There is a $1.00 off 2 Bar-S Hot Dogs coupon available on Red Plum!  Walmart has these hot dogs for just $1.00!  When you use the $1.00 off coupon you can pick up two packages for only $0.50 each!

Bar-S Franks, 16 oz $1.00
$1.00/2 – Bar S Franks or Bologna, 16oz – (
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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40 thoughts on “Bar-S Hot Dogs Only $0.50 at Walmart!”

coupon will not print?

You would have to pay me to take Bar S brand anything. Not sure it would be fit for dog food. My local WalMart was out of Ball Park franks so I thought I could get by on a package of Bar S. I thought wrong. They don’t cook up right and they taste like poisonous plastic goo. I suspect that they are mostly fat and gristle.

I can not find this coupon, can some one help me. I am a newbie. Thank you

Hey all, if it does not show up for your zip try other zips like 90210, 11111, etc. But sometimes they are removed when the max amount have been printed out.

You can also find these in the mailers that come in your mail. I live in SLC Ut. and recieved this coupon in my mail last week.(I think?) I do not know of any recycle centers that allow you to go through for coupons here??? But there are recycling bins…

You may be able to get some from Ebay or another clipping site?

Does anyone know of a trading site, or a group where you can trade coupons? I would be willing to trade a few…as long as its ok to do so?

I notice that several people have asked the same question, can someone please post the zipcode so we could all find the coupon on


kathy have you thought about going to!!!!!

Walmart in Mtn.Grove Mo has them on sale for .59 so they were .09! We don’t eat them too often but thought I could freeze them for a BBQ. Picked up 6 of them! :)

I wish someone would post thier zip code.Its not avalible in my area (slc, utah)

The coupon is gone, but luckily I got mine, one of my local grocery stores has them for 69 cents, so I got 4 packs for 79 cents! I dont prefer these, but kids will eat ANYTHING!

“GROSS!!!! The hotdog deals are always for the yucky ones. Never the Beef”

ashley, I always buy the cheap hot dogs for the kids and then the beef ones for myself and the other adults…so I still save money

At Safeway this week and next, Bar S Franks are 5/$5. If you do to their website, you can print a $1/1 coupon. FREE!

For coupon –

Fill in, hit submit, then below submit you will see a link to print coupon. Will allow 2 per computer.

Thank you! :)

I’m in San Francisco, Bay Area CA and there was a coupon in the mail for the Bar S Franks for $0.49 at FoodMaxx.

zipcode please?

So frustrating…there are like 4 coupons for my area…can I print one from another area or will they not honor it??? Thanks

I went to and the coupon’s not available…was there a zip code i was supposed to put in??? thanks…

I had the same problem today. I printed some out yesterday and today… they are gone. rats!

the walmarts in maine have bars hotdogs for 88 cents. after the coupon they are 38 cents a package.

My local Walmart had them for .88 as well, making them .38 each. Not the best hotdogs ever, but definately worth purchasing because of the low price!

Hey guys Newbie here…Quick question. When using printable coupons can you just reprint/copy the qty you want or do you have to actually print 10 different coupons/times off the site?

Usually you can only print two coupons off a site per computer. If you try and copy it on a copier, that’s fraud and shouldn’t be done. These come around rather often though, so just keep your eyes open for them and you’ll be able to get what you want. Of course, you could always ask a friend to print some off for you if they don’t want to use the coupons themself. Good luck on the couponing adventure, it’s fun! :)

And if you live near a Savemart (CA) there is an in-as coupon for $.78 good on Bar S Jumbo Meat Franks! Limit 4. If you buy 4 and use 2 of the $1.00/2 off coupons they are $.28 each! Yay :)

I have a Winco here in Reno Nv and found them for 0.68 and with the coupons I got them for 0.18 each! :)

I would not eat this brand of hot dogs! It is mechanically seperated meat! Google it!

GROSS!!!! The hotdog deals are always for the yucky ones. Never the Beef :(


These hot dogs were on sale at my Walmart for 0.88 each so got them for 0.38 each WYB 2,woohoo!
(Hopkinsville KY)

You used a doubler from albertsons at walmart? Or did albertsons price match the price from walmart? Thanks for the help we need hotdogs for camping : )

If you live in Houston TX…Foodtown has them .77 each when you use the coupon they come out to .27 each! Thought this is a good deal..And I just received a Certificate from Bar S for 5.00 worth of product for FREE! Yeah!

Fred Meyer has them for $1 too. Comes out for .50 each if you use the $1/2 coupon

winco in mcminnville, or has them for $.68 all the time,buy last year they had them down to $.48

Wal-Mart iin Caldwell, Idaho has these for .88 cents. I used the $1.00/2 coupon and combined it with an Albertson “twice the value” coupon and got these for free, plus overage.


my wm has these for .78cents in southern cali.

Everyone, this q as well as the q many received in their 5/22 RP is for the 16 oz. pkgs. The hot dogs at Smiths ( Kroger )and many Walmarts are the 12 oz. The q will not work.

Kroger has them for .50. So 2 with the coupon would be free!

Walmart in San Antonio, TX has the Bar S hotdogs for $0.60 ea. and if u use the 1.00 off 2 coupon they will be $0.10.

what is the zip code for the couon on red plum site ?

Savemart in California has the Bar S hotdogs for $0.78 each with their store coupon (available on their website or in the weekly ad). With coupon comes to $0.28 each!! Limit of 4 per transaction.

if they aren’t gone the albertson’s in pasco has those hot dogs for 1.00 and if u use the 1.00 off 2 packs from red plum 5/22 they are FREE