This week at CVS Finesse hair products are on sale for $2.50.  Use your $1.00/1 coupon and submit for a Mail-In-Rebate and you can make an easy $0.50! Sale price is valid through 5/21!

Finesse Shampoo or Conditioner, 13-13.5 oz or Styler, 4.6-8.5 oz $2.50
$1.00/1 Finesse Product from SS 5/8
Use $2.00/1 Finesse Mail in Rebate
Final Price: $0.50 Moneymaker

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43 thoughts on “Finesse Shampoo Moneymaker at CVS!”

One thing to remember when buying the Finesse shampoo…the form to fill out for the rebate only allows you one bottle. If you have more then one coupon you can get the shapoo at a discount but you will not be able to submit for the rebate but once.

Question?…what does this mean…Walgreens Reach toothbrush use the 4/1.00 SS 4/17……what does SS 4/17 mean? and where do i go to get that coupon for 4/17?? I’m just a beginner at this… thanks…

The SS 4/17 is the Smart Source coupon insert that came in the Sunday April 17th newspaper. IF you didn’t get that paper you can always look on ebay or on websites like or to order them.

I am a very frustrated newbie couponer. I have my folder and coupons organized, and whenever I go to grab a great deal, they are out-of-stock because other folks got there before me. Do I have to play roulette everytime to save? This seems ridiculous.

It is very frustrating to see empty shelves. Have you ever tried getting a rain check for an item? I do this all the time. The store honors the sales price whenever the new shipment comes in. So you still end up getting a good deal.

*oops…meant to say this rebate form is good for $2.00 off any purchase…..

The good news is this rebate form is good for any $2.00 any purchase of ANY Finesse product purchased between 3/15 and 12/31/11. I would suggest printing out the rebate form now, just in case they go away, hold onto it and wait for a while (if you don’t have the proper coupon). It is just a guess, but I would imagine that sometime between now and the end of the year there will be another coupon for Finesse products along with another sale somewhere.

can i submit more than one MIR form? I bought 2 products and I had 2 coupons. I read on the fine print only one rebate per address. I do not know.

The fine print on the MIR says “one per address.”

does anyone know what paper to get in Claremont, California that has both the Red Plum and Smart Source? Brother bought L.A Times and Inland Empire Trabuineand neither had RedPlum.

You can try the Daily Bulletin, I always buy each different newspaper because sometimes one won’t have all the inserts. HTH!

Also forgot to add, some weekends there is only one insert in the newspaper, so if you can’t find any newspapers with both RP and SS, maybe that week just didn’t have both =)

We got this coupon in So Cal. It was on the same page as the neutrogena coups at the bottom… both LA times and OC Register…if this helps anyone look for it. I missed it the first time as well.

Oh, is it only one per household? Either way – let me know! Thanks.

I live in GA and got this great coupon. I have a question though. Can I buy 2 and then submit 2 separate rebate forms in the same envelope with the same receipt or do I have to buy them separately and submit them separately? Any info would be great! I love this hobby!

The fine print on the rebate form says “limit one per address.” So it looks like you can only get the rebate once!

I’m in Georgia, too, but I didn’t get this coupon in my AJC. I feel so cheated! Poo!

With CVS do you actually have to buy 2, or can you just buy 1 @ $2.50?

You don’t have to buy 2. You can just buy 1 and still get the $2.50 price.

If you read the fine print on the mail in rebate form, it specifically says “limit of 1 rebate per address.” If that is truly the case, the deal would be as follows:
-$2.50 each (quantity of 2)
-$5.00 total
-2 $1/1 coupon
-$2 MIR (limit 1 MIR per address)
-$1 oop for 2

These are also on sale at Fred Meyer through 5/24 for $2.50! Thanks for the rebate form!

I didn’t receive the coupon either… but it still seems like a good deal since the shampoo would only be about $1 after the rebate and postage… a good item to throw into my food shelf donation pile.

Do they have an on-line rebate form too? I just keep thinking for the cost of a stamp and your envelope, you end up in the hole.

Ya i wouldnt bother with the .50 rebate…too much hassle. so it wont be a money maker but it would be free, so thats another way to look at it

I live in Texas and I got the coupon with the rebate on it it will rebate up to $2 of the purchase price its says on there. and yes it does look a little odd i almost didnt see the coupon on the left of it

I received this coupon in Tampa, fl.

Not to be a negative nancy on this awesome post but won’t it be more like an 8cent moneymaker once we pay for the stamp for the envelope to send in the rebate?

That’s what I was thinking :/ I wish the company would pay for rebate postage.

Yes…you’re right! I completely blanked on that! At least it makes for some free shampoo!!

I bought some at Rite Aid this week since they were BOGO @ 3.99 made them about .50 cents each once I get the rebate but technically I had a $3 off a purchase of $15 or more from a Rite Aid receipt survey (always do these !!!) and my purchase was free so I will make money with the rebate. Too bad mine didn’t have peelies :( I never find the stuff will peelies darnit. I also had the one from MAy Issue of All You and cut it all up by accident and then threw it away !

I just purchased these yesterday at Rite Aid. They were having a BOGO sale on them, AND the shampoo had a peelie for a $3.00 refund!

Out of curiousity…who did and didn’t get this? I’m in the Kansas City area.

I received one in the St. Louis paper, KC Star and Springfield, MO paper. Our Springfield paper hardly ever has very many coupons, but it did have this one, as did the other two I purchased. It was a strange looking coupon that looked more like an ad than a coupon. Don’t know if that helps or not! :)

How do you know ahead of time which deals will be posted for next week at CVS and Walgreens?

I wondered the same thing!

You can sign up for the Sneak Peek Ad at you will get it in your email.

I only know about CVS but they put their upcoming weekly ad online on Thursdays. Just click on weekly ad and then there will be a tab that says “upcoming week” HTH!

Did not get this coupon either. Darnit!

There was also a $1.00 off Finesse that expires August 31st in the May issue of “All You”.

THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I was bummed when I found out that it wasn’t in the insert, but then I read your post WHOO HOO!!! LOL THANK YOU!

Is it possible the SS coupon is regional? I could NOT find that coupon in my SS from 5/8.

Yes it is very possible that this was a regional coupon. If you want to take advantage of this deal, try to find the coupon on ebay and have it mailed to you asap.