WooHoo!  You can receive a FREE Gillette Fusion Razor by just texting a code on your phone!  It is all in Spanish but just follow these easy steps and you’ll get a free razor by mail!  Remember standard texting rates do apply.

  • Text PRUEBA to 59999
  • The second text will ask for your age in Spanish, enter it and hit send
  • The third message will ask for your name and mailing address
  • You should receive your free razor by mail in 6 to 8 weeks!

This deal was advertised in Harper’s Bazaar so it seems legitimate!

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom

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50 thoughts on “Free Gillette Fusion Razor!”

it still works….we got ours in the mail!!!!

i did mine just now. so lets see if it works

I used both this morning and they worked great! Hope to see them soon.

I tried COLOR and PREUBA, neither one worked for me. No response.

I didn’t get a response either and mine also showed up as 599-99 but I don’t think that matters, it still goes to the same number.

I sent the 59999 message twice. Have not heard response back. When I typed the 59999 in, it came up on my phone 599-99. Is that okay to send it that way? How long does it take to get a response?

TOO EASY. Thanks! : )

It worked for me just now! (5/6, Fri, 4:20PM PST)
It didn’t work initially and got the same error message from Sprint that some folks reported “…shortcode may be blocked..”, so I called Sprint and had the CSR remove the block, then hua-la~ I got the 3 responses back just fine!

The last confirmation message I got back:
“59999: Gracias. Recibiras un Gillette Fusion Proglide manual dectro de 6 – 8 semanas. Term&Conal 1-855-778-3221”

Thanks for sharing this OP!

I didn’t get a message asking for my name and address. It told me to send my name and address to an address in New York, attention to Juan Villa. I had some Spanish speaking co-workers translating everything. They didn’t think I should proceed so I text to stop. There was a link to the P&G website but anyone can put a web link in a text. Since I didn’t see the Harper’s Bazaar page personally, I am not gonna do it.

Actually, that “address” in New York is an Example on how they would like you to transmit your address through text, entering commas in where noted.

This code was used to scam people into subscribing to a monthly ringtone service in the past. I can’t say that it is still a scam number but watch your cellphone bills for mysterious charges.

Worked for me as well. Love stocking up on these razors for the household! Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Worked for me! Thanks!

How long does it take for them to respond to your initial text message “PRUEBA”??

I just did it for the razor and the Pantene one someone posted about, look forward to having the free razor to give my husband maybe for Father’s Day if it comes sooner than 6-8 weeks.

Ok, this may sound stupid, but how do you do this? I have tried to enter these text message freebies before and never get a response. Do you type 59999 into the space where you would normally enter a phone number? And then PRUEBA into the message part? Just making sure I am doing this right!

Yes Megan, that’s exactly what you do. I did my name and address in capitals also, just incase…

Didn’t work for me and tried it twice. Said invalid number.

Worked for me! Simple and very easy! Love the easier freebies!

Worked for me….

For those of you that did the Pantene promotion in January, did you receive the sample and did you get charged anything extra on your cell phone bill????

my phone said the short code is not supported?! can anyone help?!

Yah! it went through….6-8 weeks & we’ll see.

What do you text too. I tried it it said message failed. Shortcode may have expired or short code texting may be blocked on your account mesg1051,,,,,What does that mean.

Janet, it sounds like you have premium messaging blocked. I had to do this a couple months ago because I was getting spam messages on my phone and there were a couple extra charges on my bill because of it. Pretty much, the premium messaging block will disallow any message from 5/6 digit numbers (ChaCha 242242, 4INFO 44636, Google 466453, etc), so I’m pretty sure this qualifies, spam or not…

I’d be careful about this one. I’ve seen similiar adds for texting codes and you get charged $10 bucks.

i sent a text for the free clean and clear in the past and i never got it.
did anybody received it yet?

i texted for that too and still have not recieved mine either…

Me either, haven’t gotten it yet.

I got the Clean & Clear body wash sample in the mail today.

I just did the COLOR one and it worked for me (and it’s in English!!)

I also did the Razor one earlier and it worked as well. Thx so much!!!!

If you text COLOR to the same number, you will get a sample of Pantene. I did this back in January, and evidently it’s been reset for another sample, because I just got the thanks they’ll send it in 4-6 weeks message.

I have virgin mobile so like the girl wo has straight talk I’m not worried about text charges or things added to my bill. I love straight talk btw and had them before virgin mobile :-)

Worked for me….unless it never shows up. Wasn’t worried about it until I read all the coments :) Hope it works out ver everyone!

you all need to calm down and stop being so paranoid. The company is legit – it’s Proctor & Gamble!!

Didn’t work for me. It said Shortcode may have expired. Whatever that means!

I’m not worried about this one :-) I’ve got a Straight Talk cell phone, so it’s not like any extra charges can end up on my bill. And I’m not concerned about getting on a calling list either. I’ve done a few different freebies via texting and have had no problems with solicitors. Thanks for posting this!

Worked for me. But after I did it I thought, hmm… what if it adds charges to my cell phone bill or gets me on some call lists? That would certainly not be cool. I dunno. We shall see.

Im kinda worried about this one…Wouldnt whoever you text that to also receive your cell phone number once the text is sent? I mean, dont get me wrong I would love to score my husband a free razor, but Im not so sure this is gonna be one of the freebies that are for me. I would rather be cautious than regret doing it… :(

yeah same here. I wouldn’t care if I had unlimited texting but since I don’t use text and only do the pay as you use I don’t want to risk it hehe. I guess if 2 months later these razors start appearing at people’s mailboxes I won’t be bummed out anyway.

nothing here either

Ok you gotta do it in caps, like someone said earlier

Are you all sure this is ligit? I don’t want a huge “donation” added to my phone bill from this…. just being cautious…

The number was definitely legit in January when they were running the Pantene one, which they evidently reset. Use the same number with COLOR for a sample of Pantene.

It’s legit…it’s P&G…just in spanish :)


If that worked it will be the easiest freebie I scored all month!


Looks like it works…we shall truly find out in 6-8 weeks! Thank you!

Just did this. Thanks!!