You can score a few great deals on snack items at Rite Aid this week!  Check out these deals:

Twizzlers $0.50, On Sale thru 6/4
$1.00/2 – Twizzlers – ( (May)
$1.00/2 – Twizzlers – ( (June)
Final Price:  Free when you buy 2

Boulder Canyon Chips $0.99, Regular Price
$1.00/1 – Boulder Canyon Potato Chips, 5 oz or Larger – (
Final Price:  Free

Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Crackers, single serve $0.99, Regular Price
$0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Crackers Rite Aid Peelie
Final Price:  $0.49

Thanks, Hip2Save

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31 thoughts on “Free Twizzlers and More at Rite Aid!”

maybe i am blind but i couldnt find the coupon for the boulder canyon chips!

My Rite Aid had a blinky coupon also! :) Great deal :)

CVS had blinky coupons for $0.75 on one bag of Twizzlers candy (10 oz. or Larger) My son stop there after school to get soda and brought couple home to me. Thanks son…

I was able to print several coupons for the Twizzlers. Can I use more than one on the same visit (transaction) or will I have to come back and do seperate transactions?

I am so frustrated. I saw the 2/$1.00 twizzlers, they were the smaller packages. I had two VV qs and planned to get 4 total.

The VV q says of ANY 2 twizzlers.

They refused my coupons because she said it matched the picture. Are you kidding me? The PICTURE?!!

Any means Any. I have a call into corporate and someone is calling me back to clarify. I shop at Rite Aid like every other day. I need some clarification here… if I have to buy things based on the picture then I need to know this.

Any help here?

does Rite Aid accept a Rite Aid coupon and a MF coupon on same item like Target does?

Yes they accept one rite aid coupon and one mani coupon.

Silver Spring, MD area Rite Aid has a small bag of Twizzlers marked down 75% making them less than 50 cent per bag. Buy 2 and use the video coupon for $1/2 making them FREE.

My RiteAid in Southern California had the big packs of twizzlers on sale for buy one get one free. So two packs was $2.99, I then used the VV coupon for $1/2 which brought it down to $1.99. There was also a blinkie spitting out .75/1 right near them so I used two of those which took off another $1.50 and ended up getting both packs for $.50. I thought that was a great deal!

I got the Twizzlers up front at the register, the small size were 50 cents each and then I used the video values coupon

My store didn’t have the chips either in Spanaway, WA :(

MY Riteaid did not have Goldfish on sale OR a peelie on them. I even checked in the ad :(

Just wanted to say Thanks to Jonathan for letting us know about the 95422 zip code on the Boulder Canyon Chips. If I can’t get them at Rite Aid, I’ll hold on to the coupon and hope that Kroger puts them on sale before it expiers.

No chips carried at my store in Nor-cal and the peelies were on the goldfish, but the single serve packs were small. So I decided not to get ’em.

Agreed on the Goldfish. Lowes Foods has them BOGO, and with the printed .55/2 coupons, which are doubled, that is .60 a bag, which is much larger than the single serve. There were peelies for .75 off one bag, too, which makes it free with overage.

Oh how I WISH I had that adperk Q on the Aquafresh for kids toothpaste. Esp since Aquafresh MFR came out with a $1/1 coupon. Can anyone please help me out with that???? I would so LOVE to add this FREEBIE to my list with the Twizzlers and Chips and my 49c Goldfish!!!

June Qs are now listed for Rite Aid.

Rite Aids are just just like any other stores some have things that others do not..

Patty- you can only print the video value coupons 1 time! Even when it prompts you to print it you can only print it once..

Same with me, went to Rite Aid all excited, and was totally let down. No .50 cent twizzlers, no boulder chips and no peelies on the goldfish. It would be really helpful if the original poster would let you know that not all Rite Aids have the same products and specials.

Not all rite aids have the same sales. They are regional. I used to follow and thekrazycouponlady and realized hip2save isn’t in my area and therefore doesn’t have my deals. It would be wise to also find the rite aid ad online for your area to double check the sales. Never rush out, you’ll end up with a lot of frustration and wasted gas. Find a site that caters to your area. I found that when I get all wound up and rush out for a deal I get more frustrated when it’s not there. The best way is to go out with your list and coupons and say I *might*get some great deals. Don’t be disappointed when they aren’t there because not only are sales regional, the good deals often disappear quickly.

my rite aid didnt have the chips either, or the goldfish, but they did have the twizzlers,I got the ones that are bigger for a buck each, used coupon and got em for 50 cents. So I got 4 packs with 2 coupons for 2 bucks, just seemed like a better deal!

There was no BOGO sale for the $1 twizzlers at my rite aid. The BOGO was for the twizzlers that were around $3 a pack. Also no Boulder Chips at mine either.

I rushed out to get these chips and my rite aid in Sacramento doesnt have these! and the goldfish didnt have a peelie either. :(

Not all rite aide have the chips….mine here in TN doesn’t.:(

My boulder Canyon hips coupon says $1/2… that would make these 50cents each. The various coupon databases say the same thing…

Just saw that 90210 works for the $1/1… Thanks!

There is a 55c/2 MQ for Pepperidge Farm goldfish 6.6 oz to 8 oz here: That link also has a 55c/1 MQ for 8.1 oz to 14.4 oz multipack of goldfish.

U only get 1

I had my zip code on still from another offer, and saw a $1.00/2 for boulder chips… if anyone sees this, put in 95422 and you’ll get the $1.00/1 coupon!

I don’t see the adperk for the Twizzlers

Click on Great Offers on the bottom right and then click on All Offers at the top right. The Twizzlers video is listed under Hershey.

I saw the video and I printed 1 coupon only. Am I able to print more that 1 when it allows me too? I try to go back and print more but it won’t let me.. I have watched the video 6x’s :(

Thank you!