Magnum Ice Cream Bars are coming to Target!  They must be delicious because Target is excited and offering a “sweet” mobile coupon to use on them:
The European favorite Magnum Ice Cream Bars are coming to Target – and we’re offering you an exclusive mobile coupon for $1.50 off!
Just text “MAGNUM” to TARGET (827438) and the mobile coupon will be delivered straight to your web-enabled phone. You can be one of the 1st in the US to try Magnum’s delicious Belgium chocolate ice cream bars!

*Standard message rates apply. Not available at all Target stores. Limited coupons available.
There is also a $1.00/1 Manufacturer’s coupon on! This could become a very “sweet” deal.  Print the coupon and text  for the mobile coupon to be ready to grab yours when they arrive!
Has anyone tried these?  They sound SO European! :)

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24 thoughts on “$1.50 Magnum Ice Cream bars Target Mobile Coupon!”

I just bought the ice cream at Safeway for $1.49/box of 3. They have is on sale for $2.49/4 and with the coupons I got them for $1.49 each. I’m in Colorado so I don’t know if they have it at any other Safeway. They are yammy!!

I saw these also at Safeway; back freezer end display doors!

They are also available at Stop & Shop for $3.99!

i was only able to get one print from walmart. anyone else have that problem?

Decided to splurge and buy a box to try. The regular price was $3.99 for a package of 3 at Target. They are truly rich and decadent and HUGE! Wonderful dessert figuring you get a nice treat for $1 each when you use the $1 off coupon. Bought the caramel ones, by the way. So rich – yummmmmy. Will be a nice once-in-a-while indulgence!

If you cannot find it or if the printable one is out…there is a $1 off coupon in the April edition of All You magazine — page 148.

i ate these all the time when i lived in europe for two years, they are awesome!

i couldn’t find the coupon on under the coupon section! anybody else have a problem??

I had these in Turkey in 1996. They are delicious!!!! Can’t wait to indulge again.

I was in Sweden 11 years ago. I have many wonderful memories, but these Magnum bars are amazing!!! I can’t stinking wait!!! 11 years it took to get them here. Worth the wait!

I grew up in South Africa. We have magnums over there too. They are AWESOME!!

Howzit, I also grew up in SA :)

They are magical. They were in the school’s vending machine when I was in Italy. I’ve only had the classic, though. I’ve actually dreamed about these ice cream bars since then.

i am from Europe so i used to eat this a lot. they r really good. i wonder hoe much r they at target.
i am always happy to see European stuff at the stores, like Milka one of the best. :)

How do you print a mobile coupon?

You don’t print a mobile coupon. They scan the barcode off of your smart phone.

I type the url from the text they send into the address bar and print it off my computer. It scans fine at the register.

How much are these regularly priced at?


I grew up in denmark and my mom used to buy these for us. They’re awesome!!!! I’m so excited to finally have those again.

I bought these last night from Wal Mart and used the $1 off coupon and well these are good as an indulging thing or a crave. Not to buy all the time. At the end it cost me 2.98. To me that is not worth it for 3 bars but as a said a treat every once in awhile. Oh and not to share!!!!

I ate these often when I lived in England 15 years ago. I’m so looking forward to eating one of these again. They are dreamy.

I used to live in Europe and was so excited to see these yummy ice cream bars are coming to the states!

Yes, these are wonderful!! When we were stationed in the UK for a few years I fell in love with British ice cream. Magnum bars are/were very similar to Dove bars. Thanks for the heads up!!

Oooh! I am getting SO excited for these!

Yes, definitely a favorite in England! So happy to see them come stateside!