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Dream Deal! Moneymaker on Olay at Rite Aid!


Olay $10.00 Mail-In Rebate

After this great moneymaker on Olay, you will be a bath-time goddess! This week at Rite Aid, all Olay bath and skin products are on sale buy one get one 50% off, and when you spend $30.00, you’ll receive a $10.00 +Up Reward. (The limit on this +Up Reward is only one, so if you already did the scenario in the weekly match-up, you won’t be eligible for this $10.00 reward.) Also, Olay is running a mail-in rebate for $10.00 when you spend $30.00! We’ve heard mixed reports about this rebate regarding whether the total must be met before or after coupons are presented, but we think this will work. Hooray for being paid to buy over $40.00 of product! The rebate must be postmarked by September 15, 2012.

Buy 6 Olay Age Defying Bath Bars, 2 ct $3.99
Buy 3 Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion, 8.4 oz $4.99
Buy One Get One 50% Off
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward, Limit 1
Spend $30.00, Submit for $10.00 Mail-In Rebate
Use four $3.00/2 Olay Bath Bars, Body Washes or In Shower Body Lotions, excludes trial/travel size limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 7/1 (exp 7/31)
Pay $18.95, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward and Submit $10.00 Mail-In Rebate
Final Price: $1.05 Moneymaker, when you buy all 9

93 thoughts on “Dream Deal! Moneymaker on Olay at Rite Aid!”

  1. Anonymous

    I did this deal a little differently and it was a $4.10 MONEYMAKER!!  If you have 5 of the $3/2 coupons and you’re willing to make 2 trips, you could do this: 

    Trip #1:
    Bought (6) Olay beauty bars $3.99 BOGO 50% off (3 @ $3.99 and 3 @ $1.99)
    Used (3) $3/2 Olay body wash, beauty bars or in-shower lotion from 7/1 P&G
    Pay: $8.94 

    Trip #2:
    Bought (1) Olay in-shower body lotion $4.99 BOGO 50% off
    Bought (3) Olay beauty bars $3.99 BOGO 50% off (1 @ $3.99 and 2 @ $1.99)
    Used (2) $3/2 Olay body wash, beauty bars or in-shower lotion from 7/1 P&G
    Pay: $6.96 

    Total OOP: $15.90
    Receive $10 +Up for spending $30 on P&G and submit for $10 Olay rebate! (total of $20 back)
    Final Price: FREE + $4.10 MONEYMAKER! 

    I hadn’t yet tried the in-shower lotion when I did this deal, but after trying it, I’d probably do the deal KCL did above since I don’t really use bar soap and the in-shower lotion is AWESOME!  But if you use bar soap, take $4 instead of $1!

    1. Queponhoarder

      just curious, why would you need to do 2 trips?? Couldn’t you just do 2 transaction??

      1. Anonymous

        The coupon states “Limit 4 per shopping trip” so 2 transactions doesn’t count as 2 trips.  HTH.

      2. Queponhoarder

        Oh, got it.

      3. That’s funny lol.

      4. Anonymous

        so does that void the rebate?

      5. Anonymous

        No, you can send in as many receipts as you have that qualify.

      6. Anonymous

        That’s why i take my stuff to the car and then go back to checkout again… i get all my groceries that are frozen / cold at the end ….lol

      7. Anonymous

        That makes 2 shopping trips, so sure!  Why not? lol  I have 2 Rite Aids really close to me, so I just split it between the 2.  It also helped keep shelves stocked :)

      8. Lol.

    2. Anonymous

      Elizarae, did you make your Rite Aid shopping list for tomorrow yet? I did this morning and there’s a few things I’m excited about. I think I’m using more Rite Aid coupons tomorrow than manufacturer coupons.

      1. Anonymous

        I haven’t even been able to look up an ad preview.  What deals are you planning on doing?  Is this going to be our last week of deals starting on Fridays?

      2. Anonymous

        I actually called Rite Aid customer service and they told me that it seems to be a rumor because if a big change like (SoCal ads changing to Sunday’s)  that was happening then they would have known something about it. Tomorrow on my list is all food and drink items which I’m excited about since I need these more than the usual bodywash, toothpaste etc that we get every week at Rite Aid.

      3. Anonymous

        OMG!  I hope you are right, having deals start on Friday is seriously great!  Most of the coupons we get expire on Saturdays or Sundays, so we have that extra day or so to get a deal that no one else can get.  I just saw the Rite Aid matchups and I’m also loving the deals on food items!

      4. how do you get the RApreview? I’m so confused now, Im in socal….does RA’S ad sale run from thurs-thurs or sun to sun like cvs? help. thanks

      5. Anonymous

        You can Google Rite Aid ad preview and see the ad scans for future weeks. So Cal ads run Fri-Thu. The rest of the country runs Sun-Sat. Hope that helps.

      6. Anonymous

        I saw some cheap belvita, powerade, vegas fuel, etc..Can’t wait to see your post on what you got. Always look forward to them! :)

      7. Dianne Buquet

        A Rite Aid manager told me that she heard they would run an ad for an extra few days on the week that they switch over to Sun-Sat ads like the rest of the country. So our ad in So Cal would be Fri -Sat (8 days) then the new one would begin on Sunday like everyone else. Supposedly in a few weeks.

    3. stephanie

      This is the same transaction I did….

    4. how did u get he 10$ +up? wen u did two transaction?

      1. Anonymous

        Just like CVS, Rite Aid tracks your spending for deals where you have to spend $X to earn +Up rewards.  So in this case, the receipt for my 1st transaction showed I had $17.94 toward $10 P&G +Up, then my $10 +Up printed when I completed my 2nd transaction.  Hope that helps!

    5. Vickyfoland

      Just curious, how come you can’t just buy all in shower body lotions and no bars if that’s what you like best? I am new at this.

      1. Anonymous

        You can purchase ANY Olay products that you want to qualify for the $10 +Up reward and the rebate.  The scenarios that KCL and I posted are just suggestions to get the most bang for your buck (moneymaking deals), but of course if you have a favorite product, by all means go ahead and purchase that and count that toward the deal!  If you wanted to purchase all In-Shower Body Lotions, your deal would look something like this:
        Buy (8) Olay In-Shower Body Lotions $4.99 BOGO 50% off (4 @ $4.99 and 4 @ $2.49)
        Buy (1) Olay Bath Bar, 2 pack, $3.99
        Use (4) $3/2 Olay body wash, in-shower body lotion or bath bar
        Pay $21.91 out of pocket
        Receive $10 +Up and submit for $10 Olay rebate
        Final cost: $1.91
        So, it’s still a great deal, but NOT A MONEYMAKER like the deal KCL or I posted.

  2. Laura430

    That scenario won’t work for me because I get the gold discount so ill end up getting the discount on the extra bottle of in shower body lotion…Which will bring me to 29.45 before coupons :(

    1. Laura430

      I figured out one yay!!! Instead i Get 4 shower body lotions and 5 bar soaps..Which would bring me to 30.15 after my discount on the one bar soap :)

    2. Ha12666

       FYI, The bronze, silver or gold discount does not apply to sale or promotional items–only to regular prized items..

      1. Anonymous

        Silver and Gold discounts DO apply in this case. The scenario requires you to buy 9 items. Only 8 will qualify for BOGO 50% off and like she said, the extra item will be discounted, bringing her total too low. I had to take this into consideration when doing my trip too.

  3. Anonymous

    How do we do the mail in rebate ?? Ive never done mail rebates can someone plz tell me !! Thanks!!

    1. Anonymous

      When you make a qualifying purchase, in this case $30 worth of Olay products, you mail in the completed rebate form with your receipt and any other items or information the manufacturer requests.  It’s pretty straightforward.  You can find the form if you Google “Olay July Rebate”. Hope that helps!

    2. Click on the rebate link in the above scenario and follow the directions on the form. You will need to send in the completed form with your receipt and the UPC numbers for all the qualifying items purchased. 

      1. Anonymous

        Can it be done in just one transaction ? ive seen some brags that  they have done it in 2 transactions ..Thanks!

      2. Anonymous

        Some of us did it in 2 different shopping trips because we used more than 4 $3/2 coupons.  The coupons say “Limit 4 per shopping trip”.  If you are doing the transaction above then you can do it in one trip.

      3. Yes, you can do it two trips if you’d prefer! :)

  4. Jdby2

    Where do I find the $10 mail in rebate? 

    1. Purpcher

       You can go to then go to “offers” and there is a $10 rebate for you just have to download.

    2. Anonymous

      You can find the form if you Google “Olay July Rebate”.

    3. Anonymous

      KCL has a link in the scenario that you click on

    4. There is a link to the rebate form in the post above.

  5. doug

    The rebate form says “Buy $30.00 worth of Olay Products” and does not state anything about the $30.00 being before or after you use coupons. So am I assuming correct that as long as our receipts show at least $30.00 worth of products we are OK even though we actually spent a lot less after our coupons were deducted?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes $30 before coupons ( I sent my rebate in a few days ago). I’ve done Olay rebate’s in the past and never had a problem using coupons.

      1. Takia White

        I was going to do this but I was wondering where to put all the info in there  five spots( if I remember correctly) on the form and  9 products. Don’t you need an upc for each item per space on the form?  What am I missing? I never have done a pg rebate before. Any help would be greatly appreciated?

      2. Canes1999

        lol print 2 rebates forms, i do that all the time

      3. stephanie

        The rebate actually has 8 UPC spaces.  I just added the other 2 above and below the the spaces.  I bought 9 boxes of soap and 1 in shower lotion. HTH

      4. Anonymous

        If I ever buy more than 1 of the same product (which is always the case with these P&G rebates), I just write the UPC code then “x #” and put the # of that item I bought.  Then for the price, I just put the total paid for the entire qty of that item.

    2. I’ve done Olay rebates before and it has always worked BEFORE coupons.

  6. I just called the number on the rebate, the lady told me that the $30 has to be after coupons :(

    1. Anonymous

      Since when? I have always got my rebate cards after coupons. I enter the price it was in store and I don’t see coupons as a sale deduction, coupons are like paying with cash. So kinda awkward if that’s the case. I already mailed mines in, so we’ll see how it pans out. Fingers crossed for us all !! :D

      1.  I hope the lady that I spoke to isn’t right. This would be an awesome deal if it works out :) I’m going to go ahead and try anyways, I love Olay!! lol

      2. Anonymous

        On the P&G facebook page, someone asked this question, and P&G responded that the $30 is before coupons!

    2. Laura

       I can’t see how that would be something they can enforce – the form has you circle the prices of the individual items on the receipt. So, the total cost after coupons is irrelevant.

    3. Yes, we have received some mixed messages from the people with the rebate service, so we’re not 100% sure. It HAS worked in the past to meet the total before coupons, so we think it will work. If you try it, let us know the outcome! :)

      1.  I’m definitely going to try still. I love Olay products and if this becomes a freebie, if the rebate works, then it would be totally awesome!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed :D

  7. I did this the first week of July the same deal except (buy 20 get 5UP limit 2) 2 transaction…I used (4) $3/2 and another(4) $3 off 2 RITE AID coupon :)  I got 4 bodywash 7.49 each with free bar soap attach and 2 olay night cream and 2 olay face moisturazer with spf 14 ..

    actual OOP on 2 trans. combine with tax…15.78 total was 47.92 minus $24 total coupon – 10 UP submit 10 rebate….its like getting them all for $ 3.94 after rebates, Up rewards and coupons.

  8. Anonymous

    I purchased my Olay items at Rite Aid as well and received the $10 up. I hope my rebate goes through as I spent $30 before rebates.  I kind of second guessed my self on my purchases though because I saw the 4 pk soap for $3.50 @ Family Dollar and the body wash 2/$7 @ WAG.  I think I did Ok because of the $10 up but Rite Aid is definitely higher even with the B 1/ get 1 50%  off deal. I only had two $3/2 coupons for the bar soap and two $1/1 coupons for body wash, so I purchased two 6 packs bar soap (helped get me closer to $30), two 2 packs bar soap, and 2 body washes with bonus bar soap attached.  Since I was short on coupons I actaully paid $31.46 less $8 coupons less $10 up and hopefully less $10 rebate for final price of $3.46 for 18 bars and 2 body washes.

  9. Anonymous

    does anybody know until when this deal is going to be? Im from Socal and I just got back from rite-aid and it’s pretty far from my house. I read this post just now! :( Rite-aid deals start friday here in socal.. thanks!

    1. Anonymous

      In SoCal today is the last day to do this deal since tomorrow we start the 7/22 ad

      1. Anonymous

        Aw man. Thanks for the headsup. I was wondering the same thing. Too bad hubby isn’t here or I’d make a late night run. Oh well, another deal another day.

  10. Lalinda82

    Need help!!!!    I try to print b1g1 free good n` natural bar ,but they said click accept in the  little box  and I don’t see this before …so they change the licensed or something like that ??? please help!!

  11. Sweetlilmandi8812

    Well, I did this deal, but now I can’t get the rebate form to load for anything. :( Hopefully it’ll work soon.

    1. Hmmm, I just tried the link to the rebate form and it worked for me. You could try it in a different browser like Chrome or Safari. If that does’t work, just try again later–it might just have a lot of traffic right now! :)

      1. Sweetlilmandi8812

        Just tried it again this morning and it worked. :)

  12. Jules

    New to Rite Aid—are you able to get this $10 UP and the Huggies $10 UP?? 

    1. Firewoman1966

      yes you can i got both!

    2. Anonymous

      Do 2 transactions.  Buy the Olay first and use the up reward toward the Huggies.
      (if your store allows same day use of ups as mine does)

    3. I did the huggies and used the two $5 UP to pay for the Olay which then generated the Olay $10 UP.

  13. Amanda

    Is there anyway to get these coupons online? For some reason my local newspaper doesn’t seem to distribute the P&G coupons :(

    1. Anonymous

      Try P & G .com  I know you can register for a newsletter–maybe there is a way to get coupons too.

    2. sully

      go to this web site (pgeveryday) and input your zipcode and city it will tell you witch paper in your area carries the p&g insert maybe you can get a subscription. P&G insert come out once a month only

  14. My prices are a little different here. The bath bars are $4.19, got my 10% off the one in shower body lotion , but the one i bought with the second 50% off rang up at full price, which here is $5.29. So my total before coupons was $31.53, instead of $30.93, but still not bad!

  15. Monique


    1. Anonymous

      Sorry to hear that.  Is it that they do not get the sale items or that the shelves are cleared by other sale seekers and coupon users? If they consistently do not get the products, try calling customer service.  If the shelves are cleared, you may have to get there the first day of the sale or find out which day they receive a second shipment during the week.  I face this issue at my CVS,

      The $10 up is good on the purchase of MANY different P & G products that total $30, good through July 21.

      For the Oil of Olay rebate, it is good through August 31.  I am sure more sales will come around, possibly in this Sunday’s sales where you can still use your coupons before they expire.  For the week ending on the 21st, I saw that WAG has the body wash 2/$7 and Family Dollar has the 4 pack of bar soap for $3.50.  Walmart would price match for you on these. 

      1. Anonymous

        They have the sales but the shelves are clear which is expected after 2 days   but what they always seem to not get is any of the sale items in the new shipment in the middle of the week…for example, for the past 2 weeks, since the beginning of the awesome covergirl sale last week, they have been completely out of their eyeshadow which is still in this weeks sale as well. Oh well, just my luck….thank you for the advice, i will try the price match!

      2. Anonymous

        If you’re willing to wait, Olay will be on sale BOGO 50% off again the week of 7/29. Maybe your store manager would be willing to pre-order for you and set your stuff aside.

    2. sully

      you must live in a very heavy couponers area, they usually stock their shelves twice a week. You might want to speak to the manager to see what the problem is, before calling customer service. Rite Aid has an amazing customer service line.

  16. Anonymous

    I am just about sick of Rite Aid deals.  You all get such great deals and we don’t have Rite Aid in Dallas.  Just whining.  Sorry.

    I do have to be happy for your good fortune.

  17. I had to get 6 of the 2-pack bars of soap (3.99 each and BOGO half off) and 2 larger bottles of liquid wash (8.99 and BOGO half off).  Used 4 of the 3/2 coupons and got the 10 RR and can submit for the $10 rebate.  I think it was a pretty good deal.  My total was 20.02 then with the RR and rebate everything really will end up being free.

  18. ellice

    does anyone know if the $10 up is a month long deal the olay will be bogo the week of the 29th also and i wanna do the deal then if i can =)

    1. Anonymous

      It’s not a month long deal and the 7/29 circular has a spend $30 get $10 +up deal, but it’s not for P&G, so it doesn’t look like there will be a P&G deal that week.

  19. Rene

    We were leaving for vacation the weekend of July 1, so in the hussle and bussle, I did not buy papers that weekend; and now I keep seeing so many really great deals I am missing from not having the coupons from that weekend. Im just learning how to do this stuff, but the lesson learned here is not to miss a paper!

  20. doug

    There was a $10.00 P&G rebate a few weeks ago for buying various products including Oil of Olay and Pantene. Is this new rebate, for Oil Of Olay, different from the first rebate? Just making sure it is as I know the rebate forms only allow one per household and I just got my $10.00 gift card in the mail today. Don’t want to send in the Olay rebate unless sure it is OK.

    1. Anonymous

      This is a different rebate for Olay products only.  There was another P&G rebate for various P&G products that included Olay AND other P&G brands.  Hope that helps!

      1. Hi. Can you still turn in a rebate form for the last rebate that included other P&G brands? Or is it too late?

      2. doug

        SO I can send in for the OLAY rebate and not worry that this is the same from the P&G rebate a few weeks ago??

      3. Anonymous

        This Olay rebate is a completely different rebate offer and form than the P&G rebate from a few weeks ago.  So, yes, you can submit for both rebates, just make sure you are using the correct form.

  21. Vheller81

    When does this sale end?

    1. Anonymous

      It’s over since the new Rite Aid sale started this morning

  22. Anonymous

    Is this deal still going on this week?

    1. Anonymous

      No, the BOGO 50% Olay sale ended yesterday and there is no $10 +Up printing on P&G this week :(

    2. Cruzvw

      i just called rite aid and is over! an i have like 10 coupon or more i got 12 ss that sunday! it sucks!

  23. Cruzvw

    is this sale still goin on today sunday 7/22?

  24. lezgood1

    I spend $30 on 9 soap products inside the store + I subtract $12 in coupons…then I  send in for a $10 mail in rebate……so where does the upward 
    reward discount come into much is it….and when will I receive the discount?

  25. lezgood1

    …… I just wanted to know when will the discount for the upward reward be instant or is it a rebate too?

    1. Anonymous

      This sale ended on Saturday so this deal is no longer valid. :(

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