I don’t know about anyone else, but every time I see Kool-Aid it reminds me of ‘lemonade’ stands in the hot summer months as a child!  I hope my kids keep the tradition. :)  Right now, there is a $0.50/5 coupon on Kool Aid’s Facebook page. To print the coupon follow these steps:

  1. Go HERE and like their facebook page
  2. On the Kool-Sweeps page, click Enter Now
  3. Enter your email address and click submit
  4. Fill our your info and click submit
  5. At this point, you will be entered  into their contest and you should see a link for the coupon!
  6. Yes, I am sure most people would think this was a lot of work to save $0.10 each on 5 packets of Kool Aids… But hey, they don’t call us KRAZY for nothing! 😉

Use at Target for this deaL

Kool-Aid Unsweetened Cherry Packets $0.11, Regular Price
$0.50/5 Kool-Aid Unsweetened Packets – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.01 each when you buy 5

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26 thoughts on “Target: Kool-Aid Packets $0.01”

according to totallytarget they are on clearance for 11 cents (cherry flavor).

Hey, any way to get a good deal isn’t krazy!!! I got some Kool-Aid on clearance at Target just the other day-I had a buy 2 get one free and a buy 10 get 5 free coupon and scored some cheap drink mixes!!!! Any way to save some $ is never a bad idea!

Just enter contest after you hit submit you will see coupon you can print

Found them at my Target for $0.22, I’ll wait for the $0.11 deal.

Hopefully it’ll come before the coupons expire.

same here, they were 22 cents at my store. i think 10 cents is a big difference in between stores. :(

I just printed it! Worked for me :) At first the screen was blank…I went back and tried again….I held down the ctrl key while clicking on the “enter now” button 😉

I just printed it, still works

I just printed it too.
1) Go to Kool-Aid’s FB page
2) “Like” their page
3) It will pop-up a graphic and click “Enter to Win”
4) From there, you fill out a bit of information and it will open a page that has a box towards the bottom, left-hand side that says “Print coupon”.

Hope it helps – good luck!

I think it’s gone – I saw a post that only the first 250,000 got the coupon…

Thank you! Got it!

Is it all Targets? I mean the sale.

My Target had them for $0.22 not $0.11

Is it all Targets?

It’s not gone – I just printed it. You have to enter the sweepstakes first and then afterwards it will show a new page and at the bottom are 2 boxes – one says print a coupon now and the other says to share this on your facebook page. HTH.

It also makes great hummingbird feed =)

I don’t think my kids have ever had Kool-Aid! But your mentioning lemonade stands makes me nostalgic too. Maybe I’ll have to loosen up and introduce them to it — at least unlike other “fruit drinks” you can control the amount of sugar!

You have to fill out the entry form and then at the end will be the coupon to print.

Where is the coupon? I didnt see it on the facebook page.

Is is just me or is anybody else having a hard time getting the coupons on Facebook? With their new layout, they no longer have “tabs” to coupon pages! I’ve looked through posts to find a link to a coupon, but nothing? HELP!

i could not find the coupon on their facebook page.

I cant find the coupon on Facebook either! Is it gone already?

your math is not right- 0.05 cents total or .01 cent each

That’s generally what she means when she puts a total, but you know she’s buying multiples, she puts the price per item down.

Can also get FREE Kool-Aid at Publix. Regular price 5/$1.00.
Buy 15 packs
Use .50/5 facebook coupon…doubles to a dollar
Use B10g5 coupon from recent insert
= 15 packs of free Kool-Aid!!!

I cant seem to find the facebook coupon, where is it?

I just find it, click on Kool-Sweeps left side of the page , put your info in then play the game?! if you dont win it will give you an tab where you can print your .50 cents coupon