I am so excited about this great deal I discovered while shopping with my friend this morning at Rite Aid! When you spend $30.00 on Johnson’s products this week, you’ll receive a $10.00 +Up Reward. Plus, for the rest of July, there is a monthly promotion on Johnson’s products, printing a $5.00 +Up Reward when you spend $15.00. So that means when you spend $30.00, you’ll receive $20.00 back in +Up Rewards! Score for our little ones! This hot hot deal ends tomorrow, so hurry to Rite Aid! Each of these coupons has a limit of one per person, so make sure to bring along a shopping buddy!

Buy 2 Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, 15 oz $5.99
Buy 2 Johnson’s Naturals Baby Lotion or Shampoo, 9-10 oz $5.99
Buy 2 Desitin Original Paste, 2 oz $5.49
Buy 1 Johnson’s Baby Powder, 15 oz $4.49
Buy One Get One 50% Off
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward through 8/4, Limit 2
Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward through 7/31, Limit 2
Use one $2.00/2 – Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, Lotion or Other Products Within the Before-Bed Line – (johnsonsbaby.com)
And use two $1.50/1 – Johnson’s Naturals Product, Excludes Trial Size – (facebook.com)
And use two $0.75/1 – Desitin Product, Excludes Trial Size – (smartsource.com)
And use one $1.00/1 – Johnson’s Baby Powder, 15 oz or Larger, Excludes 1 oz-9 oz – (facebook.com)
Pay $24.20, Receive one $10.00 +Up Reward and two $5.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.60 each, when you buy all 7

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90 thoughts on “Hot! Baby Products, Only $0.60 at Rite Aid!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I went on Tuesday to only do the $15 Johnsons deal but the $5 UP didn’t print. When I notified the cashier, she stated that all the UP rewards are from week to week and not monthly. I wanted to contact customer service but how can I verify this deal to them?? 

    • Myrah422 says:

      First, make sure you bought the correct items.  If you did, contact 1800riteaid and speak to customer care and make sure you have your receipt(s).  The representative may not be able to help you now because the deal is over a so you will have to ask for a supervisor so they can override the system.  Somebody, like a manager or supervisor will be able to look up “monthly deals” or “past deals” for you (I know this from experience).  The only problem is that it may take a little bit longer over the phone but it’s worth the wait.  HTH.

      • Anonymous says:

        I bought 3 Johnson’s products so I’m almost positive these were the correct items. I will follow your suggestion..thank you!!

  2. sully says:

    there is a mail in offer at jonhson and johnson if you buy 50 before coupons they will send you a book of coupons worth up to 90 dollars. this is good on all of their products. I bought bengay, cortaid desitin aveeno and johnson & johnson and i have reach the 50 yeahhh. stayfree and lubriderm neosporin bandaid visine carefree reach neutrogena etc etc are part of this deal go to the site and get the form

  3. Jennifer Whitbread says:

    wish I hd seen this yesterday :( :(

  4. Rapunzel says:

    I didn’t need the cream so I bought 4 naturals, 2 bedtime baths (cost 5.99first/2.99second), and 1 powder (4.49/4.04 with my 10% discount). total 30.98 – coupons 1.50, 1.50, 1, 1, 2 off 2, 1 ($8 total coupons)= 22.98 -20 up=2.98 for 7 items (.43 cents each) I was so lucky to have found enough coupons to do this in time, this sale ends today…

  5. Just found a great deal the Neosporin is 4.00 and goes towards the Johnson and Johnson deal, we have 3.00 off making them 1.00 :)  

  6. It only printed the $10 Up for me, my total before coupons is $32.87…should i call customer care to ask for it? Please help

  7. linda says:

    I was able to do this twice using my sisters rite aid card as well as my own.  Totally target just posted this: Johnson & Johnson: Get $90 in Coupons by Mail When You Spend $50 on Select Products so even more savings since i spent $60 before coupons with 2 transactions and now can submit for $90 in coupons! woohoo!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks KCL, deal worked beautifully!  

  9. Randakay92 says:

    it there anyway i can get this deal, but change it up becaue i dont use the cream???

    • Valerie Bicker says:

      Sure just pick another product that is on sale from Johnsons for about the same price and find some coupons to pair with it!

    • Rapunzel says:

      At my store the naturals line are priced at 5.99
      the others are 4.49
      So buy 8 of the natural and use as many coupons as you have
      Or buy 10 of the 4.49 ones
      Or buy 4 at 5.99 and 4 at 4.49 (8 total)
      All these scenerios will get you over the $30 amount
      the cost will depend on what coupons you can get.

  10. Jaztgalarza says:

    Ok so I did this deal tonight, and here’s what I got 3 large baby powders 5.49 each they were not part of the b1g1 50% off 2 night time body was and 2 night time bath total was 32.00 before coupons but only 2 5.00 printed out the 10.00 did not I think what I did wrong was buy the large size baby power, I don’t think counted towars the full deal. My receipt says I still need to spend 17.96 which is what my large powers cost (5.49 – .55 = 4.94 x 3 = 17.96) I used a 10% off coupon. So maybe the rest of you having an issue with the rewards printing out did the same thing as me?

  11. Lizard says:

    Will it work on Tuesday?

  12. Queponhoarder says:

    None of the coupons I’ve printed from FB worked. Yet I forgot to use the ones from this week coupons. At least I got the UPs so I was happy about that.

  13. Ju2u says:

    Did this deal at my Rite Aid and the cashier and manager both said I needed to have $30 after I used my coupons or the +UP rewards wouldn’t print.  I don’t remember this being the case before.  Anyone else have this issue now?  It hasn’t been that way previously!!  I had an rockin trip at Rite Aid tonight in spite of this!!

    • That is very strange! I did this exact deal this morning and it worked. Typically the rule is that your subtotal must reach $30.00 BEFORE coupons. You might want to call customer service and ask them about that. I’m sorry!

      • sully says:

        there is a mail in offer at jonhson and johnson if you buy 50 before coupons they will send you a book of coupons worth up to 90 dollars. this is good on all of their products. I bought bengay, cortaid desitin aveeno and johnson & johnson and i have reach the 50 yeahhh. stayfree and lubriderm neosporin bandaid visine carefree reach neutrogena etc etc are part of this deal go to the site and get the form

  14. Jdeverney says:

    will this still work for 7/31? i couldnt find the monthly promotion anywhere on their site

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m unable to print the bedtime/lotion coupons on the Johnsons website. Its saying that I already printed them out when I haven’t. I’m not sure why???

    • Queponhoarder says:

       Oddly, mine said that too so I logged into my sis acct & was able to print. Sadly when i went to use at rite aid, it wouldn’t work so I wasn’t able to use any of those coupons. =(

      • Anonymous says:

        Man that’s a bummer! What do you mean your sister’s account? These coupons that I’m referring to were not through fb. They’re found on johnsonsbaby.com. 

  16. Mustangkayla says:

    This was great!  Thank you! I messed up and bought a Johnson’s Extra Conditioning Shampoo that apparently wasn’t on the B1G50% off…but it was still a good deal! Thank you!

  17. sully says:

    do i have to get two of the same products to get the other one 50% off or i can mix and match i plan to do this in two transactions not sure if i have to buy two of the same. cause i plan to buy two powders, two bath lotions, two naturals and one desitin thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      You can buy any combination of products that are part of the BOGO 50% off sale. Just keep in mind that the cheaper item(s) will be the half off items.

      • sully says:

        thanks i went and did it all in one transaction and boy what a deal i paid 20.75 out of pocket and got 20 dollars back. thanks for helping me.

    • Elizarae is right. You can do that, but the cheapest items will be the ones that are 50% off.

      • sully says:

        i did it all in one transaction KCL thanks for your help i ended up paying 20.75 OOP (i got others stuff as well and had $15 in rewards from sundays awesome deals) and got $20 rewards back. :0) so .75C for all the products above, two pair of socks, icecream and band aids this has to be my best deal since i started couponing thanks kcl you are a blessing to my family.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to see on riteaid.com what is covered in the monthly reward for these items?  I am curious because I did this deal and it says J&J or playtex.  I could use some diaper genie refills if they are included.  Also how many monthly rewards can you do?

    • There is no published list of monthly +Up Reward promotions. We find them in the store and post about them as we find them. For the monthly +Up deal, it is Johnson’s products and Playtex products. So to get the $5.00 +Up Reward when you spend $15.00, you can buy Playtex products. (And the limit on these is 2.) BUT, if you also want the $10.00 weekly +Up Reward to print (two $5.00 monthly +Ups and one $10.00 weekly +Up for a total of $20.00 in +Up Rewards), you have to just buy Johnson’s and Desitin products. Does that make sense?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, thank you!  I already did the deal for the Johnson’s stuff so I didn’t know if I could go back and get a $5 monthly UP for Playtex.  But looks like I can’t…

        • Anonymous says:

          I just went yesterday & spent $15 on Johnson’s products but the $5UP didn’t print. I asked the cashier about it telling her that there was a monthly Johnson’s deal and she replied saying that all the UP deals are on a week to week basis & not monthly. Should I contact customer service? Is there anyway I verify the monthly Johnson’s deal to them?

      • Anonymous says:

        I just went yesterday & spent $15 on Johnson’s products but the $5UP didn’t print. I asked the cashier about it telling her that there was a monthly Johnson’s deal and she replied saying that all the UP deals are on a week to week basis & not monthly. Should I contact customer service? Is there anyway I verify the monthly Johnson’s deal to them?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have the Gold discount, so I bought (4) J&J Baby Powders, (4) J&J Baby Lotions and (1) J&J Baby Oil.  All were $4.49 BOGO 50% off, but the 1 Baby Oil rang up at $3.59 with my discount, so my total before coupons was $30.51.  I had a bunch of peelies for $1/1 for these products from old Playtex boxes so I used those and $17 +Ups.  I paid $4.51 OOP and got $20 +Ups back!  So, my final cost was $1.51 for 9 baby items = $0.17 each!

  20. Becky says:

    just went in So Cal and it worked for me. Bought 2 bedtime lotions, 2 bedtime baths, 1 all over baby wash (yellow) and 2 Desitins. Paid $23.23 OOP (had a $3UP) and got back $10 and two $5UPs. Awesome deal!

  21. 1couponingmimi2 says:

    I just tried this and with my 20% discount for the purchase of just one baby powder it totaled
    $29.78.  It only printed me a $5.00 UP.    I missed the $10.00 & other $5.00 UP by .22cents.:(  If you have silver or gold status, keep this in mind.

  22. Kim_gaziano says:

    Ok, got the coupons to print.

    What is the best deal (least expensive) if I only want the baby powder & Desitin?

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is a $1 desitin coupon available here


  24. Sandra says:

    I would love to do this for a baby shower gift. Is the coupon usage correct? I plan to go in a few hours

    • It works great! Just take a coupon buddy since the coupons are limit of one per customer!

      • Sandra says:

         Update: I just came back from Rite Aid and it worked great! Printed $20 in +ups. I had to use 2 separate Facebook accounts but everything worked. Thx KCL!

      • Jamisavings says:

        What if I wanted 4 desitins and the coupon states one coupon per person? Does that mean I need 3 other people with me? Sorry, this may be a dumb question, but I can’t figure out the one per person rule. Also, is that per transaction?

        • You would need four people to use four of the Desitin coupons at once, and if that was the case, you could do it in one transaction if your cashier let you. Or, you could take one friend with you today and do it, and do the same thing tomorrow. Does that make sense?

          • Jamisavings says:

            yes, it does. I’m glad that our card keeps track of the items we buy. My next question is Krazy too . . . do my “other people” I bring with me need to be someone who can buy things or do my children count? :) They are 5, 9, and 11. Thanks for your help on this!

            • I think they would count. If your cashier asks about the limit on the coupon, I would just explain that you have enough “customers” to use all the coupons, your kids! Good luck!

  25. So is this something that can be done in several transactions and it will keep track?  Or does it have to be done in one transaction?  I’m a little confused on this detail :( 

    • You can do it in separate transactions and it will keep track, but I’d recommend doing it all in the same transaction and taking a friend along. It gets a little complicated to split transactions.

  26. Kim_gaziano says:

    For some reason, it won’t let me print any coupons!  I don’t know whats going on.

  27. mayden says:

    The Facebook coupons are allowing 1 coupon to be printed per person.  You can choose either the baby powder or natural product only.  Please advise if this info is incorrect.

    • Jessvincent1 says:

       I am wondering the same thing? Might just have to do separate transactions. I know that Rite Aid used to track the sales per card and so the deal would still work in multiple transactions.

    • It seems to be only letting you print one coupon per Facebook account, so you might need to use a friend’s account as well.

  28. Geebeehee says:

    Will these coupons work if my husband is with me since they are 1 per person? Or will I need to do sepearate transactions?

  29. Anonymous says:

    The naturals coupon is also not working to print for me.  The other coupons say 1 coupon per person so how are you able to use more than 1 at a time.  I’ve had issues with this before.  Can I do 2 transactions since RA tracks your spending?

  30. Jvincent1 says:

    I tried to print the Naturals coupon and it says that I have already printed it the number of times allowed even though I NEVER have. I even tried on 2 different computers.

    • Kim_gaziano says:

      I am having the same problem!

      • Jvincent1 says:

         I signed out of my own facebook page and signed into my mom’s and I was able to print the coupon on one of the computers that it said I had already printed the coupon on. Not sure what the issue was but that fixed it for me.

    • Tara D. says:

      the same thing happened to me with the other j & j baby coupons on their site

  31. Anonymous says:

    Almost all these coupons say “limit 1 coupon per person” followed by “no more than 4 coupons for the same product in the same transaction”.  I have had lots of problems with these kinds of coupons in the past.  How did you get around this?

  32. Anonymous says:

    you would really get all 3 +UP rewards? if they don’t print from me, does anyone think I would have a problem if I have to argue with the cashier/manager?

    • It’s never a good idea to argue with the cashier and manager–we want them to like us couponers! All 3 +Up Rewards should definitely print, though, if you reach $30.00 before coupons, and if you only purchase Johnson’s baby care products, 14-15 oz, Naturals, 9 oz and Desitin, 2 oz. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I did this deal today, and everything worked out okay. Except my math, our prices are different here in Philadelphia. So when I got to the register my math was all wrong! Luckily, I had a nice older woman as a cashier, who patiently waited while I figured out what I did wrong. She even called another cashier up to take care of whoever was behind me. I guess I should start shopping around 5pm and not in the morning after my daily coffee run! Got all 3 of my +UP Rewards. On another note, I tired all 3 of my computers and could not print a single coupon off of Facebook, every one said I exceeded the print limit, even though I never printed any.

    • Rebekah F says:

       I did the deal and got all 3 +Up rewards.

      • Tara D. says:

        I did the deal today and only got the $10 reward…tried to explain to the cashier about the other ones and they didnt give them to me…i didnt want to argue so I just left it as is…it was still a good deal…but I may try calling customer service…does anyone know where I can find the promo in print…maybe their website or a previous ad??

    • Rapunzel says:

      no arguing….just go home and call or chat with rite aid customer service (I like to use the chat) have your wellness number and receipt(s) handy!

  33. Rebekah F says:

    The Desitin was included in both rewards deals? It did not look like it at my store, so I did not buy any to be safe. I probably needed that more than the other items. Oh well! I bought 8 items and they ended up being $.42 each after rewards.