There’s no telling how long this will last, but in many areas shoppers are seeing this fantastic price on this shave gel at Target. The promotion is for a free shave gel with a purchase, but these “free” travel size shave gels are also available to purchase individually for only $0.97! And with a $1.00 coupon, we can scoop them up for free! Don’t forget those PG transaction limits and to save some for others 😉 And remember that Target Policy states they can adjust your coupon down if it exceeds the price of the item, so don’t expect overage

Gillette Fusion Proglide Shave Gel, 2.5 oz. $0.97, Special Price
Use $1.00/1 Gillette Fusion Shave Prep, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 1/1 (exp 1/31)
Final Price: Free

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23 thoughts on “Free Gillette Fusion Proglide Shave Gel at Target!”

I was looking for a coupon online for this as my other half did not clip it out of last week’s paper. Anyone know where I might find coupons for this? Thanks!

There must be so many krazy couponers in my area! I went last night and these were wiped clean. I guess even people who buy the razor can’t get the shave gel!

Went and did this deal last night – none of them rang up free, but all 4 coupons took off $1.00 with no problem! Overage + free items is such a great feeling! My husband loves this brand – thanks for the heads up, KCL!

No problem! Glad you were able to snag some Erika :)

They didn’t have the fusion travel size at my target :/

They aren’t with the other travel-size items – did you try looking by the men’s shaving aisle? That’s where I found them (on an endcap).

Like Erika said, be sure to look on endcaps. That’s where I found these! Good luck :)

Where do I find the PG coupon? thanks!

Hi Christine – The “PG” is the Proctor & Gamble insert which you would find in the Sunday, 1/1 paper! :)

kcl do you need 4 of those coupons to get the 4 shaving creams for free or is it just that one coupon that has a limit of 4 for that same coupon?

thanks :)

Hi Edith! You will need to use one per purchase, which means one coupon for each of the items you buy. But the coupon itself is limited to 4 “same” coupons in any one transaction. Good question!

Just came from Target where the second travel size (non-coupon item) did not ring up as free. When I asked why the checker scanned the travel size shave gel and read the requirements to me from the computer: when a full size Old Spice product is purchased then the travel size shaving gel is free. I told him my understanding from the signs on the endcap were if you bought a Gillette Fusion Proglide item then you got the travel size shaving gel for free but got no where and ended up having the charged items removed from my bill.

Well that’s just confusing! 😉 Hmm. Not sure about the old spice but my assumption from other reports is that you cannot buy this item and get an additional one for free. Thanks for the update Skylarkerz!

awesome! Just to inform everyone this coupon should work perfectly! I bought 4 I found them on the endcaps and they did not adjust down so there was $.03 overage! go out and get some before they are gone I am pretty sure that the quantities of those are limited because i don’t usually see them! good luck

Does anyone know if a purchase of one with the coupon counts as a purchase of a Gillette ProGlide item for another one?

I think the article is implying that you do, although I’d have to poke around at my Target to see if that actually works. Either way you end up with free shave gel!

last time i tried doing a m.c. on an item that was cheaper than the coupon they saidthey couldnt adjust it down, they can only adjust target coupons down

I just did this deal and the coupon didn’t beep. It took off a $1 with no problems. I purchased more than one and it didn’t ring up any of the extras as free so I am pretty sure the “free travel size” deal is if you buy an item that isn’t travel size.

Thanks Kacey!

Their own policy says they can, so be sure to have a copy of it to show them! :)

thx im gonna go try this 2nite

They can adjust it. They just adjusted a $1.00 of a .97 Reach Floss for me tonight! :)

That is a good question, but I did not see any signage with any further clarification. Be sure to ask or even have the cashier do a test run before you buy!