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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color at Target, Only $1.99!

Woot, woot!  Here is an extreme deal for all of you at home hair colorers.  In this Sunday’s paper, 5/1 there will be a Smart Source insert for $5.00 off 1 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color.  There is also the Target $5.00 off 1 coupon.  AND buy 2 and receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card!

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color $11.99
$5.00/1 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color from SS 5/1
$5.00/1 – John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color Item, Excludes Trial Size, Target Coupon – (

Buy 2 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color $11.99
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use 2 $5.00/1 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color from SS 5/1
And use 1 $5.00/1 – John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color Item, Excludes Trial Size, Target Coupon – (
Pay $8.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price:  $1.99 when you buy 2

Thanks, Common Sense with Money

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47 thoughts on “John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color at Target, Only $1.99!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    In response to target coupons you can actually use more than 2 target printable coupons at a time. Because 2 5/7/11 I used 13 target Glade Air coupons and 13 Glade Air MFC and had no problem. Only had to pay $0.25 each plus sales tax here in Southern California.

  2. Jess says:

    I just bought two and expected to pay the 1.99 + tax but didn’t expect to get a 5 gc. Bonus it was a .48¢ money maker after taxes

  3. Sarah says:

    so even though the target coupon says 1 per transaction, you can use 2? i’m confused about that

  4. debbie says:

    Wow Amanda! How disappointing! My target has displays full of the hair coloring. As far as I can tell, it is a rather new product so why they would have told you it was discontinued is beyond me. Sounds like someone didn’t know what they were talking about. Maybe you should try another target in your area?

  5. AMANDA says:

    Was very disappointed today. Went to Target and they were out of toothbrushes. They also said they didn’t carry the Oatmeal and the haircolor was discontinued and none were or would ever be in stock. I even asked customer service who had no idea why then they’d have a coupon out for a product they claim not to carry. So, I left with just my Halls. :)

  6. Debbie says:

    Just wondering can I use 2 target coupons+2 mfr coupons?

  7. Sherry says:

    My Target took the 2 Target Qs as well as the 2 mfr Qs, so I paid 2.98 (-5% Redcard disc.) and got a $5 gift card back. Great deal!

  8. Jami says:

    So I just go back from target and this is what happened, and I know I still spent $15.00 but I feel AMAZING:

    2 Old Spice Body Wash: $3.99 each
    BOGO Free Coupon, $1.00 off Body Wash Coupon

    Gillete Body Wash $3.99 & Gilette Clinical Sport $6.99
    Buy the body wash, get ANY deoderant free
    $1.00 ooff Body Wash

    2 Gilette Series Shave Gel (travel section) .97 cents each
    2 $1.00 off coupons

    Right Guard Extreme (Total Defense Power Stripe) $3.00 each
    BOGO Coupon, and they each had a $1.00 off coupon, but could only use the one $1.00 off coupon (The cash register guy told me to use the one and that’s all Target would allow)

    Tums 24 Count 3 Rolls $1.97
    Target coupon for $1.00 off
    Manufacturer’s Coupon for $1.00 Off

    2 John Freida Hair Colors $11.99 Each
    2 Manufacturer’s Copons $5.00 off
    2 Target Coupons $5.00 off
    and a $5.00 Target Gift Card, which I could not use at this time.

    Total: $15.03
    Saved: $45.76
    Plus a $5.00 Target Gift Card

    Sorry I do not know where the coupons were
    from or anything. This is just a brief summary of what I got and the receipt. Good Luck!

  9. Nikki Clark says:

    I got the coupon in my paper but I cant get the one from target, I went to their coupons and that one is not on there. any ideas?

    • Alicia Plascencia says:

      Nikki – I have extra, I could mail you 1 or 2 since I didn’t get the SS coupon. Just a thought.

  10. Alicia Plascencia says:

    Unfortunately I did not find this coupon either in my paper here in Las Vegas. :(

  11. Megan says:

    I live in Northwest Indiana…right outside of Chicago…my local papers did not have the coupons at all, but one of the Chicago papers did, I got 4 papers!! I assume that if you live near a big city you should try to get that paper, instead of local ones! I hope this helps!!

  12. gretchen says:

    did not have it in any of my papers and i bought 6 papers,and i have 3 target coupons ready-not very happy!

    • Sherry says:

      I had the same thing happen with my papers and the big Target coupon insert. I bought 5 papers and only received 2 inserts. (The only thing I can figure is that they weren’t in the 3 early editions of the Atlanta paper. I can’t be sure because I tore them all apart.)

  13. Laura says:

    I bought 3 Sunday papers for this coupon and I can’t find it either :-(

  14. Lane says:

    I did not get the SS $5 coupon this morning, nor do I see it on the SS site, so what’s going on? I got so excited, I have my Target coupon ready. Wanted to color my hair today, busy week this week!

    • Scott says:

      I didn’t get the coupon in the SS today, nor can I find it on their website. What is going on?

  15. JASMINE says:

    So I am really new at this and what I dont understand is how can i use 3 coupons of 2 products? 2 coupons from the News Paper and 1 Target coupon?

  16. Michelle says:

    Today was a good day! I walked in thinking “I hope tey still have more clorox clean up left” and as I was checking through the aisle a worker runs to me and says ” Do you dye your hair?” Ugh …yes! Great then here use this coupon. I grabbed the coupon and didn’t even bother to look at it. I asked her if i can check out with her and she agreed. She then tells me “Where is your hair dye?” I said why? She said “Cause its free!” She had given me a try me free coupon and she then says and it gives you $2.00RR back…What? ( I was really excited at this point. She says we are going to do the hair dye transaction first and use the RR on the clorox clean up.

    I love when the cashier tells me how to do the deal better than I would have!! I paid 77 cents for the hair dye ( the one pictured) and 33 cents for both clorox clean up! She made my day :) Then I got home and my teenager took my dye :( Lol…I need another coupon!!

  17. Julie says:

    Wouldn’t it be the same (although slightly better since you’d have cash instead of the gc) to do 2 separate transactions using 1 mfc + 1 target coupon= 1.99 each?

    • Sarah says:

      yep when i saw the two coupons for 5 off each I thought the same thing, no need to make it more complicated!

  18. kristy says:

    I’m confused. If you need to buy 2 in order to get the $5 card, how would you break it up into 3 transactions? You can buy one at a time and not at same time to get card? Clarify please!

    • Sarah says:

      if you get $5 card when you buy two, you just buy two in EACH transaction. if you want three gift cards, you buy two hair colors three separate times

      • Sarah says:

        well sorry, now I confused myself. you can get it for the same price without worrying about the extra steps. If it costs $12 retail, use one smart source coupon ($5) and one target coupon ($5) for a total of $10 off. it totals to be 2 dollars either way and you wouldnt need to worry about doing multiple transactions, unless you just wanted more than one hair color

  19. Christy says:

    I just wanted to say you should be careful with this product, please do a strand test! I tried “Dark Golden Blonde” and my hair turned out much darker than the box, even though my hair was within 1-2 shades of the color originally and was not dark. It is now brown with a hint of red, the same result I read from many reviews after the fact (should have checked before I bought it!). I am scared to use the second box I bought, which is supposed to be a lighter blond. This is a really amazing deal though, and I am still tempted to buy more, only because I am ok with experimenting with weird colors.

  20. Terri says:

    Anyone know when deal ends?

  21. Brandy says:

    If you buy 6 do u get 3 gift cards or do they need to be broken up?

  22. Angela says:

    Anna, you are correct the target coupon does say one per transaction. I did not notice this before. I received the Smart Source coupons early and bought 3 dyes the other night. I used 3 Target coupons. All the coupons were accepted by the register and I did receive a $5 gift card.

  23. Anna says:

    this is NOT a money maker. the target coupon says one per transaction

    • Sara says:

      I received 2 catalina coupons for $5 off that say Target Coupon on the top and do not say only one per transaction. So just to be clear, can I stack this with the manufactures coupon?

  24. Amy Lynn says:

    Yes!! When you buy two you get a $5 gift card! It’s good until 5/14/11! Hair dye here I come!!

  25. Amy Lynn says:

    Is the $5 gift card when you buy 2 still going on?

  26. Sonya says:

    How do u find out what coupons are coming out on Sunday?

  27. amanda says:

    Everytime I got to smart source to find a specific coupon, I cannot find it!!

  28. Kristina says:

    So you can use two coupons on one item as long as they came from a different source?

  29. Dawn says:

    I think I saw this deal at Rite Aid also … anyone? Video Value?

  30. angiesaves says:

    This is actually a good price. This stuff is easy to use and works well on my grays. My hair looks shinier and heathier.