I am ALWAYS looking for deals on toys. This Christmas my son asked for some very pricey LEGO sets. Of course, a $100 Millennium Falcon was NOT in my budget. So I did what every Mom would do, I started searching for ways I could make his dreams come true without breaking my bank account.

I went into the usual stops for discounted name brand toys: Big Lots, Ross, TJ Maxx.  None of them had the LEGO Millennium Falcon he so desperately desired. So I hit the Internet with EBay and Amazon. Again: nothing! I was stuck. Then, quite by accident, I stumbled upon ThePlasticBrick.com.

Eureka! They sell used complete LEGO sets, which come with the boxes and instructions. The sets are guaranteed to be complete; in fact they come fully built. The site carries all different LEGO sets: City, Toy Story, Atlantis. The products vary day to day, and they don’t have every set ever made, but they have a pretty good selection. They were even offering free shipping.

So for less than 50% of the price of the brand new set, I could get my son the one thing he really desired from Santa. My heart was beating fast as I whipped out my credit card to purchase it. He will never know that it was used, and I will get the satisfaction of seeing his face light up with the magic of Christmas.

This has been a guest post by Monica from Elk Grove, CA
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16 thoughts on “Low Priced LEGOs: Where to Get LEGO Sets for Half Off”

Coupon buds! HAHA;)

omgosh thank you so much for posting this tip!! I was stumped on gifts for my 9 yr old son. He is big into building things and LOVES robots & legos. I found a robot lego set for 28.50 with free shipping. The same set sells on amazon for $130!!! One gift down….

As a Mom with a boy with the Star Wars Frigate ($119) on his list THANK YOU!

wow, Merry Christmas!

my computer says “site not found”.

I can’t get to the site either.

Wow, I never in a million years would have thought that people sell used lego sets. How do you know for sure that they are complete? What’s more.. how on earth do these people KEEP them complete?? :)

the company rebuilds the set to make sure it is complete. they ship it out built so you can see all the pieces are there.

this website is having some problems

Maybe the Krazy Coupon Lady is so popular that we followers have crashed the site. :]

I guess so! lol Guess I’ll have to check it out later. Usually we don’t crash sites unless they are practically giving stuff away. 😉

I believe there’s a mad rush going on for the K-Y Jelly Moneymaker.

ELK GROVE?! No way thats where I live! If monica see’s this let me know! I love having new coupon buddys:)

I’M IN ELK GROVE!!!! E-mail me and we can talk local coupons! So nice to meet other couponers in this area. My email is couponmama1983@yahoo.com Just put something in the subject line so I don’t think it’s spam. lol

Just emailed you!!:)