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Turn Your Old Soda Boxes into Can Rotators!


Who else drinks way too much Diet Coke? Yes, that would be me.  I can admit it.  But now I don’t need to feel so bad about my addiction. We can turn the old boxes into a way to organize all the cans in my pantry.  Yea!!!!  Here’s how to make your own Can Rotators:

Step 1:  On the top of the back end, cut out a space that is large enough to fit a can of soup.  This is where you will fill up your can rotator.

Step 2:   Take some decorative paper (around 3 sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper)  and fold it into place to cover the box.  You can also use wrapping paper. Cut out the opening from Step 1. Then just Mod Podge and glue the paper into place.

Step 3: Once the back is completely dry, cover the front end in the same way with coordinating paper.

Step 4:  Add a label on the front so you know what’s in it and Mod Podge the entire thing.  Simple, easy and no more guilt about my Diet Coke habit.  You can never be too organized!

(You could also just leave the box as is, if you aren’t the crafty- mod podge type. :) )

Anyone else SO excited about this!?!? 

Thanks, ThenSheMade

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