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Better than Free OxiClean Dishwashing Booster at Target!

What’s better than clean dishes? Not having to clean them myself! Since your dishwasher works hard for you, give it a boost with a moneymaking deal on OxiClean Dishwashing Booster at Target! It’s priced at $3.99, and I spotted Try Me Free rebate peelies on every bottle. Send in the rebate to score this product for free or use a coupon to turn it into a moneymaker!


  1. Purchase OxiClean Dishwashing Booster by 10/1/12.
  2. Mail your receipt and UPC code to address provided in Try Me Free rebate peelie.
  3. Submissions must be postmarked by 12/1/12.
  4. Receive rebate for purchase price, up to $5.00.

OxiClean Dishwashing Booster $3.99, Regular Price
Use $0.75/1 OxiClean Dishwashing Booster from SS 6/10 (exp 8/31)
Pay $3.24, Submit mail-in rebate
Final Price: $0.75 Moneymaker 

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30 thoughts on “Better than Free OxiClean Dishwashing Booster at Target!”

  1. Chirod says:

    How are you sending in the UPC Barcode for this rebate?  The peelie says to include the barcode from the label but it is imprinted on the plastic bottle so it can’t be cut. 

  2. JoJo says:

    I paid $3.99 for it at WM.  Used a MFQ.  Got $3.99 back for my rebate.  Not truly “free” but the coupon did help offset the cost of mailing it and sales tax.  

  3. Jessica R says:

    The cashier peeled off my rebate peelie!!!  I asked her to put it in my shopping bag (she thought it was an instant coupon…) but it’s nowhere….

  4. wanasvemore2 says:

    Can anyone help me with a ? When you print a coupon from a PDF can you still print 2 from one printer or are you only allowed 1 print. Thank You!

  5. wanasvemore2 says:

    I was at Wal mart last night & tried to use a MQ $1 on any Folgers product. The cashier told me I couldn’t use it on the box of Folgers it had to match the picture which was a can. I know of all times not to have the store cpn policy with me I just told her forget it I would purchase it somewhere else. I was leaving when I realized she rang something up twice so I went to service desk to get money back. I asked there about what the cashier said & she verified yes that is correct. Well I either won’t be shopping there anymore or WILL have cpn policy in hand for them to show me the picture portion of the policy.

  6. Strupp123 says:

    Walmart’s product also had the “peelie” on

  7. MeMe Gray says:

    Charlene (ckdewar2004) … please read the replies … you can’t “print out” the rebate form.
    * sigh *

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Has anyone received their rebate yet? I am curious to see if they refund what you paid for the product or the $5.  Also, I have another .50/1 coupon so i wonder if I can submit for another? 

    • Hi. I have done this rebate and received the check in April. I received $4. Generally rebates of this type are one per household. You may wish to read a peelie next time you are in the store to be sure. Hoep this helps!

  9. Zara says:

    I sent for this rebate in April and am still waiting. If anyone has contact information for this rebate please let me know, I would like to follow up with them. Maybe there is some info on the peelie (I no longer have since I sent it in with the rebate and didn’t keep a copy for myself)?

  10. Jacob Ratliff says:

    Went and got this deal earlier! :-)

  11. katcoups says:

    how many of these can we buy with this offer

    • Anonymous says:

      You can buy as many as you’d like, but usually rebates are limited to one per household : )

  12. charlene says:

    could someone please tell me how to print the rebate for the oxi clean?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not a printable rebate. You have to look for the product in-store with a rebate peelie attached. Hope that helps!

      • Writetocynthia says:

        I bought this item at target for. 3.99. The problem is… I don’t know how the cashier did it… The total after my coupons… Came to 1.53…. Total bill amount I mean… But the item is at 3.99 . My question is still can I submit the rebate form for 3.99? Or would this be considered fraud… I had one another item too in the transaction other than the oxi clean…. Please help

    • orly says:

      they already told you it’s a peelie an told you have to buy the product in order to get it and send it out. read the comments.

    • Lovin Summer says:


  13. I don’t think it will be a money maker because it says up to $5 refund. I think you’ll get back what you put out. Just my two cents! lol

    • Ckdewar2004 says:

      could you tell me how to print out rebates for the oxiclean

      • Marta Lopez says:

        you would have to have a peelie in order to get the rebate :)

        • charlene says:

          how do i get to peelie? i have been just with this websie for a short time and never one time had any succsess on getting printed coupons w/ barcode stores are saying they won’t take them without barcodes so I’m getting where I want to delete this website. could you help me try and figure out what I’m doing wrong? thank you

          • Marta Lopez says:

            The product has the peelie attached to it.the coupon mentioned for this product is from the coupon inserts found in most Sundays newspapers.found in the Smart Source 6/10.
            When u print out your coupons they dont print with the barcode on them?if thats what u are asking i dont know it maybe the way your printer is set up.but im not sure

          • Poolside1 says:

            I would NOT delete this website!!!! It’s the GO-TO-SITE!!! You just have to get use to it! You WILL want to purchace their book, and it will pay off!! Nothing is FREE in waterworld, unless you have some patience!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m sorry that you’re having trouble printing coupons. But for this deal, you won’t need to print one! Have you checked your printer settings and ink supply? Remember to try using different browsers as well. Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think either, unless you find a coupon that you can use.  I did this deal last month because I found the bottles at Super 1 Foods and I had a coupon for $0.50 that expires 6/30…  I haven’t received my rebate yet…  Still waiting ;)