Woot!  Ivory Soap 3 packs are only $0.97 at Walmart! Use the $1.00 off 1 Ivory Soap coupon in the 5/1 P&G to get it for free!  The Ivory coupon has a picture of the body wash, but clearly states you can use it on bar, liquid soap or body wash. :)

Ivory Soap, 3 pack $0.97
$1.00/1 Ivory Liquid, Bar Soap or Body Wash from PG 5/1
Final Price: $0.03 Moneymaker

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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79 thoughts on “Free Ivory Soap Bars at Walmart!”

it won’t let me print the coupon

My local WalMart refused to ring up the coupon on this item. They said that since the coupon said bar and not bars I could not use. The system actually rejected the coupon.

I just picked up 16 3pks of ivory soap at walmart,3 degree deoderants,2 packages of stayfree all for they owed me 16 cents.sweet deal

No, most of us actually don’t clear the shelves, and no I don’t judge what I buy on whether or not someone else is looking. It’s polite to try to leave some stock on shelves for someone else, and if you’re buying a lot you can also place an order with the manager so that they can request more on the next delivery truck.

I live in Central CA and I didn’t have the Ivory or Gain either.

I bought 4 3 pks at walmart– after the tax i spent 11 cents for 12 bars WHOO HOO!!

Sooo – I was at my local Wally today and the Ivory coupon beeped – cashier refused to take it because it was for ONE bar of soap, not ONE package. This is why I don’t shop much at Wal*Mart. It’s always something, and the overage isn’t worth the headache.

Did you have your policy with you? i always carry mine in my binder all though it states one bar.. this item is not sold by bar and they should have taken it. My wally when the coupon scanned asked if this was the right amount and gave me the over towards the tax yay you can find the policy on here

I got 8 ivorys and when i was walking by the clearence rack i saw lysol on sale for a dollar good thing i had my binder with bc i then got 5 lysol sprays for free as well!

SO I just got back from walmart and had a bunch of coupons.I only ended up getting 5 items because they were all out of the cheap noxema razors.I bought the ivory soap,I had a coupon for a free suave dry shampoo or styling product,Breve creamer,ready rice and a $2.00 of always pads.Total was $10 something and daughter forgot t oscan the breve creamer which would have taken off $1.78 so she cost me money in the long run.I ended up paying $3.06 for 5 items

My daughter is hands down the best kid in the whole world and I love her completely…but I still don’t take her with me when trying to score deals lol!

The last two trips I have made to Walmart have not been very pleasant. First time the cashier scanned all the items then the coupons. The last two coupons were not scanning and then cashier told me next time I have to have scan item, scan coupon, scan item, scan coupon. I said ok. Then today I went to purchase a few thing and I asked this different cashier if she would like me to give them the coupon that goes with each item and she said no. Then I was double checking with them and they started to get a little snappy with me. I let it roll of my shoulders not trying to get to me. Then when it came to the coupon for the Ivory soap she told me it doe not work because she missed read the coupon. I had to politely show here it did say BAR of soap and not just lotion. I do not know if I should ask for a Manager next time because I do feel I get treated differently for using coupons since before I did not have problems?

sorry your having these issues! Maybe you should “profile” your next cashier? like KKL says? just try to be nice, use there name, and if possible call afterwords to let there manager how well they did.

They just do not want to have to go through the extra hassle of scanning coupons and making sure the item is for what it says and they are taking it out on the shopper. They are just use to swiping the item over the reader and heck they don’t even put the bags in your shopping cart anymore. Don’t worry about it and keep on keeping on!

MUAHAHHA I have it!

OOOH!! I FOUND THE IVORY COUPON! It’s on the same page in the P&G saver as the Era, Gain, Gillette coupons (says ‘save 7.00 in a blue circle) You DO have to look carefully, mine is on t he upper right side, and it shows a BOTTLE of body wash, not soap! W00t!

P&G Brand Saver coupon insert from the May 1st paper
blue page
it has Pictures of era /gain/febreze/luvs
top left coupons

other coupons in page
zest bar/body wash
venus disposable

back side coupon gillette

Thanks for all the help…I looked and looked for this coupon and I finally found it…I was starting to think I was crazy….I’m from CT. it does say one bar but if everyone else was able to use it hopefully I will be able as well.

but only 1 out of my 3 P&G inserts had it. This is my first week and I bought three different papers to see if there was a difference and there was but I do not know which paper had it. I guess I will do it again this week and mark what paper they came out of….thanks again!

NO NO NO… NO Ivory coupon in any of my (40) PG inserts!!!!
I live in NY and I got a couple of newspapers and none of them had it, i was even able to get the Pampers $2.50 off but not the ivory… how dissappointing.

I had to do it. Got the coupon in my paper, and I happened to strike a LUCKY deal with the THRRE newspaper delivery guys I have in the area. I cleaned the shelf of all Wal-Mart’s 3 packs and still have a few coupons left. This is my first time trying something like this, and let me tell you, watching $20 disappear into $1 was amazing. The money made off the overage helped pay for the sales tax!

I hope you don’t live in my area. Buying 20 of these at one time and leaving none for others is rude. First of all, the price at Wal-Mart is not a sale price. Second of all, the coupon isn’t going to expire in the next few days. Wouldn’t it have been more considerate to have left a few for other shoppers? Then you could have picked up some more on your next Wal-Mart trip. Perhaps you were excited about getting free soap, but please think of others.

I would feel bad about doing it if I was buying solely for myself. However, I am buying for 5 seperate households. Split up, that’s 4 packs each house. A little easier to swallow then?

Why get all over Kat for doing what everybody else is doing. Don’t try to tell me that when nobody is looking you aren’t buying 20 bars of free soap.

FYI, if you’re buying a lot you can always call in and place an order. That way more people can get in on a good deal.

No Gain, Ivory, or Era here in Las Vegas either.

I purchased 4 packs of the Ivory soap and 4 bottles of Nivea bodywash. With coupons for all of these items, Walmart paid me back $0.12.

I tried to do the same thing, but Walmart said they wouldn’t give me money back, so I had to purchase a candy bar to make it go back to where I owed them.

The P&G coupon is not available in Portland Oregon bummer!!

I did not get the ivory either I have 13 P&G inserts and not one has it I looked and looked no era or gain either I am in WA state so I must be our region. Darn wanted it badly to!

I live in Kentucky and was able to get both the Gain and Ivory soap at Walmart today. I wasn’t able to find the coupon for the free razors though.

Here in San Antonio, the Targets have this soap for $0.95! We grabbed 20 packs…

I bought the gain and the ivory soap at walmart. They were out of noxema razors, which is fine bc I have a ton of razors anyhow and also they were only on sale for $2.67. Anyways, the ivory coupons werent scanning correctly, the lady had to okay the $1 amount for each coupon, then in the end, she says” oh its because the product only cost $0.97, sorry thats not allowed” Now im really polite but I really hate showing someone that they are wrong when I pull out the Q policy. They always treat me differently at Walmart when I use q’s, Im getting tired of shopping there.

I picked up the last copy of Sunday’s Baltimore Sun from the Dollar Tree, and I found one SS insert, one RP insert, one Moments to Save insert, and zero PG inserts. I have a feeling someone sifted through my paper before I picked it up…

The inserts differ by region. I live in Augusta GA and I did not have the Right Guard body wash coupon. Luck for me my family send me coupons from Maryland and those inserts usually have ALL of the coupons. Bummer I have to wait for them to come in the mail but it is well worth it.

I have 2 P&G inserts and one had the ivory coupon and one didn’t. I was interested as to why and I looked at the edges by where the date is and there was 2 differnet numbers, the one with the ivory coupon was 028473 and the one without the coupon was 038227.

Seattle region, Everett Herald, insert number 028461 does not have gain, ivory soap, luvs. Wish there was not so many differences between papers. Seattle Times does not have Red Plum ever. So i guess we just pick our paper and buy needed ones from clipping services.

I live in Oregon and I didn’t get a coupon either. BUMMER

Many of you are saying you do not have the coupons. Just like stores coupons can vary from region to region as well. This coupon is also confusing because the picture on it is for the body wash not the bar soap!

I got some rainchecks at my local CVS store yesterday for this, Dawn Plus soap, and Ponds toweletts as they were out of stock. The clerk told me there next shippment is today. Can’t wait to get those items later today. Yeah!!

I had on P&G from MA and one from RI- it was in the MA but not the RI :o(

Folks, it is NOT in all P&G inserts. I have two and I’ve gone through mine 50+ times…neither Gain nor Ivory are in mine. I am guessing this may be due to region. I live in Southern NM. I have Tide and Downy but no Era, Gain, or Ivory. Hopefully the ones I got coming from the East Coast will have a couple.

Live in Northern MS and neither the Gain nor the Ivory coupons were in my P&G insert. Bummer.

I got mine at CVS for $.99 each 3pk. I have yet to find a store that will give me the overage, even as a credit to my other items! They always change the coupon amount to reflect a zero balance! :( I never have a “moneymaker”

Must be the cashier maybe? I used mine at CVS today and the coupon took off $1 with no beep.

I found the page you are referring to but the coupons are on the left side, not the right side. There are coupons for Luvs, Gain, ERA and Febreze, but no Ivory. :-(

For anyone who shops at kroger the body wash is on the 10/$10 sale which makes it free as well. I already got mine. I’m in Louisville, KY.

Found it! I thought I didn’t have it either. It’s on the page, mostly blue, with coupns down the right side (adjacent page looks similar with coupons on the left), the page has pictures of Era, Gain, Mach 3 razors, and a bottle of Ivory (and Luvs, and. Few other things)

CVS wouldn’t take my coupon because it says off 1 bar of soap and the sale is a 3 pack. Any ideas?

I bought the three pack with the coupon. I think ivory don’t have a single bar but I’m not a 100% sure.

U can find the bar soap at CVS also at 0.97

i am in East TN and it was in my paper. Knoxville,TN

Im in az and its in P&G on the page that has the PICTURES of the bottles of era gain febreze ivory safeguard gain zest and its on THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE PAGE hopefully this will help out a little difficult to find first :-)

I got the P%G saver, but there’s definitely no Ivory coupon in there.

It wasn’t in my p&g insert either! :( and I live in southern ca

It was in my newspaper (from Oklahoma City-Sunday Oklahoman) and I have 2 cause I always buy 2 papers! :)

I didnt get the Ivory or the Gain in any of my P&G and I looked at the websites that list whats in the inserts and Ivory is not listed so is this the wrong insert??

They weren’t in mine either. :( I went through all of my inserts 5ive times. lol

Interesting…just went through my copies (I have 3) of the P&G brandsaver and there are NO Ivory coupons!!! Bummer, I would have used that! :-(

I went through my 4 over and over, and thought i didn’t see it, but its was there. the picture is a bottle not bars 😉 (Don’t know if it matters but it It is on the bottom of the page, about 5 6 or 7 (lol) pages in.

I looked again and still didnt find it and looked for a picture of a bottle. Weird..never known P&G to be different. Can anyone else confirm it was in there??

I’ve been looking since this morning but mine doesn’t have it. It seems like we have Old Spice coupons instead.

lets see. Did you get a Tide Coupon Page. With a $1 off ONE tide stain release and 4 other coupons on the page one being downy?! Or a $1.50 Off two secret flawless things… lol if you did that should be in that section (since its two pieces together) (sorry i’m not good at explaining.

well i live in az. and I got both old Spice, and ivory.. Sucks that some people didn’t get it! I got them in all of mine 😉

I couldn’t find it either in the 5/1 P&G. However, I have the coupon from the previous weeks. Go back and check and see if it there.

Mine says ONE IVORY BAR!. will it still work for a three pack of soap?! Maybe i miss understand that. idk.

It wasn’t in my paper either, bummer I was wanting some of that ivory soap :)

Ok, I was pretty sure that ALL of the P&G Brand Saver’s were the same. I didnt get the Ivory or the Gain coupon in mine. What’s up with that?

Is in the PG insert.Look carefully is in the same page of Gain. (you will see a body wash bottle in the coupon not the bars)First coupon on right. Limit 4 per transaction.

What means when it says in the coupon limited 2. Does this mean that I can buy 2 at the same price it says on the coupon

I got papers from two different companies and the PG insert was different between the two. One had the ivory coupon and the other didn’t. If you can’t find it then it’s not there. It’s the page right behind the gillete razor for men. Frustrating!

i will have to check this out! I was just there earlier for the free toothbrushes :)

Caroline, which tooth brushes are free, what coupon? I must have overlooked it.

My local Walmart has this deal. The supercenter in the next town has Ivory for $0.50. So its a $0.50 MONEYMAKER! If you have a supercenter that’s close its worth the trip.

It was not in my PG brand saver insert either. Interesting.

This maybe a silly question but PG 5/1 – What does this mean

P&G Brand Saver coupon insert from the May 1st paper

it’s also free at kroger and free nivea bodywash too plus money maker. i need to go check my store :)