$2.00/2 – Glade Product, Any – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 43420

This week you can get 2 FREE Glade Room Sprays at CVS with the $2.00 off any 2 Glade products coupon from the CVS website!  Glade Room Sprays will be $1.00, so purchase 2 and use your coupon to get both for FREE!

Glade Room Spray $1.00, On Sale thru 12/3
Use $2.00/2 – Glade Products, Any – (coupons.com)
Final Price: Free

Thanks, Moms Coupon Affair 

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82 thoughts on “GONE! Save $2.00 on 2 Glade Products, FREE at CVS!”

I printed 2 of these coupons off a few days ago…i went into CVS and got 2 Glade (only used one coupon) and the Lysol No Touch Handsoap..the cashier adjusted my coupon down to $1.98 with no problem…i took the other coupon to another CVS today to get different scents and the cashier gave me all kinds of problems…first she told me it had to be what was pictured (the candles) and i pointed out that it said ANY and then she said the total comes to $1.98 and the coupon was for $2.00 and i suggested she adjust the coupon to $1.98 and she would NOT do it. She said “your total is $2.12 and i said “i don’t want them then” and walked out. Should i call her manager or just go back to the other CVS?

Call the manager,& he might beg you to come back,& give you a freebie.You need to call them,& bring your CVS coupon policy with you when you have to do adjustments.


That coupons is GONE!

Harder coupon to spot. I stalked up i purchased 10 glade and bought 4 OB cross action tbrushes. used coupons listed by KCL paid 8.64 recieved $10 gift card yay!!

they must be all gone cause I dont see the coupon. :(

i can’t find the coupon under any zips, only see the $.55 off
could some one please scan the coupon and post???

got mine today.Gud deal.

not seeing it under that zip code…just a 55 cents off of one…

was just able to print 2 off

The coupon says it’s a CVS coupon so can you stack a manufacturer coupon with it for the glade oil warmer refills?

it is still there just looked it is on he 3rd page, I printed 4 this morning and got 8 they are on the card deal, this is what i did at CVS today . 6 pantene 2 for 6.97 used 3 3/2, 4 dawn .88 ea used 4 .50/1, 8 glade .99 ea used 4 2/2 (all of theses items on the gift card deal) total 32.35 coupon total 18.92, $10.00 gift card. OOP 3.43 + tax

I can confirm these are included in the $10 gift card promotion this week.

I bought 8 with 4 coupons. No probems with rounding down; the CVS registers prompted the cashiers to do it and even gave them the amount they needed to round the last coupon to, so it went smoothly.

If I scan my coupon I printed out and reprint more would this work to get the deal.

You can’t copy coupons. It’s illegal. Look at the border and the individual code. That identifies your coupon as unique.

are you allowed to use coupons if they are outside your zip code?


it wont work for the product pictured as the size on sale is 9.0 oz and the holiday fragrances are 9.07 oz… oh well the normal stuff smell nice also

it doesnt matter the zip code it is on page 3 and is listed as sc johnson the pic is of a candle but it is a 2$ off any glade product

I only see the .55 cent as well.

That’s what I see as well- I’ve tried through the CVS website and through the link above and still only see the .55 cent one which I’ve already printed twice so it won’t let me anymore. Oh well…next time!

it doesnt matter the zip code it is on page 3 and is listed as sc johnson the pic is of a candle but it is a 2$ off any glade product

where? I’ve looked in every zip code listed plus like 4 others and I can’t find it.

finally found them

Cant find it on any of the zip codes given. Am I doing something wrong?

No…..I haven’t done anything. I thought it would just prompt to download when I needed before printing.

I just checked and it is still there. My zip is 22835, you can even just get it off CVS website coupons

thx! I got them.

First time printing coupons and nothing is happening :( It says its sending to my computer and to wait…then nothing. Everything is hooked up and I am getting no messages that I need to download anything. I don’t get it….what am I missing?

Have you ever downloaded any coupon printing drivers?

I actually was heading to CVS to get these and got into town a little early ( before they opened ) so I went to walmart for a few things 1st and I just used all my coupons at walmart. My walmart has the Glade spray and solid air freshners for .98/each. I even used one on two of the carpet fresh @1.98/each so kinda by one get one with the coupon.

Its not there it’s for .55 off 1

I just checked and it’s still there. It’s on the last page and not with the other Glade coupons. The picture has a red Glade candle.

I don’t think that coupon is there anymore. I tried several codes,and no luck. Too bad!
If anybody can still print it, just post the zip code, please. Thanks

I used my coupon this morning with no beeping or problems. The lady in front of me bought 20 of them with 10 coupons and even she didn’t have any problems.

20,if only I could go to CVS & get 20 air freshener sprays for free.


I got these last night as well as the Tide detergent. U can see a picture of the ones I bought that were .99 in my post in the Brag Lounge! They could towards the gift card deal too.

It’s gotta be gone – can’t find it

thank you bunches!!!
I thought this was for the christmas sprays (phew thanks to someone saying it wasn’t the one in the ad!) But its still nice for the every-day sprays! I went to two different stores (not to clear a shelf!!) bought 6 at one, and 2 at another store. Paid only $0.48 for all 8!

I use this spray on flies; they die smelling very nice.

I was able to get 4 for free by printing it twice!
I got the Country Garden, Jasmine & Rose, Clean Linen and Powder Fresh.
I keep them all lined up in the Guest Bathroom hoping that my guests won’t be able to choose between them and maybe give up on using the bathroom.

I was able to print two coupons, but mine printed as CVS store coupons and NOT manufacturer’s coupons. Can I use the $1/2 Glade coupon from the 11/6 SS on top of that? I’m not too sure of the CVS coupon policy.

For the CVS black friday sale, I was able to use a CVS store coupon stacked with a manufacturer coupon for Breathe Right Strips. The register beeped and the cashier looked at the coupons and said it was fine to have one of each. So she pushed it through.

I’m going to try it with the Glade products tomorrow because I’d much rather have candles than room spray.


My coupons say this as well. They have CVS Pharmacy at the top and on the left, but if you look at the fine print, they instruct the retailer to redeem the coupon to SC Johnson Wax, the manufacturer, so I think they’re probably manufacturer’s coupon and you can’t stack them with the SS, but you can always try… (I’m not sure where you’d go with that though because the product is essentially free @ 99 cents ea, and I’m not sure they’d credit you with the extra buck, but again, see what they do. I’ve encountered some freaky things when clerks tender coupons–one overrode the system when I gave her the wrong coupon.

Go my 2, thanks!!


Will this work? Because the glade is actually .99 cents, so it comes out to $1.98 and the coupon is $2

CVS always adjusts down with no problem – not like Walgreens!

Thank you. Just wondering ’cause last time I had a $1 off coupon for the carmex lotion that was .99 cents and they told me no.

Well, their coupon policy is definitely to adjust down, and I’ve personally never had a problem, but I guess it may depend on your store.

I had a problem last time when the cashier told me I was not able to use 2 of the same coupon but only 1. I thought it was me not reading the fine print correctly. Afterwards, I realized it was the cashier not adjusting the coupon down causing the system to reject the coupon. I would just mention it to them. It’s stated in their coupon policy that they can adjust down.

over the weekend, i was at walgreens and they wouldnt adjust the Q down, but they adjusted the price of the item UP to match the price of the coupon. I was really impressed with the cashier! thanks, walgreens!

Thanks so much!!

Well, I looked under my zip code and the one that someone posted on here to find it and still its not there…Can someone please tell me where to find this and what zip code to use because I love Glade spray…lol thanks!!

Try 98052 then households it should be there :)

I found it under the coupon section on the cvs website

Plus this qualifies for the spend $30, get a $10 gift card deal. :)

Where do you see that? I think it’s airwick and neutra air

It’s on Page 6 of the ad, Glade Air freshener 9oz or scented oil warmer 1 ct. – $.99 and included in the gift card deal

Can you only use this at CVS? Where I live the closest CVS is like 30 miles away But I have a Target and Walmart about 5 miles and was wondering if you can use it at one of them?

You can try to use it at another store. It’s a manufacturer coupon.

Mine printed off as a CVS coupon which means I can stack some previous MQs with them.

Not seeing the coupon, only .55 off.

It actually shows pictures of the jar candles, not the room spray, Its $2 off any 2 glade products. Mine was on the last page and it showed for my husband on the second to last page

Click on the link above and enter 43420 for the zip code. It’s on the third page.

I just saw the CVS ad online for the sale, it’s not the same freshner that KCL listed

She posted a stock picture, but it is still good on any glade room spray at CVS that is included with the deal.

Oh ok, I’m glad that I looked at the ad first before I went to the store

I can only find $1 off 2 products… what zipcode is the $2 off coupon found under?

click on the link above and type in 43420. HTH!

thanks, got it!

is there a limit ? i was able to print 8

Wow, really? There should be a limit of 2 per computer.

It only let me print 2

Me too…only 2 coupons

i have 4 computers..printed twice on each

Lucky you. Usually only 2 per computer.

I was able to print 4 coupons from 2 computers and didn’t have any problems getting 8 of them for free.

I cannot find this coupon, it isn’t listed…
–never mind, it just wasn’t under my zipcode, sigh.

what zip code did you find it under?

I found it under my zip of 76006. Was listed under Save $2.00 – SCJohnson on any TWO (2) Glade® products. Expires 12/26

Also try 43420.

You can change the zip code to the one she said it was listed. She stated above that it is “Available under zip code 43420.”