Extreme Couponing Tip: Label Your Coupon Binder

Coupons are a Krazy Couponer’s cash, so protect your investment by claiming ownership. Whether you stash your coupons in envelopes, an accordion file, or binder, remember to write your name and contact information on it! We recommend writing your name in permanent marker on your file or binder and put full contact information in a prominent location, such as the inside front. If you carry individual store envelopes as well as your binder, write your name and number on each, just in case.

Check & Double Check: If you’ve been a Krazy Couponer for more than a week, you’re already making sure you have your binder with you when you leave the house. Additionally, remember to check that you have your binder with you when you:

  • Leave the car/bus to go into the store
  • Pick up a cart
  • Head to checkout
  • Return your cart
  • Leave the store premises (whether boarding the bus, turning the car ignition, or walking home)

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10 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Label Your Coupon Binder”

I use a one inch flexible binder.  I bought my purse big enough to carry at all times.  Specifically, so I would not loose it.  Thanks for the reminder to put my contact info inside it.  I have not done that yet.  

I have had to go to the bathroom in the store before and it is hard to find a stall with something big enough to lay my binder in but I’m afraid to leave it in the buggy unattended so I lug it in and sometimes have to use the handi-cap stall but so far never had anybody else need it.

Perhaps a reusable shopping bag that folds really small and could be stashed in your binder could help you out so you will be able to put it in there and hang it from the door… Just an idea, since I always have my reusable shopping bags with me and just put my binder in them when I need to : )

I left my binder in cart outside CVS  this past May on a Sat. night. I realized it the next day, called but it had not been turned in. Another day passed and left my name and # via phone, but female clerk failed to write down my number(she claimed she was doing it as we spoke). She left my name on the register, though. Several days later, a lady called the store and gave her name and # which was written down and placed on register as well. The clerk in attendance that day did not have a phone # to give her. Well, 8 days passed and I decided to do a deal at CVS with new internet coupons I had just printed. Unwillingly and disgusted I entered CVS and just happened to inquire about my binder again. The female clerk who supposedly had taken my name and #, casually went to the register and handed me the note with a lady’s name and #. She told me that since there was not a tel # on the note, there was no way to contact me. I looked at her and said “I did give you my tel #”. She ignored me and I did not pursue it. Well, after 1 1/2 hours I connected with the lady who had found my binder and we met later and she returned it. It had been the most awful 8 days of non couponing  that I experienced. I looked for a new binder to replace but could not find one locally. I found one exactly like I had on line for the ridiculous price of $40.00 +. Anyway, I’m glad I did not buy it and I’m glad my co-workers felt sorry for me and were helping me start a new coupon stock pile. But what a mess I had for 8 days with nowhere to put my coupons. As for the CVS clerk, I have no respect for her and I try to avoid her when possible. She is lucky I did not report her!  But all is well! I got my binder back and gave the lady a reusable bag with goodies(freebies including laundry detergent, dish washing soap, sponges, etc…). What a lesson!….yes, put your name, # and whatever contact info you need, so that your coupons will be returned! None of my coupons had been taken. My “free item coupons” were still there!

Ahh. All’s well that ends well. Happy couponing!

My massive binder was taken out of my cart as I was loading my bags into the trunk. I didn’t see it, assumed I had already put it in the car and drove off. I noticed it an hour later and went back to the store. It was gone. I was devastated. I’m glad there are good souls left in this world.

This is a great idea! I carry my binder and envelopes in a green bag.  About a year ago, I lost it. I panicked!!  Retraced my steps and then called Kroger.  The guy who answered the phone at the service desk knew exactly the bag I was describing and said to me
 ” you collect coupons like I collect baseball cards!”  So funny!  But I was SO RELIEVED to know they had found them.  Learned my lesson!!!

I left my binder in the cart outside of target two stores later and when I got home I noticed I didn’t have my binder I started to freak out! I callled target and no one turned in a binder the target customer service had someone go to the parking lot and search the carts thank god it was still in the cart my groupons were also in my binder and that’s free money! They told me it be in lost and found at the store and I can pick it up when I come back to the store. I heard target is great about helping out when you loose or leave stuff in the store I was too grateful for there help.

Great story!

Thanks for this. I now have my contact information written all over on the inside of my binder.