A new valuable coupon was released yesterday: $3.00 off any package of BIC disposable razors. This coupon will get you free razors at Target and Walmart! It’s never a bad thing to have extra razors for traveling or to donate to a local shelter. It’s a win-win!

Remember, this coupon is limited to 4 like coupons per visit. You cannot split transactions.




Head to Target and score razors for free:

BIC Silky Touch Razors, 10 ct $2.99, regular price
Use $3.00/1 BIC Disposable Razor, excludes trial size from, limit of 4 like coupons per visit from SS 8/5 (exp 9/2)
Final Price: Free

BIC Sensitive Skin Razors, 12 ct $2.94, regular price
Use $3.00/1 BIC Disposable Razor, excludes trial size from, limit of 4 like coupons per visit from SS 8/5 (exp 9/2)
Final Price: Free

You can make a few pennies if you head to Walmart instead:

BIC Silky Touch Razors, 10 ct $2.94, regular price
Use $3.00/1 BIC Disposable Razor, excludes trial size from, limit of 4 like coupons per visit from SS 8/5 (exp 9/2)
Final Price: $0.06 Moneymaker

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143 thoughts on “Free BIC Disposable Razors at Target and Walmart!”

  1. Nichole says:

    I’ve been having a horrible time with Rite Aid lately.  I have had two
    separate experiences with two different Razor coupons where the cashier
    would not even try to ring them up because they were going to result in
    free items.  I wasn’t using multiple coupons.  She also could not properly distinguish between a disposable razor and a non-disposable razor.  I have called corporate, was told I need to take it up with the district manager.  He offered no help and no apology for his two different clerk’s inconsistency with their own store’s discount policy. I have since called corporate again and have been told that they can do nothing else for me.  I’ve wasted too much time at Rite Aid.  I’m done and would recommend that if you receive similar treatment, to let them know that they’re losing your business. 

    • Nichole says:

       Oh, and just to add, these were Rite-Aid stores in Uptown Whittier and on Washington Blvd. on the border of Pico Rivera and Whittier.  At the Washington store the clerk, and her manager, both refused to offer the coupon discount because “the item is not pictured on the coupon”, though the coupon clearly stated “Any” of the type of razor blades I was attempting to purchase.  I’d avoid these stores as their clerks are a few quarters short of a full roll, their managers are obstinate and unwilling to offer good customer service or apologies in response to their clerk’s errors, and the district manager is even more obnoxious. 

  2. Moopookie says:

    You can get the Bic Razors at Fry’s this week for $2.89.  I just got 6 for free!

  3. min says:

    hi fellow couponers, I am new to this and am wondering where i can find this coupon? Thank you

  4. Monalisapap says:

    I’m a little confused how do you print the coupon?

  5. Oliver Becky says:

    where can you get the coupon?

  6. Nita says:

    I can’t get the coupon…what I am doing wrong??

  7. Swaff2 says:

    I found a double pack (20 razors) for $2.88 at Winco. but they did not give me overage jsut the $2.88

  8. Jmoore8419 says:

    How do I print this coupon? Thanks :))

  9. savy saver says:

    I bought 8 at Walmart because our Target is out I didn’t pay a dime the first time the cashier didn’t know what to do sent me to another cashier who demanded a CSM had to approve the coupone after I explained no not true I  was just in two days ago and bout the glade refills for same senerio no issues went to customer service who knew what they were doing. Today went in bought two more no issue cashier just scanned they don’t know anything in regards to coupons they just make stuff up depending on who you get so take in the coupon policies I don’t let cashiers bully me when I’m doing transactions.

  10. Yineska Torres says:

    Where Can I get the BIC razor coupons?

  11. K02 says:

    how do i print these coupons?

  12. dmo says:

    where do i print the coupon from? 

  13. Ashersmash83 says:

    I also got this deal at Dollar General

  14. Wbargholtz says:

    What is “ss”?

    • Anonymous says:

      SS=Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G = Procter and Gamble,  G&M= General Mills:  all coupon inserts in the newspaper.

  15. barbarascott says:

    I scored 4 of these tonight @ our local Wal-Mart tonight (Ohio) paying only the tax.  The cashier who waited on me rang thru 4 packages of razors and I handed him the coupons.  He said, “You are NOT gonna just pay tax on these, are you?  How do you do that?!?!?!”  Our Wal-mart had them for 2.96 each. 

  16. daisey1120 says:

    Went to Walmart yesterday and the coupons won’t go thru. The cashier scrutinized the coupon and told me that “well, it has to be the same ones in the picture”.  Told her that the coupon actually said “$3.00 off ANY Bic disposable razors” but she still would not give it to me. Went to the Customer Service and the lady there said, “oh because the value of the coupon is greater than the value you are purchasing”. I did not want to argue.  I asked for a Manager and told her that if this is the case, Walmart would adjust the value of the coupon the value of the merchandise you are purchasing.  She gave it to me, no fuss, no nothing.  If a manager knows that you are aware of the coupon policy, they will give you no problems.  Also,  I used 3 coupons in the same transaction because the limit says 4.  It pays to get yourself familiarized with the store’s coupon policy at all times. 

  17. Edwinacloud says:

    Im having a very hard time finding  the actual coupon for the bic razors, can someone help me out?

    • Anonymous says:

      It came out in the smart source 8/5 newspaper . All coupons are regional ; some get it and some don’t. hth.

  18. Sylviahix says:

    I can’t figure out how to print the coupons for the razors.   Are they already gone?

  19. Debdeb796146 says:

    i cannot find the coupon for Bic in the SS 8/5

    • Anonymous says:

      All coupons are regional..If you can’t find it: it was not made available in your region. Try clipping service or ebay to get them. hth.

  20. Shortee002 says:

    y cant I print these coupons?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because it is NOT a printable coupon. The post above tells you it is a coupon from the newspaper. hth.

  21. Corrie Brake says:

    How do I get this coupon to print?

    • Jasmine says:

      As far as I know, this is not a printable coupon. The post above tells you that they can be found in the Smart Source insert from the August 5th Sunday paper. If you did not receive it in your local paper, try purchasing from coupon clipping sites or ebay. Hope that helps! :)

  22. Heatherbode says:

    This is going to sound very rookie of me, but where could I find the coupon for the Bic razors…? I looked at the target ad and on a few other sites but couldn’t find one…might just not know what I’m doing yet haha…

    • Jasmine says:

      This post tells you where to find them. They are in the Smart Source insert from the August 5th Sunday paper. However, coupon values and availability vary from region to region. If you didn’t get this coupon in your local paper, try coupon clipping services online or purchasing from ebay. I hope that helps you! :)

  23. Jc4etbu says:

    You can also get them for free at Kroger.  They are priced $2.79 at my store, regular price.  

  24. Trejo Veronica says:

    I got mine for 2.88 at my local H-E-B PLUS store. .12cent moneymaker

  25. Amprado24 says:

    i went to target day and the cashier said i couldn’t used the 50cent coupon for the tape or the 3 dollar for the Bic razors or the 3 dollars off  the Glade Expressions wich was 2.99 because the coupons were more than what the items cost. i was so confused that i just left the store. Can they do that?

    • courtingcouponing says:

       They’re coupon policy states that they will adjust the price of the coupon down. A cashier tried to do the same thing to me. I told her what the coupon policy states. she scanned the coupon and the computer adjusted it down automatically. She was like, “Oh, I didn’t know it would do that.”

  26. me says:

    Tried this at my walgreens in Lebanon, Oregon and coupon beeped the checker said oh yeah well you have to buy the ones in the picture. I said but it says any on the coupon so she went and grabbed the pictured ones off the shelf and said you can buy these with this coupon. I just said ok and glad I did cause now I am going to my Rite Aid to get the mm! 

  27. Vasarhelyi says:

    why can’t i print the coupons from my list? I am new at this

  28. Amanda says:

    I tried to use mine at Walmart today for the silky touch.It beeped. Then the cashier told me that it had to be a different one. I told her it said any disposable and they are disposable but she wouldn’t take them. So, I left without them. I had my kids with me and did not feel like arguing because it was so hot and crowded in the store:(

  29. Sunshine Roberts77 says:

    Found these at my target tonight for $2.59.  $0.41 moneymaker!

  30. Libby says:

    I checked Walmart and Target and the razors were not on sale….Greenville, SC

  31. Stephanie says:

    im so exited today i went to Target and found these for $2.59 i got .41 cents for the rest of my purchase, i bought 3, so a total of $1.23 for me :) also they did not beep

  32. ash07dc says:

    I didn’t get this coupon, but while browsing walmart I found a coupon! =) Some one left one wadded up by the razors. So I got one for 2.68 so with tax (8.7%) it was a 9 cent moneymaker woohoo. I was so happy because I never get any of the good coupons where i live!

  33. EverythingMonicaYT says:

    AHH! Thank-you! I will so be using this!!

  34. Xitsjusthollyx says:

    If your like me and didn’t get the coupon in the paper you can purchase them on eBay too!

  35. Double team it.  My daughter is usually with me when I go to our local Walmart.

  36. Patriciaanne234 says:

    where do I get the coupon.

  37. Heidler721 says:

    If anyoone wants to make this a little bit more of a money maker. Walgreens has buy 1 get 1 half off this week. so essentially it’s a .75 money maker, assuming the original price is the same, i haven’t had a chance to check yet.

  38. Katherineisabel says:

    They would no take at Shop-Rite…very abrupt.  They said they don’t adjust coupons..called corporate…apparently they do.  This is the frustrating part about couponing…the coupon says “any” disposable BIC..which includes the ones pictured here and not on the original coupon, right?

  39. lisa says:

    are these razors for one use only and then you throw them away or do they last for several uses???

  40. Couponsharma says:

    Can i print this coupon online?

  41. Moneytakenangel says:

    I took the $3/1 bic coupons to rite aid and the cashier said they couldn’t be used till 8/8 and then I went to walmart with them and they worked just fine. I am glad they didn’t work at rite aid because I got them free at walmart. 

  42. miss boss says:

    I tried this deal at walgreens and the coupon would not scan. The cashier insisted it was only for the ones pictured on coupon. when she tried to ring up and scan the one on coupon it also wouldnt scan!!! Their computers suck! I also yrid this deal at cvs tonite and the cashier said she would only accept for one pkg of razors not both… UUUGGGHHH!!!!

  43. Guest says:

    does any one know that the CVS extra buck is not able to use for the tax, because I purchase 41.97
    coupon use 40.99
    subtotal is 0.98
    tax is 3.10
    so total is 4.08, I have $3 extra buck, give it to the cashier, she said NO, NO, NO, you have to paid for the tax, extra buck is not able to paid for the tax. IS IT RIGHT???

    • Silvia says:

      I believe it’s correct. I have never been able to use extra bucks towards taxes.

    • Renee says:

      I don’t know their policy but it would make sense that extra bucks cannot be used for sales tax. 

    • Jasmine says:

       I always hand over any CVS store coupons and extra bucks before manufacturer coupons. When I do it this way, I have no problems with my any overage from coupons being applied to my tax. Try that next time, hope it helps! :)

  44. Aprilbbb says:

    I went to Safeway and they have a sale on Chex Mix if you buy 2 or more they are $1.00/ea and they double up to a dollar on mfr coupons making these free AND I bought 4 reach toothbrushes on sale $1.97 used (2) $2 off 2mfr coupons and got a $4 catalina!!

  45. Jonielee says:

    The WM where I go wont let me use coupon when the product I buy is less than the amount of coupon. For example if the product is .99 cents and the coupon is $1.00 they will say that the coupon is more than what I am buying… what do you do in this scenario?

    • Jbean says:

      The cashier at the walmart I went to tryed to tall me the samething. She called a manager over and he told her that they still take the coupons even if the amount of the coupon is more then the product.

    • Hi, do you have a store coupon policy to bring with you? This way, you have the facts in the event there is confusion. Good luck!

    • Renee says:

      Personally, I would just buy something else to cover the overage.

    • Kikisaver says:

      I take the WM coupon policy with me. Our store allows you to either absorb the overage with other items your buying, or get the overage in cash back, as per the corporate policy.

  46. Alexcruey says:

    I didn’t get the coupon either. I’m in Ohio & usually get the coupons mentioned here, but not this time. I was bummed because those are the razors I like.

  47. Whovier88 says:

    anyone else live in central texas b/c i went to one walmart to use my glade coupon for the mist starter kit and i had overage but the cashier said that they dont give overage back and i asked what are you talking about? she showed me the reciept and it said negative 80 cents and under that was” change due” $0.00. i wanted to double check with the manager on this new policy but didn’t want to make a big deal since i got it for free. has anyone else run into this problem?

    • HopeP says:

      Next time ask for a supervised or manager. Walmarts allow overage and you should have received back your .80. It’s not much, but regardless anytime you go into the negatives your balance with go towards your basket or you will receive cash back:) This is the only reason I go to Walmart, just saying.

      • Whovier88 says:

        is the overage in walmart’s policy? if it is then i will def. pull it out, i’ve never really ran into this problem before, however i did have a cashier not know what the computer was telling him so he told a manager and he didn’t even know what to do but he said if the computer shows that it owes the customer money they just give it to me.

    • nettyb says:

      I live in central tx too. I did not receive the coupon in my paper :( May I ask what paper you are purchasing? I get the Austin American Statesman.

    • Kikisaver says:

      Ours allow us to absorb the overage in our cart with other items, or get cash back.

  48. emilie says:

    Has anyone used the Bic Silky or Sensitive before?  the last time I used bic disposible razors I remembered how much I don’t like them.  I am a gillette Daisy girl :)  My 12 year old has recently started shaving so I think I will be going through a lot more razors – don’t want to get these for her if they are terrible razors. 

    • Jbean says:

      Well since they are free you can always go and get them and she can use one and if she doesn’t like them you can always donate them to some type of help center like a food bank or anything that you live near that way they don’t go to waste and you can do a good deed at the same time. 

    • Renee says:

      Since they will be free, it’s definitely worth trying. If she doesn’t like them, give them away or trash them.

  49. Jbean says:

    I just went to walmart and the BIC silky touch razors were $2.94 which was a .6cent money maker after the $3.00 off coupon but the BIC Sensitive razors were $2.68 which was a .32cent money maker after the coupon which is a better deal.

  50. anavii says:

    I just used this coupon at Walmart and scored a $0.12 overage. I purchased Bic Disposable Razors for Men Comfort 3.

  51. Lmgwc2 says:

    I hope everyone realizes you can get coupons on ebay which I ALWAYS do! Im making a stockpile now for the womens shelter near me. Already got 3 of the diabetes monitors last week and almost 20 packs of kotexs for .19 each which isnt bad at  all for people in need. Weeeee! I love coupons and helping people :) :) :) :)

  52. Anonymous says:

    Picked up these at Wal-mart, but had to “search”  for them as all the baskets were empty so I started looking in the other razor bins and was able to score a few that were hidden, then just used the other q’s at Wal-green and CVS still got some great deals.

  53. Anonymous says:

    The cashier would not take it on the Bic Disposable Sensitive razors. She said it HAD to be for what was on the picture. She was rude to me, and would not call ove a CSM. My cousin is a CSM in another city and she was mad. She said that they should have taken it because it said on ANY…..Needless to say, with how rude she was, I left about $200.00 + of schoolsuppies on her belt that we did not have coupons for. I was livid.

    • Amybang says:

      samething happened to me today, So Cali CVS cashier said not accept the coupon, only for the razor show in the coupon :(, I said that coupon note that ANY? she said NO, not for this one, I ask her try to sceen it, she said NO, I am not doing that way. so :(. was she rude??? so upset.

    • flower73 says:

      I would have left them all on the belt like you did, but then walked over to customer service to speak to a manager. May have gotten you a gift card or something… that is ridiculous!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have my local Walmart # on my cell phone. I would have called their # while standing in line & demanded a cs mgr or sup be sent to register I was at. I would not have left until they sent one over & dealt with the issue.

    • Roxann says:

      Same thing happened to me today! I’m new to couponing and I went to Wal-Mart and tried to purchase the razors that are in the pic above. Needless to say, the cashier was very rude. I, as well, pointed out that it says ANY disposable razor. She called over another cashier, (younger than me (24), with an attitude from hell), who told me after I said that I had seen other people post about being able to use it, “Well go to that Wal-Mart then. They are going to get in trouble!” Seriously, that was so uncalled for! 

  54. Kirsten M says:

    i found some of these razors at my walmart priced at 2.88 so that gave me a 12 cent overage!!!

  55. Mpierce0824 says:

    I bought 4 at CVS….they are buy one get one 50% off…used 4 $3.00 off coupons and it came out to .80 because of tax :)

  56. Trejo Veronica says:

    The coupon has the Soleil and Flex 4 and 3 picture on them. My question is can I use it to purchase the ones that the Coupon Lady posted here?

  57. Oneillemily says:

    You can also get this same deal at Target. I just went there and it was the same price.

  58. guest says:

    I did it today @ WM, they were 2.78.  I used 5 Q’s and got overage with no problems or beeps.  

  59. Tina Volk says:

    I did not get the Bic coupon in my ss :(

    • Guest says:

      Don’t worry Tina,
      I didn’t either.  I do not get several of the coupons mentioned here :(  I read the posts and get so excited to receive the paper but am disappointed when I find they are not there.

      • Vheller81 says:

        Are you guys in Georgia? If so the coupons are always in the Atlanta Journal.

      • Moonshadow6182 says:

        I was told there was a website that you can order inserts if you did not get them in your paper. The website was http://shop.whole-couponinserts.com/. I haven’t ordered from them yet but it’s a good place to find coupons you didn’t get. They also show you what’s going to come out in the Sunday paper on thursday.

      • Eye_contact_important says:

        u have to purchase the bigger city paper….i live in ohio…my small town has very few coupons but i purchase the cleveland paper….it has much more…smart source in both papers but less coupons in one

      • Anonymous says:

        i ordered mine online and got ten of them…im going shopping today.

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i didnt get it either :(.. i was so excited for it! (i live in so cal btw)

      • SlinnAnna says:

        I didn’t get it either, I also live in So Cal

        • HopeP says:

          So Cal regional newspapers do not always have all of these coupons, but sometimes will have one of two different coupons that most people will not get. FYI the LA Times has most of all of these coupons mentioned. This particular was in the O.C. register and also in the La Times.

          • Anonymous says:

             LA Times is the best for coupons.  :-)  The Riverside Press-Enterprise has become one of the WORST.  Half the time they don’t have the inserts in their papers in any given week.  I’ve called and complained, but they don’t seem to care.

        • Rocioh20 says:

          I live in SoCal LA and I got them in the LATimes

      • lisa says:

        yea LA times is the bees knees :)

        • nd says:

          I live in Michigan and I have found that the Detroit Free Press has better coupons than the others.  The Grand Rapids newspaper isn’t too bad…

    • Have you tried all of the different newspapers in your area?  I live in the Chicago suburbs and I get the Chicago Tribune because the coupon inserts are better than the Chicago Sun-Times.  Also, we have a small local paper that has the SS insert, but it only contains about 1/4 the coupons of my Tribune SS insert. 

  60. CJ says:

    Just a warning mine came up as not valid until 8/8/12 when I tried to use it yesterday.

    • Couponqueencarly says:

       mine said that when I used them as a Money Maker at Rite Aid- but the manager said she saw no reason for them to work and put them in.  Buy 4 Silky touch BOGO50% @ $3.99 and get $4UP wyb $10 worth of Bic….I paid .80 in tax

      • Amybang says:

        lucky you, because the RiteAid (so cali) machine was not accept the coupon, just came up as not valid until 8/8/12 :(

    •  Mine did too.  The cashier put them through anyways.

      • Stephanie_r55 says:

        i went to rite aid today and also got the same warning? so does that mean me have to wait till the 8th to use them ?? or should i go to target and see if i get a warning there?? 

        •  Some peoples have gone through without it saying that.  I looked at another coupon I had when I got home & no where on it does it say you have to wait so you could try another store.

  61. Athlete2012 says:

    Where is the coupon?

  62. IG says:

    How can a big-box retailer prevent a dishonest person from using more than 4 like coupons per visit??  Can’t the person just do multiple transactions at multiple registers??  I am not advocating doing so. I am merely asking a question.  I am not a shelf clearer.

    • Anonymous says:

      apparently it looks like the coupon has the limit this time. target and walmart scenarios show the limit 4 like coupons… last i checked only target changed to 4 like coupons

    • Kirsten M says:

       theres no policy against doing multiple transactions..so long as your still following the rule of the no more then 4 per transaction

    • Amybang says:

      I have been Target (SoCali) today, the cashier only allow one coupon (not 2, 3 or 4) for transactions :(, so I only have 1 for free, better than nothing :), may be come back on weekend. 

    • Tina says:

       Basically I was told I had to walkout and come back in. I was getting 2 pks of dannon yogurt smoothies. Werent even free. But cashier wouldnt even let do 2 trans. Ok, so walked out door and right back in to her register. lol I dont think she thought id do it. But thats why I go either when they first open or  45mins to closing.

      • Momonabudget says:

         I use to work at a Target and sometimes the cashier doesn’t even know her own store coupon policy. Sometimes they just make the rules up as they go. Most cashiers in any retail store don’t even understand the term “One coupon per purchase” that is sad how cashiers are not being trained properly. So I suggest next time you print your store’s coupon policy and carry it with you at all times.

    • Nayners says:

      They cannot prevent them from using more than four. You can go back another day, go to a different register, etc. The bigger question to me, is how would anyone get even four coupons, let alone more? That’s way too much trouble.

    • Nayners says:

      There is nothing dishonest about using more than four, if a person is willing to go to all that trouble for the coupons. I am not a shelf clearer either, and I think doing that is horrible. There’s a difference between getting a bargain and greed. Clearing a shelf is greed.

    • Eunice says:

      The coupon will say no more than four like coupons per person or per
      family to make it so that you cant go and be crazy. Thank you for not
      being a shelf  clearer. I hate going to a sale the same day and ad comes out and finding the shelves complety empty. The worse part is the store tell you they wont get more till after the sale ends.

      • Nayners says:

        To me, greed in any situation is despicable. I’m not interested in what are called “money making” coupons. If I have overage, I just buy something else to cover it. Also, the same coupons are issued over and over and over, so if we miss a deal, there’ll be another one right around the corner. Btw, when the stores are out of an item, you can always get a raincheck.