$0.55/1 – SunnyD Product, any size – (bricks.coupons.com)

$0.75/2 – Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, 6.6-8 oz – (familytime.com)

$0.75/2 – Wise Snacks, 6.25 oz or larger – (bricks.coupons.com)

$0.75/1 – Gold N’ Plump Recipe Ready Ground Chicken – (goldnplump.com)

$0.50/1 – Bob Evan’s Product – (bricks.coupons.com)

$1.00/2 – Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Chewy Bars, 5 ct or larger – (snackpicks.com)

$1.00/1 – Jonhson’s Baby Bubble Bath & Wash – (facebook.com)

$1.00/1 – Midnite or MidNite PM Purchase – (coupons2.smartsource.com)

$1.00/1 – New Skin Product – (bricks.coupons.com)

B1G1 – Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent Starter Kit, up to $10 value – (off.com)

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24 thoughts on “Printable Coupon Roundup: SunnyD, Goldfish and More!”

Newbie question: If I print a coupon before I need it will it expire faster? or is it the same expiration date regardless? Thanks

It depends on where you’re printing it from. Coupon sites like coupons.com usually expire 30 days from the print date. Other coupons from the manufacture’s website sometimes expire on a certain date no matter when you print it.

So in general you would not print coupons from the larger sites until the end of the month or when you will use them? I am trying to determine the best practice when it comes to printing.

Sometimes manufactures will only allow a certain number of prints for each coupon. If you wait, they might be gone by the time you print. On the other hand, if you print them all when they come out, you will probably end up throwing quite a few away and wasting ink and paper. I usually print coupons for products I buy often and wait for others until a good sale comes around. It is really up to everyone to decide what’s best for them.

Please help me!

I’m going to Ralphs(Kroger) tomorrow morning. I have coupons and all my order should be FREE. However, this is what it says in their coupon policy:

We will usually not accept coupons for more than about 75% of a product’s value. For example, a $2.00 off coupon will be acceptable for a product that normally sells for $5.00 or more. But a $2.00 off printable coupon for a product that sells for $2.25 is unlikely to be legitimate. If there are exceptions we are usually provide advance notice by the manufacturer.

Will I have a probem tomorrow at the store?

It kind of depends on the coupon and the cashier. I would definately try it.

I went to the Sunny D website and they said that all there coupons are gone.

Darkes thanks for letting us know. That was fast!

Anyone else having trouble printing this Sunny D coupon? I’ve tried it from 2 different links (via different blogs) and it says it printed, but alas, no coupon (tried 4 times now). I have never printed Sunny D coupons before so it’s not as though I’ve already printed my allotment. I successfully printed other coupons without error just before trying to print the Sunny D. Hmmmm…….

I’m having the same problem. It says Thank you, you may now close this window. But it doesn’t say it’s printing or that it did print and of course, it didn’t print. I tried 4 times as well.

After numerous tries from here and different links, I clicked on the tiny help link that is at the bottom of the popup window. You can request the coupon from them.

Did this, too. Hope it works.

Do you know how I can get my printer to print all the coupons at once instead of doing them one at a time? It would go much quicker if I could just save them to my printer and print them all at once when I am ready?????

Unfortunately you have to print them one at a time.

Depnding on how their site is linked determines how the coupons print but to save paper on single printing coupons just reload your paper upside down for the second single printing. It won’t save ink but will save paper. Also you can adjust your printer to just use b/w ink to save on costly color cartridges

Thanks for the explanation MJ.

I’m going to Ralphs(Kroger) for 10 for $10 deal today. Is there anything else I can get besides Goldfish crackers & Rosarita beans that I can use coupons for? Ideas please? Thanks.

Also, do you know if they are 1 for $1 or I have to buy 10 to get $1 each deal?

Stacy, just because the sale is 10/ $10, doesn’t mean you have to buy 10 of them to get the sales price. Just as long as you use their store card you will get the sale price. Even if you only bought 1, it would be $1. :)

Thanks Emily! I just got back from Ralphs(Kroger) and I got 4 packages of Goldfish crackers for 50 cents each!!! The 75 cents coupon doubled up to $1.

The Sunny us also on sale at Kroger this week in the Mega Event sale of $.89.

Oh my Goodness!! The SunnyD coupon is a really great deal for me cause our Dollar General sales it for $1 so that’s $0.45 per bottle!!

If you have a Kroger near you, Sunny D is part of their Mega event this week. The Mega event price is .89, after coupon .34.

What size Sunny D at the dollar general?