Want to create a fun Halloween party favor that both adults and children will adore?  Well, here is the perfect idea to wow everyone, of any age.  (As a bonus you’ll get to use up some of your stash of brown paper lunch bags, if you’re like me and have tons of them!)


  • Brown paper bags ( or colored if you prefer)
  • Scissors
  • Black twine
  • Wooden sticks or small branches
  • Candy


  1. Each “broomstick” requires two lunch bags.  Unfold one bag, push out the bottom and fold in the sides.
  2. Using scissors, cut the bag into thin strips, but stop at the bottom of the bag.  We don’t want to cut all the way through it.
  3. Take the second bag and cut thin strips into the top inch.
  4. Open the bags, and put the second one inside the shredded bag.  Fill with candy.
  5. Put the stick or branch one inch inside the bags and secure with the black twine.  That’s it!

Thanks, Oct31st.org

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3 thoughts on “Make Witches Brooms with Paper Bags!”

  1. Erica Derricott says:

    made these as soon as I saw this post. good thing my dad leaves wood around. he had small peices of round finished wood. and I had everything else. i had yellow scarecrow type twine instead. thanks for the post!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are so cute! Ty for sharing. You could replace the wooden stick with an extra large pixie stick (Sam’s Club).

  3. This is such a cute idea! Thank you =)