Our Southern California readers have already been able to check out the deals that the rest of us have to wait til Sunday to get!  This is so awesome and gives us a  heads up as to what is coming.  Here is the KRAZY deal at Rite Aid that has been shared with us:  UPDATE:  this deal appears to be another “regional” deal that we don’t know for sure where all it is valid.

Conair Color Vibes Hairbrush $2.99 ($2.40 if you have the 20% discount!), On Sale thru 10/22
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Use $1.00/1 – Scunci Bendini or Conair Hairbrush – (adperk.com)
Pay $1.99, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Final Price:  $0.01 MONEYMAKER

Thank you, Barstow Mom, for keeping us in the loop!!!



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128 thoughts on “FREE Conair Hairbrush at Rite Aid!”

Not available in NJ :(

Isn’t it unethical to use more than one card since Rite-Aid has a one card per household limit?

Western PA…..purchased 2 color vibes brushes @ $2.99 each plus one hair brush set @ $4.29 = $10.27 – $1.00 Adperk coupon = $9.27 paid and $9. received in rewards!…..$2. + $2. + $5……..so each brush was <10 cents! Great Deal!!

Checked my local Rite Aid in Chapel Hill, no $2 reward.

Hi, OMG it worked. I live in philadelphia Pa and I used 2 coupons for thtwo brushes plus i brought a comb for 4.29. My total purchase $11.27 before coupons and 8.93 after coupons plus I got 2 $2 rewards and a $5 reward. So… I walked away with a profit of 7 cents. I am soo excited!! Thank you so much!!!!


My Rite aid would not give me the $2.00 +up (Central Cali)

Did it print, and they wouldn’t give it to you? If that is the case, I would contact customer service and let them know.

KCL, I have the circular from mys tore that was mailed to me. I can see the$2 +UP reward when you buy a conair color vibe brush listed there so does that mean that it will definitely work ta my store? I am new to this, and would love to know what you guys think! Thanks in advance!

It should.

Just so everyone knows…I went to my rite aid today and bought two of the conair brushes and used 2 adperk coupons. When I picked out the brushes there was no sign stating that you would receive a $2 up reward, but I bought them anyways. They were $2.99 (not on sale or anything) and I received 2 – $2 up rewards. So it wasn’t advertised at the store but they still worked. So even if ur store doesn’t have a sign, they might still be part of the deal. I live in south east michigan.

My rite aid hardly ever has their signs up lol. It is mentioned in their sales ad.

This one isn’t available in my area (metro Atlanta). :(

Got 2 free hair brushes today! I got a purple one and another that had a bonus of 3 free hair ties. I was in need of a new hair brush, so this came at a great time. :)


Im in the lancaster/lebanon, PA area and this deal is not available..its just spend $10 get $5 ups I think…something like that..and the cheapest brush we could find was $6.99!

Think it must be regional..no $2 +Up for me (in Atlanta)

Also, some of the brushes with hair ties are $2.49 – they’re smaller but great for travel bags or stocking stuffers! I found them by the nail polish and cosmetics odds and ends.

Didn’t get it in Atmore, Alabama.

i got this deal today in western Washington state, thankfully i didn’t read the comments before i left cause everyone is having such difficulty and i probably would’ve been deterred, but i got my up reward with it!

Well I live in the fresno Ca. area, tried to get my free hair brush. :-( Did not work for me. It sucks that we dont have it in my region. but then again it sucks living in california we dont get all the good coupons and we dont have double coupons. I still get good deals but not like the east coast areas.

i dont understand something, i bought 2 of the color vibes brushes an 1 pk of the organix cough drops. each brush rang up for $2.69 beacuse of my discount an $1.50 for the drops. well i had (2) $1/1 conair ad perk coupons an that brought my total down to $5.30 then i used my $5 +up thinking it would make my total .30 and it cancelled out one of my $1 ad perk coupons, so what would make this happen??

Your total of $5.30 must have included tax–you can’t use Ups on tax, so it rejected one of your coupons to raise the total to above $5 before tax. HTH

well last week i had a transaction that came to 0.01 after i used my +ups no coupons tho? how is that allowed?

Possibly you bought items that were non-taxable???

I am in Southern Indiana and it did not print for me.

Is the color vibes hairbrush always $2.99? On the top of one of the pages, it says discount applies to regular retail.

Yes… the color vibes are regular priced $2.99 – there are more expensive ones, $ 4.49 right next to them, but the ones in the yellow ad are $2.99 – hope this helps!

i went yesterday and it didnt work for me :( but still good price i live in stanford kentucky

And you can combine them with a manufacturer coupon !!

I Live in NYC (queens) and in our circular on pg1 of the extra up rewards it says $2 up reward when you buy one of these items and the brush is there. limit 2.

This deal worked for me yesterday in Washington State, south of Seattle. The yellow insert showing the $2 off any one brush states on the bottom Region 1, 4 & 5. I had +Up from previous week (love Rite Aid)…. I pay sales tax… a lot of sales tax!

Transaction 1:
Buy (2) Conair color vibes @ 2.99 ea
bought Kit kat bar @ .50
2.99 x 2 = 5.98 + .50+ .57 tx = 7.05

Used (1) $1 video value-adperk & $5 +UP from last week
Paid – $1.05 – Got (2) $2 +UP

Transaction 2:
Buy (2) Conair Color vibes @ 2.99ea
bought Kit kat bar @ .50
2.99 x 2 = 5.98 +.50 + .57tx = 7.05

Used (1) $1 video-adperk from husband & both $2 +UP from previous transaction and $1 + UP from last week – so: 7.05 – 1.00 – 4.00 – 1.00 = $1.05
Got (1) $5 +UP

So: Paid $2.10 oop – got 4 brushes (2 with bonus hair ties) and $5 +UP !!

**** note: I had to buy the candy bars because of the sales tax. Not to be confused with Walgreens fillers, but because +UP and/or adperks and/or coupons will not pay for tax. You must always pay for tax out of pocket. It can be tricky to get as close to the bottom line when you are using rewards.

Nice work!!

Im in Raleigh, NC and this deal did not work for me.

I live in Columbus GA and it didn’t work for me either :( Dang regional sales!!!

At my Rite Aid this brush was not on sale :( There were no signs or anything showing any brush on sale. I did see the $5 up reward on a $10 purchase tho. I notice sometimes that there are deals listed on here that are not the same at my Rite Aid. Does each state have their own sales or have slightly different sales?

Most sales are the same for everyone. But, there are some deals that are “regional”. We don’t know which regions they are good for, and often we don’t know that they are “regional” until our readers let us know which areas are/aren’t working.

The +up is limit 2, and is listed in the first page of the +up insert (yellow).
If it helps: says “Region 5,7,9” on bottom of insert in left corner… :) Good luck!
btw, i’m in san diego.

Thanks for the info. Now we have to figure out what regions 5,7,and 9 are!:)

maybe the 800 number could help with that…lol…they’re closed now and I’ll forget later

maybe the 800 number could help with that…lol…they’re closed now and I’ll forget later

Region 5: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
Region 7: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
Region 9: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada

If it’s referring to the regions of the United States, there’s your answer. :) But I’m not entirely sure that IS what it’s referring to, so that may be useless information. But hey, maybe if you’re ever on Jeopardy or Cash Cab…

tried it today and didn’t work in my area (louisiana)

Yes, unfortunately it was not listed in our local ads (very regional deal).

I live in michigan and my rite aid ad has that extra up reward insert in it. I’m gonna go tomorrow to try it out. I’ll let you know.

Not here in Central Kentucky. No rewards given. :(

I tried this today at my local Riteaid in PA. It did not give me the ups rewards. It must be a regional thing.

Bummer, I got it and I’m in south central PA. I wonder why it didn’t work for you?

not working in central NY

Worked for me in Western NY–Buffalo area.

I called corporate and they are going to send me the reward

Did not work in Bowling Green, KY either, but used the $1.00 coupon and got the bonus hair ties! Stocking stuffer!!

Tried this deal this morning in Oregon and $2 +up did not print. Thinking I’ll return the brush.

where in Oregon, I’m in Eugene, wondering if it will work?

It didn’t work in Portland either :(

didn’t work in Central Oregon and when I called RiteAid, they wouldn’t budge, stating there is only the $5+UP for spending $10.

The bottom left of the front page of my ad says region 5 …see what your ad says to know if you are included in the sale…and if you are included then you will have proof for calling to speak with another customer service rep…lol.

Seems like the Pacific Northwest never gets the regional deals, it’s bogus. I live in Oregon, and have been needing a new brush. Could probably still pick this up, but I was hoping for a free one haha. Oh well. :)

Thanks im in the Portland area too and was going to try it, thanks for saving me the time :)

It didn’t work in Portland either :(

This deal worked fine for me in the Bay Area this morning. Thanks KCL! I can always use more brushes!

i live in WV, tried this 2day, and no $2 +UP!! the manager told me to call corporate and the may be able to mail it to me. do you all think they will give me the rewards, or should I just return the brush? thanx for your help!

Definitely worth the phone call. I have heard that when you call 1800-RITEAID, they are really easy to work with and if there is a +Up due that they get it out to you rather quickly.

I bought this brush and did not recieve the +up. Called RiteAid just now and they wouldn’t give me the rewards stating there is only the larger, spend $10 in Conair purchases, get $5. The customer service lady wouldn’t budge.

I live in Northern CA. $2 UP did not print. Stiil kept it,needed an extra brush

It’s good to know that the deal is not working for everyone. I’ll update the post.

i live in california to.. LA AREA it worked for me

im in the LA area too..im going to try it tomorrow..hopefully it works for me =)

It did not print the $2 reward for me either in Northern CA, but it did print the $5 reward for purchasing $10 in Conair brushes and rollers.

I live in the Mid-West, and the $2 +up did NOT print for me.

Thanks for letting us know.

KCL, for your So Cal readers, can you list the Rite Aid deals when they first start since we get them earlier? I also wanted to let you know that I love you!!! You have saved my family so much money!!! Please keep up the great work!!!!

Be careful…Just got back and my Rite Aid VV coupon came up as 0.00, clerk spotted it and gave me my $1. :) However, got home and checked, did not get me $2.00 up on this one…I bought that exact same brush for $2.99:( Can’t win them all, Rite Aid still kicks major butt this week:) !!!!!!!

Thanks for the heads up.

it’s only bc your subtotal before tax is less than $1…you needed a filler item.

Didn’t work on the Eastern Shore of MD, even though it was advertised in the circular that came in the Baltimore Sun.

Definitely call 1800-RITEAID, they should get it out to you in the mail.

I definitely will, thanks. Their customer service is pretty good in my experience, but they don’t take calls on Sundays.

They said they’d mail it, no problem :)

bummed, when i called to request a +up i didn’t get, they said they’d send it…

That was more than 3 weeks ago…and when i called back, she said they’d sent it on Oct. 4th! Feel like i’m against a wall with this one…. :(

it works in Montgomery County, MD!


I live in NYC, I’ve found the Conair hairbrush marked $2.69 and it came with two bonus hair elastics! You still get the $2 UP rewards. Be on the lookout for this bonus set!

OOH thanks !!! :) Hope it works out for me. I live in queens nyc too 😀

i got the bonus hair elastics too…on both brushes (3 each)…I love the freebies that come with freebies!

Im in Northeast Ohio and I did NOT get the $2 UP.

Ohio is never the region for the good sales. I wish they would just do away with this “Regional” thing or at least give other regions a chance too.

I agree, it would make it easier for all of us!

especially on the albertson’s doublers…I find myself quickly passing those posts since we don’t get them here…lol.

I’m in northwest OH and didn’t get the $2+up for the brush either. Returned it today. Bought several items today and should have gotten $9.49 +up but got none. Will call Rite Aid to find out what’s going on.

how do these ad perks work?? can i print multiples of them?? or am i limited??

The adperks coupons have a bar code that does de-activate after it is used….Not too sure how they do it but if you copy them they WILL know and it’s a little embarrassing!
Hope this helps…You can however use an ad perk with a manufacturers coupon

Just make multiple accounts and watch the videos and do that :)

thanks so can i stack adperks with manufacturer coupons ??

cuz when i print my adperks they already say manufacturers coupon on them

they do say manufacturer on them but notice what the barcode starts with…it’s not a 5 like your everyday manufacturer coupon…see rite aid’s coupon policy to see that you can even stack up to 3 coupons on a single item…it all depends on the numbers the coupon starts with for rite aid stacking to work.

I believe they are all only Rite Aid coupons.

Check your Kroger or FoodsCo store and see if they would take the adperk coupons. I have FoodsCo and the manager said they ignore the store logo and as long as it says manufacter on it they will take it. But, I have not tried it yet.

Some of the regional +ups still work, they just require a little faith since they are almost never posted on shelves.

Can you use adperk coupons from someone elses account on your card?

I have been able to use my moms and mine together in a transaction. Though, it might depend on your cashier/manager.

I never knew that…just split them between the accounts for me and the person I shop for…good to know!

I use my moms, bfs, and sisters cards and video values all the time.

Do you know if we can also use someone else’s up rewards? I want to make sure I don’t do something wrong!

I was doing two different transactions and using two different cards. the clerk was trying to help me get a good deal on my 2nd transaction by saying why dont you just add the up rewards to this transaction to make it just tax. I held my breath and did not tell him it was a different card. WELL, IT WORKED!!! I dont keep track of which ones which anymore and I am able to make better money makers.

I have done this for months (I’m a sort of newbie) and it doesn’t affect things like the wags rr if you use it on the same item so I’ve been doing this ever since with no problem at a few different stores…whatever one seems to be close to where I am when I get a chance to go shopping…lol.

I outright asked because we finally got a Wellness card for DH. Yes, you can use the +UPs for any account.

I have unsucessfully tried this before. The machine beeped and the cashier refused to accept it.

I have looked in my ad and I can’t find it. The only conair deal i see is spend 10 and get 5…Where is it in the ad?

I found the 2+UP offer in an insert with extra offers. It’s says “This Week Save Up to $282 in +UP Rewards Throughout Our Ad” at the top. Oh and I’m on the East Coast as well, I’m going by the ad that came in my paper today so I know it’s valid, in my area anyway.

yup i have the same extra up rewards pages as you and i am in Queens NYC

Ya, its on the same page that you say and I am in Pittsburgh, PA

hi ladies question does this have a limit>>?

i’m not a lady, but the adscan on iheartriteaid says limit 2

yup a limit of 2- but you also have to use a in ad coupon that says limit one per customer so i guess you should do 2 transactions or idk it depends on the cashier.

bummer I forgot to use the in-ad coupon for mine…just used the vv one…guess I’ll be headed back to rite aid.

Anyone know if this is aonther one of those regional deals? I’m on the East coast.

no bobbie jean, it’s in RA’s ad for tomorrow that i rec’d in my replum mailer yesterday. i’m in southern maryland.

It is regional- my RiteAid ad does not have the last few pages of extra +up offers. If you go into your local store a few days before the beginning of the deal the manager might give you any future sales adds they have. Mine does anyway. It really helps me temper my expectations and prepare for Sales, since my area never gets the regional stuff.

It must be regional. I am also on the east coast :( I went this morning and I bought one to test it out and it did not print off the $2 UP.

Yes it is I think. Here in upsate NY I went and bought the brush and it did not print. Did you return the brush or keep it?

We kept it. We went ahead and bought 4 so it made it $12 (We didnt have any of the coupons) and then got the $5 UP rewards. Not the best deal, but my nieces had already spent forever picking out which ones they wanted!

I thougt about returning but could always just try to work it into the $25 deal somehow….

Sorry, meant $10 instead of $25

not in our ad and not working in southern virginia.

I live in Queens, NYC and the deal is in my rite aid circular.

I live in PA and it didn’t work for me today when i bought mine =(

I am in Pittsburgh, PA and I can see this in my local store’s circular…

Plus when you purchase this particular hairbrush, it counts towards another $5 up reward on $10 purchase of conair products. I got both of the up reweards ($5 and $2) on a $10 purchase yesterday!

Wow, that is awesome!