$1.00/1 – Reach Floss, any – (coupons.com)

There is a new $1.00/1 Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss coupon available!  Tonight when I was at Walgreens, to pickup my free Reach Floss, I received THREE $1.00 off 1 Catalinas!!! :) Has this happened for you as well?

Reach Floss, 30 yds $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
$1.00/1 – Reach Floss, any – (coupons.com)
Final Price: Free

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44 thoughts on “New $1.00 Reach Floss Coupon, Plus Free at Walgreens!”

I just got home from my local Walgreens, and they had REACH Floss on sale for $1.99 and I used my $1 off coupon… but no RR were issued. They asked me where it was printed in their weekly ad or monthly savings magazine that one should have printed? Obviously since it wasn’t in either I had to walk with my .99 cent floss. But…

Like many posts I’ve read on here, different associates try to surmise why a RR didn’t print, mine offered that that sale, (along with the Splenda one) was only offering the RR during the 19th-25th.

Reach floss is always 88 cents at Walmart. I never buy it at Walgreens. You can make money at Walmart if you buy them there.

Bought 2 didn’t get catalina’s boo. Can you request them a different way?

Never mind just saw I needed to buy three bummer

on sale @ walmart for 88 cents so you make money!!!

I was disappointed to find that my walgreens was all out today.

I work for walgreens anyone has questions just ask!!!!

I went to walgreens yesterday to purchase the Always Dry liners that were on sale for 2/$6 but they were sold out. So, I went to cashier to ask for a rain check on 4 of the items. The cashier told me that I could ONLY give me a rain check on 2 of the items because they were on sale 2/$6. Then she turned around and told me that if the product doesn’t come in before the sale ends then the raincheck is void and I would have to pay full price for the items. That just doesn’t sound correct to me. I thought you could get the sale price for a item even if the sale was over. And I thought you could get a rain check for how ever many items you wanted to purchase. Can someone please let me know if this cashier was right????? Please help!!!!!

Hi! I am new to all of this and love it. I have found everything online so far or in my inserts/ papers, but where are the walgreens register rebates listed? Are they online or only in the paper flyers? Also, I bought floss, but didn’t get the rebate at the register. I used the 1.00 coupon and thought that maybe the reason. Should I go back? Does it print on my receipt? This whole RR thing is throwing me for a loop!

Hi, I just ran into the same problem at my Walgreens. The RR print out of a separate machine near the register. Using a coupon shouldn’t disqualify you for the RR.

The coupon for $3.00 off is in the blue smartsource from this sunday 4/17 and even with the coupon its totally free so cant hurt ya to try and you can donate it if you dont need the product but i did get the register reward last nite for $4.00 and was super excited, $4.00 moneymaker

Thanks for the help. I am seeing (posted on this site under one of the store’s… Kroger’s, I think, catalina list) that if you buy 2 Splenda you should get a $3 catalina and a $4 catalina if you buy 3. I only have two coupons, so I am going to try the buy 2, get $3 RR. Hope this works. I love money maker deals! Again, thank you for sharing your success and answering my questions. It is so great that we can all help each other. :)

You have to purchase 3 and use 3 of the $3.00 off coupons to get them all free and then it will print out a walgreens register reward just like all their other deals. Its a catalina but im not sure how long this deal runs for

Omg I just bought this yesterday & didn’t have this coupon!I even wwent on there site.

Everytime i bought a toothbrush it spit out 3 reach coupons for more so i have gotten tons now as i have gone to different walgreens and gotten many toothbrushes. Also there is a splenda catalina now where you buy 3 splenda boxes of the 80 ct which are on sale for 2.99 and there is a 3.00 off coupon in this sundays paper which makes them free and when you buy 3 you get a 4.00 catalina for you next purchase. Sweet moneymaker!!

Did you actually purchase the Splenda at Walgreens and get the RR to print? Splenda is not something I usually buy (even if it is free), but if there is RR printing I will buy it and then donate the product to my local food pantry. Just want to confirm that the RR is printing at Walgreens for sure. Thanks.

I can only print so many of the coupons….how can I go around that?

I got free floss from Target last time these coupons came out and the floss doesn’t roll out like it’s suppose to…anybody else have that problem? I’m wondering if they are just trying to get rid of a bad batch?

Limit one means you are only going to get the $2 Register Reward once in a single transaction. The nice thing about Walgreens is that there is no rewards card so you can do mulitple transactions to get more.

You cannot roll (so to speak) the rewards on the same item because you will not get another Register Rewards. You can roll it from other items. For example use the RR from the Goodies hair accessories to purchase the floss and then vice versa.

Try zipcode 80132

Check your clearance endcaps. I got 2 of the 30yd Reach floss for $1.09 each. Did two transactions so I could get the $2 rr for each.

i like to ramdonly put in zip codes, just make up numbers. to see what is offered, i have found some goods ones that, on things that i like and sold at a few stores. give it a try you might be suprised as to what you may find.

I cleaned them out of floss haha. Did 5 seperate transactions and got all of my reg rew. to use later. I also got one of the toothbrushes for free as well. I am tempted to get more floss coupons and get more because you can never have too much floss or toothbrushes with a family of 6.

Hi, when i go to the coupons.com link, i cannot see a coupon for the Reach products…is there a certain zipcode you are using? Thanks!!!

shows up with zip 37013

My Walmart also has it for only .88 Cents…MONEYMAKER! :)

OhMyGosh my Walmart had it marked down for only .88 cents too! Just got one yesterday! Wish I got more. (:

My wal mart has regular reach floss for only 88cents… yay!

Thank you so much Lori!!!

These are $1 each at CVS this week. I picked up a few without spending any money OOP, which I think is a better deal than spending money to get RR.

I agree!

CVS will take these Catalinas no problem?

I uses 4 coupons at Wal*mart on the 88 cent floss and it was a money maker. The cashier still deducted the full $1.00 on each. I purchased other items as well.

Wal*Mart coupon policy is that manufacturer coupons CAN take the price below zero and they will either give you cash or apply it to your additional items. It works out great sometimes!

Reach floss is also .97 cents at Target. I just got back and got two for free (I was able to print out 2 coupons)

I need some clarification as I am new and trying to figure this all out! I received RR from walgreens on sunday when I did the free goody and cheap razor deals, am I allowed to use the RR on any transaction or will it not print a RR for the reach if I pay the difference with a RR from a previous purchase? If thats the case, can I use coupons and then pay with my RR? I am not sure the best way to utilize them and would appreciate your tips and tricks :)

What does it mean limit 1? Is that the register reward or the item? And how do you get them for free?

the floss and/or the toothbrushes are $2.99 and there are $1.00 coupons and then you receive a $2.00 register reward, so in essence it is free. You can only do one at a time to get the register reward. Then you just go through the line again or do seperate transactions. You can’t use the reward you just received on the same product or it won’t print out a new reward. You also will not be able to use a coupon and a register reward on one product-they count that as two coupons on one item, which is why you see people talking about cheap filler items. Good Luck!!

I didn’t see any reach toothbrushes for 2.99 :(

I am so glad you posted this, I just checked my Wags envie & sure enough I did get a $1.00 Catalina! TYSM!!

Every time I have bought the Reach toothbrush this week it has spit out either 2 or 3 toothbrush $1 catalina. I can’t keep up with them!

I can’t find the reach toothbrushes on sale at walgreens.I price checked the ones I found and they were over $4.00. Which ones can I get for free? I have the reach toothbrush coupons.

I found them for 2.99, but still that 2,99 x 2 = 6 – $2/2 = $4!!

and the floss was 199 and i dont think i got any RR for it.

Although I did just find the wags coupon book Q for the aquafresh that I ended up paying 1.99 for when it said .99

Think I can take back my receipt with the coupon and get the money back?

I did get the coupons for 1$ off the toothbrushes, so maybe I’ll go to CVS and get those for free. With my 1$ off physicians formula make up coupon, and i know theyre 40% off at CVS right now..

ALSO had to buy 3 snickers bars for 39c a piece to add up to 6 items on my J&J band aids that i had the 6 Q’s for!

Same here, Heidi. It was pretty funny!

me too :)
i bought 3 toothbrush in separate transactions and days, now i have like 7 wags coupon for toothbrush. i can’t buy that many :)
i was wondering since it’s a manufacturer coupon, does other store would accept it?