Body wash is one of those great luxury items that goes great in your stockpile or in a gift basket for any occasion.  Let’s face it, Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  This week at Dollar General, Nivea Body Wash for Women is on sale for $2.50.  Throw in a great high-value coupon, and snag some for just $0.50!

Nivea for Women Body Wash, 16.9 oz $2.50, On Sale through 4/21
Use $2.00/1 Nivea for Women Body Wash, any 8.4-16.9 oz from RP 4/15 (exp 4/29)
Final Price: $0.50

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53 thoughts on “Nivea Body Wash Only $0.50 at Dollar General!”

Dollar general has a $5 off $25 coupon on their site valad today(4/21) only gonna pair it with my nivea coupons and save some more:)

I’m from Michigan & I went today to search for the Nivea body wash, quite disappointed in the selection at Dollar General. First there was only the small size 8.4 oz.(womens) and there was NO men’s body wash & doesn’t look like there ever was any of the men’s. I asked the manager if there was any way of finding out If they did carry the men’s B- wash & he said NO we just put out what they give us?? :( SO… I had some RR from Walgreens and decided to go there to get their deal. My Walgreens had it for $3.49 I bought a total of 12. With my RR it came out to be about $1.03 a bottle (for 16.9 oz) all together.  

Can not find a $2.00 coupon for Nivea in my RP of 4/15.

For  those who dont have a Dollar General….Walmart has the 16.9 oz on roll back for $3.47..making it a $1.47 w/coupon!!

If you live in Cleveland, OH, don’t bother going to these stores to find the body wash: East 65th Street, Broadview Road, Eddy Road and Euclid Avenue, Northfield Road.  There’s plenty at the Lee Road store in Cleveland Heights and both fragrances.

It’s not in the Dollar General ad.  If they were out, I was going to price match them at Target or WalMart.  They are just down the road, so I’ll check it out.

I was thinking of price matching too..but they are not in the ad…ive been to three DG’s and none of them have any left…when I asked if they gave rain checks, the clerk laughed in my face. So, I asked the manager and she sneered at me walking away say NO.

I never coupon at Dollar General at all, and I hear people have a hard time couponing there.  Today was my first time and they didn’t seem too happy taking my coupon.  I heard the cashier ask another cashier if the coupon was legible, she did say ‘yes’.  She quietly said something about limiting the amount people can take.  I only bought 4 since the coupon states 4 like coupons.  Probably won’t go there again, same with Family Dollar, always giving people a hard time.

I have 2 of the body wash coupons left, I’m taking them to Walgreens, its $1.49, but it’ll be free when I roll my RRs. 

cool yeah i’ll probably do that!

KCL, how come you dont have a section in ‘find my store’ for WinnDixie or Dollar geneal? i check your site daily, and always make lots of notes before going shopping, just curious. im sure there are plenty of us loyal readers that would provide information to deals on those stores :)

I checked here in NC and the regular price is $2.50 so still makes them $.50 each.

 My DG regular price is $2.50 also for the smaller size!

 mine to dallas,tx

I was gonna ask this question…Im in NC too, Fayetteville Area…I saw them listed at 2.50 No sale tags or this always the price there?

Looks to me to be the regular price.  No sales tags here either.  I am in the Kinston area.  Hope that helps

I live in the St. Louis area, and although my ad didn’t mention it, I stopped in to see. They did have the 8.4 oz bottles priced at $2.50, so it may be worth it to stop by your local DG if you have time  :)

I just called my DG and they DONOT have it on sale.  It may be something to call your local store first.

Am I missing it?  I checked the ad online using several zip codes and I didn’t see Nivea in any of them.  I tried calling my local store, but there was no answer.  Has anyone actually gotten any yet?  It’s Dollar General and it’s this week, right?  I would love some of this body wash!  I’ll post again later if I find it at my store.

walgreens also have the 16.9 oz nivea on sale for men and women for 3.79 making them 1.79 a bottle for a bigger quanity.

help….. i am new at the whole couponing deal and i have been to walmart before with coupons and recieved good deals, yesterday i went with coupons and had my ads for (ex:at walgreens  dove 4/$15 but with rr $5 it would be 4/$10) so i showed the lady the 4/$10 she said no we only do the top price so i would be paying the 4/$15. so if the really are not going to price match then i will need to start shopping at cvs and walgreens. I need help to understand the RR and EB. how can i use them?

Ya they wont match RR because thats just a slip they give u that u can use on anything in the store, I think of them like giftcards sortof!!! There is a forum on here(kcl) I think if u go to my store and click on walgreens it should explain it!! So if u but the dove 4/$15 u will get a $5 RR after u pay that u can use on any purchase in the store)also use coupons with the dove to make them even cheaper. I did this deal this week using 2 $2 coupons and 2 $1 coupons(for the 4 items) so it was really 4/$9(after coupons) and then after the RR it was like paying 4/$4(minus the RR) so it was like they were $1 each then turned arouind and used the $5 RR on other purchases that day!!!!! Good luck hope that helps!!

 My Walmart will price match after the RR and you don’t have to show them the add! You just tell them the amount it will be after the RR, I guess different Walmarts.

they price matched the rr when i did it like a yr ago but not now.

thanks im learning :-) i will just keep on i will get it down one day

 Check out our “For Beginner” section, as well as the “how to shop” at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.  Good luck!

Darnit!!   I LOVE Nivea, but I don’t have  a dollar general within 50 miles of me!  :(

does anyone live in Mesquite TX? want to know if dollar general has them on sale..

i can’t find the coupon, i need some bad!  just ran out!


Gillete proglide are on sale as well $6.85 each with the $5 off coupon from P&G a while back would make them real cheap 

whats rp?

Red plum :)

How can you tell if it is on sale at your dollar general..We have like 3 or 4 of them in my town.

I always just call b4 I head over there so i dont waste a trip!!

So frustrating…. I live in upstate South Carolina and began couponing over a year ago. I have YET to see a Nivea coupon in ANY insert. 

they are pretty cheap on ebay

how do you use ebay for coupon buying?  im new to ebay….

Open an ebay account. They have a site for coupon auctions. If you type in “coupons”, it will take u there and you bid just like an auction. Keep an eye on the time remaining for the auction cause last minutes go fast. Also keep in mind what you are bidding on so you don”t over bid.  The coupons come from all over the U.S. so alos watch the coupon expiration dates.
Good Luck !

You can also use the “Buy Now” option instead of the auction if you are like me and only have a teaspoon of patience left at the end of the day.  :-)  In the search box, but Coupon and the name of the items you want. In the search box, but Coupon and the name of the items you want.

Hey, I live in the Upstate also–So Howdy!

my dollar general only has 8.4 oz :(

8.4 oz should be enough to wash most of your body.

They are not on Sale in Las Vegas, NV…just checked their Ad online :(

 The sale is unadvertised, so it may or may not be that price in your particular store.

How can you use 2 coupons for 1 item?

its a 2.00 coupon off 1 was a regional coupon.

I looked at it wrong. Thinking it said to use 2 $1.00 coupons. My mistake. Thanks

it’s okay we all do that worries!

you use one coupon, why are u thinking two

OMg, really?? Its right by my house and I just went through my last bottle of body wash…I only have one Nivea coupon..does anyone have any they’d like to send to me..I can trade stamps and other coupons..or printable coupons..

SOrry dear, I just looked at my coupons to see if I had any I could send for you but I didn’t get th coupon I guess, double darn! lol

Thanks any ways!!