$1.00/1 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Antiperspirant, Deodorant, or Bodywash – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 90210 

Remember the free Mitchum deodorant deal at Walgreens last week? Starting July 22, you can score even more free deodorant at Walgreens! Hurry to print your coupon for this freebie before it disappears. If your deodorant stockpile is high, remember that it makes a great donation item.

Right Guard Total Defense 5 Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 2-4 oz $2.99, Sale Price 7/22-7/28
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Register Reward, 7/22-7/28
Use $1.00/1 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Antiperspirant, Deodorant, or Bodywash – (coupons.com)
Pay $1.99, Receive $2.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker 

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61 thoughts on “Free Right Guard Deodorant at Walgreens, Starting 7/22!”

  1. do the availble at cvs and publix coupons work for this deal as well

  2. Thomas says:

    The Walgreens I go to will not accept any coupons that say ‘Redeemable at Walmart”

  3. dsmom says:

    For the RightGuard coupon, does it say redeemable at Walmart?  Can you use that at Walgreens?

  4. Denise Kent says:

    the right guard coupon is only good at walmart

  5. can u use the $1 off coupon that says availble at cvs and publix at walgreens?

  6. While I have become discouraged with Walgreens as of late, it is still my only option next to Target.  We do have a Walmart, but I get really tired of having to fight with every cashier, CSM, and member of the “management” team every time I go in regarding the legitimacy of my coupons.  I do not roll my RR anymore.  I just keep them until I go in for my next trip.  I use the RR for staples such as toilet paper.  I very rarely get TP coupons so RR make it nice to stock up. 

  7. amandajohn445 says:

    Mine says it is a target web coupon not a manufacturers and It says it expires July 11. Which is today. Oh well lol …..financialsreports.blogspot.com

  8. Queentiaa11 says:

    I am super excited for this. This is all my boyfriend uses so I’ll be going daily to get stock up.

  9. Jacob Ratliff says:

    I’m going to have a lifetime supply! I got the Brut at Kroger a couple weeks ago then the Mitchum now Right Guard! 

  10. Amberh317 says:

    If you hate shopping at Walgreens (like I do), you can do a deal like this VERY CHEAP at Target. I just bought 4 deodorants for $4 yesterday. They retail $2.99, and I used $2/2 Target TQ and $2/2 Manufacture TQ. I think I got them from Redplum.com and coupons.com. BUT the only kicker, they expired very soon…I want to say sometime this week. But I’d rather pay $1 for each deodorant than deal with fillers and rewards. Just my opinion :)

  11. Ltlmichele says:

    The one advantage that Walgreens has is you are not limited to just getting 2 or 4, like you are at CVS and Rite Aid. I am getting frustrated lately that it takes so long to stockpile things when you are limited to buying only a couple of them a week (like the Zest bodywash at Rite Aid this week)  Something I found, is Walgreens has tissues for $1 a box, perfect for those little RR to use to get free tissues, something my family can never have enough of!

  12. Mandy g says:

    Mine says it is a target web coupon not a manufacturers and It says it expires July 11. Which is today. Oh well lol

    • Jacob Ratliff says:

      I have seen that coupon but if you look there is another one on coupons.com for the $1/1

  13. MRSAVER17 says:

    the coupon for the Right Guard Deodorant is in fact $1.00 but it says REDEMABLE AT WALMART????? so how can you redem at Walgreens?? Please dear Couponers! THANKZ!!

    • Kevin says:

      (Redeemable at Walmart) means that the merchandise can be found at Walmart! Therefore you can redeem the item at Walmart! Since this is a manufacturer coupon, you can use it anywhere, not just Walmart.

      Walgreens Register Rewards (RR) are a special type of manufacturer coupon that is exclusive to Walgreens only. Those will have (Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens) printed on it.

      • Jesika says:

        Is that the same as “available” at cvs & publix? I found a similar coupon on coupons.com zip code 45435, thanks!

  14. Briepearce says:

    can I buy more than one deodorant in the same transaction?  Or  will I need to do multiple transactions to get the $2 RR for each?

  15. Melissa_dorsey says:

    How do you find the deals for Walgreens so far in advance?

  16. sully says:

    i printed a 2/2 target coupon for this at coupons web site

  17. sully says:

    there is a $2/2 rightguard target coupon at coupons dot com right now.

  18. JDAZ2012 says:

    Weird my coupons expire on 7/15. Is this a sick joke??

  19. Mcasta5 says:

    So can you only print one coupon now from coupons.com…because I have been trouble printing two from my computer??

  20. Amy Powers says:

    All the coupons I see (3 total) say “Redeem Only at Target”…

  21. Navyfamily6 says:

    Any idea why I can only print one of these coupons from this site. I used to be able to print twice.

  22. Susieaguilera02 says:

    Does this apply to every Walgreens or only the ones up north?

  23. Pam Lee11 says:

    The Coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart”. That can be used at Walgreens?

    • Yes, this coupon can be used at Walgreens as well. It is still a manufacturer coupon. :)

      • Hi, KCL!
        I had a quick question.. I took a MFR coupon to Target yesterday for the Comet Powder. It stated “Redeemable at KMart” and they refused to take it! It was a Shift Supervisor that refused it.
        Is there someone specific I can contact in regards to them not wanting to take my coupon?
        I politely explained to her the difference between “Redeem ONLY at” and “Redeemable at”
        Thank you in advance!

        • Hi Darlene! I’m sorry you had that experience at Target. Usually if the coupon says “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top, most stores will accept it, even if it says “Redeemable at KMart” somewhere else on the coupon. It may depend on the cashier or the supervisor, however. 

        • Misha Mishka says:

           our local Albertsons does the same thing. I heard one of the managers scolding an employee for taking coupons that were saying “redeemable a another store…”.

    • Momonabudget says:

       I went to Rite aid and tried to use a $1 off coupon that said redeemable at Wal- Mart it is a manufacturer coupon and they gave me hell for it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am as much about freebies as the next person, believe me.  It thrills me… anywhere besides Walgreens.  Am I the only one that gets frustrated with the stupid fillers?  It is never free for me because in order to roll rewards, I usually have to buy 5-10 useless items between 30 and 50 cents and so before I leave the store I have spent 2-3 dollars on crap I don’t need, and/or don’t need to be eating, lol.  I just get frustrated because if we have to buy fillers, we can’t really get stuff for free at Wags… I sooo wish they would change their system.  I am Team CVS all the way

    • Anonymous says:

      I know how you feel. I use the RR for water or food now . I got tired of rolling over, like you said you end up having to pay more. Like how many caramel fillers do I  need? And besides the deals will come to around to CVS.  I love shopping at CVS plan or unplanned.    No filler needed ( unless my total becomes negative- i can live with that..lol ). 

      You will get your wish about Walgreens. They will be starting their own loyalty card program on September. It is AWFUL.  I think my shopping days at Walgreens will come to an end. =D

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya, I’m not a huge Walgreens fan myself but if they are having a great deal like this I will go in but I simply refuse to “roll” stuff.  I’m not too concerned with keeping my OOP to a minimum as I turn around and use my RRs on things like toilet paper, paper towels or any staples that happen to be on sale that I don’t have coupons for.  Like this week on the Eos Shaving Cream.  I simply kept my RRs and came back the next day and stocked up on orange juice and almonds since both were on sale.

      • Sharenagaddy says:

        But then the o.j. is so overpriced so you still spend more on items. I do not like walgreens.

    • Rowena says:

      I totally agree with you about buying those fillers. I stopped going to Walgreens too. I’ve been couponing for about two months now, and I noticed that filler strategy at Walgreen. Like you, I give my loyalty to CVS now. Its my favorite store now.

    • Kceoc says:

      dont buy the fillers listed, buy something you will use. I like to buy things like the walgreens brand jello or clearance items

      • Poolside1 says:

        Looking for a filler last time, I searched all over and the only thing I could find, that was fairly in-expensive and healthy was fig newtons and the shelf price said .99c! I did not notice the price differene until I got home!! THAT JUST BLOWS the RR’s or the sale!! Paid $1.39!!!

    • I know buying fillers can be somewhat frustrating, but I find it a fun challenge! Walgreens has some really awesome deals sometimes, and it is a great store to supplement your drugstore shopping at Rite Aid or CVS. 

    • SmoochTheCook says:

      hahaha…that’s EXACTLY what was going through my mind when reading about free deodorant.  :D  I only go to Walgreens when they have a heck of a deal on mom’s zegerid or zyrtec, because they seem to have the better deals with those 2 things.  And, if I happen to be bored and close to a WAGS, I go check out their clearance from time to time.  I just steer clear of those RR.

      • Poolside1 says:

        My wags doesn’t have a clearence section. Where do you look? Is it a 4′ section or on a endcap?

    • Misha Mishka says:

      I have no choice because we do not have Rite Aid nor CVS stores in my area. Also, none of the stores double/triple coupons. So, yeah sometimes I just have to buy items that I would eventually buy anyways (for example, I used my $4RR from Mitchum on 32 oz honey that was just $4.99 with a store coupon)

    • Jacob Ratliff says:

      I agree with you 100%! 

    • Nermal says:

       Yeah, and you’re right, it makes u wonder if ur getting a deal or not… The item isn’t free, it’s what you spend the RR on.

    • Momonabudget says:

       DIDO! Finally someone who understands my frustration. I say the same thing technically if I have to buy a filler item it’s like the money I just saved on the coupon or rewards I end up giving it back.

    • Just4uembroid says:

      I usually buy Laffy Taffy candy for .10