$1.00/1 – Scott, 1000 ct,12 Pack or Larger – (coupons.com)

Hurry and grab this nice $1.00 off a 12 pack of Scott’s Toilet Paper coupon! It won’t last long.

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7 thoughts on “$1.00 off Scott’s Toilet Paper Coupon!”

I don’t see the coupon?

So does the $0.20 per roll go for the Scott 1000 too (and not the extra soft)? Not sure if I have ever seen it get that cheap….but its the only one we can use at my house. I don’t mind paying a little more for it, but I just want to make sure it doesn’t actually get cheaper than what I’ve seen. Can’t say I’ve seen it less than $7 for a 12 pack. Plus $1 coupon, still makes it well over $5. :(

Grrrr, I’m getting a message that says I’ve already printed my limit but I haven’t printed any!

I calculate the price per roll. I got Charmin basic 20 double rolls for $5.99. I counted it as 40 rolls which made my price 15¢ a roll. So my personal rule is to not pay more than 20 cents per roll.

Dear KrazycouponLady,

I was just wondering: What is your “buy price” for toilet paper and paper towels. I have come across a variety of different deals but I do not know if they are worth it. So, what do you usually pay (after all coupons) for essentials like toilet paper and paper towels??


Hey Ashley, I picked up a rule of thumb from a site somewhere to help with the toilet paper, since there are all different sizes and such… If you have a package that states 345 sq ft. on it, I take the decimal point and move it the the left two places.. making it 3.45 Thats the price that I consider good for stock up after the sale and my coupons. :)

I calculate the price per roll of toilet paper. I bought some Charmin Basic 20 double rolls (40) for $5.99. Dividing per roll made it $0.15 each. I’m looking for deals where the price per roll is less than $0.20 each.