Walmart has updated their Price Matching Policy online!
It is now more specific and helpful, breaking down what exactly they will price match. Some new additions include:

  1. We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.
  2. Fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

The policy is copied below, along with my commentary. To print the official policy, I suggest printing directly from and keeping it with you in your binder!
For more on shopping at Walmart like a Krazy Coupon Lady and the specifics, check out this video and post.

You may also print off the Walmart coupon policy here.

Our Ad Match Guarantee

We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.

We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

  • Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
    • Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
  • Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price at a specific retailer
    • Example: $2.99
  • Preferred shopping card advertised prices for specific item
    • that are in a printed ad and require a competitor’s shopping card for the discount to apply

This means that they will match sale prices, but not prices “after Rewards” (e.g. Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, Up+ Rewards)

  • For fresh produce and meat items
    • when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

*The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • We will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
  • We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.

You will no longer need the full ad when you price match, but you will want to write out a list of the store, the sale time span, and the product specifications. You may only price match with current sales.

  • Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:

  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C”
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
    • example: “Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free”
  • Items that require a purchase to get a competitors’ gift card
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get a $B gift card
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off
    • example: “All mascara, 40% off”
  • Competitors’ private label price promotions

This means that you cannot match a store generic product for a Walmart generic product. Price matched products must have all the same identifiers.

We do not honor:

  • Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined.
  • Internet pricing
  • Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
  • Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory

Trade territories are often within the same city, county, or a [X] mile radius, so check with your local Walmart if you have questions.

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I was price matching this mornings ad’s and I was a tad confused. Does Wal-Mart price match on sales that say you have to buy 8 to get it at the lower price. For example, Vons has Colgate on sale for 1.99 after you buy 8 participating sale items. Since the price after everything is listed will Wal-mart price match the lowest price?

Thank you!

will someone answer this please? can you still use a manufacture’s coupon on an item you just price matched at walmart?

If walmart price matches a BOGO sale, will they still let me use a BOGO coupon and get both items free?

This is what I need to know as well. Went in today and went straight to CS to ask. They were super nice but just couldn’t figure it out. First, we won’t price match a BOGO ad. Showed a copy of the updated price match policy. Then it was well you can only use one or the other, price match BOGO or MC BOGO. I replied, so you can’t use coupons on price matched items? They really could not answer me. She made a copy of their policy that I got off the website (she was the floor manager and had never seen it.) She is supposed to call me after she investigates it.

I am just as frusterated. I went in a couple weeks ago and did some price matching and the cashier did not give me the price match like she said she did, so I had to go to customer service to get the price adjustment. The gentlemen told me that walmart is now requiring ads becuase they were loosing so much money so I went in this past saturday and brought my ads and the lady said that she didn’t need them….ugh so frusterated!! I went back last night and used a competitor coupon plus a manufacturer coupon and they honored both, I almost fell over in the store.. ha ha I sure hope the cashiers get educated cause I hate it when the ones that have no clue are the ones I go to to check out

I went to Walmart today and they refused to price match my Jewel ad. The CSM said they only price match Target not Jewel (which is right accross the street), Walgreens (which shares the parking lot with Walmart) and not CVS. I don’t think that is right!!!

I had a problem at walmart today. I had 10 coupons for the Bic razors for $3 off. The razors were $2.88. She first told me I could not do all 10 because the coupon says Limit one per purchase. I said but I am just purchasing 1 per coupon. She said no you have to ring them up in 10 transactions. ??? I said there is a difference between a purchase and a transaction. She also said I couldn’t use them because the price was less than the coupon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the policy with me. Finally I had to get the store manager but it took like an hour. So frustrating!!

What is considered a Walmart competitor? What competitor coupons can I use at Walmart?

It depends on the area, but it usually includes grocery stores and drugstores nearby the Walmart store, or in their “local trade territory.” The trade territories are often within the same city, county, or a [X] mile radius, so check with your local Walmart if you have questions. It usually will include the weekly ads you get in the mail or flyers in your Sunday paper (since they only honor printed ads).

I have 2 questions and would gladly appreciate any help. I went to Walmart today to do a price match on the CVS ad where the men dove deodarant was .99$ with the card. I also had a manufacturer coupon as well and the cashier said they could not use both the price match and the manufacturer coupon because it would be a “double coupon”.

She also said that if it states “.99$ with card,” they wouldn’t accept that either. Is she correct?

Liz-if you read up in the previous posts then you will see the answer to your question. KCL points it out in their own coupon policy about “with card” issue, however, still haven’t seen answer as to why they promise to price match AND accept valid MQ’s but choose to only do 1 or the other, not both? Don’t see anywhere in their policy that they will only do 1, I see 2 separate policies and when you meet the criteria for both then you should receive both.

I did this at Walmart today and had no problem. Sorry your cashier wasn’t as helpful.

So, I skimmed through all the comments and don’t think I saw this question. If a store has a promotion, Buy 10 Participating Items and get $5 off and it states on the ad the final price after the $ off, can you price match that?

I was also wondering this about Rite Aid and Walgreen’s ads that state a price after up rewards and register rewards. The policy states cannot price match after store gift card promotions but does that include up rewards and register rewards?

Yes, they will match sale prices, but not prices “after Rewards” (e.g. Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, Up+ Rewards). This is because those “After Rewards” prices aren’t for the same transactions– the rewards are to be used in a future transaction. For further info, check out my comment about 3/4 the way down in response to Ashley’s question :)

Ok I really used to like shopping walmart because of convenience. but since I started couponing its been difficult to shop there so I was wondering if anyone could clear up a few things for me so i can shop there again.

First: Several times they would not accept coupons with a remit address of Del Rio Texas as they say they are fradulant. Is that correct?

Second: Last week I had a coupon for buy one get one free pretzel crisp. They would not accept it because it was for a free item. Since they are cheaper there then anywhere else I wanted to use it there. Is this correct that they don’t accept bogo free coupons?

Finally I get that is lets say Kroger has bananas on sale for $.49 a lb they will price match as bananas don’t usually have a brand associated with them. But what about meat. If Kroger has lets say chicken breast on sale for $1.49 a lb will they price match it? Sometimes meat has a brand associated with it and sometimes it don’t (like tyson) and if the add does not have a specific brand associated with it will they still price match?

I’m not sure n the Del Rio. I do know that fraudulent coupons come through all the time we’d usually get a list every couple weeks of coupons we could not accept because they were fraudulent.

If your BOGO coupon was a manufacturer they should of accepted it without a problem I accepted many BOGO when i was working. At that time they would not price match BOGO but from looking through the new policy it looks as if they should now when a price is listed.

After reading through this I think the best solution to shopping with price matches and coupons at Walmart is to keep a copy of the coupon policy with you so when a cashier or supervisor doesn’t know you have your reference right there and that should clear up most problems you come up with, since like i stated before I know at least for the store I worked for we were not always aware of all the coupon policy’s, a issue I sincerely hope they someday rectify!

Glad you posted. I just tried shopping at Wal-mart with coupons for the first time today. The first trip went well, no problems, the second trip (I dropped by to grab something) went not so well. The problem was that one wal-mart treated my target coupons like a price match, the other would not. I was very confused and frustrated. I came home and saw this post and was like, no wonder it was so confusing they just changed thier policy, so everyone it trying to figure things out. Though, I think in general I will just stick to the stores that have the sales. Wal-mart is too frustrating when it comes to coupons.

Glad to get the new clarification and guidelines. I’ve actually never had a problem with getting produce price matched.

As a former walmart cashier I just have to say in my experience the biggest problem and i think others have stated this is lack of training to the cashiers. i got very little training on what coupons could and could not be accepted, most of what i learned was when a customer presented a coupon to me and I would have to call my supervisor to find out if it was something new. It would be great if they would impliment better training and i really hope they do.
But until that happens I think the main thing to remember is whether we are the customer or the cashier being rude gets no one no where fast. I had my fair share of customers who were extremely nasty and rude when I wasn’t able to do something for them, and I always checked with a supervisor if i wasn’t completely sure(at this time i had never used coupons myself). On the other hand I had customers that were extremely kind and patient if i either couldn’t use a coupon or I had to ask my supervisor.
Unfortunately no matter where you go there are going to be bad shoppers and bad employees I just try and weed out the good ones and stick to them!
As for the price matching this is what i was told when working, if someone presented a price that was reasonable and not outrageous I could match without checking the ad, If it was a large discount they asked that we please verified. Again this varied by cashier I checked alot of ads for my own personal shopping so I usually had a good idea as to what was on sale so I didn’t pull the ad everytime, however I do know other cashiers that always check the ads. My walmart pulls all the local ads out of the paper and has them set at every register so if you do need to check and have forgot yours you can use theirs.
So far now that i’m the “couponer” not the “employee” I haven’t had any problems with price matching as well as using a manufactured coupon.

Jennifer…maybe you can answer the question of whether or not you can price match and then use a coupon on that same item at Walmart? some say yes and others say no, nothing in the Walmart policy states it clearly since they are both separate written policies. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

All i can say for sure is last week I went to my walmart and price matched some crackers from Fred Meyers and used a coupon with them as well without a problem. Now was it because the cashier didn’t pay attention to the fact that she used a coupon on a price matched item or that it is ok to do that IDK, but the register accepted my coupon after the price match. It’s been about 6 months since I worked there and i personally never had a customer ask me to price match and use a coupon so I can’t say for 100% what there actual policy is,also i know it’s changed since i was an employee, I just know I personally was able to do it once. Sorry i couldn’t be of more help!

Call first and ask your store! Many will say yes but when you get there the cashier will probably refuse you.Case in point: I went to Wal_mart today and price matched Excedrin from Rite-Aid. I also had a $2.50 catalina from Walgreens for that amount off Excedrin. They told me first that they couldn’t use it because you can’t use a coupon when you price match, which is false according to 2 assistant managers I’ve spoken to at that store and they said because it was more than the price of the product, which is also false! This coming from a Customer Service MANAGER! I called the store and spoke to another Assistant Manager and he said they should of taken it! So frustrated right now. That ruined my whole shopping trip. I was so excited because it was the first time I would get everything for free. But no they had to ruin it! I might just go to another local Wal-Mart! UGH!!

I could have used this about a week ago. Although maybe not, does anyone know how it works when it is just a lower price at a different store? Not a sale? I needed to return something at Target on Easter(I know horrible, but we don’t have one and I was an hr away where it is) anyway Target was closed. :( So I went to Walmart to get some stuff for dinner and grabbed the Purex crystals that Target had for 2.99 to find out about the price matching. The cashier told me they needed to ad to put in the drawer, I told her I didn’t think it was in the ad, it was just cheaper there. She said they couldn’t do it. So I left without them, all to end up back an hr away at Target yesterday and discovered that they had bumped the price of the crystals back up to 3.99, but were out. So I guess I will hopefully get them tomorrow at my Walmart. :)

Wow, really? If you don’t like, just don’t shop there. Its not that hard.

Sometimes people don’t have a huge selection in grocery stores, especially in small or rural towns so price matching at Walmart is best for them.

I have a question – I have been very pleased with the transactions with Walmart in the last couple of weeks with Walmart. Today, The transaction was a nightmare. I had several BOGO items and ads to conform the sale. I was told by a manager last week that they if their price is cheaper they will continue to honor hat price. TOday, the cashier chaged me the full amount for the product PLUS the diffence on the 2nd item .Is that right ?

It’s awesome that Walmart is now doing BOGO with the price having to be listed. But would they match B1G1 50% off if it has the price listed?

ok so I can print the coupon off of targets website and walmart will accept it and I can price match to a cvs ad????

Walmart will only accept the target coupons from their website if it states a specific price for a product. Most of target’s store ocupons are a $ off of a product. Target store coupons printed from their website do not have a manufacturer remit to address for the dollar off amount to be reimbursed. It must have an exact price on it so they can do a price match.

I am so lucky to have a Walmart that seems to be filled with savvy couponers for cashiers. One cashier was actually giving me a tutorial of some of the new policy changes a few weeks ago. She was so excited, you could tell, I did not have the heart to tell her I had read them already. :) I always keep an open mind too when coupon talking because you never know if you might learn something new or get an insider tip.

I am telling you, make these people your friends and you will never have another issue in your store again! One of the nice cashiers at our local Target was having a coupon printing issue and I made her give me her email, sent her a super easy fix, and she was onto coupon printing fun! She is always one of my favorite ladies to see when I go shopping. :)

It doesn’t hurt that Walmart made the policy a lot friendlier so maybe their staff can be a lot less stressed out about it.

I love, love, love the Walmart policy. It’s a one stop shop. I ad match several stores and use their coupons and manufacturers coupons. Add this in with overage and I am walking out with lots of stuff. It can be frustrating at times when you encounter a cashier who isn’t aware of the policy, but its worth dealing with in order to get most or all of my shopping done at one place. I heart the Mart once again!

I have used a Target specific coupon at Walmart, but only got half of the face value marked off the item I had purchased. I asked why only half off, if Walmart claims to price match. I didn’t argue it though, because I really didn’t know what Walmart’s policy was on using those types of coupons.

I guess I’m not understanding why you have interpreted this:

“We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

* Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
o Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
* Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price at a specific retailer
o Example: $2.99
* Preferred shopping card advertised prices for specific item
o that are in a printed ad and require a competitor’s shopping card for the discount to apply

This means that they will match sale prices, but not prices “after Rewards” (e.g. Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, Up+ Rewards)”

as not price after RRs. I have personally called my Walmart’s store manager and asked him if he would and he said yes. I haven’t had a problem yet. So would you mind explaining this in more detail to me please :)

For the great majority of Walmart stores, they will not price match an “After Rewards” price, especially since sometimes items are “Free after Reward”.
This is because the different types of checkout coupons (“Catalinas”) are to be used on a FUTURE purchase, so they cannot be used in the transaction that you use to buy that item. So it’s not very fair to ask Walmart to include it in the transaction for the item that you are purchasing, when not even the original store does that.
Also most of the different store “Catalinas” (RR, EB, Up+) cannot be redeemed at Walmart (store coupons must be for a specific price for a specific item, and Catalinas must be manufacturer coupons for an amount off of a specific item). So looking at it from Walmart’s perspective, it wouldn’t be reasonable to have to price match that lower price.
If your store currently allows price-matching for “After Rewards” prices and you have spoken with the manager, than that is that store’s choice. But keep in mind that it is a courtesy, not a rule they have to follow.

Thanks for your input! :) I never tried to match an item free after RR. I just assumed it would be a no go lol I just thought it wasn’t a bad idea to call our store manager and discuss it with him and explained how RR worked and he said he had no problem with it and if I had any problems to ask for him. I know he could change his mind later on and I wouldn’t argue it. Our Wags is always out of stuff (we have a known shelf clearer that resells the items at their family owned store) So sometimes it’s easier to price match at Walmart since the “shelf clearer” doesn’t think they should leave anything for anyone else :(

I completely agree. Our Walmart used to take RR’s, but apparently just had a training class on them and now has said that will only accept a Register Reward if it is for a specific item. As in a $3 Goody RR on a Goody item. I’d just rather roll it each week rather then purchasing a bunch of an item I just got for free, but that’s just my opinion! :)

I called my local Wal-Mart and spoke at length with a customer service manager who advised that their trade area is a store that is within 50 miles of the Wal-Mart store you are at.

For stores that Wal-Mart wouldn’t have an ad for, (ie – one that didn’t come in the newspaper or mail) he advised to bring out a printed copy of the ad as well as a mapquest of the store location that includes the mileage to the store that you are price matching to so that they can determine that there is one within that 50 mile radius. For example, I do not have a Harris Teeter locally, but there are several south of me in the Nashville, TN area that I can price comp with, but because we do not get a Harris Teeter ad, I am printing out the ad as well as a mapquest of the closest Harris Teeter to show them that there is one within their trade market area.

THe customer service manager that I spoke with was very nice. We talked for about 5 minutes about the coupon policy and price matching changes and I told him that many in the couponing world were glad they gave us shoppers the convenience of price matching. He did indicate that it is a learning process for them as well, but overall I felt confident that he was committed to the process and helping us out. Perhaps I am one of the *lucky ones* and while it ight take a bit longer checking out, I feel, for me, that it would be an advantage in gas and time savings to do some couponing and price comparison and matching at Wal-Mart.

That is great that your walmart considers their trade area 50 miles. Mine is only 7, and i know others that are 3. Enjoy it!!!

Why not go to the actual store that has the item on sale instead of going through an exercise of frustration dealing with Walmart employees? This isn’t going to be easy and is more like to just add to your stress level.

By price matching you can get all your shopping done at once without having to drive around town to multiple stores. You’ll save on gas for your car, but I agree that having to deal with the Wal-Mart employees is usually a hassle.

I just went to my second walmart to try to find a certain item that my regular walmart was out of. When I got there it was not advertised for the same price as the other walmart. So when I asked if they’d price match it they refused! I’m so frustrated right now! Why is it that they will go to such great lengths to say they’ll price match ANY competitor and yet they won’t even price match their own store! I know it’s dishonest, but I should have just lied and said that Target had it on sale and it wouldn’t have been a problem! Do they wNt people to be dishonest and take advantage of them?? Sheesh! Had anyone had this happen to them?

I have the same problem where I live (WI), 1 store on west side of town will have a different price than east side of town (10 miles away)and I have asked before about the lower price and they will say that they cannot match it because each store sets its own prices– Frustrating

Unfortunately this is true and I really don’t understand the why of it but walmarts cannot price match other walmarts. Again i have no idea why but I use to work there and that’s what I was told.

It’s true that every store sets their own prices, though most of them will probably be similar if in close proximity.
It’s like how some drugstores will have things on clearance and same won’t. It’s hit and miss sometimes, which can be frustrating, but try not to let it get you down. Focus on the positive.
As a KCL, if an item isn’t in stock, or you don’t get a certain coupon in your insert, or a price isn’t the same as another KCL’s, don’t fret. More great deals will come, more great coupons are on their way. Keep your head up and a smile on your face as you remember all the great deals you WERE able to get and the exciting ones coming! :)

In Colorado (Loveland Store) they will price match generic for generic with no problems. Example this week Safeway has 1 gal milk for $1.98 and I just purchased the same size in the Walmart brand and they matched it no problem. Good Luck all

So, I have a question. I used a Walgreens coupon for a Fleet brand product for $1 off. No problem the first time, but the second time I tried to use it, I was told that the only “other” store coupon Walmart would accept was one that offered a specific product for a specific price. Well I reviewed Walmart’s coupon policy and it seemed that was how it read. My question is, how is this different from price matching? And is what I was told accurate?

Right, Competitors’ coupons must meet these guidelines:
*A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99
*Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
*Have a valid expiration date

Can you use the catalina from Target for “$5 off any 2 revlon beauty tools” at Walmart? It is a MQ and I did this deal there a while back without incident(and had the overage pay for some of my basket), but last week they said no way because of the target logo. They said it was for Target and they couldn’t accept it because they wouldn’t get reimbursed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if it can only be used at target it would be like a store coupon right? Does anyone have any thoughts about this scenario?

By what you described, they should have accepted it.
Walmart accepts other stores’ Catalinas (Checkout coupons) that follow these guidelines (as stated in their official coupon policy):
“Printed at our competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item
Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them
Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
Must have a valid expiration date
Must have a scannable bar code
Are acceptable in black and white
May not be duplicated”

Make sure to print off a copy of the coupon policy and take it with you in case you run into any more snags:

The target catalina for the revlon beauty tools meets all of the criteria that you mentioned, but I wanted clarification on one other thing. It says on it “redeemable at target.” Does this imply that it is only redeemable at target or rather suggesting that it can be used at target? I think this wording was the main reason the cashier refused to accept it. Your thoughts? I also wanted to thank KCL for all that you guys do. Couponing can be very time consuming, but having the deals handed to you saves us soooo much time. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

When coupons say “Redeemable at” or “Available at” and are manufacturer coupons, you should be able to use them anywhere that accepts coupons. If the coupons says, “Valid ONLY at” or “Redeem ONLY at”, then that’s store specific.

I have a question about Walmart Coupon’s policy. I have a Buy One Get One free coupon, and it does not specify the price of the product. It just says max value of 7.50 and I just read that their BOGO free coupons must have a specific price…does this mean they will not take it?

Nice that they have outlined everything but frustrating that they won’t take a competitor ad for generic items. I have been doing that for a long time for things like milk and eggs.

Yeah- this is the biggest bummed-out part of the policy. Most of my pricematching comes from produce, milk, eggs, generic labels.

So does this mean they will not match unadvertised prices? or what about everyday lower prices? For instance my Wal Mart just comped Brut Deodorant for me, yet it was unadvertised, and they took the $1 it was free. I called the store and asked first, if they would match unadvertised specials and they said they would gladly match it.

It would really depend on the store. The policy states, “if you find a lower *advertised* price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it”.
Therefore it would be up to your local Walmart, though the great majority will probably only match current advertised prices, since those are easily verified.
If your Walmart currently does it, it is a courtesy but not the rule to do so.


I too have children (although I do not understand the relevancy here). I also work a full time job so I do not have the luxury of shopping at any time of the day.

Lucky you that your stores have everything you need on the shelves.

For those of you trying to understand how Wal-Mart plans to price match without requiring you to have the actual ad with you, I will tell you how they do it here in Bowling Green, KY.

For as long as I can remember, our local Wal-Mart (now Wal-Marts), has purchased a number of Sunday papers from their own stock (enough to have 1 paper per register). Each sunday they remove all circulars and line them up at the top corner. They then use a hole punch and a binder ring to keep them together. These are then placed at each register, and the cashier is able to quickly confirm the price match, or if necessary, deny it based on specific details.

Our local Kroger used to do this as well, but I don’t know if they still do or not, I don’t pay attention there, since the things that I buy at Kroger will likely not be cheaper at Wal-Mart or elsewhere anyways (considering 10/10 sales, coupon doubling, etc).

SO, maybe they have decided to implement a system similar to this in all stores. Either that or they have come up with a technical solution that may involve the register being programmed with potential sale prices in the event that a person asks for a price match. Think of it like this. Dove at CVS is .99. Walmart Sells it for ~$4. So, when a person checks out, they ask the cashier to price match the item. The cashier could then enter the “price match code” for CVS and the register can pull prices from a database that match competitors prices with the scanned item. (this is just a simple idea to show how simple it could be for them to do).

Hope this helps in some way.

So what about the 10 for 10 sales, or 5 for 5. Does Wal-mart match those??

Good question!!! I am wondering too…KCL what say you?

I’ve never had a problem price matching 10 for $10 sales at Walmart stores. They say that they will not price match “Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined.” Since it’s simple division, and the price therefore is therefore easily determined, it should be able to be price matched at $1 each, regardless of how many you buy (unless the ad specifically states, “Must buy 10 to get advertised price”).
I think a case where a price cannot be determined would be for something like Safeway’s ad earlier this month, “First Meal Great Deal, Buy 4 Save $4.00 Mix & Match Cereal Sale”. There were no prices listed in the ad, so a specific price cannot be determined, and therefore could not be price matched.

I dont understand any of this. I have 3 kids and a 4th on the way. If CVS has a sale on something i go get it there. If Walmart has a sale on something i go get it there. I match my coupons with the store and the sale and shop. What is the point in fighting with people at walmart and going in mutilple times to prove your right. Your not saving time. Is this just a bordom thing? Go to the store that has it on sale. Holly Molly never seen so many lazy people Is it really that big of a deal to go to multiple stores for the savings?

In Response to Britney post, I understand what you mean but sometimes the reason why I price match a bunch of things at Walmart is so that I know the product is going to be there. Because I have kids too, it’s hard to get to Walgreens or Rite Aide before somebody else does.

Brittany, Sorry I spelled your name wrong. :o)

Many of us live in rural areas. Price matching is the only option with the price of gas right now. There is no CVS, Walgreens or Target in my town and to drive to one of these stores is at least a 45 minute drive. Do not assume people are lazy.

Hi Brittany, I know how you feel about this whole subject of price matching. i too, used to say why not just go to the store with the sale, and i didn’t want to get any hassle on my price matching from the wally cashiers. one day, a coupon savvy friend of mine told me about price matching and how it can cut trips to multiple stores down to one (or two) stores. She demonstrated how she goes about bringing the price match ad to walmart with her (which you no longer need with the new policy) and she would put the price match items at the end of the conveyor belt and kindly let the cashier know that she had price match items at the end. I nervously tried this with 2 items my first time and it was a breeze, and saved me from having to travel to another store! I personally, have never had any trouble at walmart with this. Now I do it all of the time, and combine it with coupons. I even got my change-resistant mother to try it and she said it was easy too! With gas being $4 a gallon and with the hassle of parking lots, this is something you may want to try. Being a busy mommy of almost 4, it is worth a try to save yourself a little bit of time :) Hope this helps explain our price matching mentality :) Let us fellow couponers know if you give this a try. have a good one!

I am not lazy…I am smart. I rarely have trouble with my cashiers and I don’t have to worry if the item is cleared off the shelves at CVS or Walgreens. How rude of you to call everyone lazy for doing what we choose.

Rite Aid and CVS are much smaller stores. I’ve often found that I show up at the ones in our town, ready to purchase items, only to find that they are out of stock. With Walmart being a much larger store, I can be pretty confident that when I go in there, the product will be there, and that if I have multiple coupons for the item, there will be enough that my purchasing multiple items, I won’t be clearing the shelf. Buy 4 of the same item at Rite Aid or CVS, you might just clear the shelf, depending on what it is. Not so at Walmart.

Wal-Mart allows for overages and the drug stores and grocery stores where I live don’t.

Many times Publix ads will say BOGO, save $2.00! instead of buy one for $2.00 get one free. Will Wal-mart accept those ads?

Hmmm Kinda surprised they will do price matching Without the ad. That’s weird but I’m not complaining. I cannot keep up with walmart’s policy. The cashier’s here were finally starting to learn the new rules as I had to keep walking in my store policy and now it’s changing more!! Too much.

I went to my walmart and tried to price match the dove+mens deordorant and the csm in charge refused to price match. She said they are not a club and therefore do not price match when it says with card. I called their supervisor the next day and he said yes they do so i went back and got the deordant for .99cents then used a target coupon. Then my girlfriend went in and they told her they dont take the target coupon unless it says manufacturer on top in additon to target logo but luckily she also had the 3.00 off any 2 dove products so she got 4 deordorants for .99each and they gave her change back. Our other walmart in the next city matches all prices whether it says with card or not but this one keeps tellin us no.

I have so many issues with all my local walmarts (two just in my city) from them scanning a coupon and it not coming off my bill but the cashier arguing with me that there is nothing so can do since it’s already scanned; to them over charging my $10.00 and me taking two weeks arguing it out with the manager! They advertise they have the best coupon/price match policy but in reality they have one of the worst! Along with employees who are unwilling to help the customer and ask a manager if they are unsure!
They can go right ahead and change their policy, for me, all walmart is is an over rated “super store: stealing my money, treating their employees badly and killing all the other stores that have been there long before. I say boo walmart.

I am wondering how much resistance I will have when I price match without the adds.I never get the rite aid, cvs or target adds. I also choose my cashier carefully, I dont choose the older women, they just plain take too long. The younger girls are the best and very easy going. I will test this new policy next week and get back to you :)

I have had great success at my local wal-mart. I am probably in there 3 times a week price matching, using competitor coupons, etc. I have learned that certain cashiers know the policy and others will call a supervisor over to question every item & coupon. I choose my cashier carefully! My goal is always to make it as easy as possible for the cashier by laying the specific page of the ad with the item circled in red, on top of the item to be price matched. I keep all these items separate at the end of my order. They seem to appreciate it and are willing to work with me :) Now they just need to start doubling coupons and I will be completely happy with only shopping there!


I had the same exact issue at Target and Walmart BOTH. First Target said they dont price match if a “loyalty” card is needed to receive the sale price. Then, at Walmart when I asked if they price match and take competitors coupons they eagerly said “Yes” until I showed them the CVS flier for .99 cent Dove Mens Deodorant and a $1.00 Target coupon. I was again told Walmart doesnt price match sales involving “reward” cards, but they would gladly accept the Target coupon. This can be is so frustrating!

this was so funny because I spent about 45 minutes looking for this last night. You read my mind just a little late.

For those of you who are mystified by this I suggest you follow the link in the original post above to

I am so glad this is very specific!! Now let’s stay honest with our price matching so we can continue to do this:) Keep this policy with you and be positive and kind while educating your cashier and then enjoy the awesome savings!! I am a big believer in this, as it gives couponers a good name, and helps cashiers be more positive when helping us. Share feedback, positive or other with your stores and help us foster great relationships with them so we can keep on couponing!! Yea!

I have recently printed the Wal-Mart NEW coupon policy. The will only allow 1 coupon, either manufactor OR competitor, not both like Target or Wal-greens allows-you can NOT stack!!

As far as how “local” they accept, just ask!! I live 40 min north of KC and am happyt to say our local Wal-mart, which has no competition so prices are not real great, will price match as far away as the stores 30 min. from me-they are great about it, never have a problem.

Always bring sale paper. I promise you will have issues with out it!

No where on the coupon policy or the ad match guarantee does it say anything about coupon overages….are they still allowing overages to go towards the rest of the order? Where does it say that in print? TIA!!

The ‘overage’ information is located on Walmart’s “Our Coupon Policy” pdf which I just printed from their website (follow link) and is dated 3/16/2011. *Guidlines and limitations on the left hand side in the blue box. 7th bullet point. “If coupon exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.” HTH

If you look at the pdf version of Wal-mart’s coupon policy on their website, there is a blue section on the left “Guidelines and limitations.” It states, “If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.” Hope this helps!

Can you use Wags RR at Walmart?

Only if it’s $5 off your next Hershey’s purchase (find a $0.50 piece and get the overage). If it’s $5 off your next ORDER, the official answer is no. However, I watched a woman in line in front of me the other night get away with it. Personally, I’m too embarrassed to try and have the ogre of a manager who won’t price match 95% of the time come over.

Right, their policy states that Checkout coupons (“Catalinas”) must follow these guidelines:
Printed at our competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item
Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them
Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
Must have a valid expiration date
Must have a scannable bar code”

re: Our Ad Match Guarantee
We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.
We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*
• Preferred shopping card advertised prices for specific item
o that are in a printed ad and require a competitor’s shopping card for the discount to apply
This means that they will match sale prices, but not prices “after Rewards” (e.g. Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, Up+ Rewards)

So this means I COULD have gotten the Men’s Dove price matched to .99 and used the man q’s and gotten them for free?! I had CVS’ ad in hand and the floor lead denied price matching saying they don’t price match when the ad price says “price with store card”; per his manager. I really wish these employees would get on their game. I personally would feel ashamed if a patron schooled me in my own company’s policies.

Yes, they should price match CVS’s ad this week since the deodorant is just the sale price, not a price “after Rewards”. In your case, I would probably either
1)Call Corporate and explain the situation and what happened. They will then usually contact the store and make them aware of it
2)Print out a few extra copies of the new policy and take them with you. Give them to the manager and the assistant manager(s). Walmart is a huge corporation and unfortunately, they probably didn’t train every single store on the policy before they published it. Chances are the management doesn’t know about it, but would be open to learning about & abiding by it.

I have a coupon that reads “save a 1.50 on any come product when you buy any redenbackets popcorn.” I should still be able to use this correct? I am not getting anything for free.

So it says you dont need to have the add for the price adjustment. SO you can just tell them the price and they will lower it??

Yes, a couple weeks ago I did this. I didn’t have the Walgreens ad with me but I mentioned it to the cashier and she price matched the Taster’s Choice coffee price of 2/$2 anyway.

Right, you’ll want to write out a list of the store, the sale time span, and the product specifications and only price match with current sales.
I write everything down because it helps me remember everything and it feels more “official” :)

if you all think walmart on any sort of regular basis is just gonna take our word for it you all are CRAZY!! ( dont get me wrong love you and your site) but seriously, they wont even follow their own policy printed out in black and white and making a list is great but i would have a copy of each and every ad because if they ask for it you have it id hate to walk out because i have a cart full of price matched items

This would be worth it if A)the cashiers were trained to know the coupon policy and every update along with it B)The cashiers were friendly and focused on customer service instead of checking you out as fast as they can. C)Walmart didn’t give you a hard time about doing it, D)having to go through the ad and have it matched is a hassle (I know they say they do it without the ad, but I have serious doubts with my walmart) E)The manager being given the “final word” on all of this gives me doubt that I’d even be able to do it.
I’d could go through all this work shopping, getting my ads/coupons together, and then the manager is just like “no we’re not going to do this”. Ugh, I’ve had so many problems with Walmart!

Laura I’ve experienced the same frustration. I had my whole order ready to check out after about an hour in the store, and was patiently waiting behind another couponer, when the manager came up front and actually told us we couldn’t use the amount of coupons we had. I argued with him since the lady in front of me already had half her cart rang up and coupons for each item, but he refused to honor all of them. It was a waste of my time and hers and frustrating to leave a cart full of groceries there because the manager had the last say in it. Had to do a repeat of the shopping trip at their competitor’s store.

As a cashier at Walmart and a shopper at Walmart, if customers want cashiers to be nice and not rude then maybe they shouldnt be rude when they checkout. As for the coupon policy, we do take store coupons but we have to take the price off of the itakem and not take the coupon off at the end of the sale.

I have shopped Walmart many times and am always nice to the cashiers and trust me it doesn’t keep some from being rude. As far as Walmarts coupon and ad match policy, it changes all the time. It is frustrating shopping at Walmart. I use to shop Walmart all the time, however I have found I can get better prices, better service just taking my coupons to other stores and I don’t have to wonder if they are going to accept my coupons.

That’s interesting regarding their policy on not matching store brands. I just price matched a Kroger brand ham with the Wal-Mart brand one. There were a number of employees who told me they could match store brand items. Wonder if this will change things.

If we don’t have to bring an ad in, then how will they know if we’re telling the truth about the price and that it is from the current ad?

As stated in the post, you will want to write out a list of the store, the sale time span, and the product specifications. You may only price match with current sales.
And they are trusting their customers to be honest and up on the current sales (which true KCLs definitely are!).

Our walmart has all of the ad’s they keep them at the service desk so anyone can go look through them, and if they need to check they can

I tried to price match the men’s dove deodorant (cvs was selling them for .99 each), and they would not let me. I had the ad with me, and despite it listing the price, the manager only focused on the 80% off part, not the .99 part. I called 1800walmart, and am still waiting on a call from corporate.

price match it at Target. Didn’t have problem there =)

OMG, didnt know Target price match – all this time focused in Walmart. I have so many target web coupons that might go to waste. I guess I’ll give it a try tomorrow :)

I wish they would define “local” competitor’s. Living in a rural area, I would like to know how far away is considered “local”.

i would call and ask tospeak with a manager about the mile radius…

They dont’ list what “local” is in corporate policy bcause it is different for every store. Depending on the number of stores and competition in an area will depend on the radius that they consider “local”. In my town anything within the town (about 7mile radius) is considered competitor, which also includes a couple of small towns nearby. But in the next town with a wal-mart they only figure a 3 mile radius to be competitors and will price match. It’s not a one size fits all answer.

I know it can be frustrating (I have had a few battles at Walmart myself) but I think we should excercise patience. They have been changing their policy a lot and it may be hard for them to keep up. That is a lot of employees to inform and some probably just don’t “get it” if they have no coupon experience.

Yes patience is key. I also found out that you are now allowed an overage at Wal-Mart. This is great news!

Yes I know people should be patient with the cashiers. But alot of cashiers are rude and will just come out with NO we can not take them, when they should ask a supervisor and not be so rude about it

I am doing the happy dance! I love the precise and specific explanation of the policy. I wish all store would do there policy like this. Some of them are hard to figure out.

The policy is very clear. However, the employees/managers are having issues comprehending their own store’s policy. LOL

To Debbie, yes you can use MQ’s also. However I have come accross multiple problems with this policy: Monday I went to Wal-Mart and priced matched some razors and some other things. I went to go use the MQ’s and the cashier told me that I could not use them. I asked why and she said that once the register overrides a price, the machine won’t scan the coupon. I then sent an email to Wal-Mart corporate. Apparently it goes straight to the store when you email. The asst manager called me and said that they should have taken my MQ’s and if I come accross another problem she gave me her name and said to ask for her. Last night I went to try to get some free excedrin(I have a Catalina from Wal-Greens) and the cashier refused the Cat and said they never take other stores coupons. Spoke to the manager again, and again I was right. I know this is sort of new to them but if they are not sure that should ask their supervisor.I now have 2 copies of there policy one in my binder and one loose as I have had to pull it out many times now…

I have CSM’d for Wal-mart. A good piece of advice is to always have a print out of the coupon policy. Anytime a cashier says he/she cannot do something, always ask for a supervisor. The management is very poor at notifying hourly employees of policy changes. Once a CSM tells the cashier to do it, they then know they were mistaken. If the CSM says no and it is in accordance to policy, ask for their supervisor. Anyone above an Assistant is not going to go against their assistant. Also, it is always best to try to resolve issues at the lowest level possible. If you repeatedly go right to corporate with every little thing, you will become a nuisance and they will be less likely to listen to you. CSM are there for customer service. It is their job to take care of you.

Just for clarification… so they *should* let you use a manufacture’s coupon after they have price matched? and you *should* be able to use catalinas like Walgreen’s Register Rewards?

Is there a item to coupon ratio? like can you buy only 10 items but use 12 or 13 coupons?

thanks, new to couponing and need all the help i can get!!

I just have a question re this…

“We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:
Percentage off:
example: “All mascara, 40% off””

Like for this weeks CVS ad, the Dove Men+Care Deodorant says “80% off” on the top left side and on the right lower side it states the price – “Lowest price! 99cents Limit 5”

So does that mean they can still price match it since the actual price is there anyway with the percentage off?

Yes, they will give you the price match on the dove deodorant because the price is printed. I Did it and they had no problem matching!

They will match it. I did it. BUT they will not take the Target $1 off coupons. :(

my walmart takes the 1$ target coupon i have been there several times this week and they honored it each time for a total of 15 dove mens deorderant total = free

As per the Walmart Coupon Policy, they will only accept print-at-home coupons that are manufacturer coupons with a remit address, so most Walmart’s will not (and should not) accept Target Web Coupons printed off All store/ competitor coupons must be for a specific price listed (like “$1.50 for Colgate Total, 4 oz”).

In my area, they also accept competitors coupons. So now, I can use Target coupons at Wal-Mart. Makes for some great savings.

if you have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon does walmart also allow a coupon for the free item?

I think you mean can you use a second coupon on the item you “buy”? no you can’t you buy the 2 items and use the b1g1 coupon and thats all they will allow :( at least at our walmart

I got the Clean & Clear Body Wash at WalMart. Had to show them the Walgreen’s Advertisement and explain so they could ring it up. They matched ad BOGO Free, charged me $4.97 and rang up 2nd as .01, then they took coupon and credited $4.97 to me making both FREE or .01 cents; and WalMart gets $4.97 back from Mfg. The cashier thought I was crazy and called a manager over but he told her it was right !
My sister was shy about trying to use her same coupon at WalMart so I went with her a few days later to smaller store location and cashier called over a manager that said she could not get 2 FREE. She said they will match competitor coupon for BOGO Free but not Ad match (what ????!) so she called over a second mangaer who looked through the ad match and coupon policies (we offered copies too) and finally got the deal 2 FREE Clean & Clear Body Washes.
Altogether 2 managers and 3 cashiers were educated by this deal. We stayed pleasant throughout the transaction and waited patiently while they tried to figure out if we were right. When I do this type of transaction key is to stay friendly and patient, be prepared with your ad/coupon match/store adv. and plan on transaction taking 10-15 minutes.
Also my WalMArt will accept competitor ads/coupons if the competitor is no more than 30 miles away (No Target for me)

Ok.. so I have this straight.. Walmart will now take Target coupons and also a manufacturers coupon ???

Walmart will accept one coupon per item, so you may use EITHER a store coupon (with a specific price stated) or a manufacturer coupon. Unfortunately in the Walmart Coupon Policy, they will only accept print-at-home coupons that are manufacturer coupons with a remit address, so most Walmart’s will not accept Target Web Coupons printed off

The Wal-mart in my area accepts comeptitor coupons when it offers a product for a “specific” price. They will not honor $$ off coupons from Target or other competitors.

For example:

This week CVS has Dove deodorant for $0.99

I took four Dove deodorants up to the register and had them price match the items to $0.99

Then, I presented four Target coupons for $1.00 each deodorant.

I ended up leaving the store with 4 Dove deodorants and they paid me the overage of $0.04

I was able to price match the ad from cvs for dove deoderant at Walmart for $.99 BUT as my target web coupons did not have a “remit to” address, they wouldn’t accept those coupons =(

I too..had an issue with price matching and using a MQ with it. I was told at two stores they cannot take a coupon if u price match..its a double discount????? How o they figure?? They will still get the coupon value back from the manufactuer….its two different things!!! I’ll stick to Target thank you….

Once Walmart price matches can we then proceed to use MQ’s also?

Correct. You can use one coupon per item at Walmart (manufacturer or store).

I guess I am really confused now! Some have said that Walmart will accept Target coupons while others haven’t. I see on the policy that it states “must have remit to address” (Target printed coupons do not) and that it must say Manufacturers Coupon (Target’s do not). What competitor coupons will they take then because I don’t know of any store coupons that have Manf. Coupon printed on them or remit address’?!

Okay, here it is:
1. Competitor/ Store coupons need to have a specific price listed for a specific product, for instance “Colgate Total toothpaste 4 oz for $1.49”. You will find these store coupons in weekly store ads or sometimes in coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.
2. All Print-at-Home coupons must be manufacturer coupons. Many of the coupons that are printed off of are Target Web Coupons (some are manufacturer coupons, very similar to ones that you print off of To find out which ones will print out as Target coupons and which ones are manufacturer coupons, check out our Printable Coupon Database, where it will list which type of coupon it is after the coupon specs).
Remember the two main points– store coupons for specific prices and printable coupons must be manufacturer coupons.
So the problem with Target Web Coupons is that they are hardly ever for a “specific price”; they are usually dollar-amount-off coupons AND that they are not manufacturer coupons (which is what printable coupons need to be at Walmart).
Walmart does not (or should not) accept Target Web Coupons because they are not for a sale price and they cannot send them in to be reimbursed.
Stores do not get reimbursed for store coupons. They will “eat” the cost, banking on the opportunity to get you in their store and hopefully buy more products from them at retail value.
Comparatively, Walmart has a lower profit margin than most stores on most of their items. Other retail stores have high regular prices, but low sale prices (ranging from 50-200 items or so each week). This is why those stores will give store coupons for “Dollar Off” amounts– they are already making a higher profit margin and can therefore afford to eat the cost of a few coupons, to get you in their store to buy some regular-priced items too.
Walmart’s theory is that they have the lowest price on any brand name item, and if it doesn’t, they will match a sale price from another store, a specific price for that specific item. They simply cannot afford to also take “Dollar-Off” amount store coupons too, because they are usually not benefiting from higher profit margins like the other national grocery and drug store chains.

Thank you! That clears it up!

Wal-Mart cashiers need to be educated. I JUST came back from there, where I price-matched an item on sale at Walgreens (I had the ad with me; I don’t trust that they will just accept competitor prices w/out it). When it came time to use the coupons, cashier WOULD NOT accept them, stating that she already price-matched! I returned the items right then and there, and she was trying to sell them to me.

I’m just about done with Wal-Mart; it’s just not worth the hassle. I’d rather pay a little more at Target and get far better service . . . and NO problems.

ugh, I feel your pain! Sorry that happened, and on a friday night!!! I haven’t shopped at Walmart in a while because of their ever flutuation coupon/price matching policies, but was going to give it another try with their new policy. I have read from a couple of readers that they have had the same problem and I didn’t see anywhere in the policy that it states you can not use coupons when an item is price matched!!! What is the reasoning behind not being able to do it? Price matching and coupons are 2 separate transactions with different policies so which should we point out if this happens?!

I feel for you on this one. I price matched an item using a Walgreens ad and afterwards was trying to use my manufacturer coupon. She told me i cant do both. I asked to talked to her manager and confirm and the manager told me the same thing. I didnt buy the items. I feel deceived.

Walmart will hire ANYBODY!!.. and never will they educate them on their policies… fed up with them.. I have been a target shopper for the past 2 years!

re: 2.Fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

The way Walmart gets around price matching for fruit and vegetables while still claiming to being committed to providing the lowest prices is by selling an increasing number of produce items by the item, instead of the pound. So, while you may have several store ads with oranges on sale 3 lbs for a dollar or better, Walmart will be selling them at 50 cents a piece.

So, I think you just answered my question. You cannot price match when the competitors ad states per pound when they sell each at a specific price? Do I have that right?