If you’ve been couponing for a while and your stockpile is anything like mine, you have a whole shelf devoted to feminine products.  That’s because we can often get good deals, and this one is no exception! With a coupon from last weekend’s paper, you can save up to 80% on Kotex pantiliners at Walmart! If you’re new to couponing or still have room on that shelf, here’s how to stock up:

Buy 2 Kotex Natural Balance Liners, Maximum Protection, 14 ct Long, 16 ct or Lightdays, 22 ct $0.94, regular price
Use one $1.50/2 Kotex Natural Balance Products from SS 7/8 (exp 9/2)
Final Price: $0.19 each when you buy 2

U by Kotex Liners, 18 ct $1.24, regular price
Use $1.00/1 U By Kotex Liners, excludes trial size from SS 7/8 (exp 9/2)
Final Price: $0.24

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21 thoughts on “Kotex Liners, As Low As $0.19 at Walmart!”

  1. CindyM. says:

    Where do you get those Coupons? That’s the kind of Liners that I buy! 

  2. wildflowers says:

    Had 10 coupons for the u by kotex product/each was out of a different newspaper/walmart in wr illinois would not accept but one. They said it was there right to refuse coupons.

  3. Katiejaniczek says:

    I used these at my Walmart yesterday. The cashier put them though but after each one, it asked “Is coupon for valid amount?” Why was it doing this? It’s not like it’s a money maker??

    • Anonymous says:

       Unfortunately MOST coupons do this at Walmart. So it is not an indication that it is invalid. It sometimes prompts that response in cashiers, but it is not necessarily the case ;)

  4. ClaudiaTheBeginner says:

    What is the limit per transaction? How many can I get at once with one coupon?

    • Anonymous says:

       Coupons are ALWAYS “one per purchase,” meaning you can buy ONE item with ONE coupon. Then, different coupons will sometimes also have a “per transaction” limit. So, if the coupon says “limit 4 like coupons in one transaction,” you may buy 4 items with 4 coupons. HTH!

  5. Angelakadince09 says:

    sadly in my walmart in south jersey, our price for those above are 3.88 and the store didn’t carry 18ct

  6. MississippiGuest says:

    One Walmart in my town allowed me to use the $1.50/2 for the Natural Balance liners, but 2 other Walmarts would not.  They insisted the 14ct long & 16ct light days were trial size.  

    • Anonymous says:

       Sadly, that is an inevitable comment when we’re getting something that cheap. There are still people who just can’t believe it’s possible or legal! I’d say 14 liners is a Looooong “trial” ;)

    • David says:

      David’s wife here. One would think that if it was “trial size” that it would be labeled as such.

  7. Kdg101006 says:

    I’m in New Orleans and I paid .42 cent for 2

  8. i already have way too many liners after the 2/$2 off coupons and only paid $0.33 for 12 packs

  9. Jdaz2012 says:

    Do you know how long this is going on for?? I just bought coupons online, but they won’t come in till next week Thursday :( 

    • Poke Krazy says:

      It says regular price so waiting for coupons is no biggie… in fact, it will give them a chance to restock since everybody will clear the shelves once they read this ;)

    • Anonymous says:

       That’s the great thing about our Walmart deals–they aren’t dependent on sales. So the deals are as good as long as the coupons are still valid!

  10. Paulino Rdz says:

    I have not more coupons for this.,..

  11. My2girlz says:

    I’m in South Georgia and unfortunately, we did not get this coupon….BUMMER!!