$1.00/2 – Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, Except Single Serve – (smartsource.com)
$1.00/2 – Oreos – (adperk.com)

If you still have your coupons for Oreos, here is a great way to use them to score four bags of the full-size Oreos for cheap! I told my husband about this great deal today, and he begged me to buy double-stuffed Oreos instead of the regular ones. Lucky for him, the double-stuffed Oreos are included in this deal!

Buy 4 Oreos, 15.25-15.5 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward, Limit 3
Spend $12.00, Submit for $2.00 Single Check Rebate, Limit 1

Use two $1.00/2 – Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, Except Single Serve – (smartsource.com)
And use one $1.00/2 – Oreos – (adperk.com)
Pay $9.00, Receive two $2.00 +Up Reward and Submit $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Final Price: $0.75 each, when you buy 4

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33 thoughts on “Oreos, Only $0.75 at Rite Aid!”

  1. Amanda says:

    I don’t see the $1.00/2 coupon on the video values site anymore :(

  2. Golfwidow94 says:

    Did this deal today but there was also a Rite Aid 50 cent coupon on 1 of the packages.  I checked them all but only 1 had it.  So 62 1/2 cents a piece for me.  Also did the 2 – 32 oz Powerades for 13 cents a piece. 

  3. Civicized5 says:

    Question with the SCR. Does the $12.00 have to be spent in one transaction or can you do two transactions and still get the rebate for spending the $12.00?

  4. Tamara_hope says:

    Hmmmm.  My Rite Aid Oreo coupon says it expired on the 14th.  

  5. theresab8 says:

    I did this yesterday and it worked perfectly, except I got distracted by my teenage daughter buying nail polish and I forgot to give the cashier the 2 Nabisco coupons!  I used the AdPerk coupon so only “lost” $2 but still…geez!  So to all of you ladies that have little ones that distract you just beware, apparently it still happens when they are teens! 

    • theresab8 says:

      Oh, and I need to add, that of course we used the +Up rewards on the nail polish!

      • Tricia0468 says:

        You can always go back, if out anyway and ask them to do a post transaction refund on the coupons.  I do it all the time, as i have way too many distractions ot changes in my transactions that I will miss at least 1.

        • theresab8 says:

          Really?  I didn’t know they would do that.  I wasn’t in my “normal” Rite Aid so do you think I can still take the receipt there and it would be okay?  The ladies there know me well and they’re always very nice.  I thought about doing a return and then repurchasing but since I used the AdPerk I don’t have that one so I didn’t think that would work.

  6. Nyemii says:

    If the limit is 3, how is it possible for $4 up rewards? Please help. Thank you!

    • You can get three $2.00 +Up Rewards on Nabisco products. You get one $2.00 +Up Reward when you buy 2 packages of Oreos. Since you’re buying four packages, you’ll receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards (= $4.00), which is only using two of the possible limit of three +Up Rewards. Does that make sense?

  7. Jmwyatt says:

    I don’t find the Oreo rebate on the Riteaid website…is it still good?  or was it last months?

  8. ChristineClipsCoupons says:

    Our husbands must be related! Mine always begs for double-stuffed Oreos as well :P

  9. Coupons_4_me says:

    Can you use the AdPerk coupon more than once? For instance, 1 q per listed items?

  10. Mungagungadin says:

    I’ve tried all those zip codes, and I can’t make the coupon appear. 

  11. Nikki says:

    I did this deal today and watched the cashier scan all 3 coupons mentioned… only 2 showed on my receipt so I ended up paying $10 + tax oop… I failed to check the receipt because I watched her scan them! Ugg… live and learn. :(

  12. Lovin Summer says:

    wow, that just seems like way too much money oop for junk food. Don’t get me wrong, I love those cookies..but I think I’ll pass on it, they’ll be gone within a few days here at home anyway!

  13. Anonymous says:

     Isn’t it $1.25 each?

  14. Lindsey says:

    I read about this deal yesterday in the comments , barstow mom I think posted it, and I bought 4 packs and was happy since my family love’s Oreo’s.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Try 05888  it is a nabisco with a wheat thins box on it + chips ahoy

  16. Tricia0468 says:

    I have seen and seen the post/link to the nabisco smartsource coupon but I can NEVER find it.  I try several zip codes and still NO coupon!  Can anyone help please.  I have been frustrated for a month now.  I would like to do this deal.  Thank you in advance.

    • In my experience with this coupon, it only lets you print the coupon twice, and then it no longer appears on the site. So if you’ve printed it before, it won’t be available. Sorry.

      • Days1997 says:

         I have NEVER printed it!!! LOL…I see it mentioned all over the internet, but it never appears for me, even when folks tell me what zipcode to look for.  Bummer…

        • Jathenahime says:

          it doesn’t have a picture of oreos on it.  It is an “any nabisco cookies or crackers” coupon with a picture of wheat thins, ritz bits and chips ahoy.

    • Maryq28 says:

       I had the same problem trying to find this coupon until I enter my own zip code LOL. try 92545 I found the coupon there

    • Sue says:

      Try zip 07461, this is my zip and I can get it.

      • Tricia0468 says:

        Thank you all.  I tried my sons computer and the 07461 zip code and it worked.  Thanks.  I can’t believe they don’t reset the coupon after 4 months.  Sheesh.