are that later in the week they will “flip flop” on Q’s policy. That happened this week with the Right Guard B1G1 coupon..

To me it’s not worth it to argue with the manager, I just take my business elsewhere. I live in a town with several Walgreens all within a few miles of each other and all with different coupon policies.

How wonderful! Thanks for posting them all in one place!

I should have been a litigation attorney…

My mom always said I would argue with a rock, so I guess arguing with Walgreen’s mgrs are no big deal – had it out with 3 mgrs in 3 different stores – called corporate and these same mgrs called to argue with me again on the phone, told them I want to speak with CORPORATE and I’n not going to argue with them again especially on the phone. called corp again – this time got policy confirmed! bogo on sale in store – bogo with coupon is ok as long as I am still paying the sales tax!!

I called walgreen’s corporate today because the store would not accept my right guard bogo on the bogo sale. Corp told me that as of right now they are not accepting this and will know more in a few days. They are trying to change the policy. I am waiting to hear back from someone.

Shouldn’t walgreens have to accept the bogo coupon for free deodorant until they have actually changed their policy?? I was told no tonight and came home to print out their policy to take back to them…

I called Walgreen corporate today too because I had an issue at one of the stores on this very same thing. I was told it was up to the managers discretion on how they want to handle the situation…but what has me fustered is the fact that they even state there is a coupon in most Sunday papers, why point it out if we can’t use them???? Also why the heck do they have a coupon policy if the store manager can make up his own policy?

I went to one Wags last night and had no issue with the RightGuard B1G1 coupon scenario. I went to a different Wags tonight and they told me no and I didn’t have the policy printed either so I came home and printed it immediately (like Meghan did)! It was the worst shopping experience since I started couponing awhile ago. It doesn’t help of course that the customer in line behind me and the cashier were openly hostile towards me. WORST. :(

I live in MD (near DC) and it took me a while, but I found the coupon policy for Giant Food in case anyone else could use it. I was excited to see that they take competitor’s coupons, anyone know who they consider a competitor and if they treat that coupon like a store coupon that can be stacked?


Thanks! We’ve added it :)

I know that they will take/price match Safeway in-ad coupons as long as it’s for an exact match (like they won’t match Lucerne milk because that’s only sold at Safeway, not Giant). I know that they won’t price match another store’s ad, but they will take the in-ad coupons.

Hope that helps!

Also, it’s good to know that Giant’s policy is that if something rings up incorrectly, you are refunded 100% and get the item free. So, pay attention to your receipt-if they mis-ring you for something, go to customer service and they will give you that item for free!

SWEET! Thank you!

I live in VA. The last time I went to Giant the cashier said they do not take internet coupons, but she would take mine this one time. I noticed on their policy you posted that it states they do in fact take them. Can the individual store decide not to take internet coupons despite what their policy states?

I’ve had the same experience, with the vague excuse of “those fraudulent coupons we never get reimbursed for”. Definitely print and take the policy in with you next time. I would maybe call the store and ask for the store manager. If you get the same story, call corporate and ask if individual stores can adopt their own policy. I’m tempted to email them with that draft they linked so I have something in print to take with me.

Why is there a expiration on RR, ECB etc if we paid for it with my money?? It’s like a gift card it should be no expiration date or maybe a 1 year expiration date.

It is business-oriented. They want you to come back to the store in the near future (and if you do not, then the catalinas do not have to be called in).
But, KCLs make them work for our benefit. Each check out coupon has at least a 2 week valid period, so hopefully you’ll find some Krazy deals during the next 2 sales periods :)

Oh yay!! Thank you for including my little ol’ HEB in there! Us Texans appreciate it!

Yes Trader Joe’s accepts manufacturers coupons! It doesn’t say anywhere in thier policy that they don’t and I have used coupons there before.

In the Trader Joe’s coupon policy, it says,
“Sale” is a four-letter word to us. We have low prices, every day. No coupons, no membership cards, no discounts.”
This may vary by location, but that is the official policy.

I think they’re just trying to say that you don’t need sales, couopons, and club cards to get a good deal. I work for Trader Joe’s, and WE DO TAKE COUPONS. :) You aren’t likely to find much that you can use a coupon on though, because most of the stuff is private label.

I always took that to mean just what Laurie said! That you don’t NEED coupons, club cards, sales ect. I love your site by the way and Trader Joes too!


just wanted to let you know that my trader joe’s (san francisco) does accept coupons, unless they changed their policy in the last 3 weeks or so. p.s. love your site!

That’s interesting that Fred Meyer’s policy says they don’t take competitor coupons but the store tells us they do. The cashier even told me a few weeks ago that they will take competitor catalina’s too.

The corporate policy does say that they will not accept competitor coupons, but they will accept manufacturer Catalinas under the following guidelines:
“Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at our check stands) are manufacturer coupons and are stated as such. Catalina coupons that are printed with another retailer name may be accepted at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer will receive credit for the coupon from the clearinghouse. Note: This only applies to Catalina coupons and not other manufacturer coupons that are designated as valid for use at a specified retailer.”

Just a note: my Trader Joes does take coupons on the non-TJ’s branded items. So might want to check with your local manager!