$0.75/1 – Ritz Crackerfuls, Manufacturer Coupon – (walmart.com)

Walmart.com has a new link for a $0.75/1 Ritz Crackerfuls! These are $3.00 at Safeway so get them for $2.25.  These crackers are Krazy good!

Ritz Crackerfuls $3.00
$0.75/1 – Ritz Crackerfuls, Manufacturer Coupon – (walmart.com)
Final Price: $2.25

Thanks, Kim

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11 thoughts on “New $0.75 off Ritz Crackerfuls Coupon”

These are buy 1 get 1 free at publix, you get them for 1.50 and .75 coupon, you then get it for .75. I had a 1.50 coupon the other day and got them free!!!

just bought them at shaw’s tonight. our shaws doubles up to .99. they were on sale for $2.50, so i got them for $1.00!

They’re 2.33 at Target…

I love this coupon, these are super yummy and my store has its own coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes PLUS they are on sale 2/$4 so I’ll pay .75 cents each.

I have had trouble with this website displaying properly since yesterday; I used it Wednesday night and there was nothing wrong, but I got on Thursday morning and it was messed up and has been ever since. All the text seems to be here, but the images, other than the ads, are not showing up; even the background is gone, so it’s just solid white. The links still work though. I have tried everything I could think of to fix it but nothing has worked. I use this site to plan out my shopping trips and it’s very difficult to do that when the images are gone. I plan on shopping early tomorrow morning, so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know!! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Have you seen what these things are made from? Coupon or no coupon, I would never feed these to my family.

I have to laugh…we got the free sample in the mail and my kids spit out their bites and refused to eat it. They said is “tasted weird”. They’re 2 & 4. Guess we won’t be printing this coupon!

These are less at Walmart (in the $2.50 range.) Also, they are on sale at Food Lion this week for $2.50, and they had $1.50 coupons on the box. Sweet! Just a dollar!

These are on sale at Shoprite for $1.99 this week. Shoprite in my area doubles, making them only .49! They taste amazing.

Thanks for the coupon! And thanks to Kelly for the tip about Shop Rite! I will be heading there this weekend.