Reading the fine print on a coupon can sometimes make you feel like you need a magnifying glass and an MBA just to understand what the heck the manufacturer or store is trying to say!  Today I’m going to try to explain one piece of this “fine print”:  the “Limit 1 Coupon” verbiage!  This line of text causes more hang ups than any other!  I’m going to illustrate the most common variations of the “Limit 1 Coupon” rules.  I will begin with the most restrictive and move to the most fun.

Limit 1 Coupon Per Transaction

The most common place where we run into this verbiage is on the printable Target store coupons.  But occasionally we see the “Limit 1 Coupon per Transaction” rule on manufacturer coupons, such as this Similac coupon, pictured above.  Limit 1 Coupon per Transaction means that if you want to buy 2 Similac canisters and you have 2 coupons, you’ll need to buy 1, use 1 coupon, pay the cashier and then do a separate transaction for your 2nd canister, use 2nd coupon and pay the cashier again.

Other than holding up checkout lanes, the only downside to a coupon that limits you to only using it once in a transaction is this:  Let’s say that Similac Canisters are selling for $10 each at Target this week.  There is a store promotion that states “When you buy 2 Similac Canisters, you’ll receive a $5 Target gift card”!  Here’s what our transaction would look like:

Buy 2 Similac Canisters $10.00 each
Use 1 $5.00/1 Similac Coupon from SS 4/3
Pay: $15.00, Receive $5 Target gift card
Final Price: $5.00 each, when you buy 2

Unfortunately, since the coupon limits us to only using one in a transaction, we cannot use 2 coupons above, like we would like.  With the 2nd $5.00 off Similac coupon added, our final price would have been only $2.50 per canister.  But, alas, we must follow every letter of the coupon law!  However, if you had a different Similac coupon, let’s say a $2.00 off Target store coupon (which also says “limit one per transaction”), your transaction would look like this:

Buy 2 Similac Canisters $10.00 each
Use 1 $5.00/1 Similac Coupon from SS 4/3
And use 1 $2.00/1 – Similac, Target coupon – (
Pay: $13.00, Receive $5 Target gift card
Final Price: $4.00 each, when you buy 2

Even though both of the above coupons say “limit one per transaction”, you can use them both together because they are not identical coupons.  Essentially “Limit 1 Coupon per Transaction” printed on any one coupon is not intended to affect how you use any of your other coupons in the same transaction.   [There will never be a day when one Similac coupon can boss around your whole coupon binder!]  A coupon, like this $5.00 off Similac, only limits you to 1 of THIS coupon per transaction.  If you had a couple of different boxes of cereal, some laundry detergent, a shnazzy new razor and a pack of gum, with a coupon for each, you could still purchase all items in one transaction, regardless of the verbiage on each coupon.  Head spinning yet?

Limit of 4 Like Coupons in same shopping trip

You will see this verbiage on Proctor & Gamble coupons from the once monthly P&G Coupon Insert.  I respect this verbiage tremendously.  I believe the company is saying, “Okay, we want you to stock up on our brands, but we don’t want you to wipe out an entire store’s product in one shopping trip, so we’ll limit you to 4 per transaction”.   We’ve always suggested getting 4-6 copies of the Sunday coupon inserts; this verbiage would suggest that 4 copies is the ideal number to get each week.

If Pantene Shampoo is free at Walgreens this week and you want to donate a wheelbarrow load to your local woman’s shelter, you will not be able to buy all of the shampoos and conditioners in a single transaction.  The maximum number of Pantene which you can purchase in a single transaction, using the above pictured coupon, is 8.  Since the value of the coupon is $1.00 off two Pantene products, you may use 4 coupons on 8 bottles.

Sample Promo:  Spend $30 on any P&G brand family, Receive $15 Register Reward

Buy 10 Pantene Shampoo $3.00
Use $10 off $30 Walgreens purchase coupon
Use 4 $1.00/2 Pantene Products from PG 4/3
Pay: $16.00, Receive $15 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.10 each, when you buy 10

In the sample transaction above, you can see that had we been able to use one more $1.00 off 2 Pantene coupon, it would have made our final price $0.00.  In other words, the shampoo would have been totally free.  Because we only were able to use “4 like coupons in same shopping trip”, we ended up paying $0.10 per bottle.  The best way to work around this deal would be to mix in other participating products in the same P&G brand family.

Limit one coupon per specified item(s) purchased

When all your coupon says is “Limit one coupon per purchase”, or some variation, it’s time to do your happy dance!  This is the most lenient coupon language you’ll find and, luckily, the most common!  [Read in detail what One Coupon per Purchase means.]  In brief, “Limit one coupon per purchase” simply means that you cannot use a bunch of identical coupons when you’re only buying one product, in an effort to try to get it for free.  The coupon above states Save $0.75 on any 2 boxes Quaker Chewy Granola Bars.  This means that if you want to buy 10 boxes, you can use 5 coupons.  [Read in detail How to Use a Coupon.]  You cannot use 5 coupons if you’re only buying 2 boxes!  That is what the “Limit one coupon per purchase” is trying to help you avoid.

Did I clear the air or overwhelm you further?  I hope I helped explain the 3 most common variations on the “limit 1 coupon” jargon.

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What about when it say up to… 4 coupons per family per day?

Here is my frustration. One transaction with coupons per day up to 20. And I find ppl trying to bring there whole dang family in and doing several transactions. I’m sorry but your 10 yr old does not get a paycheck nor pay’s taxes. Their should be a age limit also. We do not do multiple transactions. If a argument is to be heard, Manager is called. Most of the time he/she is a wus! I had a customer call me every name in the book, because I’m the one following the rules. As and employee, we are not allowed to do multiple transactions with coupons, nor should the customer. Their is my vent. Thank you.

Referring to “4 like coupons in the same transaction”. I received a p&g coupon for buy one pantene shampoo and get one free pantene conditioner free. On the coupon list the same consumer disclaimer in the picture you listed above. I figured in order for me to get a $5 gift card I would have to purchase 4 bottles which comes out to 8 bottles (including free conditoner). The girl at the register as well as the supervisor said I could not use 4 coupons at the same time. I thought you can use one coupon for every 2 bottles as long as you only use 4 coupons in one transaction.
Is this correct?

can you please explain the new verbiage on p and g coupons??

I am Just starting out learning the coupon game. This helped sooo much. Thank you. I have been watching extreme couponing and was like how do they use more than one coupon. I have been looking at my coupons and realizing that I could have used more! Thank you so much for posting this. It explains so much!

I have an Albertsons coupon for Clorox Bleach. The coupon states: “Clorox Bleach. 55-64oz., selected varieties, $1.99 each with coupon, limit 2.” Does that mean I can buy 2 for $1.99 each with just the one coupon? Or would I need a second coupon so I could have 2 at $1.99 each?

Omg! I want to know that too…. it gets me all confused…

That means that you can only buy 2 at that price with that store coupon.

I have a question. I printed some coupons & its states manufacture coupon at the top it also has on it to be redeemed at Walmart. I thought because it said manufacture coupon it can be use at any store I tried it & the store said no it had to be used at Walmart.

Walgreens just told me I was on allowed “one coupon per transaction” for the tide deal they clearly state one per purchase still he wouldn’t let me

is the show extreme couponing for real since you can only usually use 4 coupons at a time±?

This is awesome

Thanks for making sense of all my couponing confusion! You gals are awesome!

so on PG coupons am I to understand that you cannot use 4 coupons on 1 item, just 4 coupons on 4 different items if the coupon says “$1.00 off 1 item limit of 4 like coupons.” I always thought it meant I could use 4 coupons on the 1 item which would be $4.00 off that 1 particular item.

No. You can buy 4 items. I coupon per item. You can’t use 4 coupons for 1 item.

Wow this has helped out a lot I thought you can only get 2 boxes a purches I did not know you can use more that one of the same in a single purches!

How do I start up my collection of coupon book? I really lost. I also don’t understand how you can get your bill to $0.

I’m thinking the extreme shoppers make it hard on ALL coupon users and companies alike, as evidenced in the previous statements/problems. I’m new at coupons, never felt the need to use them until now. I’m not looking to get four carts for free, just to save a few $ to afford keeping my four children, my husband, and myself clothed. But if the companies keep having problems with people like extreme shoppers, will this cause an eventual end to coupons period? I’m seeing less coupons than I did as a child! And as a prior employee of a newspaper company, there was talk of doing away with inserts period due to the amount owed to the newspaper by the coupon companies! It is selfish and stealing in my opinion when an item is cleared completely from the shelf due to a sale. I tried it once and my conscience made me leave several for the next person….where are the EC’s conscience?

I am new to this and have been clipping coupons for weeks. I have a big stockpile, but how do you get around the limitation printed on the coupon. It seems that almost every mfr coupon I am clipping it states “one coupon per transaction ” or some version of that.

Tracy G

I just still don’t know how people are saving so much money! I keep clipping coupons, but I’m not getting hundreds of dollars of groceries for $5.00 like on that show. I save maybe $15. Every website I’ve went to to get coupons makes me do 10-20 surveys. I just can’t figure this stuff out! :(

I’m with ya! I still don’t truly understand how to get started and how to get past all of the coupon lingo of “limit one coupon” stuff.

A lot of these people go to extreme measures to save that money. They spend most of their free time couponing, dumpster diving for free coupons, and so on. At least one of the women has allegedly been exposed for committing fraud with her coupons. I also would guess that many of them have a large stockpile of food/toiletries at home, so we don’t see them buying basics such as fruits, veggies, etc. So, when we see them saving 90 %, we are seeing them doing this as a result of detailed pre-planning and preset choices on what to buy. I would guess that doing it for several years has given them lots of time to practice and get good at it.

One of the ladies from EC supposedly said after the show that she did eighteen separate transactions to save as much as she did. Those are some great couponing skills, but personally, I don’t think most “typical” coupon shoppers are going to do that many separate trips through the checkout stand.

My goal is to save about $50 each shopping trip, rather than trying to walk out of the store with a $100 worth of groceries for 5 or 6 bucks. I’ve been reading a lot about the Extreme Couponing show, and it keeps getting said over and over that the show is for entertainment only, and that the average Joe shouldn’t necessarily expect to get the savings that people on the show do.

I wish couponers would not try to use coupons for items they did not buy or use two coupons for an item that says save $1.00 on any 2 box purchase!

I am still so confused! How many identical coupons can I use on any 1 product? I’ve printed singles of all my coupons. Should I print more? Can I print more?

what does limit one per house hold mean. I see this at cvs does this mean per trip? or one time deal as long as the deal is going ?

CVS offers most of it’s deals through their own “rewards” card and so with that rewards card, they are able to track the deals that you take advantage of and then limit those deals per household.
I have rewards cards from family members and use theirs as well as mine. If you take part in a limited per household deal, look at the bottom of that receipt and you’ll see “deal limit reached” with specific description of the deal limit that you already purchased.

I wish that cashiers would get a run down on what each of those diffrent phrases mean. I seem to always have to argue my way into using a coupon that i am allowed to use but they think i am not!

Get their name and call customer service. After shopping there for for a long time just this week I had a terrible experience with the person who mans the self-checkout lanes. She begrudgingly let me use all of my coupons all while huffing and going on w/the same ridiculous lies: we don’t get reimbursed for all the coupons/purchase means entire transaction/etc. CVS CS was really amazing though and said they would inform the district manager and to call back if it happens again to take further action. Sure, I left the store angry and nothing took that away from me that day but I feel good knowing CVS frowns upon this kind of CS and that others won’t have to go through the same. IMHO, I think stores should offer us jobs training their staff on proper coupon usage!

Get their name and call customer service. After shopping there for for a long time just this week I had a terrible experience with the person who mans the self-checkout lanes. She begrudgingly let me use all of my coupons all while huffing and going on w/the same ridiculous lies: we don’t get reimbursed for all the coupons/purchase means entire transaction/etc. CVS CS was really amazing though and said they would inform the district manager and to call back if it happens again to take further action. Sure, I left the store angry and nothing took that away from me that day but I feel good knowing CVS frowns upon this kind of CS and that others won’t have to go through the same. IMHO, I think stores should offer us jobs training their staff on proper coupon usage!

Target must be on a crack-down. I literally just found KCL today and have started a binder, but I was in Target on Monday as just a “normal shopper” :) with 3 coupons, and the cashier literally read all the fine print of every coupon and them pulled out each item from the bag to check it over to make sure it matched.

I am still very confused with the “limit four like coupons”. Does this mean that you can use all 4 like coupons on SAME item, or use all 4 coupons on 4 individual item shown in the coupon?? it confused me so much….please help

Example…if u buy 1 bottle of tide you would use 1 coupon. If you buy 4 bottles of tide you are allowed to use 4 coupons.

I knew I wasn’t alone in my frustration with Target. Last week, after two hours of shopping and then trying until I was blue in face to explain what “limit one per purchase” to three different people including the store manager, I left there with nothing but my coupons. The reasoning this manager used to explain why they would not accept my coupons was clearly coming out her nether regions to put it politely.

I ran into a similar problem trying to purchase Campbell’s Chunky soup today from Wegmans which is usually pretty good about coupons. For the sake of example here’s just of portion of what I tried to do: I had 2 manufacturer’s coupon for $2/5. Since I had all 5 cans required by the coupon. Shouldn’t I have been able to get a total of $4/5 if it clearly stated “limit one per purchase”?

In fact, given that language, I should’ve been allowed to use up to 5 coupons to get them for free at a store price of $1.99/can. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that many so I figured the discount I would get would be better than nothing just to get my stockpile started.

Lisa, the $2/5 attaches to all 5 cans of soup…in order to use another $2/5 you would need to have 10 cans of soup otherwise you are stacking manufacturers coupons.

Lisa, the $2/5 attaches to all 5 cans of soup…in order to use another $2/5 you would need to have 10 cans of soup otherwise you are stacking manufacturers coupons.

I have been having trouble contact Target regarding their printable coupons that read “limit 1 coupon per transaction.” They keep sending me the Target Coupon Policy, which does not answer my question.

Their coupon policy says that you can generally use 1 Target coupon with 1 manufacturer coupon. If my Target coupon states “limit 1 coupon per transaction” do you think I can also use a manufacturer coupon with it?

I will try calling the customer care line to see what they say. Just wondering if anyone has run into this before and has a quick answer.


Just to clarify, I did read the article and realize this is explained and it should work. Has anyone had trouble/gotten it to work using a Target coupon stating “limit 1 coupon per transaction” along with a manufacturer coupon?

This is all so overwhelming!!! :o(

Last night, 4/29/2011, I had the worst shopping experience ever at the Target Superstore in Boynton Beach, FL on Hagen Ranch Road. I was purchasing 23 items and had 23 manufacturer coupons for the items. (Nivea Body Wash for Men, regular price $3.04, manufacturer coupon price $3.00). Coupons were not internet or printed but actual Smart Source magazine coupons. As I was paying for the items at checkout, a cash register team member came over to the cashier and told her to void out my entire transaction and told her that I would have to go through the checkout line 23 times to purchase the items. He wouldn’t say it to me, only her. When I asked why, without even looking at the coupon he stated that the coupons were marked “one coupon per transaction”. When I asked him to show me where it stated it on the coupon, he wouldn’t even look at them. I corrected him by stating that the coupon states “one coupon per item”, not per transaction, he stated that he still would not allow me to do it. When I further inquired as to why, he insisted that he had the right to limit coupon items at his discretion. He said that they had experienced coupon fraud and would not allow me to purchase the items together. Was he indicating that I was there to commit fraud? After showing him the coupon policy on the Target website, he insisted that I go through the checkout line 23 times if I wanted to purchase the items. After requesting a store manager, he backed up the team leader’s statement. By the way, I asked the manager if I was getting groceries and I had a full cart of groceries and some of the coupons were for the same type of item, would I have to go through the checkout line multiple times, he insisted that “I” would have to so. When I pointed out to him that I had noticed that he did not make any of the women who were doing this follow his “made-up” policy, he stated that this is on a case-by-case basis and I would be not be able to use multiple coupons and that it was his right to change the policy at his discretion. So we agreed the coupons were valid, but he still would not let me complete the transaction. When I asked if I could maybe consolidate to 3 or 4 at a time to limit my time in the store lines, he said “No, one time through the line for each item and coupon.” Both were rude, embarrassing and condescending. I have never experienced a store interaction of this nature in my entire 53 years. I called the corporate line while I was in the store and they said he was not correct and would investigate the matter, but they did not offer any assistance or follow-up on the issue until I insisted to find a resolution to this. I am certain that I would not hear back from anyone after my call. In order to get the items I had to spend an hour in the store going round and round through the checkout line, swiping my credit card through 23 times to complete my purchase. I have requested that corporate respond to this incident in a written response as their current coupon policy and store ads do not state any of these restrictions. This circumstance could have been handled in a different way and for them to indicate that I was there to commit fraud is an attack on my personal character and morals. I assure you that I will not let this rest until I get a satisfactory resolution.

As long as you or a family member clipped all 23 coupons, you have every right to be angry at the presumed fraud. If you obtained them any other way, then it is technically coupon fraud and the coupons are VOID as per the coupon’s instructions. Manufacturers are not reimbursing stores for coupons if they suspect fraud. If you did do it the right/legitimate way – if it helps at all – Target already paid for this ‘folly’ because they are charged a fee by the credit card company every time you used your card…so rather than one transaction fee, they were charged 23 times.

Wow… swiped your card 23 times?? I wonder how much that cost Target? Seems like it would have been less costly for them to let you go through the line once.

Wow… swiped your card 23 times?? I wonder how much that cost Target? Seems like it would have been less costly for them to let you go through the line once.

Can I use 3 coupons on 1 package of diapers if they’re all different coupons that all say “1 coupon per purchase”?
I have (1) $1.50 off
(1) $2.00 off
(1) $3.00 off

so One per purchase litterly means one per profuct puchased? not one per transaction? I just want to clarify on this.

Attention couponers. Please keep in mind when you emtpy the shelf with your awesome deal that you are denying people like me the benefit of the good deal. Too many times i have gone to the store and the whole shelf is empty on a bargain coupon. I ask the manager for the product and they told me an extreme couponer came and emptied them out. Please stop this extreme behavior. Please leave some for people like me who have a very limited inome and just need a couple of bottles of shampoo or four new toothbrushes for my boys. I like to get things free too but greed is evident often. Thank you for your consideration.
A new couponer who is unemployed and trying to make life work for me and my four boys.

What if a coupon states “No other coupon may be used to purchase the same package”? Does this mean you can’t stack coupons even if the coupons are different?

I’m a little confused. Can I combine online coupons from Kroger, with paper manufacturor coupons? Or Are the coupons online at Krogers, manufacturor coupons themselves?

Hi! Another newbie with a question on coupon verbiage :)
Our Family Dollar Store has its online coupon that states “limit one item per coupon per visit.” I hope this is just another way of keeping you from using two identical coupons on any one item rather than trying to limit you from purchasing multiple items even when you have multiple coupons? Thoughts on this?

Hi – I have another variation I’m not sure about. I’m a newbie. I have a Publix coupon that says “Limit one purchase per transation”. Can I use a manufactures coupon with this store coupon if I buy just one of this item? Thanks for you help.

Ok so I am learning all this and I was wondering if this works. Here is my example:

The store sells two bags of candy 2 for $4.00 ($2 ea.), I have 1 coupon for $1.00 two bags of candy, and two coupons for $0.50 of one bag of candy. Can I use all three? Since I am buying two bags to get the $4 price, can I use the $1.00 coupon for the two bags to make it $3 and then use the $0.50 off one bag (twice) to now bring it down to $2? Making each back only $1. Does this make sense?

First of all, when something at a store says 2 for $4, you don’t actually have to buy two items, you can still buy one and get it for $2.

Next, in order to get the $1/2 you HAVE to buy 2 items and the discount is applied to both items. Therefore, because they are both getting discounted, you may not use another coupon.

In your case, you have $1/2 or $.50/1, it doesn’t make a difference. If you bought 2 bags with your $1/1 you would pay $3.00 if you bought 2 bags and used both of your $.50/1 you would pay $3.00. You can’t combine manufactor’s coupons.

Now there is a whole scenario about BOGO where you can use a BOGO coupon in addition to a $ off coupon, because technically you are buying 2 items.

For example: I used a BOGO Crest Toothbrush, PLUS the store had them on sale for $2 so I used a $2/1 Crest toothbrush coupon. = 2 Free toothbrushes.

i am totally lost about the limit of 4 like coupon.. for ex,, i have a 1.00 coupon for gain..if i had four individual coupons could i get that gain for only 97 cents? if like at walmart where gain is on sale for 4.97..if i grabbed 4 bottles, do i need 20 coupons and pay maybe just 4 dollars altogether? please help me understand this and could i use another coupon with it? i have a 50 cent coupon too could i combine it? thank you and have a good day..

No,you may only use the $1/1 coupon on 1 Gain. So if you went to the store and bought 1 Gain, you would get $1 off. If you bought 1 Gain and tried to use 4 1$/1 Gain coupons, the register would accept the first coupon, but not the other three.

So…what if the coupon says “one coupon per purchase” but doesn’t specify a number like in the example listed above?

I did notice a coupon recently that had “limit one coupon per customer”. I had not seen this verbiage before and hope other MQ’s do not start this type of restriction. (FYI – it was on a $0.55 off Lay’s potato chips and then again on $0.55 off Lay’s kettle chips from SS on 3/13) Has anyone had problems purchasing and using more than one of these coupons in a single transaction?

I want this coupons for similac, any one want to share ???? I use the similac alimentum which is the most expensive one out there I swear. So any help will be GREAT!!!!!! Where do i get one of my own or a couple!!

You can find listings on ebay for these. The lowest BUY IT NOW price I found for 20 coupons was $9.99. I felt that was a decent price given the fact that they have a value of $100. (20 coupons for $5 off each) Make sure you pay attention to the coupon that is listed. There are also $5 off SimplePac as opposed to $5 off ANY Similac. GOOD LUCK!

Am new at this couponing idea.. I just finished doing my organizer and hope to use the coupons soon bcoz some wl b expiring next wk. And from many frustrations i read here that couponers experience, I think the more coupons we use at Target, the more cashiers wl complain about the work coupon takes during customer’s every purchase or hopefully, they’ll request for a training on how coupons really work at their stores. The more knowledge the cashier’s hv, the better the flow their day is at work, and everyone’s grocery trip would be a breeze, too! Good luck to everyone’s challenges and mine, too, as soon as i hit these money-savings stores. ; D

I have a coupon for air wick freshmatic ultra refill for $ 1.50 off and I have another for buy 1 get 1 free, yesterday I wanted to use them without realizing that the coupon was saying (only one coupon is redeemable per purchase and only on specified products and sizes) that means you could not use both at the same time??


Where can I print the similac coupon?

Thank you

I don’t want to miss on such great deal. Anyone that can help with the Similac coupon?

I hv two similac coupons and wl b expiring by 5/31, do u want it? Just email me at Hope to hear from u soon! Thnx.

I want to thank you for all your help. Your website has been in plain english and very easy to understand. I would just like to say I am in quite a bid right now, I have been using EBT ( food stamps) for awhile and need to get off. I now have a fiance and 2 kids to feed on an extremely tight budget. I am a stay at home Mom and was wondering if someone could give me a crash course in coupon clipping ASAP. I just did my first shopping trip and save $10 (yay) but I know the main thing I need to save on is meat because thats what I buy constantly, especially chicken. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. I am an avid reader of this site now so I will be checking back frequently to any responses I desperately need the help. Thank you

I get all my meat from Winn-Dixie. Thay have lots of BOGO free deals on their meats. Plus if you use their card they have fuel perks. I got .50 off per gallon of gas just last night.

I ran into a situation today that confused me. Our Fred Meyer store has a free magazine in the Health & Nutrition section that has manufacturer’s coupons in it. There was a coupon for $1 off 3 Cliff bars. On the coupon it said “Limit One Coupon per customer”. What does that mean? Forever? Or just that shopping trip or per transaction? I asked 3 different people who work in the store and got 3 different answers…one said I could get more coupons and use as many as I wanted but it was up to the cashier to decide if she would take it. Another worker said that there was no limit per trip and to get as many coupons as I wanted. Then the cashier said that it was per day.
I left the store having only used the one coupon and totally confused.

I’m still confused about using the 4 ‘like’ coupons. Can they be manufacturer coupons with the P&G coupons? Fred Myer would not allow me to use the P&G plus a manufacturer coupon.

p&g IS a manufacturer coupon. it says so right on the coupon.

the restriction of 4 ‘like’ couopns means… you can only buy 4 of the item and only use the four LIKE coupons.

so say Pantene shampoo is on sale, you have 6 of the same coupons but because of this restriction that the coupons states, you can only use FOUR per transaction so…

you would have to buy 4 pantene’s and use 4 coupons. then in a seperate transaction u can use the other coupons you have left

Thanks, I am military and our commissary gets crazy military coupons all the time, and I was so unclear as to whether I could only use one, this really helped clear that up for me! Thanks so much!

Whenever I go into my WalGreens or KMart they question me on my ideas of how coupons should be used, saying I’m “stacking coupons”. For example, if something is B1G1Free and I use a coupon for say, $1.00/2 or two coupons for $0.50/1, they wont allow it. Or if I were to buy 2 items and one coupon is for B1G1Free then the other coupon for the “Free” item is $1.50 off, they will only let me use 1 coupon. Actually, their register says something to them at the time why they are unable to use the second coupon on the “Free” item. It doesn’t make sense, Free or not, technically you’re purchasing 2 items, right?

If you are using a buy one get one free coupon – you can only use 1 coupon for those two items. Technically your purchase for the “buy 1 get 1 free” was the same as a “buy 2 get $3 (the value of one) off” coupon. In both cases the coupon covers the purchase of both items; therefore, if you wish to use another coupon, you would need to add more items to your purchase.

In your example below, Where do I find the: Use $10 off $30 Walgreen purchase coupon. Is it an in ad coupon in the booklet? Or is this a P&G’s promo. I am confused about where the $10.00 off is coming from. Am I overthinking this.
Buy 10 Pantene Shampoo $3.00
Use $10 off $30 Walgreens purchase coupon
Use 4 $1.00/2 Pantene Products from PG 4/3
Pay: $16.00, Receive $15 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.10 each, when you buy 10

I ran into a problem with this today and while it ended ok, I still wasn’t sure how to have handled it.

Right now Albertson’s has a sale for Buy 10, Get $5 off when you buy 10 of the Idahoan potato packages. As I’ve seen on several couponing sites and forums, I bought the price of each pack down by using 3 of the $1/3 coupons. The coupon says 1 per purchase. Earlier this week I had no trouble with it. Today, the cashier said 1 per purchase meant 1 per transaction but said she’d be kind and let me use all 3 coupons.

I know for $1/1 coupons it’s easy to say “one coupon per each item” but in this case, it’s $1/3 so I can see how the cashier felt it would mean per transaction.

I tend to avoid confrontation so if the cashier had said no, I probably would have bought the packs anyways, but I wish the coupons had more specific language like “1 coupon per set of three items”.

hi, i understand that the pantene sale was not a real sale, but the coupon used ($10 off $30), is that a real coupon? if it is, where can i get it? thanks :]

At the bottom of these printed coupons they say: CONSUMER: No other coupon may be used with this coupon.

I take that to mean you cannot use another of the same coupon with the one item. But, you could use a store coupon with this manuf. coupon. Right?

And I am very thankful to y’all for all the work you put into this. You’re doing a great thing helping all of us Krazy Coupon Gals! (And I’d love a shirt if you ever dream one up! They’ll see us walk in the store with it on and scream! lol)

Many coupons also say do not double, but Kroger and some other stores double them anyway. It seems everyone is making too big a deal over some of the verbiage. I have never seen any cashier read the fine print. As long as the product purchased is the one described and the quantity of items is met, the cashier just scans the coupon and we’re done. That is where the older cashiers come in–poor eyesight and not willing to try to see the fine print. Not knocking old people–I’m 57 myself. Relax–the coupon police only care that you are not trying to scam the system like the other woman on the show. Honest mistakes are just that–honest.

Thank you so much! This has helped me tremendously!

I just printed out some Target coupons and they say Limit one coupon or offer per transaction. Does that mean that I can’t use a manufacturer’s coupon with it? I figure that I’d have to do separate transactions to use more than one of the Target coupons.

It seems like some cashiers (I find its older ladies who have worked at the store for years) tend to act like they own the store and are personally responsible for every transaction made in the store. Its almost like they disaggree with the store coupon policy and since they have the POWER OF THE REGISTER they can ring it however they like. I know I sound hateful about it, but I’ve had this issue several times recently and its always the same circumstances. They make me feel like I’m trying do something wrong or illegal. Then it’s like the store manager is afraid to disaggree with the cashier. If it happens in the morning sometimes I can go back in the evening when a different cashier is working, of course this is only if I know that what I am doing is right and store coupon policy.

I agree about the older lady cashiers! After having one snotilly inform me that she had worked for the store for 28 years, and then tell me that she was going to contact loss prevention (all I wanted her to do was follow her store’s coupon policy which I had in my hand!)as if I were trying to commit theft or something.

I told her, fine, I am going home and phoning corporate. And I did!

Joanie, Could I print this out so I could show it to the store manager? I wrote in to complain about the lack of understanding of their cashiers towards coupon verbiage and she’s willing to talk about the coupon policy. I figured it would be so much easier if I just took this along.

Nancy, you can’t stack 2 manufacturers coupons on 1 item even if the coupons are different, however if one is a store coupon you can stack it with 1 MQ this would be allowed unless the particular store does not allow it.

Also when a coupon is something like $1 off 3 boxes of chex, you have to think of it as if that one coupon is tied to all 3 boxes and to use additional coupons for the same 3 items would be stacking multiple MQ’s on the same items. This is how I try to rationalize it, and I think that makes it a little less confusing. Hope this helps!

Joanie, would you mind if I print this out and show it to the store manager to help in explaining the coupon verbiage? I wrote in to the store after frustrating times with the cashier over coupons that the manager emailed and wanted to talk about coupon policies.

Hi! As a new couponer I have a question. Our grocery store has a scanner gun which allows you to scan as you shop, then bag and then during checkout you simply scan the gun and it pulls up your order and you pay and go. Have you factored this into couponing? Should we avoid this technique?


You are essentially acting as the cashier. The primary reason you would want to avoid it is if you cannot ring up your own coupons or have a cashier ring them up for you just before you pay.

The secondary reason would be if you have trouble using the scanning gun or are distracted by children/phone/etc. while using it because you may accidentally scan some items twice. If you use this – always double check your receipt at the end to make sure this didn’t happen.

Yesterday I finally was able to go do the deals at Rite Aid. I decided to do 3 transactions and roll my up rewards. Anyways the first transaction I was planning on doing was the $4/20 John Frieda. I had 2 online coupons and then got 2 more additional ones from the regional coupons for $2/1. The Rite Aid I went to also had a $1/1 on John Frieda Full Repair. I picked up the $1/1 and totally forgot I had the other $2/1, and had the cashier (it just so happened to be a guy too…) use the $1/1, then I remembered and asked if I could switch to get more off. He wasn’t the brightest because he told me that I could use both coupons for the one item because it would allow it on the register. I kinda freaked out because I had read that morning about stuff like this happening on extreme couponing show. I couldn’t figure out what to say to him in that brief moment (you know the freak out) and so I told him to just give me the coupon back, lol. I still got a really good deal, but knew that I would feel bad using 2 coupons when it distinctly says “Limit 1 coupon per purchase on specified product”.

Just thought I would share my experience of this happening.

If I have 2 manufacture coupons that are different for the same product can I use both of them together?

Example: Red Plum has a Revlon $1 and SS has $2

Can I combine?

No you can’t use 2 manufacturers coupons for one product. You can however use 1 manufacturers coupon and one store coupon for the same item, if your store allows you to do this. That is what is called stacking coupons.

If you buy two products, yes. You can’t use two manuf coupons on one item.

I feel like I have left money at the register a millions times now!! I had to read this twice, but I think i get it!

So I noticed that Walgreens has ALL laundry detergent for buy 1 get 1 free. Can I use (2) $1.00 off Mfg coupons to purchase them even thouh one of the bottles will be free? I’m new to couponing so any advise will help.

Yes you can because you are using 1 coupon on each product you are purchasing! That’s what makes BOGO even more fun!

I’ve worked in retail grocery for 16 yrs and unless the system flags me and says it won’t take the coupon we don’t worry about it. When it flags me i then go back and look at items purchased and see what coupons you may have already used and see what the problem is. Alot of the time it’s the system and not the coupon/customer. It’s just not reading it right but the product was purchased. Now don’t get me wrong we have our scammers which gives us couponers a bad name, but we just simply deny the coupon and move on.
Love reading your posts!!!

Then you’re probably missing a LOT of scammers. I’ve worked as a cashier for many years and since I began seriously couponing about a year ago, I’ve started to notice this behavior more (I know what the coupons ARE for because I’ve looked at them while clipping so I recognize when they have a much cheaper item in it’s place).

Some coupons are coded for multiple items from the same manufacturer, sometimes a person can purchase a cheap item instead of the expensive one they should be buying to receive a high value coupon savings. They are being dishonest and YOU are the front line of defense. For example buying the $15 teeth whitening kit instead of the $50 one by the same manufacturer and using a $10 coupon. If they were shoving items into their purse and then buying a candy bar on the way out, I would hope you wouldn’t let them leave…this is the same thing… Just some food for thought.

Clarification – buying a $15 whitening kit instead of the $50 one specifically listed on the coupon.

I think I may have answered my own question about manufacturer coupons…

If I attempt to place a $/3 coupon on top of the 3x $/1 coupons I already applied, it doesn’t matter what order I do them in… it is still more than one coupon from the manufacturer being applied to the item being purchased, right? Even though the coupons are not identical?

That’s right. :)

Im pretty sure the stores have to send a copy of the receipt w/ the coupon for proof of purchase to get their reimbursement. So some stores will be more strict in order to comply properly so they dont get screwed.

Either way Im a newbie and so scared im gonna fail at my savings lol California stores seem to be more strict than others and most do not offer double or triple coupon savings.. im afraid im gonna get to register and pay a bundle regardless. just a fear I need to get over!

Wow,is it just me or is this stuff confusing? Does the kcl book explain this stuff in more detail? I understand the manufacturers coupon&a regular coupon can be used for the same product but after that….my heads spinning!

I tried to use 3 different P&G coupons at Kroger the other day for one product and they wouldn’t let me. I had 3 coupons for Charmin: $1.00 off one, $0.25 off one, and a $0.50 off one. The 25 cent coupon was a digital coupon that automatically applied to the order. The fine print said 1 coupon per purchase and limit of 4 like coupons. When the cashier tried to scan the others, it gave her an error message that the coupon was already applied, even though they were different. What was I doing wrong?

You can only use one manufacture coupon per item. It doesn’t matter if it is digital, printed or clipped, you can only use one. You can only use more than one manufacture coupon if you buy more than one of the items you have a coupon for. You can however, use one manufacture coupon AND an in store coupon together.

You can only use ONE manufacturer coupon per item. It doesn’t matter what the values are – you can only use one of them. Also, many stores are now stating that the ecoupons are manufacturer coupons and they are not allowing a paper coupon to be stacked. So in your case, since the eQ was applied, they couldn’t take a paper Q because one mfr Q was already applied.

Alright… I am still trying to figure this out. I’m so sorry if this makes me an annoying beginner asking a stupid question but I have a VERY limited budget this week and I can use all the help I can get…

I have the following manufacturer coupons:
$.85/1 box chex
$.85/1 box chex
$.75/1 box chex
$1.00/3 box chex

Can I apply the first 3 coupons, one to each box of cereal, and then a coupon to the purchase of all 3 boxes of cereal?

Or would that final coupon ($/3) need to be a store coupon in order to be used? Because in this case it is a different coupon altogether from the first three being used. I am not using duplicates of the same coupon on the cereal… make sense?

You cannot use all of the 4 coupons you listed together on only 3 boxes of cereal. You would need to buy 6 boxes of Chex to use all of those coupons. If the $1.00/3 was a store coupon, then it would be fine to be used with the others. This post should help clear things up:

I was in my Publix this past weekend and had 3 coupons on a Greek style yogurt. 2 of the coupons were for a $1.00 off 1 container per purchase. The other was buy 2 get 1 free. The cashier was unsure if the coupon would “scan”. Didn’t want to try. I told her if it didn’t scan that was ok, I would just not get one of the yogurts.
the coupon did scan,and was able to use it. SOmetimes it depends on the cashier and or store on how they “read” the fine print

It may have scanned, but that doesn’t mean it was correct. Technically your purchase for the “buy 2 get 1 free” was the same as a “buy 3 get $2 (the value of one) off”. In both cases the coupon covers the purchase of all three items; therefore, if you wished to use the other two $1 off coupons, you would need to purchase more yogurt.

I HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY LOCAL kROGER. I had several coupons for save .50/2 snapples. Limit one per products purchased. Since I was trying to buy 10 snaples and had in 5 coupons they said I couldn’t do that. I spoke to the manager and was fed up. One coupon per items purchased mean in my eyes if it says save 50 cents on two.As long as I have two of the product per coupon thenit shouldn’t matter

My cashier at Publix yesterday told me that they are going to start reading the fine print on coupons and enforcing them, but at first she told me that they were going to start letting people only use one of a manufacturer’s coupon, so that worries me. I told her that most of them just say “one per purchase” meaning “one per item” and she said something about some that say “one per customer.” We’ll see, I guess.

I’ve been reading everyones comments for awhile and love them because I love to use coupons also, but some of the comments are so down on cashiers. I am a cashier..and I understand sometimes you get the real rude, bad attitude cashiers, but not always…some of us are really nice and friendly. I’m pretty open with taking coupons…as long as you have the product and the coupon isn’t expired. I hate when the few people that come in with a hundred coupons for products they didn’t buy and the coupon still works (not sure how), but I think that’s scamming the system. Just remember we are only cashiers…if you have a problem talk to the manager or call the corporate office. We are only doing our job. Be patient with your cashier their not perfect they do make mistakes. And if your crabby and late for an appointment don’t take it out on us…we didn’t make you late. Sorry for venting, but I think a lot of people don’t realize we don’t make the rules we just follow them.

Kristy-I think cashiers are like waitress or any other service industry (or people in general). There are some that are great at their jobs and some that really don’t want to be doing it and take it out on the customer. It can also depend on how the manager tells them to handle it. I have had good luck with my cashiers and only one seemed bothered that I was using coupons but even then not too bad. I also do try and keep in mind who the good and not so good ones are so I can make the trip go even faster. So keep up the good work.

No disrespect intended, but I find it extremely rude that you would stereotype “waitresses” and “service industry workers” in your post. It really doesn’t matter what your profession is, some people are just rude and/or unhappy people. I speak from experience (as I have been a server for 10+ yrs) and it is not a simple task to work with the puplic and it can prove to be extremely challenging at times; especially when others belittle and look down upon you (which is how your post comes off). I’ll certainly admit that not everyone is cut out for “service industry” positions, but someone has to do it. Just asking you to please consider the fact that not everyone is as knowledgeable and courtious in their “professional careers” as you seem to think and some customers can be quite rude and disrespectful, as well. As I said before, I mean no disrespect to anyone but I wanted you to realize the ignorance in your post. Furthermore, if this site condones the active bashing of “service industry” employees, then I will be glad to take my couponing elsewhere.

For those of you wondering about the BOGO coupons, I’m sure they will have a new posted article regarding this soon, but if you just can’t wait-they already have an article posted that I recommend EVERYONE read! I suggest it to everyone I know that has started couponing. I have worked retail for almost 10 years and never would I have known what they have taught me here! And yes, when employees argue with you about the printed coupon verbiage, it’s usually because that is what they believe it to mean, not because they know the policies. Click on the beginners tab at the top and there should be a link to the BOGO coupon article if you scroll down the page! :)

We generally don’t have a problem with our cashiers- but we ran into our first grumpy old man cashier last weekend. He went as far as to roll his eyes at us. Excuse me for trying to save a buck! Even if it was my fault for handing him one too many manufacture coupons for the same item…

Cashier profiling! Stay away from the grumpy old cashiers. I always look for the young ones that are smiling and engaging customers. They always cheer me on. The only time I have ever had a problem at a register it has been with an elderly cashier. (sorry don’t mean to offend anyone that is elderly)

Yes the same thing always happens to me i always get the older ones that have been there forever and they get agravated with me and huff and puff while im telling them the better price i found in another paper it makes me so mad but between three kids under 6 softball and two jobs the only time i can go is late at night when we they only have two registers open and its the same two ladys that have been working there forever i totally understand where ur coming from

Does anyone know if I can still get the 5 dollar off Similac coupons anywhere? I am completely kicking myself for missing that coupon somehow and that is the formula that my son uses.

I may have a couple If u want to email me @ we can figure out how to get them to you!

check ebay

Lets say you want to buy 2 of the Similac @ Walmart that are selling for 3.84 each. Since the $5 of any one Similac product states “limit one per transaction” , can u use it with the $3 of any Similac product that also states “limit one per transaction”, since they are not the same??


to me when the p&g coupons say 4 like coupons in same shopping TRIP it sounds like each time i go into the store. when i go into the store thats one shopping trip for me. now when it says 1 coupon per transaction that defenitley means im gonna get back in line to use more, but the “per shopping trip” sounds like only 4 while im in that store?

If they push about the same trip vs the same purchase, I have had success when responding with, “Okay, not a problem. If you’ll just set these aside for me, I’ll go to my car and put this purchase in the trunk and come back in for my next trip. Or we can save both of us the hassle and just ring it up as a separate purchase and just pretend I left and came back. Then you only have to see this ugly mug just this once instead of 4 more times.” Although grudgingly, they usually just go ahead and do each separate transaction.

So lying is OK as long as it’s only a ‘little’ lie? Really, is that how you choose to live your life? They changed that language for a legitimate reason. If too many like you have no problem ignoring the rules, then P&G may decide to eliminate the coupons altogether…which means ALL of us would lose out. Not every manufacturer uses coupons as a marketing tool so this is a choice not a ‘need’ for the manufacturer. Please consider being an honest customer in the future.

I do believe a good argument for any problems with this fine print would be that it DOES say 1 coupon per transaction meaning one of THOSE coupons. And this could or could not apply to in-store combined with manufacture, I think it all depends on the what the store allows. BUT, Many coupons say “Can not be combined with any other coupon” THOSE are the coupons you can NOT combine with any other coupon. Remind that to your cashier if they give you any problems, it might help!

Thank you for posting this! I was wondering because I read Targets coupon policy, but then I also heard it really depends on your Targets cooperation.

On Targets website (a Target In-Store coupon) I found a *$1.50 off 1 – 18oz. Dove Visible Care body wash item*, which I’m going to TRY and combine with an older Manufacture coupon from Smart Source (I think) for *$1 off 1 – Dove Body Wash 10oz. or larger.*
ALSO, I found a coupon on Targets website (a Target In-Store coupon) for *$1 off 1 – Dove Men + Care (Body wash or Deodorant).* I’m going to try and print the in-store coupon twice because I also have 2 Manufacture coupons for *$1 off 1 Dove Men+Care Deodorant* & *$1 off 1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash.*

I hope my Target allows me to combine these coupons & I hope it could work for you too!!!

Where on Target’s website did you find the coupons?

I agree it is important to be ethical. It is easy to look at the deal and not see that there may be consequences for your actions that you will never feel. I think it is super important to consider the consequences for others if ou decide to cheat at couponing. you will never feel it but you will lose the respet of the cashier and manager and they will look more closely next time.

I think it all depends on your cashier. I used 12 similac coupons at Wal-Mart in one transcation with no problem. They rarely read the fine print, unless the register won’t take it.

This may not be the 100% ethical answer, but 1 per transcation is a stupid rule. How is the manufacturer even going to know you used three in one transaction? Unless the register or cashier won’t take it there should be no problem. Now at Target this may be harder they are sticklers for rules.

You’re right. It depends on the cashier and if they read the fine print. The register doesn’t automatically ‘know’ that your coupon has a limit. Therefore the coupon will go through just fine as long as you have a coupon for each item. If you have 12 Similac and 13 Similac coupons the first 12 will work, but the last wont because you didn’t have 13 Similacs. I am a cashier at Wal-Mart and I have to say I disagree with your comment. These rules are meant to guarantee both the manufacturer and the store some profit. If you use more than one coupon for an item and get it for almost nothing, who benefits but you? Nothing in life comes free. Also,stores have to follow the rules of the manufacturer or they do not get reimbursed. That being said, if the store does not get reimbursed for the coupon-especially if it’s a ‘free’, bogo, or at least $5 off, then the cashier (who is already under-paid and over-worked to the point that a 2nd p/t job is not possible) is at fault and is subject to disciplinary actions. If I lose the store enough money consistently through coupons they would fire me, and I would have to explain to my toddler that we are homeless because people are greedy. Think of that the next time you want to be dishonest with your cashier or give them crap for just doing what they are told, just because you want to be cheap. The managers say no, no means no.

and the manufacturer knows how many are used by the upc codes on the receipt. Just like you would have to proved proof of purchase for a rebate, the store have to provide proof of sale for the reimbursement. Each item has a upc and each coupon has a upc. If the coupon upcs exceed the limitation, guess who’s not getting reimbursed?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m new at this and the P&G coupons that you mentioned threw me for a loop. It all makes sense now. :)

I cannot tell you how many cashiers will try to say that the “limit one coupon per purchase” means that you can only use one of those coupons, even if you are buying more than one item! Example: I bought two cases of Aquafina at Walgreens yesterday. used their store coupon for $3.49, limit two. also had manufacturer coupons for $2 off one Aquafina, which stated limit one coupon per purchase. The cashier tried to say that it meant that I had to do two separate transactions if I wanted to use both coupons. I kindly stated that it said per purchase, not per transaction, implying that it means I cant use two coupons on the same case of water. She proceeded with an attitude, but finished the transaction as I had asked. Thanks for clearing up the confusion….maybe we can hold a training course for store employees??

I didn’t notice the fine print on the Similac coupons for $5 off. I did use three in one transaction with no problem. I purchased the Sensitive Tummy Similac in the bottle at $3.84 each so they were a money maker. The cashier had no problem with the coupons scanning, and the register did take off $5 each time, but I will def look closer next time!

Yikes! This was me too. I used 2 of the Similac coupons in the same transaction, I didn’t realize the coupon even said “per transaction.” Next time I too will have to read more carefully. I really want to be an honest couponer and follow the terms of the coupon.

TYSM for posting this!

Im looking forward to the bogo discussion. Im really confused when it comes to bogo coupons and how sometimes you can use 2.

Can someone go into a little more depth concerning the BOGO Free offers? Through the posts I have learned that 2 each MQ can be used to do this deal. However, I have also read that BOGO Free deals can only be had with 1 MQ and 1 Store Coup. So the question is -Can we BOGO Free then we can use 1 MQ (or 1 MQ & 1 SQ) on the ACTUAL ITEM WE PAY FOR, but no coupon can be used on the FREE ITEM, because that item has no cost associated with it? OR

Is the reason we are using more a coupon on the free item because, technically it is not free (the item we pay for is actually twice the cost to cover both items). BOGO Free seems to mean we pay twice as much for the first item to cover the cost of the second item.Which would mean the item is not really free but comes in at half the total price in reality?

Thanks in advance –

I’ve had problems with “one coupon per purchase” some cashiers think that means “per transaction” or “per visit”. How do you explain it means “per item”?

When the cashier says “this coupon says you can only use one coupon per purchase?” You can try asking “well, how many am I purchasing?”

Print the store’s coupon policy. Call the store’s 800 number while IN the store. Explain that the verbiage is only trying to limit you from using to $0.50 off one coupons on a $1.00 product, in an effort to get it for free.

I used 15 of these(similac)on one transaction at Walmart and they let me do it.

There are times when you take 15 items and 15 coupons (like the Similac ones), ask to do 15 separate transactions and the store will insist that you do them all together, to save them time. Once the store says this, it’s your call how to proceed. I’m just trying to show you what the manufacturer is wanting to communicate to the consumer and the store.

So I was doing a very large purchase at my local Fred Meyer yesterday..I was purchasing over 100 bottles of similac to donate to an awesome charity thru my church. I called the manufacture to ask if I could use over 100 $5/1 coupon all in one transaction in order to help the checkout process and the manufacture said that it was the stores call..and they would reimburse the store even if they are purchased all in one transaction. So really it is up to the store manager if they want to except the coupons all together or not. The limit is put in order to help encourage the stores to except such a high value coupon.

I’m a practiced couponer and just ran into major problems with this very issue yesterday at my Target store. They’re normally very coupon-friendly, but as I was checking out, I was told that they are now “enforcing” the “one per purchase” language to mean “one per transaction.” I talked to both “managers” on duty and they both said that “this is not a new policy. We’re just being more careful to enforce it now.” I tried everything, they wouldn’t budge. I e-mailed corporate yesterday and as of yet, have no response.

Yay – victory! After receiving a form letter stating Target’s coupon policy (no help in this situation), I called customer care. I was hung up on twice, then talked to a guy who totally didn’t get the situation. Finally, I asked to talk to a supervisor. Bingo! Not only did the guy understand the situation, he called the store and then called me back. Now I’m armed with a case reference number for the store to access should they need “clarification.” I just have to decide if it’s worth spending $15 on gas to drive back to the store to re-do the entire transaction!

Shanna, i feel your pain. there is one manager at my local target who translates “one per purchase” to mean “one per transaction”. i also received the form letter from target corp and agree it’s worthless. i’ll try giving them a call now after reading your comment, thanks!

Thank you for your post! I had the exact same issue with Target today. I emailed Target’s customer service but got a generic response with their coupon policy (which I already had from the website) and telling me to contact customer service by phone.

Target has been terrible with coupons lately! I too had a horrible experience where the manager was incredibly rude to me about coupon acceptance and refused to even try to scan the coupon too see if it would go through. I got the same generic coupon policy email back from corporate. So disappointed in them lately.

Shana, excellent that you followed through that far. Regarding the cost of the drive back, sometimes it’s worth it to ‘make a point’ (educate a store that you plan to return to many times). We have had to do this at several stores but MOST are now on our ‘coupon friendly’ list.

I too had an issue with coupons at Target. The cashier checked the bag she had put my already rung up items in, 5 times for each coupon! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t give coupons to the cashier if they don’t match and I too believed that 1 per purchase meant one coupon per item.
My friend works for Target corp he is upper level and he has been working with corporate office in regard to the “extreme coupon craze” they are trying to come up with ways to make it more coupon friendly and less hassle for both cashiers and customers. He is an extreme couponer himself and loves to take advantage of the great sales,and coupon stacking.

I thought thats what it all stood for but thanks for reasuring me.
Going this weekend for my first coupon trip!! I hope to save at least 50%.