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Simple DIY Gift: How to Make the Perfect Holiday Sugar Scrub


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We’re all on a budget. There are things that we’ve all gone without to help make ends meet. Especially around the holidays! I discovered a way to pamper myself using ingredients from my kitchen and knocked out a few Christmas presents with this holiday sugar scrub! This is a simple concoction that anyone can do!

What You’ll Need:


1 Jar (that can hold at least 2 cups)
1 Cup White Sugar
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  • ¼ – ½ cup Olive Oil (this is approximate, you may need more or less)
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla or Almond Extract (for “flavor”)


1. Mix white and brown sugar in a bowl until blended.
2. Pack sugar into the jar.
3. Slowly pour olive oil in a tablespoon at a time until it has reached about halfway down the jar, letting each tablespoon seep in before putting in the next.
4. Once the olive oil has reached halfway down the jar, add vanilla or almond extract.
5. Pour mixture into a large bowl and mix it up until all the sugar is moist. Add more olive oil if needed.
6. Repack jar.

You’re done! See how easy that was?

A few helpful tips:

  • You can adjust the amount of sugar (both white & brown) and other ingredients to the size of your jar and your preferences. The mentioned amounts are a guideline. Just make sure you have even parts of white & brown sugar!
  • If keeping this in the bathtub or shower, have something with which to scoop the sugar out. If you use your hands, it’s a good idea to keep the scrub in the refrigerator to keep bacteria at bay, unless you go through the whole jar in a couple of days! I wouldn’t know anything about that!
  • You can substitute other oils in place of olive oil. Almond oil is another great option, just not as readily available as olive oil. Avoid mineral oil as it prevents your skin from absorbing moisture.
  • Try different extracts or even essential oils. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using essential oils!
  • Don’t forget to make a label! You can make a label on your computer using the sticky label sheets or use some fancy font on regular paper. Glue the paper to an index card (to make it rigid), cut it to resemble a gift tag, punch a hole in the top with a hole punch and use a rubber band or ribbon to tie around the mouth of the jar!

Now you’ve got a great scrub for yourself AND an easy, thoughtful gift! Your skin, your mom’s skin, your friends’ skin…EVERYONE’S skin will thank you!

This has been a guest post by Daphne from Colorado Springs, CO
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