Many Travel Items have been on clearance lately, and just as one would have suspected… that means they were making room for NEW trial/travel sized goodies. Here’s one of the new items at my Target today, just in time for the newest printable!


Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, .85 oz trial size $0.99, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – (
Final Price: FREE

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29 thoughts on “Free Colgate Optic White at Target with Printable Coupon!”

I got the Optic White 4 oz for free at Target. It’s on sale for 2.99- $1.50 off target coupon & &1.50 Q (the target coupon had to be reduced to 1.49 since it became .1 cent over). I was able to get 4 tubes.

Sure wish I had printed more of those Optic White Target Coupons before they pulled them! :/

I found these at the super target (the one with a full grocery) but not the regular target.

Awesome deal on Aquafresh Kids toothpaste if you still have your $1.00/1 coupon. Target has this on sale for $1.00 and with the coupon its totally free. The picture didn’t match the item, but it did say “any” Aquafresh. Make sure to check your local Target for this deal.. great thing is your not getting travel size amount …its actuall 4.6 oz…so its a total steal..


Just called the target in my area and they’re all gone…and they checked inventory for surround targets…all gone!

Just called the target in my area and they’re all gone…and they checked inventory for surround targets…all gone!

I just called my Target and they do not carry these :(

I found another awesome oral care deal at Target for Reach Essentials 55 yard floss (it was in the trial/travel section, but also in the floss section):

Buy two Reach Essentials 55 yard floss $0.87 (regular price)
-Use one $1.50/2 Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash 500 ML or larger, and/or Reach toothpaste, and/or Reach Floss, and/or Reach Access Flosser from SS 7/31 (exp 12/31)
-And use two $0.50/1 Reach Floss Target Coupons from SS 9/11 (exp 12/11–regional??)
Final Price: $0.76 Money Maker!

target coupon says cannot be combined with other. i’m surprised they allowed you.

Hmm… My Target coupon says, “Limit one manufacturer and one Target coupon per item.” Maybe there are regional differences in the coupon? The system took all three coupons with no beeps.

Great find! :)

I just got home from Target in my area and they limit my spending. I was only allowed to use 1 target coupon in a transaction. she allowed me 3 transaction only. I’m not sure if this is for all target or just the one that I went to.
I bought 3 Optic white Toothpaste for FREE and 4 Cascade trial size for Free. Just paid taxes. It’s still awesome. I will go back there again tomorrow and sat to use the rest of my coupons.
Oh, and I went to Walgreens for the Optic Whites with my $1.50/1 Q, they have a lot on their shelves. I score 4 optic whites and 2 remington razors for free and made some money.

Yes, I think Target has a new coupon policy. I just left Target not so long ago, and although my cashier was super nice, she said they are limiting the amount of coupons per transactions. She said you can only use five manufacture and five target coupon per transaction. I had about 15 items, each all had coupons…I was able to do 3 different transaction, five items each with mq coupons. I’m not sure if this is a new thing they’re doing, but seems like its happening more often. She also mentioned it was due to the increase of coupon frauds and losses.

I work for Target, that coupon policy is NOT true at all

I wonder where they get all these lavish ideas might be a personal thing, depending on the cashier…?

I actually went to another target in my area after a big disappointment from the 1st target that i went to, and they accepted all my 11 target coupons and manufacturer coupons without a question.

11 Optic White 2.99=used 11 $1.50 MQ + 11 $1.50 Target Q
4 Revlon Beauty Tools= used 4 $5 Target Q + 4 $1 MQ

Sweeeet Deal. I am HAPPY.

Great job!

My Target doesn’t take any coupons on trial size.

My Target doesn’t take any coupons on trial size.

Last time I went to try to use the Cascade and a Tide coupon on the trial size, they wouldn’t let me. They said that the item had to match the picture, but really I think they are just trying to discourage the use of coupons on the travel/trial size items. I was a little frustrated, but was able to use the Cascade coupon at Walmart with no problem. The nice cashier said it was a new policy or something.

Definitely not a new policy, just the latest line some Targets seem to be giving people. I’ve heard a few others report the “has to be what’s on the picture” story, which we all know is not accurate coupon interpretation. Sigh.

i’ve had the same experience multiple times. i have 2 targets within 5 min of my house but no matter what cashier i get, i have the same prob. i’ve started making a trip to a target 20 min away but at least i don’t have these probs! =/

Do you think I can use the $1.50 coupon for the trial size?

target should dumb the coupon down as they are not suppposed to give overage…

At the two Targets I’ve been to the system has allowed the overage to be absorbed by other items in my transaction. Try it! See if it works for you =)

I think the $1.50 states no trial.

I checked when I was in the store (I only had ONE of the printables on me), and no, the insert coupon is for 4.0 oz or more :(

ok thank you everyone