I have a definite soda habit, so I’m super excited to see this HOT deal on Coca-Cola 12 packs at Walgreens this week! Right now when you buy $20.00 of select Hershey’s, Planters or Coca-Cola products, you’ll receive a $10.00 Register Reward. Coca-Cola 12 packs are also on sale this week, three for $10.00. There was a limit of three on those, but double check your store. It’s been reported that the limit has been raised to six! Combine the sale, the raised limit and the Register Reward deal to score 12 packs for just $1.67! Check it out:

Buy 6 Coca-Cola, 12 pk 3 for $10.00, On Sale thru 3/17
Spend $20.00 on Select Coca-Cola, Hershey’s or Planters products, Receive $10.00 Register Reward, Thru 3/17
Pay $20.00, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.67 each when you buy 6

Thanks, Penny Pinchin Mom 

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Please update this site. Went to walgreens but this ad was for 2012

Lisa, Don’t get discouraged I have had a couple of bad experiences. I think we all have, but the problem is people don’t like what they can’t understand. I think I have seen a definite turn around at The Walgreens at least in my area. There are 2 stores I frequent that I regularly give coupons to the ladies at the beauty counter and they encourage coupon use in those stores. “Sue” even tells people when she sees things in their cart she knows she has coupons for to come over and check out there so she can give them a bargain. In this area I have seen the tide turning over the last 2 years every where except a few Wal-marts, which I don’t understand they are usually pretty Up to date with the times and laid back. Develop a relationship with stores you want to frequent, they are more apt to be friendly that way. And another thing I try is to not overwhelm them, I make it as easy as possible. So they don’t get upset with me. My local Cvs loves the couponers because they find out the deals and do them too, and I share coupons with them when I can. Chin up girl and drive on:)

I went to Walgreens tonight and purchased the following:
Hershey Spring Asst Bag – 4.99
Hershey Cookies ‘n Crm eggs – 2/6.00
12pk Diet Coke – 3.34
12pk CF Diet Coke – 3.33
12pk Dr. Pepper – 3.33
Nabisco Ritz Crackers -2.29
I used the following coupons:
Instore coupon – Hershey’s $1 off with purchase of 2
MFG coupon- $2 off with purchase of 3 Hersheys’s Products
Schick Razor RR – $4
Schick Razor RR – $4
My total with sales tax was $14.28. Can someone explain why I didn’t earn a $10 RR?

Order it online for instore pickup and use the 5 off 20 coupon. Order $25 dollars worth because the $5 off coupon counts against register rewards printing. So make order for $25 use $5 off, so you still only pay $20 and get $10 RR.

At my wags you could buy 6 12pks of coca cola products and with the 3/10.00 special pay 20.00 plus tax and recieve 10.00 in register rewards which I used for other things I went to wags for.. in the end you are gettin a heck of a deal on name brand soft drinks I <3 wags

The sale is only until Saturday?  Darn!  I’m done with couponing this week.

Anyone know which coke products it is? I only like to buy the Diets: coke zero, diet dr pepper, etc. Or is it only coke and diet coke?? Thanks!!!

Any coke products will work!

Bought 5 Cokes and 1 Sprite and there was $1/2 peelie on the cases that you are able to use. So spent $17 not including deposit or spent $20.60 with deposit plus $10 RR.  There was also a sign saying that you can get 6 cases at one time to get the RR.

I bought 2 Coke, 2 Caffeine Free Diet Coke, 1 Mello Yello, and 1 Sprite…any Coke Product that was available worked with the $10.00 rebate. 

i saw that nabisco is part of this deal do you know if oreos are included? I want coke, planters and also the oreos, thanks for your help

I can’t seem to find a list of included Nabisco products.  Has anyone bought any Nabisco items that qualified?  Let us know : )

They’ve raised the limit to 6.

Where is the coupon located? On the back of the sales paper? Sorry, I have not had time to check Walgreens out this week.

I needed to roll my rewards so I got 6 – 12 packs of cokes for 1.17 for each 12 pack. Thank you KCL for helping us all out!

No coupon needed for this deal! It’s a RR deal at Walgreens this week!

I wish I had a car……this is going to be hard to carry….PLEASE do not judge the people you see walking home with shopping carts because this is the only way we can get deals like this. My Walgreens locks up the shopping carts so I’m going to have to walk around and try to find one from another store to bring with me that won’t get locked up otherwise it’s impossible. Can’t wait to get a car but deals like this are helping me save my money. We don’t drink a lot of soda in my house it’s a treat so 6 cases will last my house months! 

Shopping carts aren’t cheap. I don’t judge if you are “borrowing” It to get your groceries home. I only judge if you don’t take the empty cart back to the store because then it becomes stealing.

Hitting up twp walgreens tomorrow…..

 I think what make couponer3 sad because ppl use Food Stamp to purchase Soda( alot of sugar) which is not good for health issue. Think of that Food Stamps money are come from tax payer.

 So if you are on food stamps that they also paid in with their tax money they can only buy preapproved food items that people feel moral about.  What if I’m an vegetarian and I don’t want people on food stamps to buy meat because I believe meat is bad for the body.

You don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life.  Maybe they are stocking up on soda for a specific reason, a treat, or just because. Maybe they want to get the Register Rewards to buy non food items.

People stop moralizing on someone else’s life. You live your life and your concern should be your life not someone else’s.  Otherwise you have to much time on your hand.

I think its fine for people on food stamps to buy a few treats.  Keep in mind however there are alot of us who are not on food stamps, watching every dollar we spend and are going without things like a trunk full of pop.   

 You know you kind of insulted everyone who just did the deal. Not to be mean or whatever.  We all make choices for all our own reasons. People don’t need to be sanctimonious about their own choices to others.

For all you know that person does work full time and is still on food stamps which is happening more often than not. They could have an upcoming holiday or birthday or slumber party or are sharing or ….

Please, just be careful on what you say. There are people who have no control over their circumstances and are trying to improve them and don’t need to feel more insecure, worthless, and/or  helpless than they already do.

well apple juice has arsenic in it and kool aid and tea is full of sugar so what makes sodas any different

people have to drink something sometimes  might as well save some money and stock up on it at a great price

How is tea full of sugar?  I drink tea all of the time but it doesn’t have any sugar.  You have to add sugar to tea for it to have sugar or buy sweetened tea.  I absolutely cannot stand sweet tea.

walgreens raised the limit on the coke to 6 so that they could compete with the cvs deal that was going on this week

so i got 6 at my walgreens and used two coupons from back of price cutter ads for 1$ off three 12 packs, so paid 18$ and rr hasnt been printing all day so they give back 10$ cash so i paid 8$ for 6 twelve packs


in the price cutter ad there is a man. coupon for $1 off three 12 packs, so use two of those and its 18$ get back 10$rr

Did this on the way home in Mechanicsville, Va.  Bought 6 for $20 and got $10 RR.  There were signs up in the store saying buy 6 for $10 after $10 RR.  No problem at all.

whats RR?

RR = Register Rewards…”money” Walgreens gives back to you for buying an item.

Register Rewards are like a coupon that allows you to save on a future Walgreens purchase.

Do you have to get all regular coke or can you get Diet coke and cherry coke too?

you can get any flavor, sprite, and fanta are also considered coke products as well.

Nice I have 1 off 2 diet coke qs…..NO one buys the Diet coke..

Maybe that’s because the Diet Coke is usually very close to the expiration date on the carton??

I always check the expiration date, if it is about to expire I don’t buy it. 

After reading this post I drove to Walgreens and they allowed me to purchase 6 of them and I received the 10 dollar RR.  I spoke to an Associate and she said that the ad puts a limit but each store is allowed to set their own limits and they didn’t see anything wrong with us doing it this way, especially since they had so many in stock.  The cashier was also impressed and was going to do the deal herself!  I think this is a pretty good deal since we don’t have a CVS where I live. Thanks for posting this KCL!

Hey, you must be in Houston. Sounds like my store. I have finally quit going. Not worth the hassle. And, It WAS a hassle every time I went in there.

I got online and filed a complaint after being treated rudely at a WAGS. Within 24 hours a manager called me personally to apologize and let me know there was a meeting with all the managers to resolve the issue. It was certainly worth the five minutes it took me to fill out the complaint form.

Good for you girl.

Hey all, an FYI.  This has been on the news …
Coke and Pepsi are changing the whatever it is that colors the soda to its dark color because it is known to be a carcinogen!  I was wondering if there was going to be a recall, but no – it just goes on sale!  Don’t buy it!!

Will the rr still print if I roll my rr on one product after another? For example: Buy 6 planter peanuts get $10rr then use that $10rr to use it on the coke?

no because it is for the same company that is doing the deal

My friend just did this deal in Lake Forest, CA.  She bought 6 cases and got the $10 dollar RR back!!  The cashier was super impressed by the deal and wanted to do it herself!!  Only thing is she paid $25 OOP which included sales tax and CRV… but still NOT a bad deal!!  😉

I was thinking sbout this special last night, but I did not noted that say only 3 limited and No limited In NM, So we can’t do that!!! and the LADY need to correct that……

If i use my $4 rr that I have from a previous purchase, towards this purchase, I will get the $10 rr still, correct ? 

 Yes …as long as the RR didn’t come from Coke or Reese’s products.

Last night I did the right guard deal first and then used the $4rr to pay only $16 for the cokes getting back the $10 rr. During lunch today i went to the one by my office and tried doing the same deal again & the rr would not print if i used the other rr to pay for it.  I’m confused… the rr for the right guard does not have anything to do with the rr for cocacola.

 A Coke RR can’t be used in a transaction that makes another Coke RR.

it was the rr from the right guard deal and it still didnt print out the $10rr, I ended up just paying with out the rr from right guard

Try speaking to the manager.  You should have gotten the RR.

The Deal is for Coke & Reesies products $20 worth.  so if your store wont let you get more than 3 Coke 12 pks, then get 10$ worth of candy.

So, if I buy 6 12 packs paid 20.00, got a $10 RR, If I go back can I use my $10RR and pay 10.  Will I receive another 10.00. Or should I use it on something else?  Im new to all this, BUT 1.67 is cheap for 12 pack for stock up for me.  Amy suggestions??

No you can’t use a RR on an item that gave you that RR it won’t give you any back

Our Littleton, NH Walgreens informed us that if you turn around and use a RR to purchase the same product that created the RR, the new transaction will not generate a new RR.

In other words …if you get a $10 Coke RR, and use it to buy another $20 in Coke products, the register will not print another $10 Coke RR.

I don’t see why you couldn’t go back every day and buy another $20 in Coke products, and get more $10 RRs …by the end of the week you could have $70 in RRs ……but you would have spent $140 on Coke in seven days, and have 504 cans of soda (forty-two 12pks)!  (perhaps others know if this is even possible …probably the store won’t even have that much in stock.)

 you can go back and get more. That is what i did. Most walgreens knew about this sale early because that got a heads up on CVS sale and wanted to compete with them so they ordered alot.


Don’t use your $10.00 RR to buy more coke! You won’t receive any more RR. Use the $10.00 RR to buy something different : )

I got a better deal on the sodas since I got 3 $1.00 manufacture coupons. Paid 7.00 or $1.16 per pack. I got the coupons  at my local supermarket  (Stater Bros) last month. I live in So Cal. 8)

 I used free coke coupons i got from the mycoke rewrds and it only printed a $5 RR – the manager said it was because of the coupons it wasnt $10, but that didnt stop any other RR before – does anyone have the number for the RR company?

 Aren’t you not supposed to take coupons unless you’re gonna use them at that store? Kinda like when someone pulls the peelie off an item and doesn’t buy it???

 One of my local grocery stores actually has signs on the door as you walk in saying it is wrong to take coupons on products you do not plan to buy.

I have never seen a sign like that before but it’s really true.  Removing peelies and not purchasing the product is sort of like stealing.

 She doesn’t say she removed any peelies and didnt buy them. I have a crap load of the coke peelies that were on EACH 12 pack I bought. So I didn’t peel them off and make someone else not use it. I don’t understand why everyone on here automatically assumes that someone did something wrong or why someone has to specifically state that they did not do this or do that. Get over it people.

Thank you Hollee I appreciate your response 8)

 the mycoke rewrds is a program where you enter in points and earn things, like coupons, so she got the coupons righfully

It was a little booklet with 6 different coupons, I got them when a bought campbell’s soup, and I used one of those coupons in booklet.  I don’t know why people assumed you take coupons without knowing how you got them, and like you I don’t like people that takes them either. Maybe next time I should explain exactly how I got the coupons.  Sometimes my local market  have people giving you to try new food and they hand out coupons. If it happens that  my mom its with me and she gets one too she gives it to me. 

My WalGreens ad states limit 3 on the Coke 12 packs at 3 for $10. So if thet let you buy 6 in one transaction, you wouldn’t get the sale price but would get the register rewards. If you buy 6 in 2 transactions, you will get the sale price buy not the register rewards. Register rewards are for a single transaction and print out automatically at the end of the transaction. If you don’t get your RR then, it is because WalGreens didn’t consider your purchase to meet all of the requirements for that particular RR offer. RR are awarded regardless of how you pay.
Even if you paid for your whole order in register rewards you previously earned, you’d still get the RR your transaction qualified for, PROVIDED that your number of items exceeds the number of coupons, including RR used. Exampl: buy 3 Coke 12 packs for $10 and 2 Planters nuts for $7, total $17, pay with 1 $5 RR and 4 $3 RR, won’t receive the $5 RR (5 items and already used 5 coupons/RR); OR buy the same 5 things for $17, pay with 1 $5 RR and 2 $6 RR, receive the $5 RR back after purchase.
At least at our local WalGreens, that isthe policy. You can’t use RR for tax, and you can’t get cash back on RR if the total of your order is less than the value of RR. You also can’t use RR for the purchase your earned them on: in other words, they only print after you pay, so you can’t use them to pay for the same purchase, only a future purchase. Hope that helps.

They’ve raised the limit to 6 for the 12 packs.  So you should be able to get the RR plus the sale price.

Just did this deal in NC – worked as written in post. Bought 6 at sale price and received 10RR. The paper ad does say “limit 3”, but in the store they had up signs by the cokes advertising 6 for 10 dollars after 10 RR.

Same here in Dallas, TX. There’s signs so you buy 6 and that is what I did.

my walgreens has coke products 3/10  and the limit is 3 per trans will i still ger the rr if i buy 3 in one transaction versus 6 and as for the cvs deal i did that to, twice lol

No you won’t since walgreens doesn’t have a card like cvs and rideaid, there is no way to track how much your buying. I did this deal yesterday  and even they had a sign saying buy 6 for $10, so i don’t think it will be a problem buying 6. I know the ad says limit 3 but most of the walgreens will let you buy more than the limit. 


They’ve raised the limit to 6, so you should be able to get 6 in one transaction to score the RR.  You won’t get the RR by buying 3, unless you also buy select hershey’s and planters items.

KCL, is this only at your WAGS or was there some kind of “announcement” and all WAGS are suppose to be raising the limit? Because my WAGS is still sticking to the LIMIT 3 that was shown in the sales paper.  

yes there was an announcement, so all walgreens is suppose to not limit you to only 3.  they are competing with CVS sale this week.

Yes, there was an announcement from their corporate offices.

I did this deal a few times today, and my local store had signs up saying 3/$10 get a $5RR 6/$20 get a $10RR. So apparently you can get a smaller RR when you buy 3 at some stores.Still a good deal either way.

I know this is a stupid question but do you only get the register rewards if you pay with cash or also if you pay with a food stamps card? 

it doesn’t matter

if you can use food stamps to buy soda then this deal should work for food stamps. just depends if soda is considered a food item.

Soda is considered food as well, so if you have plenty of FS, great timing to stock up.

Can you use coupons along with a food stamp card?

Yes you can, at least you can in Washington…I don it all the time :)

Yes, you can use mfr. coupons and pay with food stamps…as long as you have food items in your transaction.

 yay! stock up time!

Hey,a coupon is a coupon,no matter how your paying for it,the store is still getting paid.Yes,you do,but this deal doesn’t seem that great to me,since I really can’t carry that many boxes of soda,unless its Pepsi.LOL


for less trouble, you can get 5 12 packs at CVS for $15 with a $5 ECB and you don’t have to buy anything else!

If the limit at Wags is now 6 12 packs of Coke, you don’t have to buy anything else at Wags either but you are saddled with a $10 RR that’s only good for 2 weeks.

RR’s not techinally don’t expire… I’ve used RR’s weeks after the expiration date but they managers at all the local WAGS near me (in GA) told me as long as they scan it dont matter that usually RR”s dont expire

Bobbie I work at Walgreens (ga.) You can use RR up to a month after they have expired.

You can use them at Publix too!  Why…look in the left corner, they’re and manufacture coupon!

RR are meant to be used only at Walgreens.

So do all walgreens do this rewards thing?  We have one but I never shop there, and when I did they didn’t offer me anything for rewards.

Yes, but you have to buy participating items to score rewards.  And the rewards come in the form of a coupon at checkout.

where can I check the iems that are part of the deal? I saw at walgreens a sign that said the rewards are for coca cola, planters, hersheys and also nabisco but not see any sign on the nabisco items to check wich ones are included and I don’t know where is the complete list of products

Hmmm…I doublechecked the ad, and I see a box of Nabisco Wheat Thin crackers.  It didn’t give a complete list of products, and I can’t seem to find one.  I would probably ask at your store : )

Does anyone know if Dr. Pepper is considered a coke product?

I believe that it is.