Buying diapers is like purchasing gas-you don’t really want to shell out the dough, but you HAVE to have them! That’s why I am so excited for this deal at Rite Aid! Starting 3/25, Huggies diapers are on sale for $10.99. There is also a promotion that includes Huggies diapers: when you spend $40, you will  receive a $10 +Up Reward! This brings them down to just $5.50 for a jumbo pack! Pretty nice deal!

Spend $40.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward, through 3/31

Buy 4 Huggies Goodnights Jumbo Pack Diapers $10.00
Use 4 $2.00/1 Huggies Goodnights Jumbo Pack or larger – (
And use $1.00/1 – Huggies Goodnights – (
Pay $31.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $5.25 each when you buy 4


Buy 4 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Jumbo Pack Diapers $10.00
Use 4 $2.00/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from SS 3/18
Or 2  $3.00/2 – Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers – ( 
Pay $32.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $5.50 each when you buy 4 


Buy 4 Huggies Pull-Ups Jumbo Pack $10.00
Use 4 $2.00/1 Huggies Pull-Ups from SS 3/18
Or 2  $3.00/2 – Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers – ( 
Pay $32.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $5.50 each when you buy 4 

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42 thoughts on “Huggies Diapers Only $5.50 at Rite Aid”

How do you use the coupon machine at CVS? My card is broken but I just give the cashier my phone number and still get the discount.

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Does rite aid price match?

the riteaid website has a coupon for $3/2 huggies that you can upload to your wellness card!!

That will be nice and easy if you don’t want to print it, thank you for sharing Alex!

i still have those 3$ /1 coupon from walmart few weeks back.. i will get it for 4.50$ a jumbo pack(size3-26 diapers) comes to 17cents a diapers.. then again i think of better deals where i got diapers around for 12cents before.. dont know if i should go ahead with this deal or not

12 cents a diaper is pretty nice Boston_girl =) This is a good deal if you really can’t wait though!

I went to my CVS on Thursday to get the Huggies and stroller deal and after ringing it up they informed be that they were out of strollers, they only received 4 for the entire county! What’s up with that_ I returned the diapers and ended up making $6.61 due to the $3/$15 coupon and Huggie coupons which they could not refund!

Gosh that is not a lot of strollers! Glad you at east got your coupon money back Catsmeow=)

I have to say i will pass on this deal although it’s a great deal. I bout diapers just yesterday and got the best deal ever. I went to cvs and did the stroller deal and thanks to the coupon machine for giving me the $2/1huggie q, a 25% off you next and a 1.50 off cvs wipes Plus the coupons I had from the reinventing magazine I scored 3 pks huggies, 1 Jonhson’s baby wash and 1 cvs toddler wipes for for $3.03 OOP…Plus I got my Free stroller. Then I went to my local Stater Bros. Where I found the Pampers Big Packs (these are the one that come with 92 diapers for the size 2) on clearance for $6.99. Add a few coupons and store coupons and ended up paying 12.08 w tax for 3 of this big packs.
So for $15.11 OOP I got 3 jumbo pks Huggies,3 Big packs Pampers, 1 Johnson baby wash, 1 cvs toddler wipes and a Stroller….yeiii for me.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check out my local Stater Bros. to see if they have the clearance Pampers. I have $2.50 off Pampers coupons that were in a previouss box of Pampers I bought that I need to use.

I always try not to let those good coupons go to waste either =)

Kouponlover, WOW! What a great trip!

I have a question, could we use the $3.00 qpon from the reinventing magazine that CVS sells since it says Man Q at the top? Thanks!!

If it has a CVS logo on it Rite Aid will probably not accept it Emily. It is probably a CVS coupon but it never hurts to ask =)

what zip code are you using for the coupons? My shows as just $3/2

Mariev123, the $2.00/1 coupons are from the sunday papers =) SS 3/18. The online coupons from are $3.00/2 Little Movers Slip-Ons and $2.00/1 Goodnights.

ILoveCVS, it depends on the coupon. Sometimes they get refreshed and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they get used up and do not come out again for awhile. The good news is, if the coupon still shows that means it is still available to print. If you wanted to print more of the A&D coupon it would have to be from a different printer. Hope that helps!

That is a good point Anna, and I hope it was the former case too =)

I was in line behind a gal at our local Safeway today & she bought several packages of Huggie’s diapers & used coupons for $8 off each package.  I was shocked because I didn’t think they made coupons for that large of a dollar amount.  Is there actually legit coupons out there for that amount or did I witness a fraudulent coupon shopper?

 If it was a printable then its a fake. Check this website it list fraudulent coupons http://www. couponinformationcenter .com/coupon-fraud-list.php If you see some one doing it again let them know and let the cashier

Thank you for the information Melinda =) It’s always good to keep everything honest!

I just had a friend send me this coupon via email that someone in her neighborhood had given her. It is definitely a counterfeit one. I just looked it up on the link Melinda gave us below (thanks Melinda). My friend has twins so she jumped on this coupon but of course this is too good to be true. Thanks for posting this! Here is the link right to the coupon showing it is bad: 

The ad I looked at said the Huggies were $10, not $10.99. If this is true, it’s an even better deal. :)

The ad does say $10.00 so the first scenario would be $5.50 a pack instead of $6.49 and the 2nd scenario would be $6.00 a pack instead of $6.99.

Oh wow, thanks for noticing that, I’ll adjust the price!

Anna, you are correct, it’s a great deal now lol! Thanks for your eyes!

I am afraid to buy the slip ons because my baby is chubby. Has any one tried them? Can the waist be adjusted? Do you have to rip them like regular potty training diapers? 

the slip ons are great! The sides have the velcro like the regular diapers, so you can use them like a diaper or a pull up, and the sides are really stretchy! :-)

yes the waist is adjustable I use them with my son and he is a very chubby 14 month old.

Kat, they may be adjusted, a nice feature =)

I personally hate the slip ons. They are so difficult to get on! I send those w/ her to daycare until we run out….

I don’t care for them for my ten month old, but they work just fine for my two year old.

I am in need of diapers, so I will def be doing this deal!  BUT I wanted to make sure… the
$40 you have to spend… it’s pre-coupon right?

always wondering the same thing. So you must pay 37.96 and then receive a up+reward coupon for a future order?  I’m new to this

yes, the $40 is pre-coupon! :-) and there is a $2.50/1 pullups that was a few weeks back, so you could get 4 packs for $30 and the $10+up  

Do you know what insert the $2.50 coupon for pullups is in?  I can’t seem to find it. Was it regional?  I have lots of $2.00 ones, mostly printables.

 possibly regional.. I’m in San Diego and got the 2.50 cpn :)

Right Jennifer. The +Up Rewards are like cash you can use on future purchases at Rite Aid. We figure those into the scenarios to get the final price of the products. I also adjusted the scenario for the correct price of the Huggies and add in a better coupon. So, you will actually pay $32.00 and the receive a $10.00 + Up Reward to use for next time. Hope that helps and let us know if we can help you with any other questions =)

Yes, Kayla. It is pre-coupon =)

You can use the $2/1Slip ons from last weeks paper to make this even sweeter :)

My goodness how did I gloss over that one? Thank you for pointing that out! Makes it an even better deal! I put that coupon in instead Nicole =)