$1.00/2 – Ritz or Ritz Bits Crackers,  any – (smartsource.com)
Available under zip code 19341

Thanks, Common Sense with Money

Hooray, a new Ritz Crackers Coupon!  In my house we love to snack and cook with Ritz crackers!  At Walmart they are priced at $2.68, combine it with the new coupon, and you can get them for only $2.18!

Ritz Crackers $2.68
$1.00/2 – Ritz or Ritz Bits Crackers,  any – (smartsource.com)
Final Price: $2.18 when you buy 2

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13 thoughts on “New $1.00 off 2 Ritz Crackers Coupon, Plus Walmart Scenario!”

stater bro’s supermarket in california has them on sale for $1.99 with the coupon paid 1.50 per box….very happy my toddler loves these ritz crackers : )

so can i use 2 coupons from the smartsource for this deal or just one coupon for the 2 ritz cracker?

I buy Ritz crackers at Costco. By using the coupon at Walmart it is $2.18 a box at Coscto it comes out to $2.23 a box. Not that great of a deal. It’s worth my time to pick a box up if I happen to be at Walmart but not worth the trip. If I can pick Ritz up at Costco the next time I go shopping it worth paying .05 more to save gas! Especially since I drive an SUV.

A little Wally World Info. I thought everyone might find interesting….I have a friend that works at the WM Home Office in AR and he told me the following things last week regarding how the cashiers are to handle the customers. He said this is verbatium from the company to the cashier’s: “Taking Coupons at the Register” We gladly accept all coupons that meet the guidlines in OUR COUPON POLICY. Our goal is to save people money so they can live better. TIMES ARE TOUGH, COUPONS help our CUSTOMERS SAVE even MORE.


– We want you to do the right thing for the customer. You have the authority to take care of them.
– Coupon users are loyal customers & on average couponers visit stores twice as often & spend 25% more than other customers.
– Always thank the customer for choosing to shop at WM & allowing us to take their coupons.

He said if you have a complaint about coupons that the manager wasn’t “glad” to take care of…don’t bother with calling the store manager, call the home office or go on the WM FB page & make a comment & they will respond with a link for you to go to & provide feedback & they will get back with you. :)

ALWAYS carry you coupon policy with you because there will usually be new & untrained cashiers (especially during the holiday season) & the ones that just plain don’t want to accept the coupons :( Happy Couponing

Had the same problem a few weeks ago at walmart with the 1 coupon per transaction tried to explain to the cashier about transaction and per item was different She could not understand so I told her I am retired have all the time in the world ring each item in a different transaction she looked at me like I was nuts and said I will ring them all together she just did not want to take coupons also was told that a blinkie coupon was not good in walmart forgot my rules so I said take it off funny she rang that up also they really need to train the cashiers

Stater Brothers has Ritz on sale for $1.99. With the coupon it is only $1.49 for a full size box of any flavor.

Gabby I am thinking it is a case of Walmart not understanding 1 per transaction means 1 q per item. The scenario they put you through sounds like they are interpreting it as 1 per customer and some Q’s do state that..some are now 4 items of same type with q per order though…I wrote to Walmart on their website in regards to the fact us customers should not be the ones teaching their employees how to do their jobs and I got a message today from the store I was not happy with, but it is a case of phone tag now…Can’t wait to hear what the manager has to say…today at another location the cashier did not want to give me the full .50 value of my string cheese q because the product was .33 cents. I showed them their policy and the manager said fine do it…Well I think the manager should have said well yes that is our policy and that is how you should always do it…I am thinking of starting a local teach my store managers their coupon policy program. But I am still in the learning stages myself. Love these websites where I am learning it all!!
Coupon-wizards.com is another great site I have listened to their webinars.

Thanks Juanita, I’m kinda new to couponing but I kinda knew they were wrong, including the manager. They should be taught how to read coupons. They were totaly given the wrong information at their meeting. The manager should be trained as well. 😉

There’s also a sale at Safeway this week (5/18-5/24): Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ritz Crackers.

Does anyone know if Wal-Mart is going to start letting us use only one coupon of each per transaction? Today a Wal-Mart in Pomona, CA had me do this and it was messed up. I had 5 coupons per item and they had me do 5 transactions. I told them had I known they were going to do this I would have gone somewhere else.:(

My commissary had them for $2.00 each so with the coupon it made them$1.50.

It doesnt state a size. So the little bags r a better deal. They r normally $1.00 a bag.

I LOVE your website, but this just doesn’t seem like a very good deal to me.