Keep your eyes peeled at Walmart! I just purchased this 60 pack of Arm & Hammer Power Pacs for $7.98 at Walmart, and attached to the bag is a rebate for up to $9.99 on this product! Gotta love trying a new product–especially when it’s free! Let us know if you find it!

Offer valid on purchase made between 02/01/12 to 12/15/12.  Rebate must be received by 12/31/12. Limit of one refund per family, address or household.

Arm and Hammer Power Pacs 60 ct. $7.98, Regular Price
Submit Mail in Rebate for up to $9.99, 16 ct. or larger, from rebate peelie attached to bag
Final Price: Free 

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42 thoughts on “Free Arm and Hammer Power Pacs Rebate at Walmart!”

Found these at Target in Silver Spring MD!

Wish I read these post before I got mine to see there was a 60 pack out there. Oh well, I’m still happy with a 20 pack for free! Thanks for all of the great finds this week. :-)

do you have to have the peelie on it to get the rebate or no?

Yes, you do have to have the rebate peelie, The peelie states you must send it in as part of the rebate. I found the 60 count packs in Utah at my Wal-mart. There were only four left. Mailed mine yesterday! Awesome deal!

i didnt find these at my walmart beccuase there was nothing on the shelf ….and i went to antoher walmart they didnt have the peelies ..ill try walgreens..:( im sad im not a good couponer

I live in the Northland Kansas City, MO area and found them.  I had to pull the ones from the front back to locate the bags that had the coupon on them.  There were several left!

I got my rebate but will by mine next week!

I just got a 50pk at Dollar General for $7.50…mailing my rebate tomorrow.

Walmart had a few left with the peelies intact.  There are actually 2 different kinds.  A&H with Oxy and without. 

First, I’d like to say “Thank You” to the OP as I’ve found some really great deals by checking KCL before I leave the house!

Yes…I’m new at this but was able to find 3 packs at Walgreen’s (20 pack) and what made it even better was that it was placed in the wrong spot and yes I showed the on duty mgr and asked that he honor the price that was showing which was $3.49 and so he did. The actual price was $7.98. He looked at the package and said “I don’t even know what that stuff is”..LOL! I’m super excited as laundry detergent is not cheap and none of the other stores had it.

Thanks for sharing:)

Over @ Meijer they have it also.

You can find this over @ Meijer also.

I found the 60 count one at my Walmart this morning.  It was 7.97.  It will be awesome to do 60 loads for free, assuming the rebate actually comes.

Does anyoen know how long there wait on the rebate is?

I only use the product I submit for a rebate AFTER I receive the rebate money for the item from the manufacturer. That way I can still return the item if I want to and I won’t be out any money.

Don’t you have to cut the bar code off to mail in the rebate? TIA

Yes you have to cut off the UPC, so you wouldn’t be able to return it.  I usually have OK luck with rebates, so here’s hoping for the best.

Got mine at RiteAid for 6.99!!!  Thanks bunches KCL!!!

I found these at my Walmart today in Westfield, Indiana. Yippee!!!

I just picked mine up at walmart this morning, it was a 50 ct package for 7.97, called all my friends and family to get theirs too.

My walmart didn’t have these but got mine @ Dollar General for $7.50 for the 50ct Crystal Burst

Wow!  You got a great deal for a 60 pack.  I found the 24 pack at Lowes Foods (NC) yesterday with the rebate peelie for $8.39.

I found these on clearance actually at my grocery store. It sort of helps the tax to get lower so it’ll be better when it’s free :)

Is there a limit on how many i can get rebates on?  I was thinking about purchasing 2.

1 per household

Is there a limit on how many we can buy/get rebates on?

Yes you can receive one per household.

Does anyone know how Arm & Hammer (or any other company) handles rebates? For instance, Proctor and Gamble refused to honor a rebate because I’d “already submitted a rebate with this address.” I hadn’t, at least I hadn’t for that particular product, though, maybe for a different product, with the same manufacturer.

So, I guess what I’m asking is, if I submitted for the Arm and Hammer Ultra Rebate, will Arm and Hammer honor this rebate too? Is there a time frame limit or something?


This rebate is only for the item with the peelie on it, so you shouldn’t have any problem. Whereas some rebates are for various products by a manufacturer, and it may be easier to duplicate those.

I received a postcard yesterday that said Norelco refused my $30 rebate that I submitted in December for that Target deal because supposedly the rebate said cannot use with any other offer. The deal was supposed to go like this:
Orig. Price 99.99
Sale 89.99
MQ -30.00
MIR -30.00
TTL 29.99
Ended up to be 59.99
Way out of my Christmas budget. I guess the lesson is the “any other offer”

 yeah…you could not use a coupon on that deal and still get the MIR

Arm and Hammer also has the same thing on their new scoopable cat litter!  What a great deal!

omg, 60ct? the one i found at walgreens is only 16ct

i will be picking these up on tomorrow thanks

Seriously, 60 ct?  Is that a typo?

No it’s not! It just has to be a 16 count or larger and the 60 count is the one that had the peelie on it. I know it’s almost too good to be true! :)

Got the Crystal Burst Oxi Clean “Try Me Free” at Walgreens!

Got the same thing at CVS.

Got the same thing at Kmart.

Is this different than the crystal burst, arm and hammer?  It had a “try me free” as well.

I also found and bought this at Walgreens!

hey Nicolle, you know it says your name and your address on a 3″ 5″ card. does it has to be specific on that particular size of card?