$0.99/1 – Coca-Cola Coke Zero Product, Any Size – (facebook.com)

“Like”  Coke Zero on Facebook to print a coupon for $0.99 off ANY Coke Zero Product.  Use it at Walmart for the following deal:

Coca-Cola Coke Zero, 20 oz $0.99, Regular Price
Use $0.99/1 – Coca-Cola Coke Zero Product, Any Size – (facebook.com)
Final Price: Free 

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29 thoughts on “Hot! $0.99 Coca-Cola Coke Zero Coupon, Free at Walmart!”

I printed 4 from 2 computers. Went to Albertsons where, if you buy 4 12pks, it’s $3 each. So my total was $12, then I used the 4 .99/1 coupons, and 3 twice the value coupons, which means I paid 5.07 for 4 coke zero 12 pks. Since it’s my favorite soda, and I can never find coupons for coke products, I was pretty excited.

Can somebody pleaseeee show me in CVS ad where it says the coke zero 2 liters are .99 this week?

i went and saw it on sale for 99c however the coupons wouldnt scan in cvs

This coupon rocked my world today!!! I printed off 2 and took it to CVS. I hadn’t used my 3/$8 Coke coupon that printed off from the magic coupon machine yesterday.

I got 3 12-packs of Coke Zero, used the coupons on 2 PLUS the 3/$8 coupon from the machine and bought the 3 of them for $6 total!!! That’s $2 each…for COKE!!! Wooo hoo!

I’m reading that some of you had issues with the coupon scanning at CVS. Mine scanned perfectly–no weird beeps or anything.

I printed 2 from my computer and 2 from my laptop. I used my coupons at Walgreens since they have the Coke sale 4/$5 – $1 W-IVC coupon makes them $1 each – (4) $0.99 = $0.01 each. I didn’t have a problem there and the coupons scanned just fine. Try Walgreens instead of CVS, it may not be completely free, but a penny is almost free.

Tried to use two of these at CVS this morning and apparently there are some fake Coke coupons out there and the store manager wouldn’t take them. Beware…. I’m going to use these at Walmart later….

I printed out two of these coupons and I took them to CVS the 2L Coke Zero are .99 , so they were suppose to be free. However, when I gave the coupon to the cashier they scanned it and it said it wasn’t valid, so he called the manager. The manger scanned it and it said it wasn’t valid. She them told me that the coupon were fraudulent. Did this happend to anyone else or what happend?

Wow SAME THING happened to me at CVS the manager said the coupons wouldnt scan so there not valid is it working at other places besides CVS???

Did this deal today at ShopRite..

Coke Zero, 12 cans $11 for 4
Used 4 $.99 MC (doubled to $1.98)
Paid $3.08 for 4 packs of 12 cans or $.77 each 12 pack. :)

Albertson in Dallas has the 2liter on sale for .99

I though I saw a $0.50/2 off at rite aid adperk, if they were $0.99 each at rite aid then they will be money maker too right?

I’m in Michigan – and tried using these coupons at CVS this morning and they said they were invalid :( So just a heads up!

Same happend to me at my local CVS, Central California.

A local dollar store in my town (Family Dollar) has Coca Cola 2 liters on sale for $0.85 this week making them FREE with $0.14 overage!! :)

they are also .99 cents at cvs this week

My local walmart in south Texas sells coke products at the register for $1.49 so this would make it $0.50 which is an excellent deal even if it isnt free :)

Any good?

Great! I have a store that doubles so free 2L bottles!

I hadn’t even thought of doubling, duh! I was going to use the coupons at Walgreens since Coke is $1 this week, but I wasn’t even thinking the coupon is for $0.99 and local grocery stores double up to $0.99. I’ll wait until Coke goes on sale for $1 at the grocery store and get 4 for free :) Thanks for the idea!

Did this deal today at ShopRite..

Coke Zero, 12 cans $11 for 4
Used 4 $.99 MC (doubled to $1.98)
Paid $3.08 for 4 packs of 12 cans or $.77 each 12 pack. :)

Better Deal at walgreens with this coupon
Buy (4) Coke Zero 2lt 4/$5
(4) -$.99/1 Coke Zero Product Printable Coupon
(1) -$1/4 Coca-Cola Products 2lt (5127) Walgreens December Book
Total = .01¢ EACH!

but you’re paying 1c for each coke as opposed to nothing for each coke you get.

But in Lisa’s deal, you are getting 4 2L bottles instead of 4 20oz bottles.

oh! I didn’t notice that awesome! Smart Lady!

Also if you hold a Military ID our Walgreens gives you 15% BEFORE coupons Tuesdays so I will get them for free :)

thank you— SoCal ride aid has them for 0.99 free with the coupon!!

“Things go better with Coke”…especially when it’s free!

safeway has the 1.25 liters for $0.99!

Coke coupons are rare. Thank you for this post.