$2.00/1 – Playtex Infant Product – (playtexbaby.com)

Combine an in-ad coupon with a printable manufacturer coupon from Playtex and you’ll have everything you need to purchase Playtex Sippy Cups for only $0.29!

  • Click HERE to get started.
  • Fill out your basic information.
  • A coupon will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours–be sure to check your spam email box!

Playtex Sippy Cups $6.29
Use $4.00 off in-ad coupon, Starting 3/4
And use $2.00/1 – Playtex Infant Product – (playtexbaby.com)
Final Price: $0.29

Thanks, Southern Cali Saver

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59 thoughts on “Almost Free Playtex Sippy Cups at Rite Aid”

Yes I am in the SF Bay Area and it is in the Rite Aid ad.

 Did any one find this coupon in the SF Bayarea? I did not see it in my riteaid store ad

you can also use the 4 dollar off rite aid coupon at walmart I did

I grabbed a sippy cup and a set of two plates. I paid 29 cents for the cup and 99 cents for the two plates. I was worried that the $2 coupon wouldn’t work for the plates because the coupon doesn’t mention them, but the age on the box said 6 months + so I decided to try it. It went through with no problem. My son was wicked excited about his new Cars cup and for some reason was much more willing to eat his dinner off a new plate. Go figure.

I got one of these cups today, only had the Rite Aid coopie but just signed up for the playtex one. It has butterflies on it and I plan to use it for ME ME ME!!!! It has a straw that bends into the lid and gets covered up. SOOOOOOOOO cute, now if only I could find matching shoes

These cups pictured where $5.99 at my rite-aid so I got them FREE! I bought two for my 8 month old little girl. Thanks KCL! I tell all my girlfriends about you.

I was so happy to score on this deal! They also had the pacifiers $4 off (w/in ad Q) which brought them down to .99!! Great week to stock up on baby products! 

I too was hoping to stock up on this deal but I had a bit of trouble at my Rite-Aid…They are not very friendly- coupon or otherwise…I believe there are only 2 cashiers that work there and I’m pretty sure thay hate seeing me come every week. Its so bad I would literally go to a different location if there was one remotely close. Anyway- The cashier first informed me that there was a limit to the cups because you had to use your wellness card to get the deal with the coupon from their ad and there was a limit of one per household??? Has anyone else ran into this issue? Then she tried to deny my $1.50 coupons for the jumbo pack of diapers because the pictures were of the boxes. I explained that the writing on the coupon did not specify the size. She accepted them finally after telling me if she lost her job for taking them it would be my fault. Do I just have hateful cashiers or is this a problem in other locations as well?

There is not a limit to how many you can get with your wellness card concerning the cups…the $4 coupon does say  1 per customer, but many cashiers will let you do more transactions.  I have 4 cups here & used the same wellness card on all of them!!  I don’t have any problems with the cashiers at my riteaid..other drug stores’ cashiers are a different story though!!

Rite Aid also has Playtex thermal cups, they look like a coffee cup, there $4.99 so with both coupons its a $1.01 money maker!!

where do u find the 2$ off coupon..i cannot find it

 It took me 2 days to get my e mail link.

I bought a sippy cup that was priced at 5.99, making it free after both coupons =)

yes, the rite aid manufacturer coupons are store specific coupons, so you are able to  stack them with a regular manufacturer coupon.

im from boston and I got mine today. bought 2 and only paid .30 cents. i like that deal.  thanks.

Got one today, thanks for the tip!

where is the coupon for the sipster cup I cant seem to find it on that link and i signed up.

Took advantage of this great deal today and paid $.73 out of pocket for a Disney Princess cup.  Might go back and get more for such a great deal.

It was! I got a Cars and a Princess one. Too bad the Toy Story one was a different brand, my little boy loves Buzz!

I thought the same thing lol. I really wanted the Toy Story one too =)

I had my son with me when I shopped at Rite Aid yesterday and when I asked him which Cars cup he wanted, his response was “The Buzz Lightyear one! You have a coupon for that one, Mommy?” Haha he knows his mother well!

The coupon says one per customer.  Does that mean we can only get one of these?

i cant wait to get this because my son keeps losing his cups

I went to Rite Aid this morning and got mine for $0.29 

Does this work?  The ad scan that I found online looked like it’s a manufacturer’s coupon in the ad…. Can I stack that with the $2 Playtex one?

Yes, rite aids store coupons look just like MF coupons, but they are indeed store coupons. :) so yes, you can stack them.

Awesome!  Thank you!

Is anyone else from Southern California NOT seeing this deal in the store circular that was released last night? I must be blind?! :( What page is it on? Thanks in advance!

they usually put it out in the morning. Yay i just came from rite aid and got my playtex cup for my daughter

Ad was out online last night at 9pm but I’m not seeing the deal listed. I’ll keep looking.

 FOUND IT! Page 7 for anyone else that was having trouble. 😉

If you buy more than 1 of this product, will Rite aid in-ad coupons automatically add like Wags? Thanks.

i can’t seem to enter more than one email…did anyone else have luck doing this?

 Me either. I am going to try a different computer!

i mean… can i use in ad coupon for next week (starting from march 4) in this week ?

Coupons are only valid for the sales week unless otherwise stated on the coupon.

im very new in couponing … so i need experts opinion . can i use those in ad coupon this week? such as Soft lips , sippy cups coupon… 

If you can get this coupon quick Shoprite has Disney playtex on sale for 2 for $5…   my store had a lot of cups left…. if you can print 2 then you’ll get them for $.50 each  =) But the sale ends on Sat 3/3

Is there a limit on how many coupons you can use

is the $4 in-ad coupon in the rite-aid flyer?

It sure is!

My 6 month old is going to love his first cup and mommy is loving the price…thank you!

Can always use more sippy cups around here especially with a second one on the way. =) 

I’m glad for this one.  I got some of these a few months back, and now these are the only sippy cups my daughter likes.

Hi, where could I get the in-ad coupon?  

When you walk into your local Rite Aid, pick up their sales flyer.  The coupon is in there.


I am so jealous! I dont have a Rite-Aid and this is a GREAT deal :(

I am soooo excited about this thank you so much!

It’s gonna be a great week at Rite Aid 3/4. 4 pages of in ad coupons and the Playtex deal is one of many super cheap or free items from these in ad coupons. Sale starts tomorrow in SoCal so if it ends up going great for me I’ll post my trip in the brag lounge tomorrow.

Where do you get the Rite Aid ads ahead of time?  I see on the CVS website where they release next week’s ad, but I haven’t been able to find anything on Rite Aid, except when KCL releases it.

If you search Rite Aid preview 3/4 several different sites come up with the ad. The best way to see the ad in detail is togo to the Rite Aid website tonight 9pm pacific time and enter the zip code 90210 under weekly ad. Since the sale starts tomorrow for us in Southern California the ad’s up tonight. 

 Thanks for the heads up BarstowMom! :) I’m in So Cal too!

Do you know if there’s any limit to use rite aid ad coupon? I think this is really a great deal! I’m planning to include this in my gift for my friends baby shower soon.

I got my email with the coupon link and was able to print two of these coupons. I signed up a few days ago and it did take about a day to receive my email. If you have a 10% or 20% off discount at Rite Aid you can get a few items for free. A Disney Princess sippy cup that I want is $6.49 regularly at my store so $5.20 after discount and with both coupons free. I also priced pacifiers that are $5.49 for a 2 or 3 pack so no discount needed to get those for free with both coupons.

thank you!!!

I can’t wait for this deal.. this is a great chance for me to add to a donation im rounding up for a local charity! Moses House for women and children. If anyone who lives in southern California and would like to add to my donation or make their own.. you can contact me through facebook.