Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dry Dog Food, 4 lb

$8.00/1 – Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food – (hillspet.com)

It can get expensive to feed our family’s four-legged members, so I’m excited to see a great deal on Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food at PetSmart!  Through 2/20, a four pound bag is on sale for just $6.00.  Use a coupon to score that bag for free!

Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dry Dog Food, 4 lb $6.00, On Sale thru 2/20
Use $8.00/1 – Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food – (hillspet.com)
FREE Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food at PetSmart!Final Price: Free

Thanks, The Centsable Shoppin 

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78 thoughts on “FREE Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Dog Food at PetSmart!”

There is a rebate for this dog food, but at the bottom it says cannot be combined with coupon.  Mine was not totally free:  10.99-7.00.  Will I just be wasting my time to send in the rebate?

I didn’t hear anything about the letter, but when I went to my store in Dickson City, the manager told me that because I had printed it in black and white, it would be considered a copy. I mean, who doesn’t own a color printer that could do the same (copy it in color instead of black and white)? Then, I just looked at the coupon policy.. which says “(coupons) Are acceptable in black and white or color” Now, I’m so glad I called the corporate number as soon as I left the store. Maybe I was more mad because I was actually planning on donating the food to dogs in a shelter, who need it. That and how couldn’t I be upset after being treated like I had actually copied the coupon and was trying to use it when it was legitimate. 

Thank you! I got 3 bags yesterday for $4. On a regular day it would be $36 for all of them. Great deal!

this coupon campaign is no longer available

Oh me, I just tried and no longer available!  :(

I just printed mine.  you need to register first and then it will allow you to print 2 pages with coupons including the $8.00 coupon.  (select where it says save $22.00) I was only able to print them once.

Same thing with me, at least with half of my coupons.  I printed from 2 computers.  The first set from the first printer worked fine. My other printer from my second computer was almost out of ink, so my coupons printed with some info. missing.  The scannable barcode was still there, and the remit info plus expiration date.  But the numerical code above the barcode didn’t print and all of it was faded looking.  They said they had been contacted by Hill’s Science Diet regarding fradulent coupons, so they wouldn’t take the faded ones.  I was actually fine with them not acepting those because I would hate for them not be be reimbursed.  But it really bothered me that they acted like I had counterfeited them and was trying to lie about my printer running out of ink.  So anyway, I scored two free bags of food and two free bags of treats, which was great.   

I don’t have a Petsmart nearby but got the flyer with the sale prices.  So I took it to my local Pet Supermarket where they gladly matched all the prices from Petsmart.  I had three $3.00 coupons for the Science Diet, which brought it to $3.00 a bag, then when I added a Petsupermarket $2.00 off $10.00, $4.00 off $20.00 and a 10% off entire order coupon received on my phone, PLUS having Pet Supermarket adjust Petsmart prices on other items (SD cat food was $9.00, plus $3.00 coupon plus three free wet cans) my overall savings on high-quality food for my pets (also got Wellness $3.00 off coupon plus the 10% phone coupon, etc.) my total savings was about 75% of the original prices.  (I had to buy a $20.00 bottle of glucosamine for my dog and that only got the 10% phone discount, so that’s why the overall % wasn’t higher).

Thanks for the post! <3
I was able to get 2 bags of dog food and 2 bags of dog treats all for $1.06!
I only had to pay tax!
The cashier (also the manager) rang me up, and said they will only adjust the coupons, they would not give me overage.
Since the dog food was $6 and the treats were onsale also for $3 was able to get it all <3 so happy and now the furry friend is delighted!

Cashier at my store would not let me do this. Would not adjust the coupon down and would not get the manager either. They have done it in the past and I told her that, but she said they have gotten a letter from corporate that told them they can’t do it anymore. 

 Ahh, that stinks! They let me use these and keep the overage. :(

Yes was able to have it print twice!

just got my coupons. so happy i was able to get these. thank you kcl.

Don’t forget to print out the rebate for Ideal Balance food, you get reimbursed  for up to $12.99.

The rebate clearly states it cannot be combined with manufacture’s coupons

Yes, but you can still pay full price on a separate transaction to take advantage of the offer.

Im having problems. Can someone please help. I keep getting an error message

Woo hoo!  Major score.  I printed two sets of the coupons (2-$8/1; 4-$3/1) and just got back from Petsmart.  I got 6 bags (each on sale for $6) and was able to use all the coupons – INLCUDING overage!  Paid $8.66 total with tax – a savings of $69.22 from the regular shelf price!

Thanks so much, KCL!!

It worked!! Thank you!

Theres a coupon that has save up to $5 and it says buy canine cans and get 2 free,, so if the cans are $1 each and i get 6 i pay $4 for all 6 or has that wrk…im pretty new at this coupons stuff please help

My petsmart was fully stocked (Corona, Ca)
! Love this deal! Treats, dog food, and wet canned food! amazing deals! 

Don’t forget to bring the $3 off treat coupon with….the treats are on sale for $3!  FREE treats!

Coupon is there, just copy the link into new tap, click on save $22 when it says to register say register as new member, then type in the info then the dogs info and you will get the coupons automatically :) it just worked for me… its not the same as all the other coupons you see if you click on the special offers and coupons.

 I was doing that but it was not working. But I finally got it to work. I don’t know why it worked after the dozens of times I tried and it didn’t work but I am just happy that it finally worked :)

I cannot get the coupons to show up. I click on the link above and it loads and tried clicking on the “Click Here to save $22” and it just reloads to the same page and I tried making an account and then pressing it and the same thing happens :(

I tried all day yesterday , this morning I got right onto the site.. I went from the link above then answered some questions, then printed 5 different coupons, with the 8$ in it! I got to print twice! ya! finally got a break..

Thank you! Was able to print this coupon twice! Going to use the overage to get my pups some Greenies!

I wasn’t able to print earlier.  Must have been too much traffic.  Now it is late at night and I had no problems.  Printed all $22 worth of coupons including the $8/1 !  My dogs eat Iams but I will mix this in.  Thanks! 

Awesome Coupon! It Let Me Print All of The Coupons Twice! Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady! $40+ In Savings!

Its up and running again and was able to print this coupon twice.

So, question on the rebate form…am I right to assume we can’t use a coupon on the bag bought for the rebate?? Wording on coupon:

Offer cannot be combined with any other rebate offer, manufacturer’s coupon, pre-priced bonus bags or dollar off bags.

Do you think I’d have to pay full price for it on a separate receipt from the 2 I use the coupon on?

FINALLY got this to work!!! The site loads fine now. Don’t click on ‘register’ at the top of the page. Click on the box that says ‘save up to $22 on Science Diet’ right in the middle of the page. This takes you to a screen where you can register and get the coupons! It prints out the $8 coupon, PLUS 4 additional high-value coupons. You can also sign up for both the cat and dog coupons. I got 2 of each for the $8 cat/dog foods, plus 8 others. This was worth trying all day to get!

can you plese help me i can no find it

Just follow those instructions, should work fine!

Woo hoo…just got the coupons :)

Darn!  I’ve been trying for several hours…could really use this coupon since I have 2 dogs (and 5 cats)…:(

Its now removed! I have been trying all day and finally it loads fast and allows me to sign up but no $8.00 coupon! 

they won’t even let you register now at all……  ticks me off, I tried earlier and their site froze up during registration…..  now I can’t even get the coupons….  but they did put a rebate of 6.00 for that dog food on there now…. 

Looks like the coupon is no longer being offered.  Good for everyone who was able to take advantage of this deal, Science Diet is an awesome brand of dog food =)

so i registered and signed in and went back and clicked the link above and theres no 8$ coupons…did they remove them? how can i find it?

having trouble printing coupon any suggestions??

I was able to print all of them (I was up at 4 am getting my coupon trip ready for today lol)
I got 4 x 3.00 off 1 dry dog food
2 x 8.00 off 1 dry dog food
2 x 3.00 off any treat
2 x save upto 5.00 when you buy 4 cans, get 2 cans free 

i left the canned food q’s on the shelf …. found a lady buying the small 6.00 bags and gave her the 3.00 – she was buying two so if she bought 4 she’d pay what shewas going to anyway 

I found a 5lb bag for 7.00 with the pet perks card …. and a large bag of treats for 3.99 …. I got two of each and paid 3.44!!!! =) I could have gotten the smaller bags of treats for free but the big bag was 3 times the size!

hey where did u find those? i cant find them

I’m in bakersfield , ca and they wouldn’t take the coupon or adjust it because the manager said it was more then the price of the product and she said they don’t adjust there coupons. ::(

I got the coupon before anyone noticed she had posted it. I just got back from Petsmart and didn’t have any problems. They couldn’t adjust the price, so they just let me get something to fill the price gap. I paid .83 for the dog food and a bag of dog cookies. YAY!

Also Petco has a coupon on their website for $5 off any size. Not sure about their coupon policy, but at leats for those who cant print the one from Hills, they can snag this one for only $1 a bag. 

I just picked up a few of the dry food bags and cashier didnt adjust the coupons but actually adjusted the price of their item from $6 to $8 so that it matched up the coupon. I paid tax on $8 instead of $6. Called the store and they will refund me the difference on tax but no overage on this coupon..at least at my store :(

My store applied the overage to the other items I was purchasing. I bought two of the $6 bags, a $3 bag of treats, and 3 cans of dog food (all Science Diet) and used one $8 coupon, the $3 coupon for the treats, and a “buy dog food get 3 cans free” coupon. So the $2 overage from the $8 coupon paid for part of the extra bag of food, so I only paid $4 plus tax for all the items, almost $20 worth!

It looks like the website is having some difficulties keeping up with demand! I really don’t like technical difficulties : (

I think ive been trying for 3 hours on and off lol

It finally loaded enough to let me register, but now it has been sitting on a screen saying ‘transmitting data’ for about 20 minutes. I’m about to give up hope!

This is where i have been stuck for about 30 min…hold tight! 

Im having major issues as well

site doesnt load!!

I can only find the rebate for ideal balance,  where is the actual coupon?

sight bails anyone else having issues

There was also a $3 off coupon in this past weekends SS insert, wouldn’t make it free but $3 a bag isn’t bad

-.- i just printed one and change to another computer..the website start crash…

This isn’t loading for me either…been trying for 20 minutes now :(

When the site finally loaded for me, there’s no $8 coupon, just a link for a MIR for this particular variety to try it free.  And that link isn’t loading.

website just came up, now it says a 2.00 coupon? :-(

You have to register your pet and then pick a store.  It took me a LONG time, but I finally got it and it let me print twice!

 does it print thru coupons.com? mine are printing super tiny coupons thru that. i hope its not…

 yes it does.

it wouldnt let me print twice..your lucky’

the website is down… I guess too many people trying to get this deal! :(

im dying for this coupon. i really really really hope i can get it. website wont even load for me.

same here

website wont load for me either. I am guessing they are having a overload

same here

 it took about 20 minutes for the whole process/print for me but it did work.

The site states “Unavailable”…waited 5 minutes to sign up … please help…

I can’t figure out how to get this coupon. I am on the website, registered, see the coupons.. but not this one.. please help.

what is petsmarts coupon policy for the overage?

 Call your store and ask. The petsmart I shop at (spring hill, tn) I believe it just depends on the cashier even though I’ve asked many times for a specific policy. They have great clearence deals for pet food so I went in for my weekly pet run= and found a few cat treats and foods that would give me overage. My total was lower then I had figured and she gave me full credit on my coupons. I have a friend who works there who adjusts them  down, so I’m guessing it just depends. If you find an official policy I’d love to have a copy or link!

my store did not adjust the coupons maybe because i bought some treats too…?

wow thanks! I have a friend who buys this brand and she will be thrilled!