Love chocolate? Then check out this deal! Select Mars singles are on sale for $0.50, and right now the CVS “Magic Coupon Machine” is printing a coupon for $1.00/2 Mars Singles for some customers! When you pair the coupon with the sale, you can grab two for free!

Buy 2 Mars Chocolate Singles, 1.08-2.15 oz $0.50, sale price
Use one $1.00/2 Mars Singles from the CVS Coupon Machine
Final Price: Free

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50 thoughts on “Free Mars Candy Bars at CVS!”

I love free stuff. It seems the crt machine is giving out this coupon every day. I only miss one day; never the less I have a small stash of candies for

I got 2 twix, 2 snickers. 2 m & M, plus 4 milkay. FREE

Hint: if you want more than one CVS coupon, go back each day and print another. This works for a lot of their coupons, but once you use it, it won’t print again.  

I used $1/2 Mars candy yesterday and it printed again today….

Thanks for the heads up, Jwelsh104!

I got two of the 1$ off coupons for the mars bars, and used both of them. And it keeps printing for me. Along with all of the other ones as well. So this isn’t true in some cases.

Watch out for the $2.00 off 1 Twizzlers coupon from the red machine. It has been printing out since Sunday. If you put 2 of them together and purchase 2 Twizzlers, they are on sale 2 for $3.00. This would be a $1.00 moneymaker! Purchasing1 would not give you any overages because the sale price is only discounted if you purchase 2 of them.

did it work for you because its for twizzlers 32 oz not the 6-8 oz that are on sale 2 for $3

Yes, if worked for me on the 14 oz.

You are using the coupon incorrectly. The $2/1 Twizzlers coupon should only be used on the 32 oz size, which is stated on the coupon

The twizzlers coupon is for $2 off the 32oz size only. Won’t work on the smaller bags. 

the printable is AVAILABLE at coupon — .75 off of 2 :)  I just printed!

yay!! i got this coupon on both CVS cards i use!! :)… is this coupon only printing out once?? … i would LOVE more m&ms

no its printed today also, so  so far i hv got four free candy with mm mqs.

My CVS had these marked at $2.00!!  :(

Did you scan them? It’s the small size not the king size one.

Yes ML5 – I did scan them because I was shocked at the price ~ and they were the regular sized bars!

I got the mars coupon ($1.00 off 2) from the red machine, I had $1.00 coupon off 2 mars from coupon I had .40 off 2 dove candy bars from red machine and I had $2.00 off Twizzlers from red machine.

Then I purchased the following items:

2 milky ways cand bars (.50 each) = $1.00
2 dove candy bars (.50 each) = $1.00
1 large pack Twizzlers ($2.67)

Only paid .27 + tax for all 5 items!

 Great job!

i just printed .75 c off 2 milky way mq from coupon network .com

I wonder if this will be printing every day this week.  I received the coupon this morning but didn’t even bother to check for them since I thought they would be overpriced…this should teach me! 

 I got my second one tonight, it printed one last night and again tonight.

Really? Wow CVS is giving away free candy this week.

Yes!!! i got my 2nd 2/$1 mars CVS crt today too and used it. Now I have 4 free mars candy!!!

I ask the guy that works at cvs  he said there is a specific mars chocolate bar. I want to confirm if i could really get snickers bar for the $1/2 promotion for mars chocolate singles? 

Yes you can.  I got m&m’s and snickers today.

I used it on the Twix! :)

I used the coupon from the coupon machine on M&M’s.  Those are Mars brand as well.

we got the coupons for milky ways off the regular site, coupons dot com, etc. i had $1/2 and 75cents off two, we scored lots of milkyways at wags today for 9 cents each and then 22 cents each. then we got the m&m’s free at cvs. love chocolate!!!!!!! and i also love my cashier at cvs, she asks to see my coupons from the red machine and knows whats on sale, etc. she even goes and helps me get stuff is no one else is in the store, love her.  

what coupon book  previously had the mars coupon?

it was an online printable from but ran out of prints on Friday I believe…

I don’t think they were in any coupon insert, rather on couponnetwork ? to be printed online.  They were on special last week at Riteaid and when I went back to that sale link there was a line thru the coupon link indicating they were no longer available.

 I believe it was on, but they are no longer available.

i got mine off the internet.can’t remember which coupon site! got 14 free bars today! i bought 2  with my cvs coupon and had (6) $1/2 milkway (i got 3 different kind of milky ways)! i have learned to save  my coupons if it’s not the right price that i want to pay! i am glad i did! God bless!

I would also like to know if the 3 musketeers or m&ms are part of the sale. Thanks.

the m&ms are, i just brought two bags of them……not sure of the musketeers

Musketeers are Mars Candy so they should be included.

Is this an unadvertised sale???  It’s not in our ad.  Are Milky Way bars included??

it seems that the coupon is coming out of the machine.

I did it this morning with 2 milky ways and it worked just fine.  And no, they wern’t in my add either, so I’m guessing unadvertised.  I bought 2 milky way for $1.  I used $1 MCM coupon and $ manufacturer coupon for a $1 MM. 

where did u get the mq from for the milky way bar.

it was on but ran out of prints last week because of the deal at Rite Aid.

 There were some that you could print on a few weeks ago, but they are out of prints.  I was saving them for walgreens where they are on sale for $0.59, but this turned out to be a much better deal.

Correct, the $0.50 sale price is not in the weekly AD

 How do we know which one made by Mars

i think all of the 2/$1.00 are made by Mars. When in doubt look on the back of it and it will tell you. hth.

I went today,all Mars are marked in the front of the stores.

its basically all the m&ms, milky way, snickers….. if you wana make sure its MARS it usually says “MARS” company on the back of the candy


If you have the $0.75/2 or $1/2 Milky Way printable coupon from a few weeks ago, it makes for an even sweeter deal.