Tomorrow, 4/16 is Customer Appreciation Day at Subway!  To celebrate, they are giving a FREE footlong sub when you purchase one footlong sub.

Note: Only at participating Subway locations in the Northeast and Southeast.  Click HERE to locate the nearest Subway.

Thanks, Penny Pinchin’ Mom

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29 thoughts on “Subway: Buy One Get One Free Footlong Sub”

I found out from a patron in front of me in Virginia and they honored all footlongs as buy 1 get 1 and only charged $5 so you got that deal too! The only exclusion was the Big Philly. I LOVE Subway!

After seeing all the trouble people have had with this, I made some calls…. found 7 Subway stores within 15 minute drive… NONE have the promotion here in our area of Ohio.

I called around my home area Nashville,TN and they had no idea what I was talking about.:(( really hate it when they are not in tune with the specials

They are doing it at our subway but beware of the loop hole. Right now at our Subway all subs are $5 but if you are planning to get the B1G1 they will charge you the original price of the sub (which for us is $7)! If you want to get both for $5 you have to get 2 that are always $5 (like Veggie, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Ham, etc)! Just an FYI as I was pretty unhappy with that loophole!

I called my local Subway and they are participating. Me and my kids will definitely be eating Subway sometime today!!!!

if you go into a participating subway, you’ll see a sign. the one at mine was posted over a week ago.

Hunter’s Creek Subways here in S.Orlando, Central Fla is participating!!I just talked to them. :)

The buy one get one free was today (4/15). Well, at least here it was…

ive called several subways here in san antonio they r unaware of this promo but did tell me of their breakfast promo starting monday @ 7am til 9am til 4/29 bogo breakfast subs

Does anyone know if this is offered in Fairbanks Alaska?

wow, just called my Subway and she said to call back,she was busy…

i called all five subways around saginaw, texas and noone knows anything about this. :( so bummed!

Bummer, called our Subway here in Montana and they hadn’t heard of this either. Oh well, it was certainly a shot! :)

It’s only in certain states…..Indiana is not one of them :(

I live in Louisville Ky and the one out here does snot know anything about it either.

I called my local subway and the manager has not heard of this promotion either. But he did take my name and if I go in tomorrow they will honor the promotion for me anyway.

my subway only does $2.00 6 inch subs where would i find the buy one get one free thing?

Found this. Seems like most are not, but it does sound legit.

This deal is only for participating Subway restaurants in the Northeast and Southeast US. Go here to check it out:

Doh. Yeah I went and asked ours and he had no clue about it in Iowa. You’d think Customer Appreciation day would be national. Aren’t we all customers?

This is from Subway’s Facebook page:

Saturday, April 16th is BOGO Customer Appreciation Day!
Participating Subways in the Northeast and Southeast in the USA

Buy One FOOTLONG and Get One FREE!!*
(*of equal or lesser value and cannot combine with any other offers, coupons, discounts, etc.)

Over 4000 SUBWAY restaurants in the Northeast and Southeast of the USA will be participating!

**Check with your local Subway ahead of time if your area Subways will be participating on this day.

That is not the official facebook page. This is the official facebook page and it says nothing on it. And this page states that it is the official page (its says right under the picture) where the other page does not (the page that says about the free foot long).

Will there be anything we need to print or bring in … ? Or will this be something that the store is doing regardless of a “coupon” if they are participating?

I just called our Subway and they had no idea about it. I check the subway website and there is nothing on there about it and I also checked the offical subway facebook page and there is nothing on that either.

its posted on their FB page now!

On one of thier facebook pages, I saw this….
Starting Monday 4/18, buy one 6 inch sub before 9AM and get another 6 inch sub for free! Breakfast and lunch in one stop, who’s in?! Hurry offer is only good through 4/29. Restrictions apply.

I just called our Subway in Cheboygan, mi and they didn’t have any idea about it. And i went to the Subway website and there is nothing on the site saying anything about it.

I just went to our Subway in Alpena, MI and they said they didn’t know about it and wouldn’t give it to me :(