CVS Extreme Couponing (Week of 7/22): $5.00 or Less

Welcome to this post where we will lay out some extreme couponing deals that will cost you about $5.00 each week! First, here’s everything you need to know about shopping at CVS:

CVS allows one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per product. You may use CVS Extra Bucks (EBs) in addition to these coupons. Extra Bucks are their rewards that are printed at the end of your cash register receipt. These coupons can be used on your next purchase. Remember, if there is a limit in the ad for the Extra Bucks items, this limit is per CVS Extra Care Card.

The best deals to be had at CVS are “Extra Bucks” offers. The best thing about CVS is their rainchecks, which include the “Extra Buck” offers, so you can still get the offer when they have more stock! Be sure and get your CVS card so you can enjoy these extreme savings! Be sure and read the CVS coupon policy. You can also go here and review the CVS How To Video.


Stayfree Pads, 14-24 ct $2.00
Use $2.00/1 Stayfree Product, limit one coupon per person from SS 7/22 (exp 8/31)

Amp Energy, 16 oz or Starbucks Refreshers, 12 oz Single $1.50
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Pay $3.00, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks

All Revlon Nail $4.99
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 6
Use $1.00/1 Revlon Nail product from SS 6/24 (exp 7/29)
Or $1.00/1 Any Revlon Color cosmetic from SS 7/22 (exp 8/26)
Pay $3.99, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks

Total: Pay $6.99, Receive two $3.00 Extra Bucks


Buy 2 Advil Liqui-Gels, 20 ct, Caplets or Tablets, 24 ct $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Use one $3.00/2 – Advil, Advil PM or ThermaCare Products – ( )
Pay $2.98, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks

Renu, 12 oz, Soothe, 0.5 oz or Single-Use, 28 ct $7.99
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use $3.00/1 Bausch + Lomb Soothe Product from SS 5/20 (exp 7/31)
Pay $4.99, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks

Total: $7.97, Use two $3.00 Extra Bucks from transaction #1, Pay $1.97, Receive $2.00 and $4.00 Extra Bucks

Grand Total: $8.96 with $2.00 and $4.00 Extra Bucks remaining so $2.96 plus tax for about $25.00 worth of product at sale prices!

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10 thoughts on “CVS Extreme Couponing (Week of 7/22): $5.00 or Less”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When it says one coupon per person does that mean I have to do separate transactions?

  2. Stephanie C says:

    I had my spring EB, it was $5 so I used it to get a Revlon topcoat (My old one was goopy!) and 2 Milky Ways, then I got the $3 from the Revlon and used it to get the Starbucks drinks, so I spent under $1 oop (tax, boo) and still have another $3 EB:-)

  3. Mommy_of_2 says:

    I bought the Sunday paper today but I couldn’t find the coupon for the Stayfree pads in the SS insert… I was looking forward to getting some of them :( 

    • jdubnkate says:

      me either.  I never get the stayfree ones here in NW FL.  I check both available papers when I see a sale.  That whole regional thing is pretty rotten!

  4. cg says:

    Advil coupon says it is out of prints.

  5. Oconnordeanna says:

    This is great!!  I have a coupon I printed from a while back for starbucks refreshers beverage 1 12fl. oz $1.00 off it expires 12/31/2012!  So for this deal it is a $2.00 mm!!  YAY

  6. Lisasuebell says:

    This is great but I don’t see the coupon deal match-ups for the week of 7/22 on the site anywhere. Am I missing something? I saw where Walgreens and Rite-Aid had been posted but couldn’t find the CVS one :(