Bayer is free at every drugstore this week. What’s better than free, you ask? How about MAKING money! This week at Walgreens, when you spend $20.00 on Bayer or Aleve products, you’ll receive a $10.00 Register Reward. Pair this deal with the $3.00 coupon from this past Sunday’s Smart Source and you’ll make $8.67 when you buy 7! You can purchase any combination of these varieties, as long as you buy 7:

Buy 4 Bayer Chewable Aspirin, Orange or Cherry 36 ct $3.19, Regular Price
Buy 3 Bayer Low Dose Aspirin, 32 ct $3.19, Regular Price 
Spend $20.00, Receive $10.00 Register Reward, Valid through 6/30
Use seven $3.00/1 Bayer Aspirin Product, 20 ct or larger from SS 6/24 (exp 8/18)
Pay $1.33, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $8.67 Moneymaker when you buy 7 

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77 thoughts on “$8.00 Moneymaker on Bayer Aspirin at Walgreens!”

  1. Poolside1 says:

    I don’t know why my post was flagged! All I said is that @ my Walgreen’s the cashier told me that the $ I saved from my coupons are coming out of her pocket and then she pointed to the customer behind me and said to him “And out of your pocket, too!!”

    • i don’t know why your post was flagged, i just started reading the comments on this post but that was really rude of the cashier to say that, let alone say it to the person behind you. i am sorry they did that people can be so ignorant sometimes

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry you had to deal with a difficult cashier like that.  I had my bad expeience with one a couple of months ago.  My husband and kids all had gift cards in the mail to shop at Kohls and save $10.  We all used them to buy a free pair of socks each, cause it was one per person.  THe cahier went on on on about how we should be ashame of ourselves teaching our kids how to steal, and she called her manager to the front.  I was so mad and I undestand people just dont understand when you try to save money.  The manager was no  help but we all got our socks.  We saved almost $60 but I just feel it wasnt worth it even though I’m extremely frugal minded.

    • Angela White says:

       Report her to corporate.

  2. Poolside1 says:

    I just came back from Walgreen’s and I will not shop there anymore. The cashier was very rude and told me that the $ I saved using my coupons takes $ out of her pocket and then she pointed to the customer behind me and said straight to him “And out of your pocket too!!” How embarrassing!! I wrote a e-mail to corporate office!! I’m done!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is frustrating : ( But don’t let one bad experience get you down. You were right to contact corporate and hopefully your next shopping trip will go more smoothly!

  3. silly gal says:

    It’s $3.49 by me and when I did 7 with 7 coupons it didn’t print the rr but when the manager rang 7 and did cash it did print…maybe the new computer system has glitches?

  4. Anonymous says:

    My Walgreens has the Bayer priced at $2.99. I am fairly new to this so I’m not sure how that works with the $3 coupon? Will they lower the coupon value or do I have to buy a filler item to cover the overage?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where I can find $3/1 for Bayer aspirin?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a printable coupon for $3/1 Bayer aspirin?

  7. who has 7 of this coupon?

  8. Nancy says:

    where do you get the coupon, i don’t see it on smart

  9. Michael Strain says:

    Boo to everybody who got the $3 coupon – not one coupon for Bayer in my area T_T

  10. Jessica Paloalto says:

    Is it illegal to dumpster dive? Theres a newspaper dristribution center by my house.

  11. Alicia Azevedo says:

    I always confused when i see the walgreens ad that says spend 8 dollars on this get this. I figured i couldnt use those since i was using coupons that would bring the price down

    • Paul Ray says:

      No, most stores state that you have to buy that amount. What you end up paying isn’t what calculates it. I paid $1.33 and got the $10 RR. The initial total (minus tax) has to reach the threshold to get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      In this case, it’s based on the total before coupons.

  12. Linda Maness says:

    Saw this deal yesterday morning, so I ran (well drove quickly) to my local Walgreens.  Found 7 of the Low Count Bayer at $2.99.  Used 7/$3.00 coupons from this weeks paper (they marked down to $2.99 each) FREE and I got the $10 RR.  I did this at another Walgreens as well.  So it has worked fine for me.  Great deal and ended up buying Milk, Bacon, Eggs, Cheese and 2 Arizona Teas (2/$1) with one of the $10 RR (WOO HOO)PD $.36 OOP.  Thanks for the great deals!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing this deal!  This was the first real MM that I have done.  Did it twice!  Yeah!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Good one. I just came from Walgreens and did this. It feels good to shop smart.

  15. MomOf3 says:

    These where $2.99 at my Walgreens, but are sold out. If sold out at yours Walmarts has them for $2.22 or Albertsons $2.69 (I believe)

  16. Joanna says:

    This deal worked out well for me. I bought 6 baby aspirin at $3.49 each. I only had 4 of the $3 Q’s so I also used 1 of the $2.50/2 Q’s from RP 4/29. Check your binders everyone :-)

  17. Anna Buliga says:

    i know it’s a different topic,but did anyone try to get a coupon from CRUNCH.

  18. pfarfar says:

    Seeing this makes me nervous that I will even find the 1 I want to buy.  I have such a hard time finding things in my area when they’re a great deal (like being free).  Now that you’ve posted this, I have a feeling the shelves will remain empty…..

    • Anonymous says:

      At my Walgreens, the shelves were cleared on Sunday for the Bayer….crazy huh?  Find out from your store when their next truck is coming in….they told me at my Walgreens it comes on Tuesday and she said since it was in the ad there should be more.  Call them ahead of time too to make sure it’s there so you don’t waste gas :)  I ended up doing some other shopping and stopping by another Walgreens where they were 3.49 each (there were tons on the shelves!).  I bought 6 with 5 $3/1 coupons and 1 $1/1 coupon and after tax and all it was still a $7 money maker!  Don’t worry, there is still time this week and they still have more trucks to come in :)   

    • Anonymous says:

      You won’t be able to do the money maker, but if getting them free is your goal, you can price match at Target. CVS has them for $3. And with the $3/1, free is still good. I don’t know your area, but it won’t hurt to call around and see what other stores price match.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i donno. Not a good deal for me. first .picky hubby only trust advil.second.use $13 buy 20 coupon.and i have another 2 .so i can do 3 times.We say price is $3.49 everytime plus tax in my area is :$5.69 by 3 times. its $17.07 plus the $13 i spent on coupon. i already throw in $30 in.  but my profit..only $24 . So…the result is im still losing money on this deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Eventhough it’s a matter of personal choice, I do get coupons from eBay. And the cheapest way is to order them Saturday. KCL posts the coupon preview on Saturday. I know my area never gets the good ones, so I go straight to eBay. Alot of northern states and a few on the west coast get their Sun paper on Sat. I ordered Bayer $3 off and 1 on Sat. I only paid $6 with free shipping for 20 of them. I just checked and the pricing is way too high. Due to demand.

      • Paul Ray says:

        I use Much cheaper, highly reliable, and the costs don’t fluctuate. Only issue is newer and very popular coupons are typically limited. But I’m not going to complain at .30 each there. Still a great deal, and a major money maker.

      • Anonymous says:

         I was going to say the same thing…when I checked eBay the coupons were way to high!!! But thanks for the tip!

  20. Guest says:

    looks like bayer is still giving the $2 coupon out if u wanna print it…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Walmart has Bayer for $2.22 everyday.  $.78 overage on each one!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow such an awesome deal!

  23. Tatyana says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get that coupon in the insert… Or the Mt.Olive coupon either.
    I’m pretty upset with that. ;p

  24. I didn’t get the coupon in my Smart Source :>(

  25. Anonymous says:

    Did this deal this morning purchased  9 boxes of 32ct low dose used all 9 coupons and got the $10RR used all 9 coupons in one transaction no problem at all they were actually 2.99 and the q’s scanned no problem. Plus DH has to take one a day.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I tried to do this deal this morning with the low dose Bayer and 7 coupons, and it did not print the RR. The manager said that she thought it had to do with the total being so low. When I did the deal again with 5 Bayer and 1 Aleve and used 5 $3 Bayer coupons, and 1 $2 Aleve coupon, the RR printed fine, and it was still a $3 moneymaker.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Walgreens is such a hassle now. The fourth coupon would beep and then they would not accept it anymore. Every other store has them on sale as well , making them free after coupons. It’s ok, I cannot complain about free. So I pass on this deal.

  28. It also is on baby chewable as well do plenty for everyone…..

  29. Are they going to let you use 7 coupons in one transaction???

    • Absolutely I have done this deal 3x they are 3.49 by me so I had to do 6

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you get such a quantity of  coupons?

        • Darlene says:

          Some people buy multiple newspapers, or like me, I go on eBay and buy them by the bunch! The Bayer coupons are fairly expensive on eBay right now because of the popularity; roughly $10 for 15 coupons. BUT still a great deal. :]

          • Anonymous says:

             Try this website out of Dade City Florida.  They are fast and very nice to deal with.  You have to spend $4.00 on a purchase but less than eBay any day I think.  Good Luck!

            • Anonymous says:

              Why call Darlene a cheater? Are you a newbie? There is nothing in her comment that indicates she is a cheater!? LOL….she PAID for her coupons….soooo? I’m sorry, but you sound immature :o) “Cheater”…..bahahaha….like when I was six yrs old calling my brother a cheater because he won a game we were playing. Couponing isnt a game…it takes time, thought and often times skill. She would be a “cheater” if she altered coupons, or found a loop hole….using coupons for the wrong product. You obviously have a lot to learn in the world of Krazy Couponers….I’m sorry…I hate it when people strike out at eachother on blogs, and swore I would never be one of those people, but this comment was just not needed. Have a great day Charity Name.

            • Anonymous says:

              The name-calling we can do without. I have noticed though that many coupons do say they are void if sold…  just saying

            • Anonymous says:

              Wow.  Someone needs to be spanked and put to bed.

            • Angela White says:

              Well, I just bought 40 off eBay, so I must be a MEGA CHEATER!

            • Holli Smith says:

               why is she a CHEATER???? what are you gonna call me, I’ve got 500+ coupons for Bayer!!!

            • Anonymous says:

              How do you get so many coupons?

            • SunnyHavens says:

              She’s cheatin’.  Duh.  lol

          • MomOf3 says:

            We buy our newspapers from the Dollar Tree. So $1 per paper. I use to dumpster dive for coupons in recycling bin, but my car broke down. I am now limited!

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks for the info.  I have never purchased coupons from eBay.

        • Anonymous says:

          you can also go to and purchase them there. HTH

        • Anonymous says:

 is where I purchase whole inserts per week or per month