$1.50/1 – Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – (facebook.com/Lysol)

This is a HOT coupon that you shouldn’t waste anytime printing! Just like Lysol on Facebook and print your coupons. Remember to hit backspace and refresh to print a second one! Get these wipes for free at Rite Aid or $0.39 at Target!!!

Rite Aid

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $2.50
$1.50/1 – Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – (facebook.com/Lysol)
And use $1.00/1 – Lysol Item from April Video Values Coupon
Final Price: FREE


Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $1.89
$1.50/1 – Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – (facebook.com/Lysol)
Final Price: $0.39

Thanks, Emily

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52 thoughts on “HOT! New $1.50 off Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Coupon!”

Be sure to watch as they are scanning the Rite Aid VV coupon because it scanned fine, but did not actually deduct the $1.50. I didn’t notice till I was home so it wasn’t worth the trouble. Happened to me and a friend, so just a heads up.

I’m new to this, so how do you stock up on multiple items if the store states “limit 1” and/or you can only print 2 coupons off of a store/manufacturer/facebook site?? Do tell!!!

I just started using the VV. I was going to go to Rite Aid tonight & buy the scotts tp, but I’m wondering…if I have a VV & a manufacturers coupon do I need to buy an additional item too?

Scott Tissues: $7.99 – $1 vv – $1 man q = $5.99 Do I need to add a filler item to cover my second coupon video value coupon? I dont want to buy extra if I dont have to! Thanks!

it’s still printing as of Thursday morning 8:00 a.m. 4/21

I can’t find the link to the Rite Aid video. Where do I go? This is the first time I’ve done one of these videos.

The price for the wipes at the Target in my Southern California area were 2.19, which with the coupon makes them .69 each which is a great deal. The only product they had that was the 1.89 was the Lysol all purpose cleaner spray bottles.

Walmart in Texas has these wipes for 2.58. No BOGO here. Target here does not have them on sale, but down to 2.04. Not the great savings you guys are getting but still cheap.

I can’t find the video for the wipes. How do you access it?

For those of you printing multiple VV coupons, how are you able to do so?

Except for Shannon, because she stated how she got her 2.

Here is the deal I got at Rite Aid:

I was able to print 2 Video coupons (well, I made my bf do it too so we could go through twice!) and I got 2 free packages of Lysol wipes.

Rite Aid also has Scott toilet paper on sale for 7.99/12 rolls. So, I stacked the Scott Video Q with the dollar off Scott MQ AND I used the $2/$10 cleaning products from the Videos and was able to get the tp for $3.99/12 pack! That comes out to be $.33 a roll. Pretty good deal for something that I really needed! And to think I almost bought it for $.50 a roll last week! I am so happy I checked this site, got some tp advice and waited! :)

I just bought 3 packages of wipes at Rite-Aid and used three video rewards and three Facebook coupons. I still had to pay tax of $0.27, but that’s still cheap.

At Target I bought another package of wipes for $1.89 less the $1.50 coupon and paid $0.02(Connecticut)tax. I also managed to get another 2 packages of Alegra for free.

i’m new at this so i was able to print two lysol coupons.will i be able to use both of them at one time?

I guess the coupon is gone. I couldn’t get to the link..sad :(

I accidently put my paper in wrong in the printer so it printed over an old unused coupon on the front…. =( wah…

Do I have to purchase three containers to get the sale price at Dollar General or can I just buy two and get the same price?

You should just be able to buy 2. I’m sure Wal-mart would price match it that way too.

WOW! Just scored an awesome deal with this at my Wal-Mart. They had the 35 count Lysol wipes in buy one get one free packages. I got them to price match to Dollar General’s 3 for $5 and used the $1.50 off Facebook coupons. That means 50 cents for 6 packages!!! Pair this with the Frigo cheese or KY jelly moneymakers…and that’s one sweet trip.

My Rite-aid was out of stock, but I just got them for $0.49/per at Fred Meyer!Thanks for the tip.

I had a thought about the deals at Right Aid this week. I wanted to see if this would work or not:

2 Purex @ Bogo for $8.99
2 Lysol Wipes at 2/$5
2 Dixie plates @ BOGO $3.49 (guessing price here)
1 Puffs @ .99

VVC $1/1 purex 3 in 1
MC $1/1 purex 3 in 1
VVC $1/1 Lysol
MC $1.50/1 Lysol Wipes
VVC $2/2 Dixie Plates
VVC $2/$10 Rite Aid Clean Home (states can not be combined w/ any other offers)

Pay $9.97 + tax Get $10 RR

My Questions:
1. Can I use the $2/$10
2. Do the free items from the bogo count toward the $30 total to earn the $10 RR
3. Any other flaws anyone sees? Will I get the $10 RR?

How did you print 4 video coupons?

I just went in Rite Aid and used my manufacturer coupon from Facebook and the video coupon and got the Lysol wipes for free! I also used my $0.50/2 Reeses peanut butter eggs coupon coupled with the in store promotion of 2/$1! So I got 2 Reeses peanut butter eggs and the 35 wipe container of Lysol dual action wipes for a total of $0.66 with tax!! I’ve been a couponer for a while now but am new to “krazy” couponing and I love it!! Will never go back to paying full price for something if I don’t have to!

I was able to print 4 coupons and 4 video coupons and got 4 free at Rite Aid! I love these and love them even more when they’re free.

How were you able to print four video value coupons? I could only get one – even after hitting the back button.


How were you able to print 4 vv coupons? After printing once, it says printed, and won’t allow another print. These are a one time use coupon…

not sure why, but my comp won’t even acknowlege the lysol page on facebook? i can’t even get to the coupon? maybe it’s my settings? anyone else have this problem?

same problem jen….I don’t know why

Jen and Abby,
I’ve had a similar problem when I go to Like these pages on FB. Once I hit the like button then it is just blank not showing the coupon links. So I have to hit F5 to refresh and it will show up, or click on the Lysol coupon link at the left. Give that a try.

There is also a 75 cents off one clorox wipes Target coupon out there right now, so if you use the 1.50 manufacturer’s and the .75 cents one off, it should actually be a moneymaker at Target!

Walmart has a great deal right now as well. B1G1 Lysol wipes so added the coupon it’s a great deal.

It totally bums me out that I don’t live anywhere near a Target! The only good stores around are Walmart,Walgreen’s,& Rite-Aid

why are my coupons printing backwards!!!!!!

I printed the coupon. It says one per purchase. Does that mean it has to be rang up separate for it to work work? Or can I buy sorry new to this.

One per purchase means you can use one coupon for every item purchased. If it says one per transaction, then you would have to split up your purchases and do 2 separate transactions.

for some reason when I click in the link for facebook Lysol it didnt’t let me go to their page!!!! grrrrrr

Lysol wipes are 3/$5 at Meijer this week – $1.67 each, with coupon makes them .17 each :)

Can you only attain one (1) April video coupon for these wipes?

is $1.89 a regular price at target?

Erica, the video values coupons are store coupons that only rite-aid offers, therefore you are able to stack them with another coupon.

Eliza, you can print a second coupon by hitting the back button on your screen (twice, i think). You can always do that with bricks coupons.

Target has a 75cent off coupon! Stacker there too!!

Mary, is the Target coupon for Clorox or Lysol?
I have a .75 off for Clorox wipes.

The target coupon is not lysol wipes… It’s for clorox.. different product…

I’m newbie and I want to know how I be able to print a second coupon. Thanks

Just hit the back button twice. It should reprint!

thanks!!! I just got mine :)

hit the back button on your browser, then the refresh button.

can’t you just make a copy of it once you print it??

Jason….copying is considered a big no-no in the couponing world. :-( But wouldn’t it be nice? I think it’s the MFGs was of controlling how much $$ is actually going out.

Aarrgghhh…I meant Josette, not Jason. Sorry. It’s still early here.. :-)

I’m confused about this….The April Video Values Coupon says “Manufacturer coupon” so how are we able to stack these with a printable coupon from Lysol? It even says in the fine print that the store will be reimbursed by the manufacturer and also says cannot be combined with another coupon. This is so confusing :( Thanks for your help!

The Rite Aid coupon policy specifically states that you can stack video values coupons with manufacturer coupons, so in this case, you can use two!

This would also make them $.17 at DG!

sooo this is probably a silly question but can you only use the one coupon for one bottle, or can you get as many bottles as you like and use the one coupon for all the bottles?